My Uncle Niece Cyber


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Anna: hey, write any more stories?

nj13guy: lol no

Anna: darn

Anna: i liked them

nj13guy: happy new year, btw

nj13guy: cool

Anna: you too

nj13guy: what didi ya like about them?

Anna: the way you described the way they looked..and the actions…and the whole force thing turned me on


nj13guy: lol. oooh

nj13guy: I basically like the situation where the landlord taunts the tenant whie fuckin his wife

Anna: yeah…that too

nj13guy: the husband hearing his wife being fucked in the ass

nj13guy: lol

Anna: i would have liked it more if it was the other whole, but the reason it was the ass was good


nj13guy: I like the doggy fuck way

Anna: mmm…me too ^_^

nj13guy: lol. I just a few minutes ago, i saw two dogs humping each other


Anna: LOL

nj13guy: lol. must be the witer season

nj13guy: all dogs are in heat, INCLUDING ME


Anna: i wish i had a fuck buddy right now!

nj13guy: ooooh

nj13guy: wish it was me


nj13guy: how big are your tits?

Anna: i wouldn’t mind that

Anna: 36D

nj13guy: oooooooooh

nj13guy: i wanna suck them

nj13guy: *slurp*

nj13guy: lol

Anna: lol

nj13guy: dot u have any pics of yours?

Anna: photos.yahoo.com/id

nj13guy: ooooooh nice

Anna: ty

nj13guy: i like big girls


nj13guy: oooh . you have some big jugs

nj13guy: lol

nj13guy: * panting like a dog*

Anna: heh…yup

nj13guy: lol

nj13guy: who are the kids?

nj13guy: are they yours?

Anna: nah…i’m only 21

Anna: they are my sisters and i when we emek escort were little

nj13guy: ok. who is teh guy? your husband?

Anna: what guy?

nj13guy: that dog looks like me

nj13guy: lol

Anna: oh…were you talking about the kids in the pic with the little building?

nj13guy: yup

Anna: oh…those are kids i took care of in a program called safety town

Anna: damn…4 kids at 21…i don’t think so!

nj13guy: lol

nj13guy: it is possible


nj13guy: you caould have quadraplets

Anna: true…lol

nj13guy: lol

Anna: but i wouldn’t want that…i’m really tight and i want to stay that way for a while to please any future guy i come across

nj13guy: u single now?

Anna: yeah

nj13guy: I doubt you have trouble fining guys

nj13guy: they would be al over u?

nj13guy: lol

Anna: i’m just picky

nj13guy: u can afford to

nj13guy: Me, I am pretty flexiblew

nj13guy: lol

nj13guy: I don’t like turning down girls

nj13guy: more the MERRIER

Anna: lol

nj13guy: sorry about that * slaps himself back to his senses. BAD NJ *

Anna: you need to write more stories!

nj13guy: I will

nj13guy: Right now, I am in the midst of an idea about how a 16 yr old girls comes to Hollywood

nj13guy: She comes over to her uncle’s house & it is raining

nj13guy: She apparently is in a school girl uniform

nj13guy: She is completely wet

nj13guy: She has 36D jugs, like you

nj13guy: lol

nj13guy: Her Uncle opens the door

Anna: heh

nj13guy: HE sees her & immediately gets a hard on

nj13guy: He can see her bra & panties through her WET DRESS

Anna: yes! you’re saying everything i’m about to type

nj13guy: Her nipples are visible

nj13guy: eryaman escort Her pussy forms a V-shape & her skirts sticks to her wet legs, outlining her cunt

nj13guy: “Uncle, I need a place to stay”, Anna says (her name

nj13guy: I hope u don’t mind that

Anna: lol!

Anna: no

nj13guy: “Oh deart! Come on in! u must be freezin!!!”, says uncle Joe

nj13guy: He immediately hugs her, pressing his body to her young body

Anna: ack…the name of an ex -bf

Anna: is that your name?

nj13guy: he feels her tities mash against his chest

nj13guy: lol

nj13guy: nope

nj13guy: ok his name is Uncle FRANK

Anna: good…no fucking you just yet

nj13guy: lol

nj13guy: Then Frank takes her inside, while feeling her bodty as much as he can

nj13guy: “Oh dear! Take off your clothes. You will get a cold”, says Frank


nj13guy: He throws her a towel

Anna: she can get in the shower to warm up maybe

nj13guy: Anna goes inside the bathroom & takes off her wet clothes & towels herself dry

nj13guy: “Do you have any clothes for me, Uncle?”, ask Anna

nj13guy: “I will give them to you. firsty come outside”, yells Frank

nj13guy: Anna comes outside to see her Uncle in his dessing gown

nj13guy: “I think you need an Oil Massage for your frayed nerves. Lie on the bed dear!”, says Frank

nj13guy: :;


Anna: hehe

nj13guy: “That is not necessry Uncle”, says Anna rather Shyly

nj13guy: “Oh Nonsense! IT WOULD BE MY PLEASURE”

nj13guy: says Frank

nj13guy: Anna lies on the bed

nj13guy: “Ok! Sweetie, TAke off the towel”, says Frank

Anna: hehe

nj13guy: “Nooo! JHow csan you say that Uncle Frank?, squeels Anna

nj13guy: “I have nothing on! not even my panties & bra!”” etimesgut escort

nj13guy: “Oh! come on I have seen you naked when you were a little girl! I am your uncle!!”, says Frank

nj13guy: Frank takes off her towel in one quick swoop

Anna: you have almost your whole story

nj13guy: “Oooooh! Uncle! Don’t dop that! Stop it! Don’t put your hands on my thighs! Oooh That OIL is hot!”, squeels Anna

nj13guy: Frank is beyond hius senses now. He is massaging Anna’s body with Oil

nj13guy: He starts applying Oil on her heaving breasts


nj13guy: “Nooo! Uncle Don’t pinch my nipples! Stop it! You are putting too much Oil!! I have had enough of this Oil massage!! Stoip it! Why are you trying to put your hands in my pussyyy. Noooooooo”, screams Anna

nj13guy: “aaaaaah! Oh Jesus! Oh Uncle please don’t!! You are very bad! Stop fingering my pussy! Ooooh! Nooooo! Stop grabbing ny ass! Noooo”, wailed Anna like a little helpless girls

nj13guy: Frank was now going insane with lust for his sexy nymphet of a niece

nj13guy: He was kisssing/suckin/biting her breats, nipples

nj13guy: “Open your mouth dear! Give your uncle a big wet French SMOOCH!!”, leeered Frank

Anna: lol

nj13guy: Frank grabbbed her hair. Anna opened her mouth to scream

nj13guy: He immediately pushedhis tongue inside her open mouth

nj13guy: His tongue started playing with her tongue

nj13guy: Her tongue was trying to evade his tongue. Playing Hide’N’Seek

nj13guy: it was of no use

nj13guy: His tongue finally cauight up with her & started to play with her

nj13guy: mmmmm.. *slurp*

nj13guy: aaaaaah

Anna: *giggles* you’re good

nj13guy: “mmphh! Oh Uncle! Please stop kisssing me! This is not right! I am like your daughter! Oooh stop it! Oooh dont pur your fingers insise mt ass! Noooo”, cries Anna

nj13guy: lol

nj13guy: tyu

nj13guy: I think I will stop now

nj13guy: I have to jerk off now

nj13guy: I am too horny to continue

nj13guy: lol


feedback please email to the link below

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