My First Man Sex


My First Man SexWhile married to my second wife, we began swinging with other singles and couples, but it was one couple especially that impacted me: Sean and Lorie. Lorie and my wife loved making out with one another and so, on one occasion when they were doing so, Sean pushed me down onto the bed and began sliding his hard cock against mine; I had never done that before and found myself getting harder than I had ever been with a woman! What my wife and Lorie were doing totally disappeared! All I cared about was feeling Sean’s dick sliding against mine.Just as I was about to cum, Sean pulled me off the couch and dragged me into the bedroom. He threw me down onto the bed. He went to the closet and pulled out several ropes that he used to tie me to the bed. lordbahis güvenilirmi Once I ws firmly trussed, he walked over to my face and shoved his cock at my mouth. “Suck my dick,” and so I sucked my first dick, opening my mouth to let him slide his long dick inside. I was surprised to be so turned on by having a cock in my mouth.But then, without warning, Sean began face-fucking me! He put his hands on my head to keep me still, and then he began deep-throating me, pumping his big cock in and out of my mouth and throat. I had never had a dick before and so I was gagging on his cock and my eyes were involuntarily streaming tears. However, he didn’t care; he just kept fucking me. “Take that dick!” he commanded. “Take that dick!” lordbahis yeni giriş The weird thing was that–while physically my body didn’t like it–emotionally, I was SO turned on, and my dick was getting even harder!Then, Sean moved down and put the wet head of his dick at my asshole. He didn’t wait to coach me or make it gentle; he just rammed his cock into my ass. Pain immediately shot up into me! “Noooooo,” I pleaded, but he kept fucking me.”Take that cock, you fucking whore,” he said. “Take my dick into your tight ass!” I knew he wasn’t going to stop, so I tried to relax, and, when I did, his dick started feeling good, going in and out of my asshole! Then I began jacking off my own cock; “Yes, that’s it,” he said. lordbahis giriş “Let me see you stroking your dick while I fuck your asshole. Take my big, hard cock in your ass! Let me fuck you!! Now, beg me! Beg me to fuck you in the ass!”When I didn’t immediately say anything, he slapped me across the face. “Say it, you fucking whore! Tell me to fuck you!””Yes,” I pleaded. “Shove your dick inside my ass,” now overcoming the shock and surprise of him slapping me and really beginning to enjoy the feeling of his dick sliding in and out of my asshole. “Fuck this whore asshole!” I was getting even more excited and could feel the cum boiling up in my balls. “Make me cum! Make cum!” I yelled, jacking off even more furiously.Now he started fucking me even harder and faster, shouting, “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!!! Shoot your load on your stomach while I cum in your ass!!! Ohhh….yeahhhhh!!!!!” Then I felt him cum inside of me and so my own cum shot out of my cock, splashing me onto my face! We kept fucking unil we were both spent, then he collapsed on top of me.

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