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“Oh fuck,” Greg yelled, splashing a thick load of cum into Stacey’s mouth. Even though it was a big load, Stacey swallowed it down without spilling a drop. Cocksucking was her thing. Since she first tasted cock in a toilet stall in high school, Stacey Wicks had been better than most girls. She had a rare natural talent for getting guys off in her mouth. Greg was still amazed at the extent of this talent as his sexy, dark-haired companion dressed and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek as she left. She would probably never see him again; she did not make a habit of revisiting her conquests.

Stacey barely made it to her appointment on time. After losing countless friends and boyfriends to her love of fellatio, Stacey had started attending therapy with Dr. Peter Brookston. Brookston was a world renowned sex therapist who had written several books on various sexual matters. He was very professional, even dismissing his young patient’s advances.

“Well then, Miss Wicks,” the doctor began, “how often have you performed fellatio since last week’s session?”

“Five times doctor,” was the reply. He began to write in his notebook. Stacey had definitely improved since the ten or so cocks a week she was sucking when her therapy had began.

“So tell me again Miss Wicks, what were the circumstances of your first act of fellatio?”

“I etiler escort was younger, he was experienced and I wanted to show him how mature I could be. We went to the toilets and I sucked him off. I swallowed his cum afterwards.” She then licked her lips seductively. She was wearing the same frosted, wet-look, pink lipstick she always wore when she was planning to give a blowjob and the doctor knew that. She was wearing a black miniskirt and black t-shirt with a plunging neckline. It was times like this that Dr. Brookston wished he wasn’t so professional. Her D cups looked so inviting, as did her sensuous lips.

Stacey’s flirtations continued for the rest of the session, ranging from dirty talk to jumping on the desk and kissing the doctor deeply and passionately to outright offering him, “the most amazing cocksucking you’ll ever get.” As always, the doctor had to hurry to the bathroom to jerk off and relieve the ‘stress’ of the session. He couldn’t believe the effect Stacey had on him. He was a 50 year old man who specialized in sexual psychology and this busty, 20 year old fellatrix exuded a raw sexuality that no other woman he had ever met did. He wanted to feel her suck his cock so badly but his ethics stopped him.

The sessions continued over the weeks, with halkalı escort Stacey describing (often in very graphic detail) her various experiences. Her outfits ranged from sultry dresses to a just long coat over the sexiest bra and panties imaginable. Stacey even managed to get a hand on the doctor’s cock through his pants a couple of times. She always wore the same pink lipstick and it had become the centre of the doctor’s fantasies. He had even bought some for his wife and their sex life had become a lot more active because of it.

Dr, Brookston’s life came tumbling down just after one of his sessions with Stacey. His secretary had been writing prescriptions with his pad and forging his signature. The problem was the evidence said it was the doctor writing them. In what seemed like no time at all, Peter Brookston had lost his medical license and his wife had left him. Luckily, his book sales had made him a rich man and he was now free to retire comfortably.

One afternoon, Brookston was watching television when a there was a knock at the door. He opened it and couldn’t believe his eyes. It was Stacey, dressed in the same black shirt and skirt she was wearing that time they kissed. She was also wearing that lipstick.

“Now you’re not married and not my doctor, do innovia escort you think I could suck your cock?” she asked, smiling. They kissed passionately as she came inside. She immediately dropped to her knees, shutting the front door behind her. She hurriedly undid Brookston’s fly and pulled down his pants and boxers. He was already hard and a solid seven inches. Stacey took his cock in her left hand and began to tenderly lick it. Her tongue felt like velvet on his skin. Her hand felt amazing, even though she wasn’t moving it. Suddenly, on one of her upward licks, Stacey took his cock into her mouth. Seeing her pink lips in a ring around his cock nearly made Brookston cum there and then, but he held out as she began her skillful sucking. Her beautiful mouth bobbed up and down, her tongue crept around the head of his cock, pleasing him in ways he had never thought possible.

Brookston couldn’t believe it. Stacey was even better than he had imagined in his fantasies. She took him all the way into her mouth, and she still managed to stick out her tongue to lick his balls. This was his breaking point and he quickly yelled out, “I’m going to cum!” Stacey pulled his cock out of her throat, past her lips and into the air. She pointed it straight at her face just in time for the first big shot of cum to hit her in the cheek. Several more followed, until most of her face was covered and cum was sliding down her chin and splashing in thick globs onto her breasts, slipping down into her cleavage and disappearing beneath her shirt.

“How was it?” she asked, still working him lightly with her hand. Brookston could only groan appreciatively at the blowjob goddess in front of him.

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