My naughty little wife


My naughty little wifeOne of our best sex games is for me to text my wife and tell her what im going to do to her and what she is to expect. She is a lovely petite submissive and is regulary spanked for either foreplay or when she is being a brat she gets not only a spanking but the dreaded strap which i aim for her thighs as well.When i finish work and am outside the house i text saying go to the window in just your 1xbet yeni giriş bra and knickers. She does this pretending she doesnt know anyone could see her. Then a further text from me saying now unclip the bra, she does this but turns her back before i can see her tits,which always leaves me with a huge hard on. Another text saying now show them, she turns and with her sweet 34b tits on show, she knows 1xbet giriş the rules then by then seeing me acting all shocked covering her tits and switching the light off. I text saying you bad girl stand in the corner hand on head and wait for me.I take my time before going upstairs to find her in the desired position, sitting on the bed i tell her to get over my knee. She bends over my lap and i pull down 1xbet güvenilirmi her knickers all the time telling her off for being such a dirty girl showing her tits off to everyone. I spank her with some light swats then they get harder until that sweet bottom is glowing red.My hand gets sore after 10 mins so i get her off my knee and depending on my mood i either get her on her knees so she can say thankyou by sucking me off or get her on all fours and fuck her from behind so that freshly spanked bottom is on full view to me. This is only a short story and will be posting more about what we get up to very soon. Please feel free to comment on what you think.

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