My first sexual experience

Alexandra Daddario

My first sexual experienceMy first sexual experience was both homosexual and i****tuous. I have never shared this with anyone before. I was a small lad of about 4 or 5. My brother, who was 6 years older than me, shared a bedroom with me. Frequently we would wake up early and mess about – as k**s do. This progressed to him getting into my bed some mornings for some playful fighting. One morning he got me laying face down in bed and he was lying on top of me. I was wriggling about and so was he and I could feel soft lump in the front of his pyjamas rubbing against my bum. Before long his lump, which I think I realised was his cock, started to get hard. At the same time so did mine. Bear in mind at this time I had no ideas what cocks were for apart from peeing so I didn’t understand what was going on or what he was up to.For the next few mornings we would go through the same routine. He would get on top of me and rub his body against mine until both our cocks were hard. I don’t think we actually talked about what was happening but türbanlı iskenderun escort we just laughed and carried on. It felt very good and I was very excited even though I didn’t know why.Then one morning he took it a stage further. Either by accident or design his hard cock was very much poking out of is pyjama trousers and he must have sensed that I was enjoying this little game even more because he peeled down my pyjamas at the back and he then started rubbing his cock, which felt very big to me but probably wasn’t, up and down between the cheeks of my bare bum. This felt like nothing I had ever experienced and though I thought perhaps it was wrong to be doing this it was wonderful and I just looked forward to him doing this to me each day. I liked the feeling of my own cock getting hard, even though I didn’t understand why, but the feel of him rubbing between my cheeks was out of this world.We used to giggle a lot when we were doing this – little did I know türbanlı iskenderun escort bayan he was dry humping me. Then one morning he was very hard and tried to push his cock up inside me. I was so excited but it hurt and I yelled out. That was it. In came my mum to see what the noise was about. Although we had blankets over us it was probably very clear from our positions what we were doing. We both got a stern telling off.We never played our little game after that. I think we both knew it was something that we shouldn’t be doing even though we both enjoyed it. The funny thing is we never actually touched or even look at each other cocks and certainly never talked about it – even in adulthood. But I never forgot the sensation and longed to repeat it.About two years later I was out in the street playing with a school friend and the boy who lived next door. My friend dared me to ask the other boy to show us his cock. After much protestation he pulled his shorts türbanlı escort iskenderun aside to reveal a tiny little pink sausage. This fascinated me, as it was different to mine. I was circumcised and assumed all cocks looked like mine. He was uncut and looked very different (and interesting). My friend then dared me to kiss it. Again the boy protested but let me touch it. It felt very funny and I had that strange stiffening of my own cock that I had experienced with my brother. But I didn’t know why. I bent down to put my mouth to his cock and suddenly his mother appeared from nowhere yelling at me to stop what I was doing. She had obviously heard his protests and been peeping through the lace curtains to see what the noise was all about. She then told my parents and I got a very strong telling off and was left with the very clear message that what I had done was very dirty and I mustn’t do it again.But it left me with an interest in cocks, which has never left me and a hunger to have more contact with them. I used to pass the chap whose cock I had try to kiss in the street from time to time – even into adulthood. Neither of us ever acknowledged each other but each time I saw him I thought of his little pink sausage in those innocent days so long ago.It would be many many years before I had my first encounter with a naked man and finally confirmed to me that I was bisexual. That is a story for another day

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