My Secret From My Brother (Part 1)


Ever since our mom and dad died, Tod believes that he has the right to boss me around. I love him to death since he is my brother, but he needs to let me live my life. Tod is twenty-seven while I’m almost eighteen. I’m simply five three and a hundred and ninety pounds. My breasts being double D’s, I swear that they weigh ten pounds together. Tod and I both have dark brown hair, while he got the blue eyes and I got stuck with the chocolate ones.  “Tod,” I whined. “When is Adam going to be here?” I looked at my brother as he sat on the couch. He was watching House, M.D. and let me tell you. I love that show but when it comes to Adam coming over. That show is history. He slowly looked over at me. “He’ll be here soon, kocaeli escort don’t worry. Then I’ll be gone.” Tod chuckled and I rolled my eyes. Adam is Tod’s best friend. He has dirty blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. He’s going to “babysit” me while Tod goes on a date. Pathetic isn’t it? He has to have someone babysit me! Ding, dong. The doorbell rang and I sat straight up, feeling the tingles in my stomach. Adam. I sprinted up and to the door. I opened it and there he was. He was even wearing his sexy grin on his lips. “Good evening, Bethany.” He spoke and my heart fluttered. He took a step inside and I shut the door behind him. I bit on my lip and I looked up at him.  “So, what are the plans for kocaeli escort bayan tonight?” I gave the best sexy yet very seductive smile I could. He looked down into my eyes. “You’ll see, love.” I hate when he teases me. I mean, whenever Tod is gone. Things go down. I’m so in love with Adam that I admitted it to him one day. Ever since then, we’ve been secretly dating. It’s been like this for a year and a half now.  “Tod,” I yelled. “Adam’s here!” I gave Adam a grin as I walked passed him, hoping he noticed the sway of my hips. Also, the fact that I’m not wearing any underwear. My skin tight, aqua, strapless dress would show that. I heard a light growl from behind me and I knew it was Adam. He izmit escort must love to see my perfect ass being squeezed by my dress. I wore it on purpose. I wanted him to see how incredibly sexy I could look. Tod came in the room and looked at Adam. “Thanks, man,” He said. “You’re like the only person I’d trust with this. Don’t forget that. I’ll see you guys later. I might not be back, so lock the doors. I have my key.” He stared at Adam then came to me, kissed my forehead. We said our goodbyes and he left.  That’s when I hit the wall. Adam was kissing my lips hard and grabbing onto my ass. I moaned lightly as he pressed his body on mine. My god is he hot like this. He ran his hands up my dress, feeling that I was nice and wet for him. “What a naughty little girl I have here.” I felt the blush go to my cheeks as he grinned. He then slapped my ass softly, making me moan. He leaned in and kissed my lips aggressively, then he grabbed my waist and we walked to the couch.

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