My Sexy Bird Lady Ch. 2


I was still rainy the next day so I went into town to check the mail. There was a package from the photo lab. In my vehicle, I carefully unwrapped the large picture. I gasped it was so sensual. The printer had outdone herself. The pose, lighting, setting, all were perfect. I’d used the flash to give just a little fill light to soften the shadows. Gloria’s body, posture and expression said that she was a wood sylph at home in the forest.

Her breasts seemed swollen with passion, the long nipples jutting out inviting a kiss or caress. The deep cleft of her pussy showed perfectly, her hand poised on it, one finger obviously slipped inside her sex. The droplets of water gleamed on her superb body. I couldn’t have improved on the lighting if I’d taken it in a studio. Smiling, I wondered what the reaction of the lab woman had been when she’d printed it.

I found a good frame shop and bought a beautiful frame and a mat for the picture. I’d put it all together at Gloria’s. I picked up some groceries and some good wine, as well as a bottle of champagne.

Back at Gloria’s I opened the rest of the package. The proofs from my bird pictures had several outstanding pictures that would be worthy of publishing. Skill, and a great deal of luck, teams up to give you good pictures. You never see the mistakes or ‘blah’ photos the professional photographers make, and there are lots of those.

Gloria still wasn’t in the house so I went into the guest bedroom, closed the door and put Gloria’s beautiful nude picture in the frame. When I’d finished it was a real work of art, the picture set off by a mat and gold frame that complemented the photo. I slipped into Gloria’s bedroom and took down the picture she had over her bed, a scenic, and replaced it with her nude. Modesty aside, it looked absolutely stunning!

Gloria finally came in, wet but all smiles. We fixed a light lunch and sat down to eat. I was grinning like the Cheshire cat and she knew something was up. I kept her in the dark till we’d finished. Getting some champagne glasses I filled two and gave her one.

“To the nicest, sexiest wood nymph it has ever been by pleasure, and I do mean pleasure, to photograph.” I toasted her. I led her by the hand and took her to the bedroom. Making her close her eyes, I led her in to stand in front of the photo. I turned on the room light, highlighting the photo, then told her to open her eyes.

I wished I could have had a camcorder on her when she saw the photo. Her eyes went wide, she looked at me, back at the picture, and then her mouth dropped open, and if I hadn’t been there to catch her would have fallen to the floor. Her knees buckled. She was speechless for several minutes.

Finally she moved closer and took in the photo for long minutes, her eyes moving back and forth over the photo. “My God, Olivia, it the most stunning, most sensual photo I’ve ever seen! I don’t mean just because it’s of me. That is world class! God, and that’s me! Pam, Deena, and you keep telling me what a beautiful body I have, but this – this is incredible! That’s the way I felt that day you were there. I’d planned that, I was naked by the river till I saw you coming, then ran to the pool to let you ‘discover’ me. I was so hot, I wanted you so much. I’d had two or three climaxes before you came, just thinking about you. What I said about it being hard to forget you were there, was true, I was masturbating for you. I almost came just from the slightest touch. That’s one reason why I came so quickly when you sucked my breasts. I was on fire! You captured it all. God, I am SEX!” She threw back her head and laughed.

She pulled me to her and practically devoured me with kisses. Her strong arms mashed the breath out of me till she realized what she was doing and couldn’t apologize enough. We laughed and hugged. I got the champagne and we drank several more glasses.

Clothes flew in all directions and we fell in bed together. There were no preliminaries, no foreplay. We turned and went straight for each other’s pussies. She rolled me on top of her, I bent my head, spread her pussy lips wide and devoured her. The confession of her seduction of me had fired my blood. I hadn’t realized how deliberate our encounter had been. She’d read my looks and deliberately given me an easy opening.

Her tongue played over my aching clit and she slipped slick fingers up inside me plunging into my core. I sucked her clit savoring its firm head, and her spicy nectar. Carefully I put a finger in her pussy wetting it, then slid it into her rounded anus. She pushed back against me. I slid another finger into her pussy, a finger in each hole and slid them in and out.

Her lips and tongue were busy against my sex. Her face mashed against my spread wet opening. Her long tongue slid in and out, moving from side to side. I’d never had a woman make love to me who had such a talented, or such a long tongue.

I concentrated on her fabulous clit, sucking it first hard, then softly, changing to pulsing suctions, Gaziantep Olgun Escort as if I was sucking a tiny cock. My fingers continued to slip in and out of her sweet holes. She came first as I sucked and tongued her clit. Her hips thrust up against my mouth, her juices flowing against my face.

She brought me off moments later as her tongue flicked rapidly against my swollen clit while she plunged two or three fingers deep inside me. I cried out, my cries muffled by her wet flesh. We lay for a while resting, then turned and lay, cuddled and kissed.

She wanted to see the rest of the pictures I’d taken of her. There were others almost as good but this one was by far the best of the lot. She couldn’t get over how utterly sexy she looked in the pictures. I told her truthfully that I’d only photographed what was there. Her mood at the time came through, she was on fire with passion and I just captured it. With the light and angles I was able to show what she felt.

She asked if she could invite Deena and Pam over for dinner and show them the picture. Naturally I told her it was her picture, and that she should share it with her friends if she wanted to.

“Of course, you know what will happen it those two come over, don’t you?” I asked. She pretended not to know. “We all probably end up stark naked, in bed together, and have our own orgy!” We decided that sounded like a wonderful idea. Neither of us had ever been in a foursome. With Pam and Deena joining us, we knew it would be very wild.

They both agreed to come, and as it was Friday night, Gloria invited them to spend the weekend. Gloria and I went to town for groceries and to renew the liquor cabinet. We decided on a seafood dinner and were able to get huge Maine lobsters. We fixed a huge shrimp salad and all the trimmings. We worked well together in the kitchen and really outdid ourselves.

Deena had picked up Pam and they arrived slightly ruffled, clothes askew, and a little out of breath. We could tell that they had been using the drive to arouse each other. When we kidded them, they admitted it. They had never made love together, though both had been lovers with Gloria for quite a while. They said that it was about time that they remedied that situation.

Gloria told them that there was a surprise after dinner, or as she said, ‘supper’. We all had a drink before “supper” and a good wine with our meal. We took turns telling tales of past love lives, each trying to outdo the other. We laughed so hard it hurt. It was a wonderful meal, among very good friends. We all helped cleared the table so Gloria could spring her surprise.

We went into the bedroom and made Pam and Deena close their eyes before Gloria turned on the lights. When we told them to open their eyes, both were speechless for a long minute, then they went wild. They both said that it was the most beautiful, sexiest, most sensual picture they’d ever seen. They moved close and stared and raved over it. Both wanted a copy of it. Gloria demurred to me. I told them that this particular photo belonged to Gloria alone. I had others that I’d have made up for them.

They could tell that Gloria and I had a special feeling for this one photograph, so they agreed. I got the other proofs and they each picked one that they particularly liked. Then they wanted to know how I’d taken such a sensual photo. Gloria and I told them of the circumstances, how she’d set it up, and how horny she was, and all I did was capture the feeling on film. They thought I’d really over simplified it. I had to a certain extent, but it was very true that Gloria’s state of mind, and body had made the picture. I’d just been lucky enough to be there at the right time with the knowledge and equipment to capture her wonderful sensuousness.

Gloria came up behind me and pressed against my back, I arched back against her. She reached around and caught my breasts and squeezed them softly, rubbing my nipples to erectness. I hadn’t worn a bra since I’d been there and it felt so wonderful. She kissed my neck, her tongue flicking the sensitive spot behind my ear. My knees almost buckled.

“I think we all should show Olivia how much we appreciate her efforts, talents, not to mention expense. This picture is a masterpiece and we should reward her, very handsomely indeed. I can think of one way that everyone will enjoy. Can’t you girls?”

Gloria said as she pressed her magnificent body against me. Her hard nipples pressed against my back, feeling like points of fire through my blouse. Pam and Deena threw their arms around me and I was inundated with wonderful warm kisses and caresses. Pam kissed my lips while Deena unbuttoned my blouse and slid it off. Gloria’s strong warm hands cupped my bare breasts. Deena moved down and quickly slid my skirt, then my panties off. She moved up and buried her face between my thighs, her tongue licking my thighs and probing for my slit. Gloria relinquished one breast to Pam’s mouth, slid her hand down to slip between my buttocks, to finger my pussy from behind. My knees buckled as Deena’s tongue found my clit and stroked it, and Gloria’s finger slid up inside me

“Lets move her to the bed before she falls on her cute little ass!” Gloria chuckled as her arms kept me from falling. They half carried me to the bed and lay me back, propping pillows under my head. Deena slipped my shoes off and I was wonderfully naked before three lovely women. Deena slipped between my thighs and as I spread them, lapped my hot flesh. Pam and Gloria undressed then slipped Pam’s clothes off while she never missed a lick on my pussy. Gloria and Pam moved on either side of me and alternately kissed and fondled my breasts and lips. It didn’t take long till I climaxed the first time.

All three slowed their pace and concentrated on just making me feel good. They stroked me from head to foot with their hands and bodies. Soft breasts and hard nipples played over me. Deena sucked my toes, sending strange chills up my spine. Gloria straddled my chest and lowered her pussy to my breast placing her vulva squarely over my nipple. She rocked back and forth and it felt like a hot mouth. She moved back a little and her turgid clit rubbed my nipple. She smiled down at me and I reached up and caught a full rounded breast in each hand and squeezed. She shut her eyes and a half smile played over her lips.

Pam and Deena moved up and both kissed my lips at the same time, tongues flicking and probing. Gloria reached behind her and fondled my pussy, stroking it gently. They brought my passion high again, then gently let me slowly down. The three changed places moving over my body, playing me. Hands, lips, breasts, soft flesh continually stroked me.

Gloria kissed my lips as Pam and Deena kissed and licked their way down my body. They spread my thighs wide and when I looked down they were both kissing my pussy, their tongues bathing my spread flesh, and they kissed too, tongues twining. Gloria’s long tongue flicked over my lips then slid into my mouth seeking and finding all the erotic pleasure points. Below one set of lips sucked my pussy while a pointed tongue first licked, then probed my anus. No one had ever done that and it’s very sensitive. I moaned aloud. A finger probed, then slipped inside.

The other lips and tongue were sucking and flicking my almost painfully swollen clit. Long knowing fingers slid into my pussy curling and stroking. My hips thrust as the fingers pressed and massaged my ‘g’ spot. I curled my fingers in Gloria’s blonde hair and pressed her head harder against mine, my tongue circling hers. The three women renewed their efforts and moments later I erupted as their combined efforts thrust me over the edge. I cried out, my cries muffled against Gloria’s sweet lips. My pussy throbbed and tightened around the fingers probing me front and rear. My climax seemed to go on and on. Finally I went limp, completely spent.

They moved up beside me and all three softly kissed and stroked me. I had never had three people make love to me at the same time, particularly three such talented lovers. Gloria brought four champagne glasses and a chilled bottle. We sat drinking and stroking. No one could keep their hands, or lips still for long. Pam pulled Deena to her and the two kissed deeply.

“I think its time for us to finish what we started in the car.” Pam said, her face close to Deena’s. They sat their glass aside and lay back and moved together. Gloria moved close to me and pulled my head against her soft firm breast. We lay watching, hands idly stroking.

The two made a beautiful couple twined together. Their bodies were mirrored in the glass behind them, so we had a double view of them. There was no hurry or rush. They slowly explored each other. They were quite a contrast, Deena tall and blonde, Pam tiny and brunette. Deena pulled Pam atop her, spread her thighs and pulled Pam’s hips hard against her spread pussy. They lay rubbing together, pussy to pussy.

I remembered a lover making love to me one night like that. I hadn’t gotten off till we changed positions slightly. “Sit up.” I said softly. They did. “Move close. Now Deena put your legs over Pam’s, on each side of her body. Yes, like that. Now Pam move forward, legs bent. Yes, that way. See how your pussies are spread apart and fit together.”

They moved closer, pussies pressed together, now they could kiss, their breasts pressing together as they thrust together. I knew their hard clits were in contact rubbing against hot wet flesh. Without thinking, my hand slid to my own clit and toyed with it. It was hard and swollen.

The two continued to rock together in perfect unison. They kissed, tongues fencing. “Oh, that feels heavenly!” Pam sighed. “Why did we wait so long to make love?” She wiggled her shapely hips hard against Deena. Gloria held me to her and placed her hand gently atop mine, feeling my every movement, as I stroked my pussy, Pam was the first to come, wailing her pleasure, head thrown back, her back bowed. Deena thrust her hips rapidly, rotating her pussy against Pam’s. Moments later she too cried out, her body rigid with ecstasy. They fell apart, spent.

“You two make a beautiful couple.” Gloria said. “I’m so glad you made love together. I’d hoped you would.”

“I guess the right moment never came till tonight. Driving over we were both hot, thinking about tonight, and got to talking about you two, and got hotter. Finally Deena slipped her hand down and was playing with her pussy, and I slipped my hand down with hers. It’s a wonder we didn’t have an accident. We finger fucked each other all the way here. My husband it going to explode when I tell him about my new lover.”Pam said, then turned to Deena, a concerned look on her lovely face. “You don’t mind do you, if I tell him?”

“Not in the least, my little Vixen. I trust he’s discrete?” Deena asked.

Pam assured her he was completely discrete, that he’d never told anyone about her escapades with Gloria, or her other women lovers. They used her lovemaking to spice up their own love life. She told Deena how she’d had a lot of trouble climaxing till she and Gloria became lovers, and how it had happily affected their love life. Deena already knew of the threesome she enjoyed with Gloria and her husband.

“Gloria tells me that her favorite is where your husband fucks you while you two are in a sixty nine. Would you like to try the same thing, but let me fuck you?” Deena asked.

“I was hoping you’d ask, Gloria has told me about you fucking her with that wonderful fake cock.” Pam answered. “I’d like to try the same one you use on Gloria. She says it’s a good fit for her. I want it to stretch my pussy to the limit. My husband is well built, but I had a guy in college who was really built, and after he finally got it all in me, I really went wild. Gloria, do you mind if Olivia and I make it together? I really enjoyed making love with her, and you and I have each other when ever we want.” Gloria agreed that it was a wonderful idea.

Deena got her dildo from her overnight bag, and while we watched slipped it on. Pam was as fascinated by it, as I’d been. She and I moved together and kissed and started our fires burning. Gloria moved over and she and Deena kissed and caressed.

Pam and I finally turned and rolled into a sixty-nine, with her above me. Her pussy was wet with my kisses and her own natural lubrication. Deena moved behind her and as the big dildo pressed against her pussy, I parted her labia. Gloria had put some flavored lubricant on the dildo and I centered it against Pam’s spread pussy. Deena pushed gently and Pam pushed her hips back. The head pressed inward parted her pink inner lips.

“Ohhh! That feels so good. Push in, Baby. Slow! Mnnn. Yes. It’s spreading me apart so good! It’s so big and fat, let me push.” Pam said with a groan. I wasn’t sure her small pussy could take it. Slowly they worked together, the cudgel slowly slipping inward till the mushroom head finally slid past her sphincter muscle and she gave a sigh of relief and enjoyment.

She bent her head and slipped her tongue into my pussy licking up and down, I moaned as she found my clit and sucked it. I licked her pussy lips and found her hard clit, the little head peeping out. Deena slowly began to fuck her, slipping the dildo deeper with each thrust. I licked her labia as the cock pulled and pushed her flesh, stretching her lovely pussy. Deena was gentle, and slowly the monster dildo disappeared inside Pam.

She moaned. “Wait a minute, you just hit my cervix, it felt so good. Hold still for a moment, let me get accustomed to it. I want all of it.” Deena held still. I continued to suck and tongue her clit and reached up and rubbed her anus, rotating my finger around her tiny hole.

“Now, slowly. Slip it in. I want to take all of it.” Pan said, her voice small and strained. Deena slowly slid out then in, each stroke slow and gentle. As I watched Deena’s hips moved closer and closer till she finally had the entire dildo inside Pam’s small body.

“Oh, God, yes. My pussy is so full. It aches so good. Now, slowly fuck me full length while Olivia sucks my clit. Fuck me, and eat me you sweet Wenches.” We did.

Deena is a master with her hips. She fucks like a man, her hips rotating as she thrusts in and out. Her hips swayed from side to side as she made the dildo head reach every inch of Pam’s pussy. Pam began to thrust back against her. I developed a rhythm with them so my lips and tongue never lost contact with Pam’s sopping pussy. Deena’s hips moved faster and faster. Pam began to pant and groan, she buried her face in my splayed pussy, pushing her lips and nose against my slippery opening.

Faster and faster the three of us moved together. I felt hands move between Pam and I, it was Gloria, cupping Pam’s perfect breasts, adding her stimulation to ours. I sucked harder on Pam’s clit pulling and raking my tongue over her hard little clit. She exploded. Deena’s hips slapped against Pam’s pert ass as she went all out fucking her. It was all I could do to keep my lips on her pussy, but I managed somehow.

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