My Husband caught me with my lover (pt 4)


My Husband caught me with my lover (pt 4)Did that really happen, it couldn’t have, could it?He had actually got off on giving me that gift, a gift I was never going to have again.Fuck, my head was a mess and I felt pretty used – worthless, but I had to get on with it, no point thinking about it now. Deep down I knew that he had something planned, a feeling that he knew, but just never really thought he would do that. Maybe strike me or leave me, but invite the guy to my home, ballsy to say the least.I needed to get ready, things to do, people to see today – loads of plans for my future. Staying here was not an option anymore, I knew that, I had to get my head straight and decide where I was going to go.Out of town – away from him, somewhere he wouldn’t come looking for me.I did know someone who lived quite far, someone that he didn’t know…from my past, the past I had left behind a long time ago.I would have to do a bit of a search to find him, he could have moved, got a family – anything. Shit, it was worth a try.Remembering where he worked was easy, it was what he was born to do. Standing tall and looking good, in basically anything he wore. Private security was the job that made him happy, he got to mingle with the rich and famous, clubs, holidays, a life without türbanlı uşak escort worry really. Would he remember me ? The redhead from his past, the woman that made him think hard about his career, whether going overseas was the best thing for him. He did get in touch before he left the country, but that was it, I didn’t know if he had returned home or not.I tracked down the last known address for him, and phoned directories, just in case they had a number for his home. Shit, they did – I heard the voice telling me the number, and the pen in my hand was actually writing it down. Stupid stupid, put the phone down.I sat, on the hardwood floor for a while, cramp in my legs, and doubt drowning my head.I should just call, if he is there, the worst thing he can do is hang up!I dialled the number and waited, the phone was ringing, oh, what if a woman answered, what would I say……..’Hello’… a deep voice answered, shit, what do I say.’Err..hi, I don’t know if I have the right contact details but I am hoping I found the right number’. The guy could be anyone, what the hell was I doing.’Well, if you tell me who you need to talk to I can probably tell you if you have got the right number love’. He voice was warm, and charming.’I’m türbanlı uşak escort bayan looking for Tom, the area is right, I am just not sure this is the right number, sorry if it isn’t!’The line went quiet for a while, the the male voice spoke again.’This is Tom speaking, can I as who’s calling please, I don’t recognise your voice, I’m sorry’.I recognised his, he always smiled when he spoke, a lovely warm tone, just like now.’You probably don’t remember me, its Jess’, my voice broke off, he won’t remember you, you stupid woman.’Long time gone Jess. I remember you, you left without saying a word what, 6 years ago. How are you baby, married, k**s ?”I shouldn’t have called, I just didn’t know anyone else that doesn’t live near me, I’ll not waste your time anymore’. And I began to take the receiver away from my ear.’Wait Jess, – hold on don’t go. What’s wrong, I know you didn’t have my number but something is wrong if you have searched for it and me!”I just need to get away for a while, where no one knows me, I need to get out of here. I shouldn’t have called you, your wife will wonder who you are talking….”I never married Jess, I live alone. No one could come close to how I felt about you, so, I didn’t türbanlı escort uşak marry at all, you know me, work kept and keeps me happy’.’I got married……to a man that turned out to be not who I thought. I have made some mistakes and I just need a bit of breathing space, to clear my head.I know I shouldn’t ask, but could you help me out for a few days? I can pay my way’.’Where are you, do you need me to come and get you?”I can drive to you, it should only take me a couple of hours. I’m in London, so its not hard to get to you’.I heard a key slide in the lock of the front door, damn, I better get a move on.’I will grab some stuff and leave now, he is just home from work….I have to go..’I hung up and got off the floor, I rushed upstairs and shoved a few things in a duffle bag, enough for a short stay.I stood at the top of the stairs as my Husband was climbing them.’Going somewhere ?’ he murmured.’My Mothers, I need a break, you are driving me crazy. What happened last night will never happen again’. I waited for him to get to the top of the stairs the seemed to fly down them. My keys were on the hall table, as I grabbed them, he turned to me and smiled, ‘Tell her I said hi’ the continued to the bathroom for his daily ritual of a hot shower.I closed the street door behind me and got to my car, my Audi had been a gift to myself after a big contract I had won for the company worked for. It was my pride and joy, and it was faster than shit. I jumped in and pushed my key into the ignition, turned the barrel and heard the purr of the engine, mmmmmm.’Come on boy, lets get out of here as fast as possible!

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