My Fishing Buddy


I would put this fictional story under the title ‘Forced Gay Male’ but since there is no category like that I am listing it under ‘Gay Male’. As noted it’s a fantasy, which means it never happened except in a dream or two (or three) and I will share it here. All characters are at least 18 years of age.


As I was growing up in a small town in the middle of Pennsylvania I liked to ride my bike, play baseball, and other activities a boy did in his youth. My name is Bruce Jankowski and I have two older brothers and one younger sister who are all grown now and have settled down with their own families. Dad worked at a steel mill about ten miles away from home and after we kids were older and able to take care of ourselves Mom got a job at a clothing store near home. It was important to them that we were able to go to school on our own before Mom went to work.

I loved to fish! Often I would go off to the stream alone on my bike and just throw my line in the water and wait for the fish to bite. Sometimes I was successful and more often I was not, but I just liked being by myself where I could spend hours daydreaming about all kinds of stuff. Most of the time Mom would pack me a lunch and some snacks and off I would go. I never went to the stream without telling her though.

One day I was at my favorite spot fishing and another boy showed up. At first I didn’t like it that he was at ‘my’ spot but then I realized I didn’t own that stream and he had every right to fish there too.

I introduced myself and he told me his name was Glenn Richards and right then and there we became best of friends. I even shared my lunch and snacks with him that day and from then on we hardly ever went fishing alone.

As we grew older we stayed best friends and even had some school classes together. At high school graduation Glenn was 19 years of age, stood about 6’1″ and weighed about 205 toned pounds. I grew to 5’9″ and weighed 175 pounds. Glenn is black and I am white but we never saw any difference in that just because our skin color was not the same. There were many adults who we knew who were racist, from both sides, but he and I did not allow that to happen.

For a graduation gift to each other we decided to go fishing but not to our regular place. It wasn’t even to the regular stream. My Uncle Bud and his wife owned a small furnished cabin in the Pocono Mountains and as his gift to me he let me use it for a whole week free of charge. He told me there is a great fishing spot on the Lehigh River where he always catches the biggest trout.

I asked him if it was okay that my best friend could go with me and told him Glenn and I have been fishing together for years. He said he would like to meet my buddy, so that afternoon I took Glenn with me to get the key to the house.

I was not expecting the reception we got when he met Glenn! Uncle Bud was in a jovial mood when we first arrived but when he saw Glenn his countenance dropped. It was obvious to me that Bud didn’t like black people and if it wasn’t for the much friendlier reception by my aunt I probably would have called the whole trip off and thrown the damn key at him! I cannot begin to express how damn embarrassed I was! Aunt Doris even had made up a huge bag of goodies for us and told us that the cabin was full of food and that we BOTH should enjoy whatever is there. I could sense that Bud was not too happy so we quickly left and drove to the cabin.

I apologized to Glenn as I drove on. He said he understood and was glad to have a good white friend like me. “I see that crap all the time,” he said to me. “I just don’t understand why people have to be that way. It comes from my people too. I have some very good friends who don’t like white people even though they never did anything to them. Why? And what’s the biggest difference between you and me, Bruce? It’s the color of our skin! I am so glad I’m not like that.”

“I know. Me too. Just because you have more melanin should not effect who you are, but I guess in today’s world of prejudice there are a lot of assholes who don’t like people because their skin is darker,” Bruce said.

“And many who don’t like someone because their skin is lighter!” Glenn chimed in. “Bruce, I hope you and I never sink that low.”

“I hope not too. Anyway, let’s change the subject. Are you dating anyone right now, Glenn?”

“No, not right now. But I was and you really have to be on your guard when you do,” he said.

“What do you mean?” Bruce asked him.

“Do you know Traci Shields?”

“Yeah, she’s that real foxy black cheerleader, right?”

“Right! I dated her for a few weeks.”

“Wow, Glenn. She is very pretty. But not anymore? What happened?”

“You talk about someone who has her head all messed up! I dated her for a whole month and all she ever wanted to do is listen to records but ONLY when her mom was home! All that time and we didn’t even kiss once! She’s also quite domineering and always wanted her own way, never wanted to do anything I wanted to do. Never! kırıkkale escort She probably has some guy now who she always ties up.”

“What’s wrong with that, that a pretty girl has you all tied up?”

Glenn then looked over at Bruce and said, “Oh, I guess nothing.” And they both laughed out loud!

“And the records? What’s that all about?” Bruce asked.

“She has a big collection of vinyl records like people did back in the day and she puts them on a record player and we listened to them. That’s about it. I kept waiting for her to say she wanted to make out a little or get out the ropes!” Glenn said while giggling.

“Did she?”

“Did she what?” asked Glenn.

“Did she ever get out the ropes?” Bruce asked sort of kiddingly.

“Hell no! I only went over to her place a couple or three times and there was no way she was keeping me there longer than I wanted!”

“Then why did you go?” Bruce asked. The conversation was just friendly idle chatter as they headed to the cabin, which was about two hours from home.

“Did you ever see the ass on that chick?” Glenn said. “And those luscious legs and those nice tits? And what a pretty face! It’s enough to make some fag change his ways! That’s why I went. I just wanted to get some of that poon tang! But I just heard that she’s been accepted to some convent to become a nun! So that wouldn’t have worked anyway. But what a body!”

“But maybe you would have rescued her from doing that if you stayed together,” Bruce said.

“Oh, well. It seems to me that I saved myself!” Glenn added and they both laughed out loud again.

As they kept driving along Bruce asked if there were any others. “Yes, there was Sally Wills,” he said.

“You mean Sally who was the head of the marching color guard?”

“Yep, the same Sally.” Glenn replied. “That very pretty white girl that didn’t date much.”

“Did she ever tell you why?”

“Yeah. She said it seemed that boys were afraid to ask her out because they were intimidated by her looks. Can you believe that? I didn’t have any trouble. What the hell, all she could do is say no.”

“Wow, she WAS pretty! But what happened to her?” Bruce asked.

“It was just what we were talking about earlier. A black guy with a white girl in this day and age? We really liked each other but the pressure was tremendous and that was from both sides! I don’t know how she took it but I already told the people who gave us a lot of shit to go fuck themselves! My mom and dad were always on my side and her parents seemed that way, too. All the parents seemed to be cool with it and even met each other, but it was the dickheads around us that were the problems. Fuck ’em! I don’t even want to talk about it anymore. And I’ll never forget how my so called friends treated that girl.”

“I don’t blame you and we won’t talk about it anymore. That really sucks!”

“Bruce, you’re my best friend. I’m glad we met.”

“Me, too, Glenn,” he said as they pulled in the driveway to the cabin.

They took their bags into the cabin and looked around. They really liked the place. It had two bedrooms, a nice living room, a bathroom with a shower, a small eat in kitchen, and a basement. “Man, I could get into living this life for a long time,” said Glenn as he checked out the pantry and the fridge. “Your aunt was right! There’s a lot of food here already. And the small convenience store with the gas pumps is right down the road.”

“Yes, I saw that. But we can only stay about a week then I have to get back to work,” Bruce said as he went to the basement to turn on the water and the water heater. Glenn went with him and Bruce said, “We better turn these things on if we want hot water or even any water at all.”

“Good thinking. But, my man, I didn’t come all the way up here to talk and eat. I came to go fishing! Let’s go check it out.”

“I could not agree with you more!” Bruce said, so they grabbed their gear and headed to the Lehigh River.

“I believe this looks like the spot Uncle Bud told me about. Let’s see what’s up,” Bruce said as he baited his line and threw it in the water.

Glenn did the same and they waited to see who would get the first bite. After about three hours and not even a nibble they agreed that it was time to get dinner ready so they walked back about a hundred yards to the cabin and settled in. Aunt Doris told them to eat anything they could find and they both settled on canned spaghetti. “I’m not much of a cook but I do know how to make this stuff,” Glenn said. “And it doesn’t take too long either.”

Bruce opened two large cans of spaghetti and put it all in a sauce pan to heat up. Glenn took four pieces of fresh bread that was there and dropped them into the large toaster on the counter. He even found some butter in the fridge!

As they sat at the table eating Glenn asked Bruce where he works. “How do you know I work?” Bruce replied.

“Well you said a little while ago that we can only stay about a week because you escort kırıkkale have to get back to work. So where do you work?”

“I’ve only been there for three weeks but I work at the supermarket back home.”

“Are you kidding me? I have to get back home, too, because I start there on Monday!” Glenn exclaimed.

“And let me guess. You’re starting as a bagger at the checkout counters?”

“That’s right, Bruce! Is that what happened with you, too?”

“Yep! But they’re planning to move me to the dairy section and I will get a raise with it.”

“Wow! That is so cool! So we’re not only fishing buddies but we are working buddies too. I can hardly believe it.” said Glenn. “Where have you been all my life?”

“Well, Glenn, we met when we were about ten so most of your life has been with me!”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

“I hope it works out better than our fishing did today,” Bruce said as they both got a chuckle out of that!


Fishing on that stream really sucked for them all that week. It had already been three days of practically nothing but fishing and all they had to show was one small fish each. Both fish were thrown back in the stream because you don’t keep fish that are only about four inches long!.

So the young men walked back to the cabin to relax a bit and get ready for dinner for that evening.

“Did you get the name of that store down the street when we went by?” Glenn asked.

“No, but there’s a little phone book here that might have it in. Why, what were you thinking?” asked Bruce.

“I could really go for some pizza and some cold soda,” said Glenn.

“Man, that’s exactly what I was thinking! Let’s see if they have it and if they deliver,” Bruce said.

He made the call and, yes, they did deliver, so they ordered a large pizza, a couple large sodas, and a large order of fries and was told it would be about an hour before it arrived. They both thought that was a little long to wait but they also realized they were out in the sticks so what should they expect. Neither of them felt like going to get it so they just settled in to wait.

“We could go back to the stream and fish again until they get here with the food,” said Bruce.

“I don’t feel like doing that. I had enough of that river for awhile. Maybe tomorrow,” said Glenn. “But may I suggest something?”

“Sure, what is it, Glenn? You have a plan for something to do until our food gets here?”

“Well, maybe. But of course you have to agree to it to.”

“What is it? You mean like checkers or something?” asked Bruce.

“No, it’s more physical,” Glenn replied, “and a little kinky.”

“And you want to tie me up?” Bruce said, and they both laughed about that, remembering what Glenn said about Traci Shields.

“No, I’m really not into ropes and stuff. I could probably do you but if you’d want to do the same to me… I couldn’t handle that shit, being unable to move. Nah!”

“Well then, come on, my man. Let’s hear it!” Bruce said.

“Well, would you like to wrestle?” Glenn said.

“Wrestle? You’d clobber me!” said Bruce, who had noticed the fine legs and arms his friend had and also found himself ogling them at times.

“I don’t think so,” Glenn replied. “I think you’re stronger than you think. You look to me like you can handle yourself okay.”

“I don’t know, Glenn. You’re bigger, stronger, faster, and much better looking than I am.”

“Okay, and this is a bit different. How about we cock wrestle?”

“COCK wrestle? What the hell is THAT and how does it work?” asked Bruce.

“It works like this: we both sit on our knees on the bed and work ourselves up to get hard-ons. Of course we don’t have anything on like underwear. Then we playfully slap each other’s dick until one or the other is soft again. Whoever keeps his hard-on is the winner. What do you think?” asked Glenn.

“Where the hell did you ever come up with that?” Bruce, now getting excited, asked.

“I once saw it on a porn site. It looked like a lot of fun except when the winner was declared. The loser had to suck the winner’s hard cock. But we don’t have to go that far!”

Bruce thought about it for a bit then said, okay let’s do it. They both stripped and got on the bed across from each other. Bruce knew right away that he was in deep trouble when he looked at his smallish thin five inch dick as compared to Glenn’s nine big fat inches of black cock.

“Wow, you pack a lot of meat meat there, pal. I don’t have a chance!” he said.

“It’s not the size that matters. It’s how you use it. I have seen some matches where the guy with the smaller dick won.”

“But look at that snake you have!” exclaimed Bruce.

“If you wanna back out you can. I don’t want this to harm our friendship.”

“Neither do I,” Bruce said. “No, let’s do it and see what happens.”

So both guys rubbed their cocks until they were really hard. “My word,” said Bruce. “That thing must be 8 inches long!”

“Nine,” replied kırıkkale escort bayan Glenn rather nonchalantly.

“I don’t have a chance but we’ll see how it goes,” Bruce said, but he also was feeling in the back of his mind that he WOULD like to get to know his friend a little better. So he worked his dick up to its 5 full inches and the two of them edged a bit closer to each other.

“Now the way this is done is we flip a coin to see who goes first,” said Glenn. “Then whoever wins the flip holds his dick in his hand and smacks it against the other’s dick. The first one to give up or his cock goes soft loses. It’s that simple. Do you want to try it?” asked Glenn.

“Well, we’re this far along already so why not.”

Glenn pulled a quarter out of his pocket and was ready to flip it. “Heads or tails?” he said.

“I’ll go with tails.”

Glenn flipped the coin and it came up tails. “You go first, Bruce.”

“But what are the stakes?” Bruce asked.

“I don’t know. Wanna play for a dollar? Or something else?”

“No, nothing like that.”

Glenn then said, “How about the loser licks the winner’s cock?”

Bruce replied, “I’m not gay!”

“Just because you lose a bet and have to lick a cock doesn’t mean you’re gay!”

“It doesn’t?” asked Bruce. ‘Why doesn’t it?”

“Because you’re not having gay sex, that’s why!” Glenn answered. “You’re just licking a part of the body, just as if you licked an arm or a leg, and you’re settling a bet.”

“Lick your leg? Now that might be exciting!” Bruce said as he had been stealing glances at his friend’s smooth muscular legs and was actually getting turned by them.

“What do you mean by that? Are you sure you’re not gay? Okay, if I win you must lick my leg but I decide which one. Deal?”

“Okay,” said Bruce. “Let’s get it on!”

“Also, if you hurt my cock I get to try to get back at you. Got it? And I have seen some matches go as long as five smacks each side until someone wins.”

“How often did you watch that stuff?” asked Bruce.

“Oh, maybe ten times total,” Glenn answered.

“Okay. Got it! Let’s get started.” Bruce grabbed his hard dick and slammed it against Glenn’s big black cock. It was like hitting against a brick wall! Glenn’s cock hardly budged and instead of it getting softer it was Bruce’s that got softer. Bruce was right. He had no chance against his friend’s monster snake! That made Bruce’s smaller dick even a bit smaller as it lay in his hand only half hard.

“Now I go in for the kill. Hold it out so I can smack it,” Glenn smiled triumphantly as he slammed his big dick against Bruce’s dick that was getting softer by the minute.

He also knew from the get go that Bruce had no chance.

It only took one smack and Bruce’s now little dick was growing smaller and smaller. Glenn’s cock was still at full erection and Bruce’s was shriveled up to almost nothing. And he was in pain! So to picture the scenario, there was a white guy sitting on his knees on the bed across from a bigger black guy, his small dick nearly shriveled up to nothing and in pain, while the black man just sat there, smiling, his much bigger cock in hand and fully erect, as he gloated while looking down at his beaten white friend and said, “Should we try it again?”

Bruce replied, “Please don’t. I can’t take another one of them. It’s going to hurt to even piss!”

“You know that means you lost, right? So you get to lick which ever leg I choose. A deal’s a deal!”

“Okay,” said Bruce. “Which one, the right or the left?”

“The middle one,” Glenn calmly said.

“You mean your cock?” Bruce asked, surprised.

“Yes, my cock. Now get to it before the pizza man gets here. My dick needs some attention!”

“Yes, Glenn, ” Bruce replied and he bent over and began licking the black man’s gorgeous brown dick. “But I’m not gay.”

“I know you’re not but start licking anyway. Kiss the head then lick the undersides, then all around. Lick my balls, too, and don’t stop until I tell you.”

“And you said Traci was pushy! Listen to my own personal slave owner bossing me around!” Bruce said kiddingly.

“You don’t like it?” Glenn asked.

“No, I don’t like it. I LOVE it!” said Bruce as he gently licked Glenn’s juicy cock right there on the bed.

“Man, I could really get into this! Don’t stop!” said Glenn.

Just at that time there was a knock on the door and they both knew it was their pizza delivery. So Glenn quickly got up and threw on his shorts and went and answered the door. Sure enough it was their pizza so he paid the guy and gave him a very nice tip and came back inside.

“Shall we eat first then get back to the matter at hand, or should the matter at hand be my cock?” asked Glenn.

Bruce replied, “I would rather eat dinner first before I have dessert, if you know what I mean! I really don’t like cold pizza and warm soda.”

“Gotcha!” Glenn said and they both went to the living room to eat on the sofa in front of the TV. After about a half hour they were both satisfied with their food and went back to the bedroom.

“Now where were we?” asked Bruce.

“If I remember right you were stooping down and licking my schlong, right?”

“Right!” said Bruce, “but you know what? That was starting to get to my lower back bending down like that. Could we maybe switch positions?”

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