my one gay love affair


my one gay love affairI am very shy, but when i drink i open up. sometimes good sometimes bad. this time was good. i was at a bar on Beale st in Memphis with my roommate and his wife. i happily stumbled into this beautiful black woman with her arms up dancing. i noticed she had a couple of days stubble under her arm. which was chubby but tight skin with just a little hint of stretch marks. i told her how beautiful i thought she was (which i never do that), and how i wanted to lick her armpits. she was shocked but then looked at me as though to say your not the dumb white guy who just bumped into me she saw me. so she let me lick her armpits in the middle of the club in front of her friends and her cute gay brother (i’ll get to him in a bit). we went out hiltonbet giriş a couple of nights later to get drinks or something (this was several years ago and i don’t drink that heavily anymore) she ended up staying with me in our apt we made out and she really liked when i kissed her armpits and breasts. then let me eat her pussy and asshole. but we never had sex that night or any other night we just made out a lot. let me describe this woman i called her V. 5’4″ tattooed on her arms, belly, legs, ass. she has a nice plump round ass breasts weren’t huge but beautiful. we hung out the next day got really fucked up and i eat her pussy and ass for a while then she asked if she could pee on me. i hadn’t done that before and i liked hiltonbet yeni giriş her a lot so she did it and it was fun. i liked that she liked it more than i actually liked it but it was fine.the next day she tells me her brother really likes me so my roommate his wife V and her brother all go out. well i had kissed a couple of guys, made out with one tranny but ive never just full on kissed and made out with a man until that night. i could feel his huge cock poking me while we kissed. then V started to get jealous so we spent some time together so we end up at their place. they never kissed except to tell each other bye or something like that. so i’m eating her pussy he’s sucking my cock. she’s cumming, i’m cumming, and hiltonbet güvenilirmi then he cums. we do this for a couple of nights. no sex just oral. he was a bottom and didn’t want to put it in me, but i wanted and still do want that thick 9 inch black cock inside of me. god it would go so deep. i wanted him to cum inside me, but that never happened. well he and i dated several times alone and V and i did get together a few times also. The last time V and i got together i almost was begging for her to let me put my cock in her warm wet pussy after eating it for at least 45 mins. she wouldn’t let me she i think felt weird about what happened with her brother. we took a shower together i got to wash her beautiful black skin and ass. she took me back to my car and i told her i loved her but she couldn’t say anything.the last time i saw her brother i practically begged for him to put his big fucking cock in my ass, but he couldn’t. we kissed and ive seen the only once and we hugged.i hope you like this story it is true. i love both of them still.

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