my mom is a doctor part1


my mom is a doctor part1Hi, this is Rakesh writing my experience. I am studying engineering 3rd year. My family consists of 3 members. Father, mother and me. My parents are doctors and are working in a private hospital. My parents loved each other and married when they are in the 2nd year of medicine against the wish of their parents. I was born in the 3rd year of their medicine. At that time mom was 23 years old when she gave birth to me. My dad died in an accident when I was in 8th class. At that time mom was 35 years old. From that time on mom took care of me and all the house hold activities. She never made me think of dad. After dad died she made me as her world. She used to pass the time with me when ever she finds the time. I use to hug my mom and kiss her on the cheek when ever I feel happy.When I was in 12th standard on one day mom said in a talk that no relative came to console her when my dad was in the hospital and broke into tears. I consoled her by saying why do you bother for others when they don’t care for us? I am there for you mom and hugged her. She too hugged me and said I love you. After 5 minutes she took my face in her hands and kissed me on the forehead and said you be happy and make me happy. As it was the first time mom kissed me I felt very happy and I couldn’t share it with any one. After I completed my 12th standard there were holidays for 2 months to join in the engineering college. Mom use to go on her duty and I used to be alone at home. So I took the permission from mom to get the internet connection for the home PC. She agreed and I use to surf the net all the day time till my mom returns from hospital.As days passed I use to surf the adult sites and remove the addresses in the bar by the time mom returns home. I use to enjoy the content of the adult sites. One day I typed Indian sex stories in the Google search and I found this site on search. I read all the stories and felt very horny. For the first two days I haven’t read the i****t category as I don’t know the meaning. But on the third day I read one story and was shocked to see the content. Having sex with blood relations is the meaning for i****t. I was very confused for the next 2 days. From the next day I found interest in reading only i****t stories. I found mom and son stories more interesting. My attitude slowly changed towards my mom. I watched the beauty in my mom.Now I say you about my mom. Her name is Cheritha. Her friends call her cherry. As the name sounds she looks like a cherry fruit. Her hair is silky and black in color and length up to her butts. Her figure 36A-30-36 makes me mad and she is fair in complexion. My mom use to wear only saris. She mostly used to wear cotton saris and wear fancy saris occasionally. She really looks sexy when she lets her silky hair loose. After reading the stories I desperately wanted my mom. I don’t know how to get her. I use to satisfy my small desires by hugging her from back. The time came to me to join in the college. On the first day of the college mom asked me to come early in the evening as she wants to talk to me. I said ok and hugged her and bend down to take her blessings. She blessed me and said my blessings are always with my son and kissed me on the forehead and I left for college. As it was the first day no classes are going on. I left straight to home as soon as I heard the last bell in the college. Mom was waiting for me at home. I asked her whether she was on leave to hospital. She said I want to talk with you on that only. I asked what mom. She said that the hospital management has decided to send me to USA for specialization in brain treatment and I have to go to USA next week. So I want you to be in the hostel till I return. I asked her when she returns. She said minimum of six months I have to stay in USA. I felt crying as she said these words as I have never left my mom after I was born. I said mom I can’t stay with out you. She also said I too can’t stay with out you but I have to obey the management and I have to go next week. She can see the tears in my eyes. As soon as she saw the tears in my eyes she rose (got up) from her chair and came towards my chair and started to console me. She took my face in her hands and kissed me on the forehead and said I too don’t want to leave you and go and hugged me. My face was on her breasts and was pressing against her beauties. At that time I couldn’t feel the sexual pressure as I have to stay with out my mom. At that time I felt that I love my mom.If I wanted her beauties I would have felt the sexual pressure when my face was lying on her breasts. But I didn’t feel that. I was feeling disappointed as I have to stay with out her. I felt very depressed that day. I left to my room and slept on the bed and went to sleep. Mom woke me up at 9pm to have dinner. I said that I was not feeling hungry and continued to sleep. Next morning mom came to my room to wake me up and I didn’t talk to her. By seeing my behavior she said if you are like this I cant be happy rocky. My mom calls me rocky. She also said if you love your mom, you be happy and make me feel happy. I said ok mom. I do what ever you say. She said that I too will come to your college as I have to talk to your principal. I said ok and went to bathroom. When I was leaving for college mom also came to esat escort college and finished all the formalities to join me in the hostel and went home. I went straight to home after I finished the college. Mom was preparing some snacks for me in the kitchen. I went and hugged her from behind and asked are you on leave till you leave to USA. She said yes. She gave the snack plate to me. As I was eating I was saying all the care she has to take. By hearing my words she was smiling. I asked her why she was smiling. She said if your dad is alive also he would not have said these words of care to me. I said its ok mom in the next life I will be your husband. She got little angry and said stop talking like that. I said sorry mom. She said that she was leaving to USA on Sunday i.e., day after tomorrow. I said ok mom I will join in the hostel on Monday. I said mom why did you join me in hostel. I can stay in this house only mom. She said I feel secure if you are in the hostel. I said ok. The day has come for her to go to USA. I went to airport to drop her and give send off to her. When she was leaving she hugged me tightly and said take care. I asked her to call once in a week.Next day I joined in the college hostel and attending my classes regularly. Mom used to call me twice in a week and used to talk to her for more than 30 minutes. Six months have completed after my mom left. When she called this time I asked her when she returns. She said she has to assist the foreign doctors for the next 6 months and then she will come. I felt disappointed when I heard these words. She said don’t worry rocky I will be there after 6 months and gave a kiss on the phone. This is the first time mom gave me a kiss on the phone. I felt happy forgetting that I have to be in the hostel for the next 6 months. We talked for some time and mom kept the phone. I waited for the next six months to see my mom. She used to call me regularly. My first year annual exams have been started. I received the phone call from my mom that she is returning the next day as the six months of assisting the foreign doctors have finished. I said I can’t come to receive you mom as the exams are going mom. She said its ok and I will come and see you in the hostel .I said no mom. You don’t come to see me. If you come and see me I can’t concentrate on my exams. I will come and see you when I finish my exams in 3 days. You have to stay alone in the house for only 2 days mom. I will come to our home as soon as I finish the exams and gave a kiss on the phone in happiness. I was waiting for the day when I finish my exams. I finished the final exam and called mom and said that I was returning home. I went straight to home and the doors are wide open for me. Mom was waiting for me in the hall. As soon as she saw me she stood from the sofa and moved towards me. We moved towards each other and hugged. As we saw each other after 1 year mom broke into tears. I consoled her. She said it’s hard to stay with out you rocky. I said mom I was feeling hungry. She said that I will prepare some snacks for you and went to kitchen. Mom was looking very beautiful. She has reduced some of her weight and looking ravishing. I went and hugged her and said mom you look more beautiful as you have reduced some weight. She said thanks and kissed me on the cheeks by turning her head. While having the snacks mom said her experience in USA and I was watching her lips, eyes and her beauty when she was saying. While she was saying I fell a sleep on her lap. I woke up at 7pm and I was in the sofa. My eyes searched for my mom. She was in the kitchen and I was shocked to see her. She was wearing a nightie which was up to the knee and over that comes a coat like one which is up to the feet and with two ropes around to tie up. I couldn’t believe my eyes for the next minutes. I went near mom and hugged her from behind. Mom you look very sexy in this night dress mom. She said that she was habituated to wear this nightie in USA. She said if you don’t like it I won’t wear. I said no mom you look beautiful and I don’t have any objection if my mom looks beautiful. She smiled for my words and continued to prepare the dinner and I went to take bath. By the time I returned from the bathroom every thing was arranged and mom was waiting for me. I joined mom at the table and had our dinner. After dinner we talked for some time and I went to sleep. After 5minutes mom came to my room and asked can I sleep with my rocky as I was a way from him for 1 year. I said you are welcome mom and I said I was habituated to sleep only with my underwear mom. She said it’s ok. I stood up from the bed as I have to go to toilet and mom smiled seeing my attire. I went and came back and mom was seeing herself in the mirror. I went and hugged her from behind and said you are looking very beautiful mom and removed the knot of the nightie and dropped it down. I raised her in my arms and moved towards the bed and dropped her on the bed. We slept side by side. I covered my self up to my navel with the blanket. Mom placed her hand on my chest and said you have developed your body compared with the body before I went to USA. I said I was going to gym so I have developed my body. You can do underwear ads if any one offers you. I smiled at her for her etlik escort words. I said you have changed a lot mom in this one year. Your dressing style has changed; your way of talking has changed a lot mom. She faced her back to me and asked me to come closer and I did. I placed my hand on her waist and she took it and placed it across her breasts and we went to sleep. Next morning by the time I woke up mom was not on the bed and I went to bathroom to brush my teeth. After that I went outside of my room. She was in the kitchen and I went and hugged her from behind. I was only on my underwear. I decided to roam around in the house on my underwear and I didn’t get any objection from mom. I asked her up to how many days you have leave mom. She said one week and already 3 days have completed and she asked why? I said simply mom. I asked her can we go around the city mom. She agreed. I said I will go and get the bike from my friend and went and came back in 1 hour. I asked her to get ready and she went to her room and came back in 10minutes and I was shocked to see her. I thought she will come in a sari and to my surprise she came on a creamy color salwar kameez which suited her very well. I was kept my mouth wide open and was watching her. She came near me and closed my mouth with her hands and said lets go. We went to major shopping malls around the city and spend the time up to 2pm. At 2 pm mom asked to take her to a movie. We went for an English movie titled unfaithful. The first half of the movie is so romantic and I felt that I am going to cum in my underwear. Mom was placing her head on my shoulder and was watching the movie. So I could not go outside, as I don’t want to disturb her.As soon as the interval bell rang I stood from the seat and said that I get some snacks and went to bathroom to clear my bladder. After that I purchased popcorn and drink for mom and went into the hall. Mom was waiting for me. She took the things from my hand and I sat in my seat. We shared the popcorn and left the drink completely to mom. But after 2 to 3 sips she offered me the drink. I took as a pleasure to touch the tip of the bottle where her lips were placed. After watching the movie we went straight home. I dropped her and went to my friend’s room to hand over the bike and while returning I bought flowers for her as I wanted to see her with flowers. I went home at 7 pm and mom was busy preparing the dinner. I went to take bath and came back with the flowers in my hand. She saw that I was hiding some thing at the back and she asked me what it was. I showed her and said I want to see you with the flowers in your hair mom. She smiled at me and took the flowers and placed in her hair and asked are you happy. I hugged her and said I thought you will get angry on me if I ask you to keep the flowers mom. She said why I should scold my son for silly reasons. I thought of talking about romance with her and asked her whether she liked the film or not as the first half of the film is so romantic. She said she liked the film. I asked what she liked. She said I liked each and every thing of the movie. After talking for some time we had our dinner and started watching TV. After some time mom said that she is feeling sleepy and went to her room. After 5 minutes I went to her room and asked why she was sleeping alone. She asked what. I said you slept with me yesterday night and today you are sleeping alone mom. This is not fair for you. She stood up from the bed and said you wanted to sleep with me. I said yes mom and lifted her in my arms and took her to my bedroom. I dropped her on the bed and started to remove my clothes in front of mom as I was habituated to sleep with only underwear. While I was removing my clothes mom was staring at me. I removed my clothes and went and lay on the bed and covered myself with the blanket. Mom was facing the ceiling of the room and I placed my hand on her belly and started to talk with her. From that time onwards I and mom used to sleep in the same room. There was only one day left for mom to join her duty. On that day mom took me to bajaj showroom and asked to select the bike I wanted. I was very happy as I was getting the bike. I took pulsar and mom paid the money and we went home. I thanked her by kissing her on the cheeks. The day has come for her to join her duties. I said you look beautiful in this salwar kameez and patients will come to see you to the hospital. She smiled and went to the hospital. I dropped her in the hospital and went home. Her duty timings are 10 am to 6 pm. While I was leaving I said I will come and pick you at 6pm mom and left the place. As I was alone in the home I played the kamasutra2 movie which I have stored in the pc. While I was watching the movie I imagined me and mom in all the positions I saw. I was very hot. At 6 pm I went to hospital to pick her up. As soon as we reached home mom went inside the house and I went back to get the flowers for her. I came back in half an hour. By the time I reached home mom has took her bath and preparing dinner for us. I went and took the bath and wear my jeans pant and came back with the flowers in my hand. Mom was looking like a sex goddess to me in the light blue color sari. I went and hugged her from behind and put the flowers in her keçiören escort hair and said you are like an angel in this sari mom and kissed her on the ear. She didn’t say anything. I kissed her on the shoulders and on the neck once and left her and went to watch the TV. After 30 minutes mom called me for dinner. After dinner mom was cleaning the dishes and I went and said mom its time to sleep and hugged her from behind. She said that the assistant won’t come tomorrow and I have to clean the dishes. I said I will wash them for you tomorrow morning after you leave to hospital and lifted her in my arms and took her to the bedroom and dropped her on the floor. As soon as I dropped her my cell phone which was on the mirror table rang. So I went to attend the call and while I was talking mom hugged me from behind by placing hands around my waist. I talked urgently and switched off the phone and kept it on the table and kept my hands on mom’s hands and asked what mom? She said nothing and loosened the grip around my waist. Now I turned towards her and she was moving away from me. I caught hold of her and hugged her from behind and said I love you mom. She didn’t say anything. I kissed her on the ears and said I love you mom. This time she said I love you too and turned her head to kiss me on my cheeks. But I moved my face so that her kiss planted on my lips. She moved her head back as soon as she kissed me and turned towards me and said sorry. I said its ok mom and moved my head forward and kissed her on the lips once and moved back. This time she caught hold of me and kissed me passionately. Our tongues tasted our saliva. After 5 minutes of kissing I moved down her body kissing. I kissed her on the neck, between her breasts, on her beautiful and sexy navel and again moved upwards and kissed her passionately for 5 minutes on the lips. While kissing she pushed me back and went and sat on the edge of the bed and removed the loose end of the sari and raised her hands and invited me to have her beauties. I went near her and kissed her on the middle of the breasts and placed my head on her breast and she hugged me and said I love you rocky and I need you. I made her lay on the bed and kissed on her sexy navel. We removed our dresses and kissed thousand times while undressing each other. When she was nude in front of me I took her nipples in my mouth and said I love your breasts very much than you mom and sucked her nipples for some time and moved towards her pussy and kissed her for the first time. As soon as I kissed her on the pussy she moaned with pleasure. While I was sucking her pussy she was feeling as if she was in heaven. After some time she said I can’t wait any longer rocky, use your manhood and tore the underwear and guided it to her pussy. I inserted it slowly and moved inside and outside and slowly increased the rhythm. After sometime I cum in her and lay on top of her. She caught hold of me by placing her legs around my butts. After sometime she released the leg lock and we slept side by side. I woke up after 1 hour and mom was staring at me by the time I woke up. I asked her why she was staring. She said I have missed you all through these years and I should have gone to USA 5 years back. I said I didn’t understand mom. She came near me and kissed me on the lips and said I came to know that an i****t relation exists when I was in USA. I should have gone to USA earlier. I said its not so late mom and kissed her on the lips. She broke the kiss and started kissing me downwards. She kissed me inch by inch and even bites my nipples. She kissed my penis and took it in her mouth and said I missed it all these years. We made love again and went to sleep. Next morning I woke up and went to bathroom to brush my teeth and went out of the room. Mom was in the kitchen preparing the breakfast in her night dress. I went and hugged her from behind and wished her good morning. Mom turned towards me and said no good morning and good nights from here after; only sweet kisses and sweet and sweaty nights and kissed me on the lips. We kissed passionately once again tasting our saliva. I broke the kiss and took her nipple over the dress and started to caress it and suck it. She pushed me back and removed the night dress with in seconds and said is it ok for you. I went near her and said ok mom and started to suck her nipples. While sucking her nipples I removed my shot and inserted it into her pussy while she was sitting on the edge of the table. She pulled me on to the table after I inserted my penis into her pussy. We fucked on the kitchen table and slept there for 15 minutes and mom went to bathroom as she has to get ready for the hospital and I was still lying on the table. Mom came and asked me to get ready as I have to drop her. She wore salwar kameez and as usual she is looking beautiful. I went and came back in 15 minutes. Mom was ready and waiting for me. We had our breakfast together and went to drop mom at the hospital. On the way I asked mom why you ask me to drop when the management provides you a car. She said if I go on car I don’t have the opportunity to seduce you on the bike. For that only I bought the bike for you as soon as I returned from USA and pressed her breasts towards my back. I dropped her at the hospital and while she was moving away from me I caught her hand and asked whether she wants to give me anything. She smiled for my words and came towards me and said any thing will be at home in the evening and left the place smiling. From then on we are living as wife and husband. We use to have love making regularly.

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