My First Time


My First TimeAfter my parents divorced my mother moved from Bangor Maine to Minneapolis, MN. I would get to visit my father in the summer and I would travel by Greyhound bus from Minneapolis, to Chicago to New York City and up to Bangor. This was my first year being able to travel without a chaperon. The trip from Minneapolis to Chicago was boring and I had a couple hours to wait for the bus to New York. I had something to eat. Before I got on the midnight bus, I had met a friendly man that was talking about my trip. He was an older man in his forties, tall and muscular. We got the seats at the back of the bus, I got the window seat. He had a few bottles of coke with him and a little rum. He asked if I had alcohol before, I lied and said yes. I drank down some of the coke and he put some rum in it, it felt very warm going down. He had some dirty magazines with him and asked if I wanted to look at them, of course I did, big breasted women sucking dick, every boys fantasy. He kept adding more rum and coke to my bottle and I was getting so warm I had to remove my sweat shirt. Of course the magazines were making my little dick get hard but with my undies on it was uncomfortable sitting down. He had noticed and suggested I go to the bathroom and remove them which I did. When I returned, it was more comfortable but more obvious as it was standing straight up. He pretended not to notice but I saw him catching glimpses.He gave me a new magazine but the girls that were sucking dicks had dicks themselves and were dressed as women too. He explained that was normal and that they suck dick the same as a woman. It still seemed odd but I was very curious and a little drunk. After a few pages I saw men sucking the dicks of the Escort Bayan women with dicks and he told me the same thing, men also suck dick just as good. I continued looking at all the pictures, when I finished he gave me a new magazine with older men and teen boys sucking dicks or getting theirs sucked on. He told me the younger you start the better sucker you’ll be. He asked if I had ever been sucked by anyone before and I said no. I went back to the magazine looking at the men sucking the dicks of young thin boys. Later he said that I really seem to like looking at those pictures and wanted to know if I’d like to know what it feels like, before I could say anything he reached over and grabbed my hard dick through my shorts. He promised me I’d enjoy it. I didn’t say anything as he unzipped me and pulled my dick out. I leaned back and spread my legs. He leaned over and put his mouth over my dick. I had never felt anything so great. His mouth was warm and wet as he took my whole dick in his mouth, I came within a minute it felt so great. He kept sucking until my dick was soft again.I went to the bathroom to pee and clean up when I came out he had switched spots with me and his pants were unzipped. His dick was much bigger than mine, probably 6” and wasn’t as smooth as mine was. He showed me a picture of a boy from the magazine with his hand around the man’s dick, so I put mine around his and he put his over my hand and guide me to stroke him and get him hard. When he was hard he showed me another picture of the boy licking the top of his dick like an ice cream cone. So I did the same for a minute before I felt his hand on the back of my head pushing me down, with the top of his Bayan escort dick pushing against my closed mouth. He kept pushing my head slowly down until I opened my mouth. He pushed just the top into my mouth, slowly bobbing my head up and down. He placed my hand back on his dick and I started stroking him again, in rhythm with my head bobbing. He slowly pushed my head down until I had about three inches in my mouth as he slowly increased the speed on my head bobbing. I was totally unprepared for him cumming, I gagged a little and he shushed me to be quiet. After he finished cumming I had a mouth full of cum, he handed me the bottle of rum and told me to swallow his cum and drink some rum. When I sat up, I noticed an older man was standing by the bathroom door watching us and his dick was hard. I swallowed his cum and washed my mouth out with some rum. When he went to the bathroom to clean up, the stranger took his spot and pulled his dick out. It wasn’t as big but it was thicker. He didn’t waste any time, he just pushed my head down onto his dick and I started sucking. It didn’t take long for him to cum and I swallowed him too with a little rum. He got up to clean up and told my friend thank you. I moved back to my window seat and fell asleep.I woke up when we pulled into some down for breakfast, we had an hour. I notice the other man I sucked the other night with another man looking over at me. My friend had to go to the bathroom when we finished eating. After he went the other man followed him in, my friend comes out and tells me to go to the bathroom and to the 3rd stall. I go into the stall and the man already has his dick out and has me sit on the toilet and suck him again Escort until he cums, I swallow his cum but no rum to wash it down with. He tells me to go to the next stall and take care of his friend. I leave one stall and go to the next and his dick is the biggest one I’ve seen yet, 7”. He just grabbed my head and shoved his dick in until I gagged, backed out a bit and started pumping his dick in and out of my mouth while holding my head. When he came he pushed my head down deeper gagging me as he came. I swallowed all of his cum too. After he left the stall I peed and straightened myself out, when I left the bathroom, all three that I had sucked were sitting at the same table. When I sat down my friend said I smell like a dick sucker and should drink something. We got back on the bus and at our lunch stop only my friend got his dick sucked. We continued on, had dinner and arrived in New York before midnight, my friend introduced me to his friend and the other two guys came over. We were all invited over to clean up after the trip, I had a 3:00 AM bus or an 11:15 AM bus, as I really wanted to clean up and change clothes I went with them. I took the first shower and when I got out all four of them was standing there naked with hard dicks. I was given a pair of panties to put on and then kneeled before them as they started stroking their dicks and shoving them into my mouth. I took turns sucking each one off and swallowing every drop of cum. I fell asleep wearing the panties. When I woke up two of them had left and I was between the other two who were naked. I woke them up by sucking their dicks deeper than I had ever before without gagging and swallowing it all and licking my lips clean.In 48 hours I had gone from never being sucked or sucking a dick to someone who sucked dick 12 times and couldn’t get enough dick and loved the taste of cum. I got to keep the panties and wore them on my trip to Bangor. I was hoping to find them on the way home but the return trip was without any dicks.

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