My wife from housewife to hotwife 2


My wife from housewife to hotwife 2After our trip Biloxi where Marie really opened up showing off her body and playing a little in the theater we returned home and had several deep discussions about what happened and how she felt about it. She admitted that it really turned her on and that she would like continue and maybe expand her playfulness.We went a popular adult clothing and toy store in Jacksonville right on the main highway to look for some really sexy dresses for her. We were planning a first time visit to a local swinger meet and greet and wanted her to look as sexy and approachable as possible. She found one dress that she really liked and wanted to try it on so was shown to the dressing room which faced to showroom floor and only had a curtain for closure. There were several people in the store and she went in and closed the curtain about quarters of the way, leaving a nice gap for onlookers get peeks of her as she changed. When she exited the changing room, all eyes were on her. The dress was a black open lace fabric with more open areas than fabric with spaghetti straps and a very low-cut neckline which exposed her 38D tits almost her dark nipples. But it’s best feature was the front. It was about ankle length and had a split from the hem all the way her waist in the front of her legs which left a flap of fabric about twelve inches wide in the front and as she walked her shaved pussy was displayed for all see with every step she too Her full body was on display as this fabric was so sheer that it hid absolutely nothing and she wasn’t wearing either bra or panties so everyone got a good show.One gentleman was especially attentive and didn’t hide the fact that he was intently watching her and enjoying the view. He and I watched as she went back into the changing room where she changed without closing the curtain. She said everyone has seen everything already so why close the curtain. She took her time changing, when she removed the dress she carefully placed it back on its hanger, taking more time than necessary making sure it was straightened didim escort properly. Her watcher, Ed and I discussed the dress as she was changing and when she returned to the showroom and put the dress back on the wall she said she liked the dress but it was too expensive for us. I introduced her to Ed and we continued looking around the store with Ed and I both getting treated to nice downblouse looks as she bent over and really good upskirts every time she squatted down to look at items on the lower shelves, she always managed to be facing us and spread her legs to give us the best views. We were checking out with some small purchases and getting ready to leave when Ed approached with the dress in hand and said I will buy the dress for you if you will follow me to my house and model it for me.She looked questioningly at him then at me. I told her that it was ok with me if she wanted to, she looked down and saw the tents at both our crotches and said she would like to do that. This actually surprised me a little bit because he was not what I would call a good-looking guy. He was a few years older than me and I’m 20 years older than Marie, so he was probably in his early 60’s and actually showed his age. He paid the hundred twenty dollars for the dress and we followed him to parking lot and left, following him to his house. On the way Marie asked me what she was supposed to do and I told her she could do anything she was comfortable with and if she got cold feet I would stop everything. When we arrived at Ed’s home I told him that if at any time Marie was uncomfortable with the situation it was going to be over with and he agreed.The house was sparsely furnished and only had a twin sized bed in the bedroom, I could tell that Ed probably couldn’t afford the dress but his lust for her trumped his finances. Marie went into the bedroom and got changed and called out to us that she was dressed and we could come loo When we entered the room, I could tell that she was somewhat nervous as this was the first time didim escort bayan she had been exposed like this in a private setting. Ed slowly approached her with his eyes devouring her body, her nipples were rock hard and jutting out like pencil erasers. When he got in arms reach of her he stretched out has arms inviting a hug. She stepped forward and soon his arms were around her with his hands on her ass. Her breasts mashed against his chest and I could see his hands slowly massaging her ass cheeks. Then his right hand went the front and slipped in the slit of the dress and his hand was now on her bare ass. He pulled his body back a little and with both hands on her bare ass bent his head down slightly and she looked up at him and stretched her head up and their lips met for a kiss. My stomach did some turns as I watched them kissing and his hands roaming over her body. Soon he had both hands full of her magnificent breasts and bent down to suck the nipples through her dress as one hand went to her pussy and cupped her shaven swollen mound. Her hand went to his crotch as she massaged his hard cock through his trousers. She was starting to moan as he played with her clit and rubbed his fingers between her moist vaginal lips.With his hands under her dress she slowly started going to her knees and he lifted the dress up and over her head as she was working on his belt and zipper then dropping his trousers and boxers to the floor. I watched as she slowly started engulfing his erection into her mouth, he was not pornstar sized but maybe 6 inches and not too thick so she was able to take every inch with no problem. After a few minutes of this she stood back up for another kiss with lots of tongue as his hand continued to massage her now dripping pussy, she was moaning loudly now kissing him and never loosing her grip on his coc They slowly backed up the bed where she lay back at the edge with her ass on the edge and her feet on the floor. Ed kissed down her body spending a lot of time nipping and sucking escort didim on her engorged nipple then kissing on down her abdomen. Then putting her legs over his shoulders, he gently kissed and licked the inside of her thighs, driving her into a frenzy.I could see her pussy was wet and glistening with her flowing juices. When his mouth finally made contact with her pussy she went into her first screaming orgasm, I knew and loved the fact that she was very vocal as she was cumming. He sucked her engorged clit into his mouth as he slipped a finger in her pussy bringing her to another orgasm with her head thrashing about and making incoherent sounds. As he stood his bare hard cock lined up with her waiting pussy. Her spread her legs and slowly entered her hot dripping opening. When he was buried all the way she had her third orgasm of the day. When she finally came down she looked at me and mouthed “I love you”. I told her that I loved her too as I was getting undressed freeing my engorged member and going around the bed offered it to her mouth. She quickly engulfed my cock and was giving the best blow job I have ever gotten while Ed was giving her a good fucking.It wasn’t long before Ed tensed up and pushed as far into her as he could and just held still and grunted while he pumped several streams of his cum as deep into her as he could. When he pulled out I immediately took his place. The feeling as I pushed into her freshly fucked pussy is indescribable, it was so hot and velvety, a sensation I had never experienced before. It only took me a few seconds to explode in her adding my sperm to his as Marie went into yet another orgasm with her eyes rolling back in her head and I think passing out for a few seconds. She got up and went to the bathroom with our cum running down her legs to get cleaned up some. When she returned we got dressed and said our goodbyes.On the way home, we discussed the unplanned encounter and our feelings then agreed that it was something we would defintley do again but would find someone and plan the next one. Our sex life at home while not lacking before took on a whole new level. Dressing sexy and flirting became the new norm for her but we decided that we would only away from home so as not get a bad reputation where we lived. I immediately started an online search for compatible men that I could share her with.More cum, thanks for reading.

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