Nancy Afloat


Nancy AfloatCHAPTER 1As I’ve always explained, my stories here are all experiences I’ve had or had shared with me by friends. I have had to use a little author’s licence when describing situations which we just glossed over by a friends relating it to me but by and large all activities as described are real events. Followers of my stories will know I have had a lifelong penchant for the mature woman and though I am now a mature gent myself, I still enjoy a liaison with a sexy ‘old girl’ or two and let me assure you there are plenty of those. (see Beth – The First)This story was prompted by my meeting up with a few old friends with whom I shared lots of fun in relatively recent years. I was passing through Sydney and invited Al and Barb (Stella Maris and Cruising) and another couple who I had spent time with in Queensland when they were on their way around the world in their cruising yacht. They were Nancy and Ian. We all shared drinks, laughs and a good romp of senior sex in my hotel room on this occasion and I was prompted to ask Nancy if I could write of her erotic adventures while cruising. Not only did she go into great detail telling us all of those adventures but she actually wrote much of it down and sent it to me. In March 2001, Nancy and Ian set forth from Sydney in their 15 metre yacht with an intention of taking a leisurely cruise around the world over about 5 years. This they achieved and are now back home with family. I met them later that year in northern Queensland when they spent summer in Cairns waiting out the cyclones and I enjoyed many short sailing excursions with them to local areas during the time together. By then Nancy had already discovered a new side to herself or perhaps it was just a re-emergence of the “slut that lived within” as she liked to describe herself.Nancy had just turned 50 at the time – Ian a year older and they had left the running of their successful electrical business to their son while they took this five year sabbatical – a lifelong dream of Ian’s. Both were very fit healthy individuals who had been lovers since high school and still madly in love. After they became empty nesters – about 5 years earlier – when the last daughter moved out they downsized and decided to get to know each other again. This involved lots of sex as they had always been a very passionate adventurous couple but raising three great k**s and helping them start families took their toll on their togetherness. Their only forays into sex outside the marriage had been with friends when all couples had young c***dren who really didn’t pay much attention to who Mum and Dad were sleeping with when they all shared a house at the beach a few times a year. On those occasions three couples would take a large luxury rental for a long weekend or occasionally a week. As they were in private locations nudity was the order of the day and all sorts of sexual liaisons would result usually at night after the k**s had gone to bed. Certainly no one ever slept with their own spouse on those occasions and it was all such harmless fun – the k**s never asked why mum or dad was coming out of a different bedroom each morning naked as it was just accepted as normal for all concerned when on these holidays. It really only began to change as the k**s got older – early teens and began to ask questions and were feeling their own sexuality. Then the individuals dropped off the holidays and it was about twenty years since Nan and Ian had shared other partners. It was just accepted as one’s sexuality diminished that that part of life was over. However that didn’t stop Ian and Nan rekindling a very active sexual life with each other as they moved into the later forties. I’ll hand this over to Nancy now :When Lew asked me to write about my yachting adventures I immediately thought it would be a log of cruising tales but when he insisted that only my sexual adventures be told I was both nervous and excited. Nervous that someone might recognise me but most facts names and times have been changed and excited that I could tell the world about a lady – yes I am a lady – who found a whole new perspective to later life adventure, excitement, love, lust and my own limitless boundaries.As Lew has explained, I have been very sexually active during my married life – almost 40 years this year and almost all of it with my best friend and lover Ian who was my idol at school and still is. The sexiest man on two legs which is a big call after you hear of my shenanigans. Even though during our preparation for the cruise we hardly mentioned sex, we did share moments of fantasy of what we may get up to alone on our boat and realised we could do as we wished and when we wished without any real restriction. Ian and I had engaged in some sexual activity on a daily basis now for a number of years since the family moved out and I had grown accustomed to my daily need for an orgasm. Ian could always provide that whatever trick he performed. We had no secrets and no taboos between each other. Ian boasted that I was his “any port in a storm” – he could fuck me wherever and when ever he wanted and I don’t think I ever refused him. However on reflection, our sexual fun was probably pretty tame – we never tried going public or involving friends again after our younger days of swinging. Boy – was all that to change.We departed Sydney on our yacht on a beautiful summer day and were immediately lulled into a sense of complete carelessness. We weren’t more than a few miles off the coast with the boat steering herself in a gentle breeze when we shed our clothing in an almost ritual ‘cleansing’ vowing not to get dressed again until we had to for respectability in public. Ian had not fucked me at all that day so mid afternoon in the hot sun I told him just how horny I was and laying back on an air bed on deck he plunged that gorgeous cock of his up my fanny and we screwed slowly savouring every plunge which we got going in time with the rocking of the boat. This was going to be heaven and we told each other so. I enjoyed multiple orgasms both before and after Ian filled me with one of the best loads of cum I’d had in ages. We lay together for an hour or so and discussed sailing and fantasies. When I stood I felt his cum run out of me and felt an over whelming sense of love, lust and pride that I could so arouse a man – especially this one who was the centre of my universe. Ian needed to put on a g-string to protect his dangly bits while moving around the boat and I followed suit with a miniscule bikini bottom. I had purchased online a whole range of exotic lingerie and beach wear to arouse Ian in time of need which included about ten sets of Wicked Weasel slut beach wear. You know the miniscule triangle of see through material which just holds your cuntlips together and any movement means it disappears right into your gash. The top was even more revealing – a tiny triangle of material which contained the nipple only with aureolae visible all around. Some were just strings which you could arrange to spread each side of the cuntlips or allow them to pass between the lips hiding absolutely nothing but agitating the clit when you walk. I actually dressed in a normal g-string which could be worn on any public beach if you were an exhibitionist. At night we threw a long sleeved t-shirt over the top for warmth.We had to take turns keeping watch at night and as this became tiring we tried to get into a port every second day or so. Hence the voyage north to Mooloolaba in Queensland took about ten days. They were wonderful days and we’d go ashore together like a couple of newly married kissing and cuddling – you would never have believed we’d probably just fucked each other silly before venturing ashore. However with the sex and the long nights we realised we were pretty exhausted by the time we reached Queensland and as much as we weren’t happy doing so we realised we had to take on crew to assist us. Who to take and how to choose them was a concern as we would leave our beautiful boat in their care and living in close company with each other they had to be personable and keen to put in effort.The Yacht Club notice board was filled with prospective candidates. We decided two would be enough so we went out of our way to meet as many prospective crew without telling them our intentions as most were regulars at the club bar. Hence it wasn’t difficult to engage people in conversation and determine their various attributes. We eventually settled on a couple of Swedish mates backpacking their way around Australia. Lars and Per were both experienced sailors and had a quiet confidence about them – very personable and couldn’t help us enough. We invited them to join us as far as Cairns – about three months cruising away with the proviso that if we didn’t fit personality wise we would put them off in one of the ports we planned to visit. They moved aboard a few days before we planned to leave and our immediate dilemma was how would Ian and I fit our freewheeling yachtie lifestyle to their presence on board. We planned to sail and gradually introduce our lifestyle to them. We loved our nudity and open sexuality with each other so guessed if they were offended they could leave or hide. Strangely Ian and I discussed this so matter of factly without once considering whether we’d be comfortable – I recall being warmly excited by the fact I would have two gorgeous young men to perve on me and obviously a latent exhibitionist streak was emerging. Ian had no qualms at all about the boys seeing me in a near stage of undress. We could at least keep our sexual activities to our cabin which was down the aft end of the boat and was fully self contained with double bunk and shower /toilet. The boys had their own two berth cabins each up forward and shared facilities. It was a nice roomy yacht with a big galley and dining /lounge in the centre. The day before departure Per told us his girlfriend was arriving in a couple of days and could we hold off departure and could she come with us. We were reluctant to be dictated to and hadn’t planned for a third crew at this stage so we suggested he keep in touch and meet us further up the coast once we felt comfortable with having strangers aboard. Thus we set off with only Lars accompanying us. We had an open ocean passage of a couple of days easy sailing before we got to the protected waters of the Barrier Reef where we felt the adventure would really begin – little did we know!The sail was comfortable and Lars proved excellent company. He had a very laid back manner about him, could sail the boat excellently and was he gorgeous to look at. Almost two metres of blond Scandinavian hunk who only wore a pair of very tight short shorts – I think they were really underwear with legs because he obviously had nothing on underneath. When he had his white ones on (he had several coloured pairs) he left nothing to the imagination and he seemed to have an almost perpetual half erection which I couldn’t take my eyes off. Ian noticed and I admitted being very aroused by the sight of it. Our fucking took on a new intensity and often at change of watch during the night when we knew Lars was sleeping we would make out in the cockpit trying hard to stay quiet – difficult. Ian just said “play your cards right babe and you just might get to sample that”. I scoffed at him wondering out loud why a young man like that would want me – Ian reminded me I was the only piece of pussy nearby and that I really was a very sexy little number. I had to agree that we had both kept ourselves in shape over the years and I always dressed and made up for Ian. He loved my short cropped blonde hair – almost dyke like and he had encouraged me to have a boob reduction a few years back. I’d been blessed with big tits even as a teenager and was proud of them but after nursing three k**s and lots of physical activity , gravity took over so I had them reduced to C cup and they had withstood the test of time. I was very proud of them. My tummy was that of a mature mother – pouted a little and I had the broad arse of a well fucked c***d bearer. Not very tall but my legs were muscular so on reflection in the mirror I guess he was right – a pretty neat package and if the truth were to tell – a very willing sexual partner as well The three days prior to our first stop I dressed in either a bikini bottom or g-string and apologised to Lars if I offended him. He just responded “Your gorgeous” in his sexy deep accent. I wore a t-shirt except when I lay in the sun up forward where I was attempting to get an all over tan. The first day I stripped to my g-string but by day three I took it all off assuming Lars was way back in the cockpit (how appropriate is that word) and spent a short time in the sun each day as I did not want to burn.After our third night we arrived very early next morning at what can only be described as the perfect island. A mound of sand about a mile around fringed by a coral reef, brilliant blue water and a small tropical rainforest in the centre. It really was the stuff of dreams. We’d all been watch keeping at various times during the night so we were a bit weary and Ian had exhausted himself finally this morning by giving me a delicious arse fuck just before sunrise in the cockpit. We had always planned that when anchored in remote locations, one of us would stay with the boat while the others went ashore and today for our first anchorage Ian had volunteered to stay with the boat. I just wanted to stretch my legs on the sandy beach, get some sun and read for a while. Lars wanted to sprint around the island and maybe swim back to the boat. Mid morning we put the inflatable dinghy in the water and Lars and I climbed into it. When preparing to go shore Ian had come into our cabin and asked why I wearing a Wicked Weasel – I’d not really given it any thought but just took out something for the sun that I thought I might remove once alone on the beach. Ian complimented me suggesting it may be too much for Lars. I went to put the top on but realised it was pointless so just threw on a very light coat to cover up. I put my water, book and suncream into my bag and popped my straw hat on and off we went. I was sitting in the bow facing Lars who was driving the outboard. I was mesmerised by his cock in his trouser which I was sure had grown more. Little did I realise that with my legs spread and the open coat hanging each side of them my cunt wrapped in this tiny morsel of see through cloth was also an object of Lars attention. No wonder his cock seemed to grow. We got to the beach and pulled the dinghy above high water. Lars said he was off around the island and I removed my coat – I lost all care about showing my tits to Lars. I was proud of them. As I took my suncream out Lars asked if I wanted it on my back. I handed him the tube and lay face down on the towel I’d brought, cradling my head on my crossed arms. He started at my neck – a blob of cream then his strong hands rubbing gently but firmly in circular motion. The blobs of cream moved further down my back. He rubbed the cream into the side of my boobs and I was now feeling very relaxed and carefree. Will I raise myself to let him rub my tits I thought – no don’t be presumptuous and tease the poor boy. He got to the small of my back and seemed to dwell there forever – enough rubbing o give me the tiniest of orgasms – what a tease he is I thought and hoped my orgasm had not been obvious other than a mere sigh. My cunt was now on fire as he gently kneaded the cheeks of my arse. Taking copious handfuls of flesh and pushing the cheeks together then forcing them apart – little did I realise that only a tiny slip of string passed over my bum hole which Ian had deliciously fucked this morning and it had not returned to its tight little closed rosebud state yet. I was obviously very much in view and Lars allowed his finger tip to rest right inside as he rubbed the cream in deeply. I gasped a little and involuntarily parted my legs just a little but that allowed Lars to squeeze cream on the insides of my thighs and start a massage. Unknowingly my excuse for a g-string had slipped right into my gash – disappeared I found out later because I felt his fingers pass over both cunt lips ever so lightly – not once but three of four times. I held my breath and bit my arm to stop screaming out in ecstasy as another orgasm rippled through my body. What should I do – just roll over and ask him to fuck me. My cunt hadn’t been filled today yet and I had anticipated Ian would do that. No hang on and sure enough very soon he moved down my legs and told me he was done. I gasped a thank you and watched him stroll off down the beach with his towel over his shoulder. I was on fire. My cunt was leaking juices and I wanted so much to just get fucked. Where are you Ian when I need you. I tried reading for a while but I was distracted. I stood and with nothing more than my straw hat on I set off up the beach to find a quiet spot where I could at least frig myself. Not the best solution but something. It was then I realised my Weasel had slipped up my cunt and that Lars must have gazed frustratingly on my totally bare cunt lips. I pulled it free from my vaginal groove and rearranged it over the lips but that did nothing but cause more frustration as I touched my self. I walked for five minutes until I was türbanlı denizli escort around the other side of the island and was about to break off into the tropical bush when I spotted a large log washed up on the shore with it’s knarled roots a bit further along the beach. I could just sit on that and do myself in the fresh air and gentle breezes. As I rounded the end of the log just at the waters edge I was stopped in my tracks. There was Lars, completely naked laying on his towel behind it. He had his hat pulled down over his eyes against the glare of the noon sun and he was stroking the most prodigious cock I could ever have imagined. I’d never taken much notice of cock size. Ian had all I needed to keep me very happy and in our swinging days years ago I never recall anything special about the size of one cock compared to another so to see this monster in front of my eyes I was simply overcome with lust. I was too far gone to give any thought to any moral issues or care about Ian yet I knew deep down that Ian would totally approve – what a pity he wasn’t here to watch and encourage. Silently I stepped forward with the sound of lapping waves and rustling winds to mask my approach. I knelt at his side and reached forward taking what spare cock protruded above his hand in my own. It was too big to close my fingers around but more importantly Lars hardly flinched. He pushed his hat back and said “I was hoping you would find me”“Please leave it with me darling boy” I pleaded. “I know I have teased you accidently and now I will repay that mistake”. I raised myself on my knees and with the other hand I began stroking slowly up and down this enormous shaft of man meat. It was as thick as a Coke can and almost as long as two end on end. He was circumcised and the delicious round knob, red from sun and stroking was now dribbling copious quantities of pre-cum fluid. Each stroke I reached as far as the eye and took more fluid down the shaft to lubricate my movements. The eye was amazing as it was a large open slit in which I remember thinking crazily I could hide a dollar coin. Why would I think that and I laughed but I did find out later that I could but that’s another story. I supplemented the natural fluid with my saliva. I couldn’t get it all in my mouth but I could place my mouth over the end and swirl my tongue around the knob enjoying the taste of his fluid at the same time. I’ve no idea how long I persisted at this but his cock remained rock hard and was almost impossible to force it down against his body. I wanted to see if it stretched as far as his belly button. It did. As I felt the tell tale sign of his approaching ejaculation I removed my lower hand and started to caress his balls. They hung into the sand and I could only fit one into my hand at a time. I gently massaged one then the other then when I was sure he was about to cum, I reached right under and pushed a finger into his anus. That had the desired effect. The first spurt reached his chest and almost to his neck. The next almost as far again and by the time the fifth spurt pulsed out I had my mouth over the end gulping those last couple of spurts of his delicious cream. I’ve never fantasised about swallowing cum. I do it all the time for Ian because he asks and I always thought it was because he needed it that I enjoyed swallowing. The taste varies from time to time and rarely is it unpleasant but I’ve not recalled getting aroused myself by the act. This was different – I was leaking juices and all I wanted was that glorious slutty feeling of stuffing a pulsing cock into my mouth and swallowing its product. It was a new feeling for me – one I savoured and always remember as breaking new sexual ground. I became an enthusiastic cum swallower that day and as Lew will attest, I’m sure, I’m still very good at it. (She’s fantastic – I can promise – Lew)Lars was breathing deeply and saying how much he needed that, not having had sex since leaving his girlfriend in Sweden over two months ago. He promised he had lots more to give and as he said so he reached around my bum, still raised in the air as my face lay on his stomach and he penetrated my cunt so gently with one of his massive fingers. I came immediately and I didn’t hold back my shouts of joy. His cock had hardly subsided and as I came on his finger, I looked along his body to see his prick stiffening and rising off his stomach. With lust in control, I gave no thought to anything other than experiencing that massive tool inside my body. I lifted myself to my knees then supporting my hands on his chest I swung my left leg over his body. High on my knees I positioned my cunt over his cock then reaching between my legs I guided the monsters head to my open cuntlips. I had no idea whether it would fit or not – just assumed. However a girls eyes are bigger than her fanny because despite my ready wet cunt, I simply wasn’t wide enough open to slide easily in. Lars was desperate now to fuck me so helped by working his fingers into my cunt – two at first then increasing to three then four. There was no way his hand would fit but his ministrations did the trick. Holding my cuntlips wide apart with each of my hands, I allowed Lars to manoeuvre his prick head to my entrance and I slowly sank down on it, controlling the depth with my thigh muscles. It was simply too long to fit in full depth so I lay along his body and probably 80 % was buried in my cunt. This was a first for me as I had never experienced anything so big in my cunt before. Ian was certainly not this size and none of our friends of the past met it – not even some of the toys Ian had bought me matched this one. By laying along his body I couldn’t help but kiss this beautiful young man and I did so enthusiastically with lots of tongue and saliva being swapped. I asked Lars to move gently and he did so. I must add that during this whole exercise I had cum at least twice and needed now to have the mother of all orgasms and feel him pulse his spunk into me. He started gently and slowly just moving his hips as I accommodated his beautiful penis. I was so lubed up there was no pain except when he pushed further in so I just asked him to move and not push. I have no idea how long we stayed fucking gently but probably not too long as Lars was so ready to release more cum. I started to experience a series of small quick orgasms but could feel the big one building. Lars was trying hard to hold on as long as he could and when at last he could hold no more I felt him flooding my innards with his fluid – this was my signal for release. I enjoyed what must have been my noisiest and most actively violent orgasm I could remember – before or since. Just as well we were alone on the island or I may have been arrested for noise pollution. I lay exhausted on Lars until I felt the hot sun burning my bum. I climbed off his still turgid cock, kissing him as I did and suggesting we must get back to the yacht. I walked to the waters edge and entered, crouching until water lapped my fanny and I washed away the copious amounts of his delicious cum leaking from me and running down my legs. Lars followed, washed and together we turned laughing and picked up our scraps of clothing and continued our walk around the island together – both totally naked. Half way around Lars suggested we take a short cut through the tropical growth in the centre of the island to where our dinghy was. Half way through as I was climbing over a log, Lars grabbed me in the bent over position and with no hesitation he spread my exposed cuntlips and quite forcefully rammed his cock home again. I was so wet and aroused he entered easily this time but he controlled his depth. He was rampant and fucked hard and fast saying he could not get enough of me. While he was doing this he questioned me as to what we would tell Ian. I had honestly not given him a thought this past hour but immediately suggested he would not be concerned or surprised as he suspected I would eventually fuck this boy. I said we would tell him everything as soon as we were back onboard. This fuck was quick and hard and Lars still had juice for me – I felt him stiffen then release and I enjoyed yet another orgasm but nowhere near the intensity of the last. I don’t think I have ever felt a man cum in me and not enjoy an orgasm. After we finished we put what clothing we had back on – Lars in his tight white shorts with his soaking penis hardly hidden and me in my miniscule piece of cloth which did nothing to prevent Lars juices flowing out of me. In fact when I walked, the openness of my cunt lips literally swallowed the material so that just two strings disappeared into my cunt. Back at the dinghy I put on my flimsy coat and we motored our tiny boat back to the yacht – my cunt on full show under my jacket for Lars to get yet again hard on. Ian met us at the boarding ladder and helped me up and Lars followed. I grabbed Ian and giving him a massive kiss, I blurted out “he’s just fucked me darling and it was sensational”. Ian in his usual calm self Just took me in his arms and said “ I could see that from the dinghy – I don’t know what you bothered wearing anything back but you’ve no doubt had a great time and now you’ve got to tell me all about it – the kettle is on. You want a cuppa Lars” A short time later we all sat in the cockpit and I explained what happened. I’d had a quick shower and was just wearing a towel wrapped around me and became very aroused again as I described Lars obvious natural attributes. Ian was aroused too and he asked Lars to show him. As soon as Lars dropped his shorts I couldn’t help but grab hold and start to stroke him to hardness as Ian encouraged me. The next thing is Ian asking “can I see it in you sweetheart” as Lars reached those fantastic proportions. Lars obliged by leaning back on the cockpit seat and I standing astride him ready to impale myself once again. I wasn’t sure that it would slide in as easily as the last time and said so. Hence Ian took hold of Lars cock with one hand and spread my cunt lips with the other and ever so gently levered me into position as I lowered myself. This time it felt so much more comfortable and I think he almost buried his full length in me. Ian used his camera to take photos then being so aroused himself he applied our usual lubricant to my arse and filled me with his loving hot cock. A double penetration so soon after experiencing the biggest cock of my life was enough to send me crashing into another noisy fulfilling orgasm. Both boys moved in unison for a while but it was obvious they had no intention of cumming so after ten minutes or so they both extracted their cocks. We all sat naked together and finished our cup of tea. We discussed our next days plans.In bed that night Ian asked if I wanted to become the boats slut. When asked what he meant he said he was very comfortable with me being fucked by others as long as I slept every night with him, had sex everyday with him and only fucked those he permitted. I readily agreed, kissed him passionately and felt his beautiful cock enter me missionary style. I thought I’d be too stretched but felt my cunt muscles kick in and tighten around Ian’s cock – he loved his fuck because he came copiously despite having cum that morning. Nancy afloatCHAPTER 2The morning had just dawned and we were preparing to depart. Ian licked me to a nice morning O and I went to the galley to prepare a breakfast before sailing. Lars wasn’t up so I went to wake him and found him half awake, completely naked and sporting a massive morning glory. Unable to let it pass, I took hold of it and stroked and sucked him until he shot a lovely load down my throat. Oh how glorious was this going to be to be able to breakfast on cum every morning. I had certainly become a cum slut in a short space of time. Sitting at the breakfast table with the boys a short while later, Ian asked why I wasn’t eating and with a huge grin I replied “ I’ve just had my days protein shot” and washed it down with juice.We sailed north slowly in light winds taking a couple of days to reach our next destination. I just remember the days of sex filled action mainly with Lars who couldn’t get enough of me. Ian encouraged him to fuck me as much as possible saying I need to get him out of my system and I’d soon come back to normal activity. I think Ian enjoyed it as well as he got very aroused watching me and he benefited from the results. I didn’t wear a stitch of clothing for those days and both boys fucked me every possible position and location on the boat. Lars was just too big for my arse so Ian benefitted from that and particularly enjoyed sharing me at the same time with Lars up my cunt. Lars was also too big for me to try a DP of my cunt but we discussed the possibility at some future date. Our next stop was a very remote location on the mainland in a deep inlet which was popular with yachties as it was only frequented by them. We anchored a few miles inside the inlet just beyond 3 or 4 other yachts and nearby a small yacht with an elderly couple on board. We kept ourselves respectable by dressing in bathers and I actually had a bikini on. We were close enough to hold a conversation with the older ones so decided to keep our sexual activity below decks. Since I’d been well and truly rutted for the past two days I was happy to have a relaxing day just reading and laying around in the sun. The boys went off fishing and caught some wonderful mudcrabs which were cooked up for dinner. Old Jack from the next yacht came over and invited us to hike across to the main ocean beach the following day. Ian and I said we’d love to and made plans with Jack.Next morning very early I was siting in the cockpit enjoying my morning tea when Lars showed up. Ian was still asleep so I reached out to Lars and pushed my hand down the front of his shorts telling him I needed to be fucked. It was over 24 hours since I’d had any cock at all. We looked over at the other yacht and they seemed to still be asleep there. I took off my bikini completely as Lars removed his shorts. I sucked him to hardness – not a difficult task and turned and knelt on the cockpit seat to allow him access to my hungry pussy – doggie style. Oh it was heaven again with his beautiful cock deeply in me – after all the activity of the previous two days I was now able to accommodate his massive penis entirely. It penetrated up past my cervix but the discomfort had gone only to be replaced by absolute pleasure. I especially enjoyed the hard corona around the head rubbing my g-spot as it passed. I got him to pull out and concentrate on short strokes which just teased my g-spot. My orgasm woke Ian who came out just in time to see Lars pull out so with a very full wet cunt Ian plunged in and added his juice to Lars . I was running a gusher.After breakfast I dressed in shorts and long shirt and good walking shoes and with Ian and Jack we set out in Jacks dinghy for the landing so we could walk to the beach. It was a long and hard walk over sandhills and took at least an hour. When we got to the beach I simply undressed and without thinking of Jack ran to the water to swim to cool off. When I returned, the boys were both naked and enjoying a cool drink. I noticed Jack was sporting a semi hard-on and suddenly realised my nakedness. I apologised but Jack was very non-committal and suggested it was the nicest thing he’d seen in a long time. He explained at 66 he didn’t get to see anything like me and his lovely wife Muriel didn’t have a body like mine. At 62 she was a little plump but still nice to admire. However their sex life was pretty minimal. Muriel was happy going naked on the boat while sailing with no one around. I remarked on Jacks hard-on and whether I was arousing him to which he replied I surely was. Then Ian gave him the shock of his life “would you like to fuck Nan “ he asked. Jack was stunned and stuttered “what, here?” Ian explained that I enjoyed sex with other men and he could watch or disappear – whatever Jack desired. Jack said he’d prefer privacy so Ian just casually wandered off into the bush. Poor Jack was struggling to maintain the bit of hardness he already had so I reached over and started to stroke him slowly then as he slowly rose I leaned forward and sucked him hard using all my talents to lick and suck him to a nice erection. He explained that was the best hard-on he’d had in years. I asked how he’d like to fuck and he was very happy to go missionary. I lay back on my towel and spread my legs and let this gentle lovely old man penetrate me. Despite enjoying Lars massive cock, I’ve never been one to decide if size was a criteria for good sex. It hasn’t been so far. Jack was no different. He was slow and deep with long strokes giving most enjoyable sensation. What he may have lacked in hardness and size he made up for in stamina. He just slowly rutted away for what seemed like hours but was probably only 30 minutes. Ian had returned and was quietly sitting watching us from a distance knowing Jack could not see. Jack kept stopping and telling boatie stories – he was a chatty old bugger and I wasn’t orgasming but enjoying the whole experience. When after some time I told him I wanted to cum and how was he going – he said he was struggling to cum. I reached around and started to play with his arse türbanlı denizli escort bayan hole. As soon as I inserted my finger to the first knuckle he yelled he was ready and I felt this old man gush his cum into me for the ‘first time in over a year’, he said. He reminisced about his great times with Muriel but ‘no more’ he sadly explained. Little did he know!!We dressed for protection against the bush and walked the long track back to our dinghy. Jack dropped us at our boat and then returned to his own yacht.Lars was waiting for us with a cold beer on this occasion as it was well into the afternoon. I knew something was up as he had a stupid grin on his face so as we sat in the cockpit enjoying our drink he commenced his own tale of the day’s events.As told by Lars: After we all left for our walk, Lars was doing some minor repair jobs on deck when Muriel called to ask him over for a morning coffee. He was happy to oblige and dropped what he was doing and rowed the dinghy over. He waited in the cockpit of their yacht while Muriel went below and prepared coffee and biscuits during which time he enjoyed some small talk with her just to pass the time of day. When she appeared on deck again, she not only had the coffee but also a bottle of white wine from the chiller. Lars was a bit surprised as it was still a bit early in the day for him to enjoy a drink but he assumed that Muriel enjoyed her wine at any time. He took his coffee and Muriel poured herself a drink after offering one to Lars and tried to explain that she didn’t normally imbibe at this time but went no further. They chatted about their boats and where they’d cruised and Muriel was obviously a very well travelled sailor having lived on their boat for the past 7 years – since Jack retired. A couple of more drinks and she was obviously coming to some point that Lars couldn’t pick up on. Eventually she went quiet for a few minutes then just blurted out “ I saw you and Nan on deck this morning. I got up early before Jack to make myself a cuppa and looked out the port hole to see Nan performing oral sex on you”Lars was not shy about anything and had no reason to be. If he’d been seen, so what, no harm done but he did apologise if he embarrassed her. “No” Muriel said “ I was intrigued so I watched the whole performance even when Ian joined in. Do you do this often?” she queried. Lars shocked her when he said “at least once a day and sometimes twice or more” thinking of the last few days. “ Does that offend you?. Nan is, after all, a highly sexed woman and has had no reason not to satisfy her desires within the confines of her yacht. Don’t you and Jack have a lot more sex on your boat than usual”Muriel went a bit pensive, “we used to” she complained “but this past couple of years it’s been a long time between drinks. We love each other and spend lots of time naked together but I just don’t do it for him any more it seems”Lars said “ I don’t see why not. You still have a voluptuous body and look quite sexy. Why not show me now what you have so I can really decide”. Muriel looked quizzically at him with almost a cheeky grin (the wine had no doubt kicked in.) “you want to see my naked body? Its all floppy and cellulite” she whined. “let me be the judge of that” and with that Lars reached over to pull the top of her wraparound open. Muriel didn’t object and in fact leant forward to accommodate Lars. The whole piece of cloth fell around her legs so she stood to let it fall completely away. Lars asked her to step back and turn around slowly so he could admire her. She obliged. Muriel was above average height at about 180 cms and was over weight but only that nice chubbiness that mature women get. Her legs were shaped and thick at the top supporting a full arse which was not floppy at all. He waist was a bit thick but she still had shape with broad shoulders which supported a pair of nice size tits with a little sag – not pendulous. She had a nice motherly soft face with a few smile wrinkles and a bit of sun damage. This was all topped by a fabulous head of thick silver grey hair about breast length and worn continually in one long plait. Lars was aroused by this woman who was old enough to be his grandmother possibly. Lars reached out and told her to stand still at which she obeyed and watched as his hand slid between her thighs and forced her to involuntarily part her legs. He stroked her thick bush of grey pubic hair until his probing fingers found her long outer pussy lips. Muriel looked him in the eye and sighed, almost moaned and just whimpered “please” “please what” asked Lars.“please play with my fanny. Its all yours and hasn’t been touched in over 6 months”. Lars lifted her right leg and placed her foot on the cockpit seat next to him then proceeded to explore her gash with his fingers, heaping praise on her as he did. It wasn’t difficult to part her outer labia and the inner lips had shrunk well inside due to lack of use. “don’t you play with yourself – you have a lovely cunt?”Muriel replied that she was never alone enough to play so Lars told her he was going to frig her to an orgasm and she just asked “hurry”. He knelt on the cockpit floor and pushed his face into her crutch smothering her labia with his lips to lubricate her. Her own glands were starting to work and along with his saliva he was easily able to slip his middle finger full depth into her cunt. Muriel started grunting and thrusting her pelvis onto his hand so his thumb easily found her now engorged clit and he brought that into play. She had her first orgasm within minutes – a grunting exhausting affair which caused her to sit back on the opposite cockpit seat and allow Lars finger to fall out. Without waiting for an invitation Lars got on his hands and knees and throwing her legs over his shoulders, he parted her thighs and planted his face fully over her now soaking cunt. He stopped long enough to just tell her he loved the taste of cunt juice and to just let it all out. Muriel was now shouting obscenities and asking Lars to make her cum. She had hold of his head and wouldn’t let him leave until after some minutes she screamed that she was ‘cumming’ – and she did, washing his face with a flow of fluid. Then she just collapsed into a heap spreadeagled across the cockpit seat and floor. Lars gently stroked and licked her fanny until Muriel regained her breath and composure. Eventually Muriel sat up and reached for her wine glass, emptying it in one gulp. She then looked at Lars and said “ This is so wrong and I shouldn’t have but I love the wickedness of it all. I want to see your cock” and she reached his shorts and pulled them to his ankles. His now almost erect cock sprang forth but, unlike Nancy, she expressed no surprise except to say what a lucky girl Nancy was. She took hold of it and caressed it gently, rubbing it against her cheek and eventually slipping her wide mouth over the end. She sucked for a while until, looking up, she said “I’m sure you’ve got plenty of time before you shoot your wad after the fucking you gave Nancy this morning so now I want that cock in me. I’ll sit astride and take control”.“will it fit your tight pussy “Lars asked.“darling, I’ve had five k**s and Jack has filled me with all manner and size of toys over the years. His last little kink was fisting me so nothing is too big” and with that she sat impaled on his cock without so much as a whimper. Lars just lay back and enjoyed the ride with Muriel doing all the work. She worked herself into a lather of sweat with small orgasms causing her to slow or stop the action but soon she would start again. She shouted out obscenities at the top of her voice continually asking Lars to “fuck this slutty old cunt” or “ ram more fucking prick up me you motherfucker”. Then she’d slow and whisper in his ear what a sensation it was to have a real live cock of that size in her old fanny – she never thought it would happen again. Lars thinks they fucked for about half an hour when she announced that she was building to the mother of all cums. She actually slowed her movement and leant back supporting her hands on Lars knees and exposing her cunt to Lars view and also getting the pressure of his cock head against her g-spot. Her big orgasm didn’t come with a lot of noise – she just became almost breathless and Lars looked down to notice a huge release of cunt fluid around his cock. He reached forward to prevent her falling backwards off his knees and held her tight as he regained her breath with his cock still firmly planted deep in her innards.“do you want to cum” she asked when she had regained her composure. “Its not important” Lars explained, “you’ve already seen me fill Nancy this morning, but if you’d like to make me cum then I will”.“I would love to see and feel you squirt your juice all over my tits” she queried. “can you do that” “I’d enjoy that. Can I fuck your tits” he asked.Muriel obliged by stretching out along the cockpit seat and then asking Lars to put his cock in her mouth first to lubricate it. Lars did as asked and also reached between her legs to scoop what fluid he could from her cunt to rub on her tits. Between her saliva and cunt juice Muriel was ready to wrap her copious breasts around his giant cock. Positioning himself so his cock slid easily between this lovely flesh mounds and also could just reach her lips. Thus she was able to get him hard and very aroused by squeezing her tits around him and licking just the eye of his dick as it came within reach of her mouth. This was very arousing for Lars who didn’t take long at all to respond. When he announced his impending ejaculation, Muriel took his cock and held it to one nipple for the first shot then over to the right nipple for the next then just sprayed it around. When he was complete, he stepped back and watched Muriel massage the juice into both her hugely engorged nipples and even lick it off her fingers. Then without so much as a ‘thank you’ she stood and asked if he wanted another cup of tea and went below to prepare. This time in her full nudity. She emerged with the tea and sat opposite Lars with legs casually spread and asked how he thought she performed. Lars answered genuinely that she was great fun and explained that he thought sex was just for that – fun and pleasure- so no one was better than anyone else if all enjoyed themselves. He asked if she’d ever shaved her fanny because she had a very nice one and it was hidden by a lot of hair and she replied that she never had. She willingly spread her legs for Lars to enjoy as he stared at her now loose inner lips hanging well outside her outer ones. Lars bid his goodbyes getting a very passionate ‘tonguie’ from Muriel who thanked him for’ breaking the drought’ – which Lars didn’t quite understand.Back to me:We laughed a lot about his adventure and didn’t even mention me fucking old Jack and as we looked across at their boat we could see them sitting naked in their cockpit also enjoying a drink and laughing and touching each other. We called them and asked to come over for coffee tomorrow morning. Since we were all still exhausted from the previous few days of heavy sex and this mornings hike and sex we agreed we’d have an early night and I crawled into bed as the sun went down with my beloved Ian and in the spoon position he just penetrated me and we dozed off to a deep sleep.We planned to stay only one more day and night at this anchorage before moving on to more civilised areas and marinas where we would have to tone our sexual activities down somewhat and where we expected to be rejoined by Per and his girlfriend.I awoke as usual just after dawn and the boys slept on so I made my coffee and stretched out in the cockpit reading where I must have dozed off again when I felt the familiar long thick finger of Lars in my fanny. Opening my eyes and smiling, all I could focus on was the slit of his enormous engorged hard-on dripping pre-cum about 10 cms from my face What could a girl do? I opened my mouth wide and let him roughly force the head in. I loved probing the slit with my tongue when it was leaking and this morning was no different. Dropping my book I allowed my hand to grab his huge balls and caress them one at a time, stroking and squeezing which I knew would have the desired effect of pulsing a nice load of cream down my throat. I was amused that our relationship was so sexually based that we didn’t even bid each other good morning but just started the day with some sex. Lars did mention that yesterday was the first day since our initial fucking that he had only cum in me once. While we are at it we did hear Muriel shout her morning greetings to us and we both looked over and waved but I wasn’t able to say anything with my mouth so full. Inevitably I felt the tell tale pulses and twitches of an impending ejaculation and sure enough I got my morning load of cream, willingly swallowed and enjoyed. Lars just strolled off and I washed his’ breakfast’ down with a gulp of coffee. I never thought at the time that I’d be writing this story down or indeed telling anyone as it was so far in the realms of absolute sexual fantasy and simply not something the vast majority of people especially women would ever have the opportunity to contemplate let alone enact. Yet obviously there are times in the lives of the fortunate few (such as I was) to totally indulge their fantasies and that of their partners in a safe and private environment. I wondered how long it would last before we had to return to “normal” and luxuriated in the thought that in the space of a few days – not even a week, I had turned from being a highly sexed yet loving wife to my husband with a nice active sex life to being a slut and indulging in sex as many times as possible in a day with a variety of men and loving it. Further as luck would have it my relationship with my husband had blossomed even more and he approved and encouraged my behaviour. I did wonder what further adventures lay ahead before ‘normalcy’ forced me to return to reality. In about 5 days I’d had countless loads of cum down my throat, up my bum and in my cunt as well as being covered in it. How long could I and the boys last at this pace as I was sure we’d need to rest up fairly soon. In the meantime lets enjoy and see what the day brought especially since Jack and Muriel were coming aboard this morning. Mid morning our guests arrived – dressed! Jack in an old pair of shorts and Muriel in her familiar wraparound cloth. Since we were all naked we quickly encouraged them to shed their gear, which they did. I grabbed the opportunity to say that I assumed that they were both aware of each other’s activities the day before.Jack laughed “as soon as I climbed back on the boat, there was Muz (his pet name for Muriel) sitting naked in the cockpit – nothing new in that but she’d taken to her pubes with a pair of scissors so her pussy was well on show with the lips parted and hanging low. Something I’d not seen since we last had a bloody good rut so I guessed she’d been up to something. I asked and she told me without missing a beat so I confessed to her. She didn’t say anything to that – just leaned over and sucked me till I got a bit of stiffness going then I bent her over and filled her cunt so easily. Could have driven the ute in there she was so sloppy. But it was fantastic – I didn’t blow my wad – once a day is enough for me but Muz got off again”Muriel reached over to Lars and stroking his cock she just said ‘Thanks mate – you got it all working again.”We sat around making a bit of small talk when Ian casually asked how they filled their time while cruising since he was interested as we’d only been doing it for a bit over a month and they had years of experience. They replied they did lots of hiking ashore and beachcombing but on board they had a great range of books so were avid readers. They indicated they always seemed to have plenty to occupy themselves. Ian suggested now they’d found interest in each other again they may put sex on their list. Muriel chimed in with “ and just not with each other – there’s plenty of oldies like us out here on boats and I reckon we could get some of them interested. What about yourselves” she queried.“We’ve only been cruising for just over a month” Ian responded “ and when we left home we brought lots of reading material, videos and board games but we’ve hardly touched it. We go ashore every chance we get but to be honest, sex has occupied our thoughts almost from the day we left home. We are both pretty highly sexed and always have been but preparation for this cruise over the past couple of years left us pretty devoid of fun so when we got away on our own on the boat and realised we had no cares or other people, it seemed to open the flood gates and we’ve been at it constantly. Nancy has demanded an orgasm a day at least but little did we think that when we took on crew they would be involved too. We’d had a few naughty fantasies which we’d kept to ourselves but then Nan broke the ice last week when she was overcome with lust having seen Lars wanking on the beach. She hasn’t been able to get enough since then despite both of us trying our best and it has enhanced our relationship. I just love seeing her get satisfied. We don’t know where it will end if it does but we are just enjoying the new found türbanlı escort denizli freedom and excitement of it all. Would you two like to join us for some fun now? he finally asked.“oh God, yes please” pleaded Muriel.We all looked at her as she went on “after that fucking yesterday all my sensitivities and fantasies were re-awakened and all I’ve been able to think of since is that cock and loads of sex”. Spreading her legs, she further explained “look, I even tried shaving my fanny but only got as far cutting the heavy growth off with scissors. When Lars mentioned it yesterday I thought I must try that as I hear its very sensitive. I hoped Jack would finish it for me but when he took one look at my protruding cunt lips he was concerned he would hurt me with the razor so he suggested we might try today when they shrunk back inside. Anyone here have any suggestions?” she asked.I immediately replied that I would be very willing to help as I knew Ian wanted to fuck her and he does love a bald pussy. Without asking further I went below and got my razor and other stuff to do the job. I came back outside and, with the boys all looking on, I asked Muriel to sit forward so her cunt hung over the edge of the seat and to lean right back thus exposing the full length of her gash (and a long one it was). It was years since I’d touched another woman’s cunt and that was with a couple of the wives in our swinging group of friends all those years ago. I soaped her up and started with the easy bits – the short cut hair above the gash and worked my way down. I cleaned her legs and right into the edge of her lips then parted her bum cheeks asking Ian to hold them apart while I shaved all the hair from around her anus and right through the perineum. When it came to the lips I had to be so careful. I parted the hair down the length of the lips and asked Lars with his big fingers to lay his finger down the slit while I shaved outwards from the lip on each side. It was soon done and I noticed all the boys were sporting hard-ons. I was quite aroused myself especially after I rubbed her several times to make sure it was very smooth and stubble free. As I applied a soothing lotion slowly my finger parted her lips and I felt for the first time in years the very special juices a woman produces when aroused and Muriel WAS aroused. She was starting to heave her breath and reached down to hold my hand there so I obliged. I found her clit and leaning forward I took it in my mouth feeling it harden a little between my lips. I was determined now to bring this elderly woman to orgasm and as I worked on her I felt a couple of fingers slide into my own beautifully bald cunt. Don’t know who’s they were but I suspect Jack. Muriel came hard on my fingers and mouth and even squirted a little of her fluids into my mouth. I enjoyed a small mutual orgasm myself and when I left her, I immediately suggested that my Ian should fuck her for our “viewing pleasure” as I did so want to see Ian enjoying himself with another woman – it was over 20 years since I’d had the pleasure. Ian turned her around and entered her quickly and easily from a doggie position but he was standing and Muriel was kneeling on the cockpit seat. We all sat around and watched the show with Ian suggesting he didn’t want to cum. Muriel didn’t mind but asked him to make sure she did. See her beautiful full arse on display and all freshly shaved I quickly lubed up a couple of my fingers and without asking I stood next to Ian and wriggled both fingers into her arsehole. “She’ll love that” said Jack” she’s had lots of my cock and toys in there over the years so she can take more than a couple of fingers. Nice and tight and a great fuck too boys” Muriel said nothing as she was building to another orgasm and thus was concentrating. Lars however responded” Would she fit me there” he asked Jack. Jack looked at Lars cock and reaching out took hold of it. “I think so mate and we’ll have a bit of adventure trying eh”! He suggested.Lars was so keen as he’d not been able to fuck Nan due to his size (though Nan was working on that) and he indicated it was a very rare experience for him because of his size. Even his present girlfriend of several years back in Sweden had never been able to accommodate him. “Come here darling” I called to Lars, “let’s get you all slippery” and I bent down to take his cock in my mouth. I put as much saliva over it that I could then began massaging the pre cum from the eye. Lars had to slow me down a bit or he would be cumming all over my hand and Jack asked “ how you coming along there Muz’“Nearly there old boy but suck my titties would you to help me along, I want to cum before I take on that monster of Lars” she told us. Jack slid under her along the cockpit seat and sucking one teat he massaged the other. She had almost thumb sized nipples when aroused – the result of nursing five babies and a lot of attention from Jack she claimed.The familiar short breathing and then the blood curdling scream as she let it all go told us that Muz had enjoyed another orgasm. She didn’t take long to catch her breath before she was calling for Lars “monster”.I took to rubbing lube onto Lars cock while Jack opened her up and pushed lube into her arse. Lars positioned himself behind her where Ian had been and with Jack holding her arse cheeks apart, I guided the head of that beautiful prick right to her hole. “I’m ready, come on stick it in” Muriel is calling – so he did. It was a sight to behold and as the head disappeared into her rectum, all we heard was “fuck it IS big but don’t stop. I can take it all”. Being gentle as he could Lars pushed tenderly and slowly but soon the whole monster disappeared completely into Muriel’s backside – he was balls deep in her.“Now fuck me slowly big boy” she asked and as he commenced his motion in and out I put lube on it as he withdrew. I was so envious as I would have loved to be able to accommodate his prick up my arse and was so determined to try again soon. He moved wonderfully slowly until Muz asked to speed it up. “can you cum in me Lars honey” she queried. “ready when you are” he replied so she asked him to go harder and faster. It was a very clean fuck and I was amazed at the force he was using to thrust into her and she was taking it so calmly. Soon the familiar guttural grunts of Lars told us he was ready to deposit a nice load of spunk up this elderly lady’s bum and so he did. It pulsed out the sides as he pumped and came at the same time and as he withdrew, the sperm rushed out and poured down Muriel’s leg. What a fucking sight – her fully reamed arsehole just stayed open and inviting – we could have driven a bus in there. “did you cum , Muz “ her husband asked. “No, I just wanted to enjoy the sensation of having the biggest thing in my life up my arsehole. Unless Lars comes sailing with us, it’s likely to be the only time I’ll experience something like that – you gotta work hard on trying that Nan ‘cos you’ll never forget it” Muz explained to us all.“After all that work and entertainment, I suggest we have a bite of lunch and a few celebratory drinks” I suggested. “Boys why don’t you rig the shade cloth and put some mattresses on the foredeck because I think we have a fun afternoon ahead “ I asked. I assumed we were heading for a little orgy and I was sure I was going to be comfortable if I was to going to get filled by a variety of cocks. I went below to prepare lunch – fresh crab salad would you believe – and the boys got a few cold beers out and Muz and I started sipping a nice cold wine. Now this is what we came cruising for!We took our drinks and lunch forward and settled onto the inflatable mattresses and I noticed that Jack had been over to his boat to collect something but I didn’t know what. We lay around on the mattresses with our heads propped up on whatever convenient leg or body part that was nearby. Finishing our lunch we started chatting about sex, of course, and some of our fantasies. Muz and Jack were all about sex with others which was new to them and Ian and I just wanted to repeat some of the things we really enjoyed especially in the last few days and it was nice we could do it with friends. I was very ready for anything now and stated that “because I’ve not a had a cock in me today yet, I’m going to have two at once and I’m not taking NO for an answer. Ian and Jack are going to double fuck my pussy – you up for that Jack? I know Ian is – aren’t you lover boy?” I queried. “ get your boy hard Muz” I instructed “ then lay back on the mattress. I’ll sit over you facing your feet and I’ll lean right back and my Ian can slide his wonderful pecker right up on top of yours Jack”.It was up to me to provide the motion and rhythm which I did, slowly. It was new for Ian to be this intimate with another cock but it didn’t faze him whatsoever. In fact both boys obviously enjoyed it because it wasn’t long before I felt the familiar stiffening of their cocks and asked if they were going to cum. Both replied yes and they were close to making it together. I was a little disappointed because I’d only had a small orgasm when they slid in together and now they were shrinking out of me and their cum was running freely. I made no secret of the fact I needed more today and it was Jack who suggested we try to “put that monster of Lars up Nan’s arse – if Muz can take it, Nan must be able to” he reckoned. “in fact” he said “I’ve a little surprise along those lines” and produced two of Muriels toys that he had gone back to his boat for at lunch time. I was intrigued.One was a smallish vibrator about the size of his cock and a straight cock shaped blue plastic but the other was a huge black silicone flexible lifelike prick – certainly the equal of Lars.“We’ll start with the vibrator” he commanded as he was obviously running the show now. “Roll over on your tummy Nan and push your arse up here”. I did as I was told.“I hope it’s lubed” I questioned. It certainly was as I felt the head start to open my sphincter. It was only the small one and I was used to that size with Ian so I relaxed and enjoyed his rather savage pumps deep into my bowels. I lay forward so my head was resting on my arms on the deck and my knees supporting my arse high in the air. He fucked me hard with it for a few minutes and I surprised myself by cumming suddenly though quietly. Muz didn’t miss the orgasm though and announced it as she ran her fingers along my cunt scooping up the juices as they flowed from between my labia. Then without warning, the vibrator was removed and the head of the black giant entered my rectum before I had a chance to tighten up. So when I realised that I had such a monster in me, it was too late as my sphincter muscles closed around that awesome silicone object. I grunted then relaxed as Jack just left it there until I felt comfortable with it. As I adjusted to the size I realised that it was well lubed so I asked Jack to start moving it slowly. This he did. It is hard to describe how such a huge object in one’s arsehole feels except to say that I felt VERY full. There was no pain as I expected as Jack was very gentle in his movements and did not go deep but the pressure through my perineal wall into my vagina was very noticeable. With Muz stroking my clit, I felt an orgasm building rapidly and told all assembled. I came noisily – enjoying screaming at the top of my voice and Jack just pushed the rod deep and left it there. My wonderful Ian just knelt down and kissed my lips as I turned my head to respond and asked if I was feeling ok. I responded enthusiastically and he just smiled knowingly. What I wasn’t aware of was Lar’s readiness and as Jack slowly withdrew the black silicon monster, Lar’s took the opportunity to push his fabulous hard cock straight into the gaping hole of my arse. He pushed it about halfway in and stopped, asking “are you ready for this Nan’?I could only answer “Fuck me lover boy – give me all you’ve got” as I was so ready for this. I’d wanted to be able to take his monster cock in my arse since I first wrapped my lips around it those couple of weeks previously.It was a long slow fuck and Lars was going to last since he’d only cum in Muz’s arse a couple of hours earlier. Everyone else just took it easy and poured drinks and sat chatting and laughing while Lars just slowly fucked his beautiful cock in and out of my arse. Every now and then some one would ask how we were going and I happily replied fabulous. Muz kept up the lube which was needed and I enjoyed small orgasms from time to time needing a rest after each one but Lars just slowed or stopped the pumping – he didn’t withdraw. I don’t know how long after we started (probably about 30 minutes) that Lars announced that he was ready to cum again. I invited him to do his best and I soon felt the delicious stiffening of his cock heralding the arrival of another load of his hot sticky juice. In the past few weeks I enjoyed so many loads of Lars spunk in mouth and cunt and all over me but feeling his cum shoot deep into my bowels for the first time overwhelmed me with lust and I was soon lost in another huge noisy orgasm. After that one I was exhausted and as he pulled out I fell forward onto a mattress and went to sleep. So much for great sex. Our friends had left by the time I woke and the boys had dinner ready for me washed down with a nice glass of red. I was so spoiled. I just managed dinner then crawled into bed and was not aware of Ian being beside me until he woke me next morning with his morning glory and wanting to fuck me somehow. My arse was still sore so I willingly spread my legs to allow my beautiful husband to fuck my cunt as I held him tight and expressed my love for him. What a lucky slut I was, I thought.I still felt sore and tired and a little remorseful at the recent days events and some self doubt crept in. I stayed in bed as the boys prepared the boat to sail and only went on deck to bid goodbye to our new friends as we sailed by. While I didn’t feel over enthusiastic about anything at the time I have kept in touch with Muriel and Jack who continued their sexual adventures after our awakening of their still eager libidos. Jack eased off but encouraged Muriel to seek other adventures and she did this with gusto for a few years. She wrote to me of her fucks with mainly young yachties they ran into in their travels and even a few more flings with some pretty ladies – young and old. She’s into her 70’s now and last time she wrote they had settled back into suburbia and sex was the last thing she thought of – “had enough to last a lifetime of erotic memories “ she recorded.We had a 24 hour sail to our next destination and I was disinclined to assist much. I wanted to get my head around my wistfulness so I stayed in my bunk most of the time and the boys maintained the watches. Ian was a darling and helped me work my way around my concerns. I had become worried that sex was consuming my life- was I an unrequited nymphomaniac? Did I really enjoy the sex or just want it because it was there. I didn’t even know if I was feeling guilty or not at indulging in this wild sexual behaviour. Ian assured me he had no concerns about the way I was acting and loved me as he always had. He knew I had a huge capacity for sexual activity and enjoyed my displaying that behaviour. However if I wanted to stop he would support me totally – that gave me so much strength and I eventually reasoned that as long as I caused myself or anyone else no harm and enjoyed what I was doing I would continue. Ian was the one constant and assured me if he ever said NO, he would mean it and I would have to stop. Trust between us was paramount and he never thought for one moment that I might leave him for another and that thought had never entered my mind.When a girl had a cock like Lars at her disposal and a gorgeous husband who encouraged her to use that cock for her pleasure, then nothing more was to be considered.After nearly a month of being fucked by two or three (recently) men every day and in very orifice, I had not one moment of concern, discomfort or guilt. I loved everything about it. The sheer pleasure of orgasming regularly and the pleasure of seeing my men and women partners in their own orgasmic delight caused by me. Everything about the sex was arousing in some way. I loved the feel of a hard cock in me wherever that may be and to think I could accommodate two at the same time was simply a huge turn on. I loved watching and feeling a man shoot his hot sticky juice in me or on me and as for the taste – either straight into my mouth or licking from a freshly fucked cunt or off tits or cock -nothing was more arousing or erotic. I reasoned there was absolutely nothing wrong with it – the giving and receiving of pleasure meant all were winners. I resolved with Ian’s encouragement to continue my adventures taking care not to hurt anyone. I didn’t want anyone falling in love with me – and discussed this with Lars often as he fucked me. We both agreed that if we went our separate ways tomorrow, we’d miss the sex but not the person. That was pretty accurate as to our feelings though we’d understandably become good mates.There were lots of sexual things I wanted to try and would carefully work my way through them. I discussed that night with Lars and Ian the probability of fucking lots of other people during our cruise and sexual health was a prime consideration. I’d not used condoms to date because I knew my partners were clean but I would need to take care in future especially as I was not fond of sex with condoms. Ian and Lars would need to be similarly careful and we resolved that we would try to limit our liaisons to crew we knew or had vetted – with perhaps occasional exceptions.

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