My Wives Ch. 05


Late Sunday afternoon we made a point to suspend all play and just clean up the campsite. All of the extra stuff we had brought and used was collected and stowed. We made sure the fire area was totally cold and safe. The only thing we didn’t pack was a bathing suit for each of us and a towel to share.

Then we took a long last dip in the pond. We relaxed, floating and wading in the cool water and I took every opportunity to admire both visually and tactilely this new wife of mine. She kind of reminded me of a kitten; very playful, cute, beautiful and yet a little untamed and unpredictable. Her love for nature was totally sensual in that she loved the warmth of the sun on her skin, the smell of the plants and the coolness of the water on her skin.

“Jason, I want one last fuck.” She said after she was dry. She quickly unrolled the sleeping bad and spread it out in the bed of the truck. My cock responded at the sight of her working almost feverishly to make these last few minutes count. This little golden beauty quickly lay on her back a big smile was on her face, with her knees drawn up and her arms extended, inviting me in. It wasn’t long before my head was between her thighs and I was tasting her feminine sweetness again. In no time at all she was mewling and pulling at my ears and my hair, drawing me higher on her body so that we could make love in the most traditional position. Although the bed was hard and not at all comfortable on my hands and knees, I just couldn’t deny this request. My member drove into her sopping envelop and soon I had totally forgotten the discomfort of the truck bed and all of my attention and focus was on the sensations caused by her clinching muscles on my stiffness. Down in the truck bed, we were somewhat sheltered from the breeze, but we could still hear it as it moved through the forest all around us.

I tried to make our actions slow and loving but that’s not what she wanted. Like a rodeo rider, she used her heels to spur me in fast and hard strokes. Soon we were just thrusting at each other. Our bodies pounded together with frantic urgency.

“Oh, oh, oh…Jason…Oh…muph…muph!”

Suddenly her legs tightened around me like giant pincers and I had no choice but to bury my shaft all the way to the balls. Her muscles milked me until I unleashed a gallon of hot splooge into her.

“Oh baby, you fuck so gooood!” She said, holding me hard against her tits with her arms, kissing my chest and neck.

Finally we lay together for a few minutes, spend and panting, until the painful reminder of our position on the truck pushed its way back to our awareness. We used the pond to clean up and I tenderly caressed her shoulders and back as we embraced in the water. But our weekend was drawing to a close. Once out of the water, the breeze was a little too cool so I used the towel to carefully dry Tanya’s body first and then she dried mine.

When I decided that we would have just enough light left to get through the trickiest part of the drive, we started back. Since the truck had been closed up, it was very warm in the cab. Tanya elected to ride nude, so I did too. She talked about all the things she had seen and done. She talked about the birds and the chipmunks and the squirrels we had watched and the bear we saw from a distance. A little while later I realized she had been quiet for a few minutes. I looked over at her and noticed that she was dozing off. I reached over and drew her to me, helping her to lay down with her head on my thigh. She kissed my thigh and my belly and my eagerly newcratos welcoming twig and berries. She slept for almost an hour as I drove carefully toward home. She awoke as I drove across the steel cattle guard at the end of our driveway. The house was dark and I noticed that one of the cars was missing as I stopped in front of the garage.

I used the remote and the roll up door opened. We quickly put the gear in the garage and went into the house. We were still naked and I was immediately aware of how warm the house was. There was a note on the dining room table.

“See you in the morning.” Was all it said.

Tanya noticed a bottle of wine in an ice bucket and sauce pan full of marinara sauce with hamburger and another with water. A small stack of uncooked spaghetti noodles was on a paper plate next to the stove.

“I guess they made dinner for us!” She said cheerily, as she turned on the stove to heat the ingredients.

I opened the wine and poured a glass for each of us. I dipped my fingers in the wine and dabbed some of the tart liquid on Tanya’s still bare nipples. They immediately tightened to hard little nubs that looked too inviting to ignore. I wrapped my tongue around them, alternating between the succulent buds for several minutes until the electric sensations had triggered my “tab a” and her “slot b” to full arousal. My fingers dipped into Tanya’s sweet nectar and I knew she was as ready as I was. I picked her tight 18 year old body up and placed her on the dinner table so her legs were hanging down and her pussy was open and ready. My eager cock found its target and began long sliding thrusts into her hot body. I worked hard for quite a while, bumping in to her so hard I could hear the table moving on the hardwood flooring. I just couldn’t get enough of this wonderful youngster and soon my passion overflowed and I filled her beyond capacity. She lay back on the table for a few minutes to catch her breath after I collapsed on the nearest chair.

After we recovered, we finished preparing dinner and had a quiet meal punctuated by sideways glances and silly snickers and noises as we ate. Damn! Even the way Tanya eats is so sexy. I don’t really like Chianti, but it was a nice match for the spaghetti and it’s terrific with fresh nipples.

It was late by the time we finished clean-up. We took a shower together, careful to make sure we were totally clean, even taste testing critical areas to be sure. Then we went to bed. As she lay cuddled against me, I felt my cock stirring again. She looked up at me and smiled then she slipped beneath the blankets and took my stick into her mouth again. He was sore and drained, but still game.

Shortly she climbed aboard again and we enjoyed a slow sensual session, finally cumming in perfect unison. She kissed me hotly and then finally settled down. We both fell asleep in seconds.

When I awoke, it was to the smell of breakfast cooking. My little kitten was still asleep so I got up very carefully, trying not to wake her. In doing so, I put my hand directly on a large goo spot. I grinned to myself as I took a quick shower and got dressed.

In the kitchen, Tracie and Tina were setting places at the table. Each of them kissed me hotly and wished good morning.

“I’m driving over to Boise today to order some new fixtures for the store. I should be back by dinnertime.” Tina said, looking at me over the edge of her coffee mug.

“A rep for White Stag is coming to the store to show me the new catalog.” Tracie said. “And I hope Tanya remembers newcratos giriş that we had talked about meeting with Jean Christophe up at ‘Top Notch’ to discuss his ideas for a new dinner menu. He said that the new Assistant Chef he hired is really excited about the opportunity to try out some new recipes.”

“I want to take a horse up the back road to the summit today.” I said. “Jessie said that he thinks the rock slides have made it too narrow for even a small truck.”

I went to a closet and got out my Mini 30 and a few loaded mags. I also made sure my Blackhawk was loaded with shot shells and that I had some extras in my vest pocket and on the holster belt.

“What the heck is that for?” Tanya asked. She had entered the room just in time to see me inspecting the firearms.

“Bears and rattlers.” I said as I threaded my knife scabbard on to my holster belt.

“Bears? Are there bears?” She ran to look out the window.

“No hon.” Tina said. “Jason is going in the back country on horseback today and he just wants to be ready…in case.”

“Jason? Why weren’t you concerned about bears and snakes when we were out there?”

“I was…sort of.”

“But you didn’t have guns with you then?”

“Yes, I did. I just forgot to tell you.”

Tanya looked at her sisters with her mouth open. The other girls just smiled.

“Just wait ’til he kills one and has you gut and skin it.” Tracie teased.

After breakfast I made sure my saddle bags had a few things I might need, saddled a horse and then kissed each of my wives.

“See you all later. I should be back by dark but I have my cell phone if you need me.”

“Piece of junk!” Tracie scowled. “It never seems to work when I’m trying to reach you.”

“It’s not a piece of junk. We just don’t get reception everywhere up here.” Tina reminded her.

I shook my head as the horse and I headed up the road.

I was finished earlier than I expected, so I stopped at the house and dropped off my gear and traded the horse for my truck to drive in to the village. When I passed the ski store, I saw Tracie’s car parked in front so I stopped in.

“Hello ladies.” I said, giving each a kiss before I noticed Pete Stocker, the Sherriff lurking near the changing room.

“Hey, Jason.” He said. “Got a question for you.”

This guy always seems to have questions about one thing or another. He sidled up a little too close for my comfort. I could smell the too-fruity scent of his gum.

“Say listen…just between us…ah…off the record…” He looked around to be sure nobody else could hear him. Listen…ah…so how many of these girls do you got?”


“I mean, you got Tina, and Tracie, and now you got this other girl…what’s her name/?…and so how many more are there?”

“Don’t know, for sure…”

I watched Tracie walk by. She was wearing very short and tight shorts and a tank top with the store name across the front. It didn’t look like she was wearing anything under either garment.

“I mean…are there any more?”

“What?…sure…lots more.”

He unconsciously rubbed the front of his trousers as Tanya bent over a few yards away. She was facing away from us and her tight shorts pulled very snugly into her crotch. From this vantage point, the view was almost breath-taking.

“Lots more?”

“Lots more what?”

“You know…of them” He pointed to Tracie who was talking on the phone. She used the fingers of her left hand to tuck her hair behind her ear.

“I’m sorry, I don’t think I’m following you…” I said, innocently.

“Okay, Jason, here’s the thing…do the girls got any more sisters? I’m wondering if any more are gonna be coming up here and if maybe I’ll get a chance with her…” He spoke softly and secretively. His eyes darted around the shop as he spoke.

“Do you girls have any more sisters?” I asked, with a raised voice. “Sherriff wants to know if you got any more.”

Tracie and Tanya looked at me in surprise, shaking their heads.

“I don’t think so.”

“Oh, okay, thanks.” He nodded, blushing a deep pink. Then he quickly strode from the store.

“You know what would be fun?” Tanya giggled. “Why don’t we see if Tori wants to visit for a few days? You know she just dumped that jerk she has been with since junior high.”

Tori was a cousin to the girls. She was 6 months older than Tanya. Physically, she looked like part of the matched set. Hair, skin, proportions, almost everything except her eye color. They were brown. Also, Tori was widely regarded as the sluttiest girl in their home town. She had worked as a stripper in a biker bar and had even gone to California to do a couple of porn videos.

The ladies left me in the shop so they could make there meeting with Jean Christophe. I had a few maintenance things to get done, and I mounted a new snowboard waxing machine in the tech room, then I locked up and headed home.

It was starting to get dark, so I turned on a few lights and then sat down to watch a little TV.

When I awoke, Tina was just walking in to the house. She looked bushed from the long drive to and from Boise.

“Babe, if I get naked do you think you’ll massage my shoulders for me?” She asked. What could I say?

“Tina, if you get naked, I’ll get naked and then I’ll massage anywhere you want, inside or out.”

Without another word, she stripped and wedged her naked ass between my thighs. My hands worked the muscles of her neck and shoulders for nearly a half hour before I let them move to more interesting parts of her body. I hefted her tits and massaged them, providing special attention to her nipples.

By the time I was massaging her ass, she had turned around and was now thoroughly impaled on my rebar rigid ram rod. She moved slowly and sensuous up and down my cock and with each up stroke I spread her cheeks and with each down stroke I pushed them tightly against my cock. I could feel her pussy getting wetter with each movement and I intensified my tongue work on her nipples. It wasn’t long before she increased the tempo of her movements. Her tits were jiggling so much it was hard to catch them with my lips as the wobbled around on her chest. Suddenly her movements changed tempo again to strong slow labored twisting rises and falls.

“Oh FUCK Jason! Oh Fuck!…Oh…oh…oh…”

Just as my cock seemed to explode inside my wife and the room seemed to fill with a bright glittery light, I heard Tanya and Tracie clapping.

Tina fell forward onto me. Her body continued to convulse for several minutes and I struggled to catch my breath.

I finally looked at Tracie and Tanya. They had huge grins on their faces as they looked at the picture on the digital viewfinder of Tanya’s camera.

Then I noticed the aroma of some exotic dish was filling the room.

“Okay you two, go get cleaned up and hurry back. Jean Christophe sent a sample of this great entrée he wants us to try…shoo…shoo!”

Tracie was pushing against my shoulders as Tanya helped Tina off my lap. Suddenly a cold damp washcloth landed on my crotch. I saw Tracie and Tanya exchanging a high five, very pleased with themselves.


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