My Growing Roommate


Alright, so, I know people gotta do what they gotta do, but somethings… somethings feel like they’re past a limit.

What I’m getting at is… my roommate, Janessa. She quit her day job to stream fulltime, I didn’t really care as long as bills kept getting paid. It sounded like she had fun, and I even joined in on a few of her streams to play games with her.

However, being home all the time and being sedentary for most if not all of that time meant she started putting on some weight. It was nothing at first, hell, she had been a little underweight for a while. Not that that’s bad or anything, I mean, I wasn’t skinny at the time either, but the way she did it. The walls are thin here and I can over hear some muffled conversations even from the kitchen, and I can tell when food arrives here.

It started as a fan ordered a pizza for her, something small. She was never a big eater and I was watching her stream. She ended up eating the whole thing and a liter of soda, and her stomach was bloated. Nothing crazy, but enough for her to be lethargic. It felt weird watching, but her chat was loving it.

Soon after, she was getting all her meals paid for by her chat. I thought it was great, because that just left more for rent and utilities. But like, she was eating a lot, I was a mod for her by then, and within a month she had gone from small pizzas and a liter of soda to a large and a two liter, all while getting softer the whole time.

Like I said, she had been thin, but now she was starting to get soft all over. Small breasts, curve at her hips and belly, narrowing thigh gap, all that stuff. She didn’t update her wardrobe yet and her clothes were getting tight, and a little revealing. She started wearing tops on stream that showed her growing cleavage and her rising belly. I wasn’t sure how to feel about it, I didn’t really like it at the time. I know, weird thing to say looking at me now.

Anyway, after that it was two larges pizzas, then three, and she just kept going. Gameplay became istanbul escort less and less a focus, and eating became the main one. But near the end of the gameplay, I did a few guest spots again, and I’d join in on the eating. The tips would just pour in, especially when we’d play eating games, like this one where every time we got downed in the game we’d have to eat a slice of pizza before we got revived, sometimes you’d get enough time, others you’d have to basically swallow it whole. But, uh, it felt nice. Being stuffed, and the feeling of being full was oddly… satisfying, and a little arousing. All the money helped too.

I started thinking about it a lot, after that particular stream. I struggled with how it made me feel. I had never wanted to be fat or overweight, and i had never stuffed myself so full before. It felt good. I mean, look at me now, right? But, I decided to talk to her about it, especially after my thighs couldn’t fit into my favorite pair of jeans. I don’t know if you noticed but my thighs are the biggest part of me, so of course they started growing first.

The conversation started awkwardly, like most things like this do, we went back and forth, she got defensive, I got frustrated. Thankfully, we took a moment and calmed down. Then, she explained to me how it felt to have all that adoration after being basically invisible for years. She felt good, she felt sexy, she felt confident… and that really changed my whole perspective. She was literally living her best life, and I was trying to stop that because I thought being skinny was best for her. We hugged it out, and and gamed some afterwards.

After that, I started to put on weight. Sometimes so much food got sent that she couldn’t possibly eat it all, so I’d eat some. And that’s saying something, because now her job consisted of eating for almost ten hours a day. She was getting big too. Way big. Her boobs were bigger than her head, her belly reached her mid-thigh, and we had to get her a new escort istanbul chair to hold up her hips, which were wider than her shoulders. Her thighs were just massive too, just freaking massive. .. Sorry, just get, uh, lost in thought when i think about her so much like that. She got new clothes, but they were still revealing, she said it helped bring in tips, which I didn’t doubt. I got new clothes too, all the extra eating was making my thighs huge, and my hips were so damn wide. I was no where near as big as her at this time, but still, it was big for me.

So like, at this point we move into a rental house. More space, and a dedicated streaming room for her. I also quit my job, she was making so much, and we didn’t have to buy food, we were rolling it. Things changed though, she had quit gaming and was now just a stream for watching her eat, she’d watch videos or movies while doing it, and every now and then I’d sit in again and we’d game for old times sake. That went on for a while, she got really big during that time.

We had to order her a special chair, for her massive ass. It laid out around her on all sides, and no matter what she wore her cute little Venus dimples always showed. Her belly reached to her knees now, in two massive, doughy rolls, and her boobs, ugh, those things. If it weren’t for her belly they’d rest on those lushous thighs of hers. Heh, sorry, I always get excited thinking about her like this, excuse me.


So, where was I? Right! She had her growth spurt after moving to the house. It was after that, that game night starting to become drinking game night. We’d set up on our big sofa, which even at it’s size our hips would touch, and watch something with a drinking game, or just do random stuff. One night, though, we went a little too far.

So, we had never really talked about romantic stuff to each other, so we had no real idea what either of us were into, I was certainly learning about how much I love a, uh, fuller figure, haha. istanbul escort bayan Anyway, we were getting hammered while watched this awful horror movie. We had to take a shot every time you could call the jump scare about to happen, when suddenly, she got a $200 tip saying to kiss me. We both looked at each other, looked back at the tip that would pay most of our bills that month, and we kissed. On the mouth. I still remember the flavor of her drink on her tongue. We ended up making out for a few minutes. I- We moaned a little. Our hands got a little grabby with each other’s flab. Chat went wild. We made a few thousand that hour alone.

Janessa didn’t even remember it actually, her chat reminded her the following week, and damn were they thirsty. We started seeing clips of it- well, I know I started seeing clips of it on.. uh.. that’s not important. Man, I’m really getting worked up talking about this.. you’ll need to, uh, excuse me. Again.


Alright, I was about to tell you what happened after we made out that, hmhm~, first time. Hehe, yea, uh, so it was really awkward around the house, we didn’t speak for a couple days. Hell, we couldn’t look at each other without blushing, and stammering, and all the cute things she does when she’s flustered.

Eventually, though, we talked it out, had a heart to heart. We discovered we really love each other and just can’t keep our hands off each other. After that, our heart to heart became a hip to hip.

After that, I started streaming with her. We’d rotate. One day she’d stream, then I’d stream, then we’d both stream, then have a day off. It was great. We both put on so much weight, it was crazy. People LOVED watching us get fat together. We actually had to upgrade to a king-sized bed so we could fit on it together for our more… discreet streams. Mostly because the old one broke, and our hips wouldn’t fit together on it. God, her hips are so much wider than mine. My thighs are bigger and my ass rounder, while her’s has this cute kinda squareish shape. Can’t get enough of her tits either, they’re huge! Like the biggest fucking tits I’ve ever seen! Ah, just, damn I love that woman.

And yea, now, the free food and money pours in. We don’t have a care in the world besides making sure we’re both getting bigger and fatter.

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