An Unwilling Captive Ch. 01


Disclaimer: This is a fantasy. I would never want someone to do this for real. If themes of humiliation, degradation, and bondage offend you, you may want to look elsewhere. But if that’s your thing, feel free to enjoy! (Note: this story also contains scat. It’s not a huge part, but it is there, so be warned.)

When Megan awoke, she found herself lying on the floor of a van, her lithe young body covered in dirt, scrapes, and bruises. She groaned and tried to move, only to find that she couldn’t. Her arms were contorted behind her and bound tightly to her ankles, forcing her limbs up to form an “O.” The bonds were so tight that they were nearly pulling her elbows and knees out of joint, and even her long blonde hair had been pulled back and tied to her big toes. Finally comprehending how bad her position was, she began to hyperventilate, her anxiety growing as she realized that not only was her slim body bound and entirely naked, but an enormous black baton had been shoved roughly up her anus.

“Oh God, oh God,” she thought, “where the hell am I? I can’t remember anything after leaving the bar…” She whimpered, feeling for the first time the enormous ball gag forcing her tiny jaws apart. It felt as large as a baseball to Megan, and she shook her head back and forth trying to dislodge it, but only succeeded in rubbing her chin across the huge puddle of drool and snot which had accumulated beneath her. She moaned around the ball, protesting this hideous situation, and heard a chuckle from the van’s front seat.

“Sounds like the little blonde bitch is awake, Leslie.” The voice was rough and masculine, laced with menace.

“Sounds like it, Tom,” a woman replied, her tone surprisingly cultured, and a little familiar. “Sounds like the teasing little whore doesn’t like it either.” She chuckled. “College students are always the best. Can’t ever seem to believe what’s happening to them.”

Megan groaned and tried to roll off of her tummy and onto her side, hoping to get a look at the couple driving. As she rocked back and forth, she realized that her bladder (and her bowels, for that matter,) were painfully full from her hours at the bar. She toppled over on her side and clenched her pussy muscles tight, trying not to piss herself like a baby. Tears of frustration and pain filled the corners of her eyes, but despite her best efforts her body betrayed her, and she soon felt her pee seeping out into a large puddle beneath her.

Leslie smelled the acrid piss and laughed. “Looks like the bitch pissed herself,” she said, punching her companion in the arm. “I told you we should have diapered her before we left. Looks like you’ll have a mess to clean up later Tom.”

Tom grunted, a sour frown creeping over his face. “How was I supposed to know she couldn’t hold it? Anyway, we can hose her down when we get her back to the warehouse with the other girls. balıkesir seks hikayeleri She better not make any more of a mess though.”

Leslie turned toward Megan’s back and shouted, “Do you hear that, you filthy slut?! Keep the rest inside your diseased ass or you’ll be sorry.” She reached back and jiggled the baton, causing Megan to wince and yelp in pain, spit spewing from around her gag. Leslie laughed and shoved the baton in deeper. “That baton stays in, and so does your shit, understand whore?” Megan blushed and nodded, her anus puckering out around the thick black rod, tugging it in further despite her humiliation. She knew it was spreading her ass cheeks so wide that the woman could see everything between them; her face burned at the thought, but her pussy began to dribble, her unwilling exposure stirring something deep and primitive inside.

They drove for what seemed like hours, every bump jostling Megan. Her ass felt like someone had lit a handful of matches and stuffed them inside, and her stomach was hard and distended from the pressure deep in her bowels. She wondered how long she would be forced to hold it, and what terrible plans her captors had in store for her.

By the time the truck rolled to a stop, Megan was moaning in agony, both from the pain in her joints and her rigid, swollen tummy. Despite her reluctance, she had pissed herself several more times as the hours had crawled by, but the baton was lodged too firmly to push out. Her bowels screamed for release. It felt as though a battering ram was hammering against her anus from the inside, but the door was barred fast. Her dignity was so far gone, her pain so horrendous, that she would have licked her captors’ boots if they would only allow her to relieve herself.

She head the driver’s side door click open, followed by the crunch of heavy boots against gravel. Then the side door of the van slid open, revealing the moonlit night sky and Tom’s ski-mask clad face. “Ugh, you smell like a litter box,” he said, pinching his nose and fanning his other hand over her to disperse the stench. “Couldn’t just hold it, could ya?” he muttered. “Stupid bitch. Hope ya like Pampers, cause I see a lot of ’em in your future.” Megan blushed an even deeper shade of red and tried to hide her face against the van’s floor, only to find her cheek resting in a puddle of her piss. She squirmed away from it and Tom grabbed her feet, tugging her towards him. Megan shrieked, but he slapped her ass hard, and she stopped, aware that it was a warning of worse things to come.

He cut her legs free without a word, severing the ties around her ankles with a box cutter, and hauled her roughly from the van. She groaned, pain shooting up and down her legs as the circulation returned. He forced her to stand, steadying her with one broad palm. The gravel pricked her bare soles and she winced. Tom laughed and brought his open palm down hard against her labia. The slap stung, nearly bowling her over, but she managed to remain standing. She looked down at her reddening clitoris and saw that he had dislodged some of the moisture hiding in her folds. She blushed again, hoping he wouldn’t see.

Tom leered at her, his hands on his hips, watching as her pussy swelled with blood. “Don’t worry honey,” he said, “We’re gonna whip that pretty clit raw for you.” Hearing this, Megan groaned again, spit and thick snot dripping down her gag.

Leslie joined them, also wearing a ski-mask and, unlike Tom, a tight lycra bodysuit which hugged her curves, even camel-toeing in the front. Megan could tell she wasn’t wearing any panties, and was surprised to discover how much this excited her. While Leslie’s face was covered, Megan could see her dark disdainful blue eyes, which lingered on the girl’s body, moving slowly over her pretty blonde hair, to her bare pussy, to her piss-stained legs and feet. Megan bowed her head, unable to meet those piercing eyes.

Megan was standing bow-legged, unable to straighten herself because of the baton and the terrible pressure it held back. Noticing this, Leslie strode over to Megan and grabbed a fistful of her hair, forcing her head back.

“What’s the matter, bitch?!” she shouted, spit flying from her mouth, her face inches from Megan’s. “Something wrong with your legs?”

Megan shook her head no, her eyes wide and frightened. “Nuh ma’am,” she grunted, peeling her lips away from the ball between her teeth.

Leslie pulled her hair hard, causing fresh tears to well up in Megan’s eyes. “Don’t lie to me, you stupid, snatch-licking skank! What’s the matter?” With her free hand she unbuckled Megan’s gag, easing it out and laughing at the copious drool which followed. When the gag was free from Megan’s lips, Leslie dropped it and, winding her hand back, slapped Megan’s cheek as hard as she could. Megan shrieked, and Leslie slapped her again. “Now tell me the truth, slut. What’s the matter?”

Megan shivered, realizing that her pain would only end if this terrible woman chose to help her.

“I, I, I,” she stuttered, and bowed her head in shame.

Leslie jerked her hair back again, forcing Megan to meet her eyes. “I, I, I what?” she said, her voice high and nasally, mocking Megan.

“I need to relieve myself,” Megan managed at last.

Leslie chuckled. “I’m afraid you’re going to have to be more specific than that. Pee or poop?”

Megan blushed even harder, but she pressed on. “I need to, um, you know…oh my God, I need to poop, alright! There, I said it! Are you happy now?”

Leslie’s eyes darkened at Megan’s insubordination. “And why exactly should I let you do that?” It was more a sneer than a question.

A rumbling pain shook Megan’s belly, and she fell to her knees, moaning loudly. “Please, oh God, just please…”

Leslie placed a finger against her chin, as though she were carefully considering Megan’s request. Then, without any warning, she kicked the girl hard in her pussy. Megan screamed and toppled over, the gravel cutting her cheeks. Tears streamed from her eyes, and she started to cry, sobs racking her chest. Leslie came around to Megan’s head, placing the steel toe of her boot against Megan’s chin.

“Listen to me, you filthy, filthy bitch,” she said. “You are worth nothing. You are meat. I can do any and everything that I want to you. And I’m going to do whatever I want, at least until we sell you off to the highest bidder. You belong to me now. So first, you need to get that through your thick skull. Secondly, you will address me as ma’am or mistress at all times. Failure to do so will result in severe punishment. Finally, you will beg me, explicitly and in great detail, for all of your bodily needs. So start begging, cunt.”

“Puh puh please ma’am,” Megan managed to choke out, “I…I need to shit myself. Please ma’am…please take the baton away.”

Leslie seemed pleased. “That’s better, cunt. Now tell me what a filthy little piss and shit whore you are.”

Megan’s sobbing had slowed, and she muttered, “I’m a filthy piss and shit whore.”

“Louder, bitch. Tom needs to hear this too.”

“I’m a filthy piss and shit whore!” Megan shouted, her voice cracking on the last syllable.

“Tell me you’re trash. Tell me that a used condom is worth more than you.”

Megan raised her head, trying to retain some trace of dignity even as she helped her new mistress strip it away from her. “I’m trash, ma’am. Someone would pay more for a used condom than they would pay for me.”

“That’s good, bitch. Very good.” Leslie hauled Megan to her feet by her hair, and forced her to bend over. The baton stuck straight up out of her ass, and Leslie yanked it hard. There was an audible pop as it came free and Megan’s anus suddenly sucked closed. Leslie kicked the girl’s legs wide apart, forcing Megan into a squatting position. “Well, go on slut. Take a shit.”

“Oh, please don’t watch,” Megan whimpered, but her need was so urgent that she couldn’t stop herself from relaxing her bowel muscles. Tom and Leslie snickered as Megan pushed hard, her eyes squinted shut. A torrent of diarrhea rushed from her ass, splashing against her thighs and running down the backs of her calves. The smell was terrible, but Megan hardly noticed, her relief was so great.

Her captors were laughing again, and Megan found her pussy growing moist. She thought of how Tom and Leslie had just observed her most intimate bodily function, and while it embarrassed her, it also turned her on. She was shocked to find herself wondering if Leslie would allow her to rub her pussy, if she only begged hard enough. The idea of rubbing herself to orgasm amidst a pile of her own foul shit disgusted her, but she couldn’t help being intrigued by it too…

To be continued…

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