Sit on my face?


It was another boring summer day for Jason at his grocery store job.He hated working here, and would quit in a heartbeat – if it weren’t for Kelsey.Kelsey was a beautiful red headed girl only a couple years older than him. She was shorter, and athletic, but possessed a very large pair of breasts, and her ass was rather plump and full for a girl her age.She would often flirt with him while they worked together stocking shelves almanbahis şikayet or moving freight in the back of the store. But she didn’t realize that all this time Jason was constantly fantasizing about her body. Often after accidentally touching her skin or seeing her breasts as she bent over, he would escape to the bathroom and quickly masturbate while replaying his favorite scenario of them fucking in the almanbahis canlı casino back by the freezers.Kelsey had a boyfriend, a tall black guy on the basketball team. He knew she was only really with him because he had an enormous cock. As the day wore out and the store began to close, Kelsey found Jason in the loading dock crushing boxes.”Hey, do you mind if I take off a little early? My boyfriend is here almanbahis casino to pick me up and I don’t want to keep him waiting.””Of course not, have a good night Kelsey.”She smiled and kissed him on the cheek.”Thanks! Be careful going home in the dark,” she added as she headed out the door.————–After Jason had finished with the closing routine he grabbed his bike and exited through the back door of the building. As he prepared to leave he heard a squeaking from around the corner, it sounded like two people humping in a car.While remaining in the shadows he peered around the edge of the building and saw Kelsey’s boyfriend’s car parked beside the freight trailer.

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