My First!


He posted on ‘CL’ looking to ‘service’ older guys. He is around 40, about 6’2″, and at least 230 pounds. A nice looking bear of a man. I had been watching porn and got horny, thinking about a no-recip blowjob.I’m 70, 5’10”, and overweight at 240 pounds. I am aware that most guys want the young hardbodies to play with. I also occasionally use a penile injection when I’m going to be with a sex partner, male isvecbahis or female, because I stay rock hard for 45 minutes to two hours after I cum. Allowing me to cum a second time. No small feat for us ‘older’ guys. Most of us older big guys uually are happy to just jack off!Anyway, I answered his post, and after the usual no bugs, clean, discreet and other questions, made plans to get myself ‘serviced’.Before isveçbahis giriş he arrived, I jumped into the shower and cleaned up including flushing myself out.I gave myself the injection and was stimulating my dick when the doorbell rang. I pulled on my robe and went to the door, seeing this big burly man through the door glass.We went to my bedroom and I opened my robe to get things isveçbahis yeni giriş started. He gently pushed me back onto my bed and immediatly took my cock into his warm mouth, sucking gently as he looked up to my eyes.He commented about me being freshly showered, as he devoured my throbbing cock. As he sucked my balls, he pulled my legs up over his huge hairy shoulders and drove his tongue onto my ass. I moaned loudly at his licking my ass. “You really like that! Don’t you?” as he plunged is tongue into my willing hole. I gasped and groaned my appreciation.He went back to my cock and I was so excited, I erupted into his mouth.

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