First Impressions Ch. 03


Jennifer came home the next day, much to her mother’s horror, both for having a large swollen ankle and for not staying with David as long as she could manage. Mrs. Bennett’s horror continued to escalate when Laurel came from her father’s study with the news that she’d just received an email from Luca Izambard, business partner of her late father.

“What in the world could be possibly want?” Margaret exploded.

“His son is coming to Willow Springs and he implied that he would be staying with us.” Laurel answered.

“Absolutely out of the question!”

“Mom, I know it won’t be an ideal situation, but I don’t see a graceful alternative.”

“What does he want with us?”

“Mr. Izambard was not very clear. I don’t think he speaks the best English.”

Margaret looked on the verge of tears but finally said, “When does he arrive?”

He arrived two weeks later, the first week of November. Laurel opened the door and was stunned to see an absolutely beautiful man standing in front of her.

He extended his hand and took Laurel’s and kissed it.

“Bonjour, mon cherie.”

“Mr. Izambard welcome to Willow Springs.”

“Please, call me Sebastien. And you must be Lar-rell”

“Yes, please come in.”

Laurel showed him to the sitting room then went to find her mother and sisters. Jennifer went in first to talk to him while Laurel found their mother. Laurel finally convinced Margaret to come down and meet Sebastien.

Margaret walked into the living room very bitterly, but her frown disappeared when she saw the man sitting on the sofa. Margaret sat joyfully next to him and he gave her a similar French greeting. Jennifer pulled Laurel to side of the room.

“Laurel, have you talked to him at all?”

“No, he just got here.”

“He may be gorgeous, but his father is the reason that our father is dead.”

“I know. Let’s just get through this visit as fast as we possibly can.”

All their hearts dropped when Sebastien announced he planned to stay until just before Christmas- almost a month and a half.

That afternoon, Laurel convinced Cydalia and Katarina to come with her to give Sebastien a tour of the town. For November, the weather was incredibly balmy so they went by bicycle.

Cyd and Kat were still obsessing over the soccer players in town for the winter and knew all the places they hung out and dragged Sebastien with them. He seemed happy to oblige them. Laurel actually had a few things to pick up so she said she’d catch up. She posted a letter then set off to find her sisters and their guest. She was riding down the main street quickly and saw a man come out of the ice cream shop. She saw him look to his right and thought he’d seen her coming, but he stepped into the street right in front of Laurel’s speeding bike. She screamed but it was too late to hit the brakes. She hit him full force. She fell off her bike. His ice cream flew into the air. They both crumbled to the ground and the ice cream landed in splatters over both of them.

It took a moment for Laurel to open her eyes but when she did there was an extremely handsome man looking down at her.

“Are you all right?” the man had a thick Spanish accent.

“Yes. Are you?”

“Quite all right, just regretful that I didn’t listen to my mother and always look both ways before crossing the street.” He chuckled deeply as he helped Laurel to her feet.

Laurel realized that his ice cream was all over both of them.

“Oh, I’ve ruined your ice cream cone!”

“The fault was completely mine. I was not looking where I was going.”

“Please let me buy you a new one.”

“Only if I can buy you one as an apology for my lack of alertness” he answered winking. Laurel agreed and they lifted her bike to the sidewalk before going back into the ice cream shop.

The man was Carlos Marin and he was an athletic trainer for the New York Nebulas soccer team that had preseason practice in town. He had been born in Spain, but spent a large part of his childhood in Switzerland.

They got their ice cream and left the shop.

“Laurel, I feel like I’ve done enough damage for the day, but I’d regret if I didn’t ask you-“

“Laurel!” they were interrupted by David calling from his motorcycle on the road. Urs was right behind him. Laurel approached the Harleys and Carlos followed.

“Hello David,” Laurel greeted him.

“Is Jennifer out with you today?” He asked. Laurel knew David had seen Jennifer just that morning since she’s stayed the night with him. Jennifer had stayed the night with David quite a few times in the last two weeks, most times coming home looking like she hadn’t slept at all.

“I’m sorry to disappoint, but she stayed in today.” David’s face fell. Laurel changed the subject. “David, this is Carlos Marin; he’s with the Nebulas.”

David nodded a greeting and Laurel started to introduce Urs, but stopped when she saw the way Urs was staring at Carlos. Urs revved the engine of his motor bike and sped off past David. David shrugged keçiören escort and excused himself following his friend.

Laurel looked at Carlos for an explanation, but he did not seem to want to talk about it. He continued what he was saying before.

“Laurel, I know I would regret if I didn’t ask you if I could call you sometime.”

Laurel smiled coyly. “I think I would like that.”

They exchanged numbers with the promise to be in contact soon.

As Carlos walked away Cydalia, Kat and Sebastien came walking up.

“Who in the world was that hunk of a man?” Cyd asked.

Laurel didn’t answer, just smiled.

Laurel was disappointed when Carlos didn’t call that week. Half way through the next she had finally put him out of her mind when at last he called and asked her to dinner. She gladly accepted and decided to forgive the tardiness of the request.

They went out the following night. Laurel was overwhelmed by the butterflies that he brought to her stomach. He was an extremely attractive man. He had thick black hair that curled over his forehead and olive skin that gave away his upbringing on the Southern coasts of Spain. Laurel found his accent most intoxicating and couldn’t resist observing how he formed his words. They spilled out of his mouth like rich coffee into a mug.

The evening was over far too soon. Carlos drove her home and got out to walk her to the door. At the doorstep he stopped her and said, “Laurel, I must tell you I’ve never been so happy to have been run over because it meant I met you.”

“I agree,” Laurel smiled but stopped when she realized Carlos had taken her hand. She glanced down at it then back up and into his coffee brown eyes.

“Are you planning to kiss me Mr. Marin?” Laurel asked.

“If you could forgive me for being so bold,” he replied in his deep baritone.

“I must warn you to look both ways before you do.”

“The coast is clear.”

Carlos lowered his face to Laurel’s and kissed her. He brushed his fingers along her jaw and ran a hand on to her neck and wove his fingers into her hair. Laurel was intoxicated by him and kissed him back, wrapping her own hands around his waist.

Carlos pulled back and looked into Laurel’s eyes, “Should we go inside?”

Laurel laughed, “I don’t think so.”

“Do you really want this to end?” he asked and before she could answer he was kissing her again. He caressed her head with his fingers tips and ran the tip of his tongue along her lips.

Laurel felt her resolve slipping and her panties getting wet. She had been in quite a dry spell.

“Carlos, I think we should say good night,” she said softly. Yet she did nothing to move away from his body.

“Why say good night when we could say good morning?”

Laurel laughed, “That was actually a really good line,” she conceded. Laurel glanced at the front door. The house was dark and quiet; it was late and she assumed everyone must be asleep by now.

“You can come up to my room…but we have to be quiet!”

Laurel slipped her key in the door and led Carlos in. She slipped her shoes off and but whispered for Carlos to leave his on. She didn’t want one of her sisters to see some man’s shoes in the foyer in the morning. They tiptoed up the stairs past her younger sisters rooms to Laurel’s room. They snuck inside and Carlos was kissing her the moment the door clicked shut. Laurel reached behind her to lock the door before throwing her arms around his neck and kissing him back.

Carlos dropped his hands to Laurel’s butt, squeezing it through her jeans. Laurel shrugged off her sweater and pulled at the neck of Carlos’ shirt. They broke their kiss just long enough to get both their t-shirts off their bodies. Laurel’s hands went to Carlos’ belt. She quickly undid the buckle and his jeans closure. She dropped to her knees in front of him and yanked the jeans and his black boxer briefs down to his ankles. She didn’t even give him time to step out of the pool of fabric before she had her mouth around his cock, thick and veiny five inches.

Carlos moaned loudly and Laurel pulled off to shush him.

“Don’t you dare wake my sisters!” she whispered.

He smiled down at her and lacing a hand into her hair pulled her mouth back to his rigid cock. He guided her back and forth on his member faster and faster until she gagged. Normally Laurel wasn’t into rough blowjobs, especially the first time she slept with someone but her adrenaline was pumping way too high to stop now.

She pulled her mouth from Carlos’ crotch and pushed him toward the bed, “lay down,” she whispered and he readily obliged. Laurel unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them down along with the red thong she wore. She was glad the lights were out so he wouldn’t see her unkempt pubic hair. She looked at Carlos on the bed, his hands thrown back behind his head and his erect cock sticking straight up from his hips.

Laurel approached and stopped at her dresser to pull out a condom.

“Oh, we don’t need that; kızılay escort I never use them,” Carlos told her when she got on the bed next to him.

Laurel cocked one eyebrow at him, “We use this or you can put your pants on and go home.”

Carlos hesitated for a moment before nodding, “Fine.”

Laurel tore open the package and rolled the rubber onto his penis. She threw one leg over his hips and straddled him. Her wet lips grazed the tip of his cock head. She reached behind her and grasped his cock leading it to her pulsing hole and slipped the tip into her.

She held the index finger of her other hand to her mouth in a shushing gesture before she dropped her hips taking him fully inside her. They moaned softly in unison.

Laurel reached around her back and unhooked the red bra concealing her large breasts. Laurel started to move her hips in a grinding circle. She brought Carlos’ hands to her breasts hoping he would tease her nipples while she rode him, but instead he dropped his hands to her hips and started to lift her up and down on his cock. Laurel tried to match his rhythm. She brought a hand to her clot and rubbed the sensitive nub while she bounced on his dick. She had finally started to build a rhythm when Carlos announced he was going to cum.

He rammed Laurel’s hips down on his cock and orgasmed.

Laurel watched his face while he came down from his climax. He smiled up at her, “Wow, that was great!”

“Yeah!” She agreed.

“Do you wanna, hop off so I can get that condom off?” he asked.

“Oh, uh yeah, sure,” she said lifting herself off of him. Carlos pulled off the full condom and chucked it into the wastebasket. Laurel offered him a tissue as well.

Carlos laid down and gestured for Laurel to snuggle against him, “God, you were so tight! I came so fast!”

“Yeah?” Laurel questioned.

“Oh yeah,” he nodded. “You got there too right?”

“Um, not quite,” she admitted.

“Oh shit, sorry,” her leaned down and kissed her.

“It’s alright,” she said pressing away her disappointment. “You can get me there next time.”

“Definitely,” he agreed. Carlos closed his eyes and settled back into his pillow. Laurel watched him fall asleep almost immediately.

Laurel looked at him with frustration. She slipped a hand down to her lap, still aroused from sex, but unsatisfied. She wet her fingers on her pussy lips then rubbed at her swollen clit. He brought her other hand to her breasts and pinching lightly at her hard nipples. She brought herself to a quick, silent climax before rolling to her side and falling asleep.

Laurel was awakened the next morning by lips on her neck.

She sighed and snuggled deeper into her pillow, not ready to wake up yet. Carlos snaked a hand up over her hip and she felt his morning wood against her bare ass.

She smiled involuntarily at the warmth it exuded.

“Good morning,” he whispered in her ear.

“Good morning,” she replied sleepily.

Carlos continued to kiss at Laurel’s neck and pressed his hard cock against the cleft of her ass. Laurel took one more deep breath before opening her eyes. She kissed Carlos, letting his tongue explore her mouth. She reached into her bedside table drawer and pulled a condom from an almost empty box making a mental note to get more.

She rolled back to Carlos who moved himself above her.

“Let’s go without that this morning,” he said wiggling his eyebrows down at her.

“No sir,” Laurel laughed kissing Carlos again and handing him the condom.

He looked at it briefly, “I promise I’ll pull out,” he said, trying to persuade her. He kissed her mouth, then her neck, then pulled one hard nipple into his mouth.

“No, Carlos, I-“

Suddenly the bedroom door swung open and Katerina bounded in.

“Laurel, can I borrow your- Oh my God!”

Kat stood staring at a very naked Carlos and Laurel, thankfully covered from the waist down by the bedsheets, but very obviously in an amorous state.

“Hello there,” Carlos said awkwardly.

Kat gaped, “Uh, I uh, I’m gonna go!” Kat ran from the room slamming the door shut with her.

“Oh shit!” Laurel groaned. She pushing Carlos off of her and jumped from the bed. She grabbed a t-shirt from the dresser and pulled on a pair of leggings draped over a chair. She grabbed Carlos’ jeans and threw them to him. “Put something on!”

Laurel flew out the bedroom door and down the hall. Running down the stairs she heard the giggles of her sisters before she found them. They huddled around the kitchen island with their mother. Laurel’s entrance brought on a flurry of shrieks and laughs.

“I can explain,” she started.

“Laurel! You didn’t even tell us you were seeing someone!” Her mother exclaimed.

“Is it that soccer coach?” squealed Cydalia.

“You brought him into our house??” Heidi asked with a face full of judgement.

“Oh my God is he freaking gorgeous,” gushed Katerina.

But the clucked all stopped sincan escort as Carlos came around the corner into the kitchen, fully clothed with his jacket in hand.

“Good morning, ladies,” he said cheerfully. He came up behind Laurel and placed a hand on the small of her back. The women said nothing in return, just stared.

“Laurel, I’m going to head home for a shower. I’ll call you later?” he kissed her cheek and she nodded. He turned and walked out the door.

Margaret and her younger two daughters ran to the front windows to watch him go.

Jennifer poured Laurel a cup of coffee and patted a seat for her to sit down and tell her everything.

The next afternoon Laurel invited Brittney to join the family for dinner for a dual purpose. One, that she could meet Laurel’s new love interest and second to distract Sebastien as best as she could. Even after overhearing the story of Kat finding Carlos in Laurel’s bed he had insisted on following Laurel around the house discussing business and the interesting points of American living.

Laurel sat across from Carlos at dinner because Cydalia and Katarina managed to snatch the seats next to him. They couldn’t take their eyes or their hands off him. At first Laurel was jealous at the attention he paid to her younger sisters but she figured he was merely playing with them. The girls were more than delighted with him. It was clear that everyone agreed he was an extremely attractive man.

After dinner Brittney succeeded in convincing Sebastien to play a game of cards and Laurel asked Carlos to join her for a walk.

She took his hand in her own as she began to talk.

“We received an invitation to a Christmas party a month from today at the Miller Mansion. I realize we really just met, but do you think you’ll be free?”

“Perhaps,” replied Carlos. “Will Mr. Buhler be present at this party?”

“I assume so. Would that keep you from coming?”

“Not at all, he cannot scare me away. He is the one who should reconsider coming to the party.”

“May I ask how you know him?”

Carlos stopped walking and kissed Laurel abruptly. When he pulled away he spoke, “are you sure you want to hear such a pathetic and sad story?”

Laurel still reeling from the kiss could only shake her head.

“I grew up with Urs. Our families were best friends in my childhood. His family would visit Spain and mine Switzerland. My parents both died when I was twelve and his father took me in. Both of Urs’ parents are gone now as well, his mother dying when Urs was twenty-two. Since the time I was very young I dreamed of being a neuro-surgeon. I want more than anything to help people. Urs’ father had told me many times through my adolescence that he would see to it that I received the best education. When it came time for me to apply to medical schools I reminded Urs of his father’s promise, but he claimed that it had never been said. I know that Urs was always jealous of the bond I had with his parents and his sister that he never did. So here I am a lowly athletic trainer and not a brain surgeon as I had always dreamed.”

“Carlos that’s terrible,” Laurel consoled. “His pride really is his weakness for sure. He is a horrible man that he could not look past his own jealousy to your need and his father’s desire.”

“He is a very good business man and very capable of making acquaintances that can promote his own fortune and standing.”

“David should be told of this. He trusts Urs far too much.”

“No!” He said hastily then added, “The truth will come out in time and justice will be served. But I’ve decided to take the high road.”

“Well,” Laurel said moving closer to Carlos again, “I’m glad that road passed through here.” Laurel kissed him again before they headed back to the house.

What Laurel did not know was that while she and Carlos were out Sebastien had made an important confession to Mrs. Bennett.

“Mrs. Bennett,” he started in his charming French accent. “I know that the circumstances of your late husband’s business are not in the best state and I understand that you may hold my father to blame for that. I came here as an olive branch, a peace offering. I hope to continue doing business with your family in the future. It also may interest you to know that Izambard Vineyards is a very family oriented company and my father is beginning to worry about me finding a wife. It may be a bit presumptuous, but I had thought perhaps one of your daughters would be a sensible match. Then our businesses would be permanently tied and any ill wills forgiven.”

“Why Mr. Izambard, that’s certainly quite a proposal. Has one of my daughters caught your eye?”

“Your eldest, Jennifer.”

“A fine choice Mr. Izambard, but I’m sure you have noticed her fondness for Mr. Miller who lives in town.”

“I had and I had hoped you could tell me how serious their relationship is.”

“Quite serious, I would not be surprised at an engagement by the end of the year.”

“Then your next daughter, Laurel?”

“An excellent substitute and a fine business woman. That match would be the most advantageous…to you of course.”

“But the fellow who was hmm, how do I put this, discovered in her bed yesterday?”

“Oh, yes…well they just met. I don’t think that’s serious.”

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