my last and favorite


my last and favoriteit was 3 years ago .. id become close friends with a girl who had so many friends but she had trouble getting guy friends and when she did get boyfriends it never lasted long and i felt so bad for her. one night we were drinking and went to her house. i loved her and treated her like my sister, but tonight she was sticking unusually close to me..soon we were kissing and later we started taking each others clothes off.. she soon saw that i was wearing my panties and saw that i was embarrassed in front of her.. she then showed me that she wasn’t just a normal girl but a TV , but she never seemed like she would be she was tiny and so beautiful. but after we discovered each others secrets we were closer than ever and i always wanted to make her feel loved. one of my other friends came out of the closet to me and i thought maybe i can help all of them experiment and enjoy themselves. the lesbian girl talked to her friends and got several of them to come. when me and my best friend were talking she suggested i should come digitalbahis yeni giriş as Ana:3. when the day finally came i was so excited i wore my favorite outfit .. my white stalkings with my blue dress .. when we arrived at her friends house no one recognized me right away and we began to kiss and strip.. non of us them wearing bras or panties, but the other girls began starring when they noticed i had almost no breasts but the other girls were busy string at my friends cock. at first it was quiet and strange then they began touching it and sucking it a little.. when they’re backs were turned i finally pulled off my panties and once they turned around they were shocked and pulled my wig off.. the jig was up they discovered it was really me, and at first they were all pissed off at me calling me a perv and pushing me.. but then my friend steeped in front of me and told them about me and what was going on in my life… soon the girls left and i sat down on the couch.. my friend entered the room and kissed digitalbahis giriş me on the cheek and whispered into my ear that everything was going to be ok. soon everyone entered the room the girls were holding toys and wearing strap ons ,all i could do was stare and my mouth was open they told me to stay i had to be fun for them and they told me to suck on them .. i sucked each dildo and took them all the way to the balls.. and then it came to my friend she seemed so shy, but i just smiled at her and sucked her cock the hardest.. amazingly she didn’t cum but i got her to start moaning when a girl came up behind me and slipped her rubber cock into my ass with almost no trouble.. i jumped and moaned myself. i began sucking and stroking my friends cock harder and grabbed the couch as her rubber cock slipped out of me. the girls were taking turns between fucking me and my friends asses. all i could do while i felt their rubber cocks slide in and out of me was moan and try to make my friend cum deep in my throat, digitalbahis güvenilirmi but she just didn’t some how. after a while of them fucking us i decided to give her a surprise i sat up, turned around and teased her cock with my ass.. wen i slipped it into my loose ass she moaned and grabbed my hips.. when the girls saw this they got so turned on we started a train with me being pounded by my friend and her and her friends pounded by their rubber cocks. all i could hear was moaning and screaming .. i looked back at my friend and she was grabbing me and looked like she was really enjoying this..soon she grabbed me and really started fucking my ass which was about to make me cum..then all the girls including my friend pushed me on the floor and began fucking me with my cock over my face.. i was just begging for my own cum and to suck on my dick.. my fiend was standing over me and pounding me still i reached up and grabbed her and said “im about to cum baby please fill me up with your hot cum” she heard this and started poring her cum into me my eyes rolled back and i shot my hot load all over my own face and all i could o was lick it off with my friends help then we shared a cum filled kiss. afterwards all the girls left and we cuddled covered in cum and from that night on i would love TV and girls with strap ons 🙂

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