My Solo Time


My body has been telling me for a day or two, that it needs some ‘special’ attention. I don’t normally put off that feeling, but this time I did. I wanted it to be something that I would remember for a long time to come. My other half is out of town; I do not want to wait a week for him to return home. I simply cannot wait that long and I will not wait. Enough said.

I thought of a way to make this feeling more intense. I am going to get myself really worked up to the point that I cannot wait any longer. I wanted an orgasm so strong that I will not soon forget. One that I could look back on that would fuel my fire when I needed it. My other half completely satisfies me to no end, but with him away, I need to resort to taking care of myself.

I have been reading erotica for a couple hours today, searching for just the right story. I know what I want to read, a story that is so hot that I can’t stand it. However, I am having trouble finding the perfect one. There are so many stories and it seems that there are only a few really good ones out there. One last story to read and I will be done for the day. I have been at this for several hours; I am starting to get tired of all these stories. As I start Bahçelievler escort bayan reading the last story, I can feel that this is the one I have been waiting for. I am in love with this story. My pussy is starting to tingle and I can feel the blood rushing to my most sensitive regions. My nipples are starting to get hard as my pussy is now throbbing. I have to adjust myself in my chair to find a comfortable spot, or just the right amount of pressure on my pussy.

I have finished the story and saved it so that I have it for next time I feel the need for a good story. Maybe for later tonight or tomorrow morning. I remove my shirt and just drop it on the floor. Then I caress my breasts through the red lace bra that is barely containing them. My pants are the next to be removed in the same haphazard fashion. I then move my hands to my mound and feel the electricity shot through my body. I walk to my bedroom and remove my bra and matching red lace panties. All I can do is stand in front of the mirror and gaze at the reflection. My breasts are large, DD cups, with a modest waist and hips, and a clean-shaven mound. I reach up to hold my breasts in my hands, Escort Bahçeşehir sliding my fingers over the nipples then pulling on then. A sign and moan escape my lips as I soak up the pleasure that I am receiving. My hands slowly move lower over my stomach until they reach my mound. It is so smooth and soft and I can smell the aroma coming from my wet pussy. My knees are starting to get weak so I get on the bed and lay down.

I prop up the pillows on the bed and lay on my back. My knees are bent and my legs are spread wide. I resume the attention that I had started with my body. My nipples are aching for attention again so I grab them with the force that would cause most women to flinch. Kneading them with my hands and my fingers pulling my nipples hard. All I can do is moan, god this feels so good. I move my right hand to my pussy lips. I can feel my lips are swollen and my clit is so sensitive. I flick my clit a few times then rub it in a circular motion and revel in the feeling. I can feel my orgasm building quickly. If I kept up the pace, I will cum in record time. Slowly I moved my fingers to my sopping wet pussy, tracing my fingers around the opening. My left Bakırköy escort hand abandons my breast to rub that little nub inside my lips. My hips rise on their own and move up and down. I am in heaven with the intense sensation. The fingers that are teasing my pussy slowly slip inside to the hot and wet cavern. I can’t contain the sounds that are coming from my mouth, this is glorious. My fingers are moving on their own accord. I am not willing them or causing them to move. They know how to move in and out at the perfect rhythm. Slowly at first, then faster, and faster. My other hand is rubbing my beautiful little clit in perfect rhythm with my other hand. Oh god, I am cuming. The waves of pleasure wash over, in, and through me. It is like electricity coursing through my body, with the main focus on my pussy. I feel my pussy walls convulsing around my fingers, with the orgasm that is rolling through me. My fingers are being coated with the slick hot nectar that is flowing freely. I began to feel as though I am floating on the waves of this intense orgasm.

It seemed to last forever and I didn’t want it to end, it felt so good. Slowly it eases up and leaves me sated. I am left rubbing my sensitive clit very softly. I remove my fingers from my pussy and gently move them around the opening of my most favorite place. I am finally spent; I am in the most glorious bliss. I raise my fingers to my mouth and clean off all my pussy juice from them. I am perfectly content right now. Until next time my body needs some more attention.

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