My Fantasy


My FantasyWhen i’m feeling horny as i do pretty much every hour of the day! i like to fantasise and make up scenes in my head, one of the hottest and most erotic scenes for me is the role of me being a cuckold, as you can see from my pics i’m not that well hung for a guy, and i feel women deserve only the best! This is why my ultimate fantasy has to be to see my wife or my mother/sister with other guys that are well hung, preferably white or black guys. The thought of a hijabi muslim girl, a girl that looks pious and shy to the public but deep down she’s the horniest of the lot, this is a major major turn on, and i see this in my own household, i see how my sisters wear hijab and abaya as they leave home, but then they go flirt with guys, they hang around with multiple guys, getting into the cars of guys. Oh and not to mention so many girls wear nothing under the abaya! i’ve seen this with my own eyes, my sisters wear abaya and under all they wear is a bra and thongs, on a good day you can probably see the outline of the thong through the abaya (major turn on btw dikmen escort lol). The thought of a pious muslim girl with a white or black guy mmmmm the things i’d do to see this happen, i want my future wife to be used and abused like a proper hijabi slut, and my ultimate fantasy is to be there for her all the way, watch her and clean up after her lover, sure you can call me gay i don’t care, but i just find it hot! Some of the horniest and naughtiest of girls i’ve met have been muslim hijabi girls, under the act most of them are so horny it’s beyond explaining, actually it’s something you’ll find in asian women a lot, to the general public they act all pious and righteous but in reality when no one’s watching they act like the biggest sluts on earth, again i see this in my own household.I guess i already am kinda a cuckold because i let my sisters/mothers do as they wish, if you ever see my sisters/mother on the street give her a cheeky smile or a spank on the arse, or maybe drive up alongside her and tell her to get in, then eryaman escort drive her to some quiet place and fuck her, breed her, fuck her like there’s no tomorrow, and please please take pics and expose her hijabi pussy to the world! Too many people hide how they feel, i say fuck it, express it, if you want to see your wife fucked by guys, just do it, just set her up, lead her to talking to guys and fucking them, if it’s what turns you on, if it’s healthy for the relationship (and it can be) then go ahead and do it. To be honest i think my dad want’s to cuckold my mum too but they just havn’t gotten round do it, he hasn’t fucked her in months, she openly flirts with guys in front of him! The other day we were at the supermarket and there was a white guy at the cash point, the dude was in shorts and a t-shirt, mum just stood there checking him out, it was so obvious, i just stood there and watched as my mum checked this dude (probably 20) out, i had such a boner, in my mind i was imagining all sorts, i was imagining him just taking etimesgut escort my mum in some back street, pulling up her abaya, and fucking her senseless, the thing that turned me on the most was she managed to start a convo with this guy, out of nothing she started talking to him, got a name, age, even where he lives, fuck knows how she does it but god was it hot knowing my mum goes around talking to random men and feeling horny for them. Even our neighbours know what she’s like, she’s like the local slut where any man can turn to for a quick chat, i’m pretty sure half the street has her number on speed dial lol, and yes she does openly talk to guys in front of us, few months back i remember her talking to Rick a guy she used to work with, and she was saying how they needed to meetup like they used to back in the old days, i should probably point out, mum went uni so without a doubt she was fucking guys and making the most of the uni lifestyle! This was just one of my many fantasises, if you see my mum/sisters pics, i think you’ll understand why i have these thoughts lol! Anyway anyone who wants to share stories, or just have some fun chat, feel free to hit me up, oh one more thing, if you liked this story, reply to it saying exactly what you want to do with my mum or sisters, let’s see who has the most creative mind! May the best man/woman win!

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