Needed Some Help


*All characters in this are over 18 years old as well as fictional*


The rain lightly slapped the tin roof as Will’s tiny frame sat in the car, his hands resting over his crotch. His stomach twisted in knots as he imagined someone else examining him without his clothes on, his manhood on display for someone he had just met. But this was his last option, every woman he ever dated was ultimately disgusted by his tiny micropenis. He could barely make it grow an inch when he was excited, while his balls where the size of large softballs, dangling low. The odd proportion was only exciting for one girl Will met in college, Kim, who decided to make the best of the relationship. But something lacked between them, so Will began seeking a solution. Word of mouth brought Will four hours north to a private medicine healer who claimed to have a method for extending a man’s member, for a large fee of course. Will gladly paid the fee online after reading the ad his friend sent him.

“Seriously man, your girlfriend is gonna freak when she see’s you. Trust me.”

Will got out of the car and began trekking up the long winding path towards the house to the address he was emailed. The sun peeked through the clouds as the rain slowly stopped falling all around him. Will approached the door and rang the doorbell. The door cracked open and revealed a young man’s face.

“Hello, are you Will for 5:30?” He asked raising her eyebrows.

“Yes, that’s me.”

“Great, Come on in!” He exclaimed. He threw open the large oak door revealing the full living room space surrounding clean white furniture, his full white one-piece outfit covering his curvy frame standing in the doorway. Will approached the couch closetest to the door as the teen walked over in front of him.

“Your time is valuable as is mine, so would you undress your pants please?” He said as he dug into his pocket, retreating a small plastic container. Will unbuttoned his pants, his hands shaking as his zipper slowly pulled open. His white baggy underwear gradually came into view as his pants fell to the floor.

“Your underwear too, please?” He asked as he glanced at his package.

Will’s cold hands met with the tight waistline. He pulled the white underwear down past his tiny cock, over his large round balls sagging down to his mid thigh.

“Let me give this a look.” The beşevler escort teen lowered to his knees as Will stood in the cold living room, his tiny penis shriveled to a small bump. The teen pulled open the top to the plastic container revealing a white cream.

“This is a little cold, just relax.”

His fingers skimmed across Will’s tiny dick head, nearly the size of a pea as it stayed stuck above two massive pair of nuts.

“Oohhh, uhm…” Will exclaimed.

“Relax, its fine, close your eyes and just enjoy it.” The teen said as his fingers rubbed the tiny pink cock head. A large bead of precum slowly dripped out as his balls swayed and lightly hit against his legs. His tiny cock began to feel warm. He could feel the teens fingers all over, rubbing the head of his tiny dick as it began to burn all over his groin.

“Oh damn, fuck, what’s happening?!” Will shrieked with his eyes clothes, too scared to look down at his own cock as it burned between the teens hands. The teen cupped one of his massive balls as his cock begins expanding.

“Relax, it’s almost over.” He said, squeezing the head of Wills cock.

“Oh Jesus, this feels so good, I can’t-“

“Just a little longer, don’t open your eyes!”

Will could feel a deep orgasm building inside, his cock going numb as the teen gripped his nuts.

“Oh God, what’s going on?”

Will tilted his head down discretely, slowly letting his eyes adjust to the dim lights. He peaked down at his crotch, and his heart immediately sank. Hanging off of Will’s tiny frame was a massive cock, nearly 11″ long. Both of the teens tiny hands gripped the thick white veiny rod as huge globs of precum poured onto the floor, dripping all around them both.

“W-what the fuck?!” Will yelled as he stumbled back falling onto the couch, landing on its soft cushions as his massive donkey dick slid through the teens hands and bobbed against Will’s tiny frame.

“Sorry, I got a little carried away, haha”

“What have you done to me?!” Will screamed as he starred at this massive dick sticking out of his body as he laid on the couch. It felt like a massive police flashlight weighing down his small body.

“It will go back to normal within time, but you are now endowed any time you grow excited.” The teen said.

Will starred at the huge monster cock as it pointed büyükesat escort to the ceiling while his massive nuts hung off the edge of the couch, almost touching the floor.

“Damn this thing is enormous!” Will said, still staring in disbelief.

“Please dress yourself.” The teen said, standing to his feet as he screwed the lid back onto the container.

Driving through the night, Will began planning what he would say to Kim to get her into bed early so he could show off his new massive cock.

“Maybe play sick? I could just act like I had a bad day, that might garner some sympathy.”

He pulled into the driveway and could see the lights all off. Will crept into the house, snuck unstairs, and slipped into the warm bed.

“Hi honey.” Kim whispered as she rolled over, still half asleep.

Will laid on his back as Kim rubbed his stomach, slowly edging lower towards his crotch. She slipped her hand into his pants, grabbing his tiny cock head between two of her fingers. She rubbed his big pair of balls as his tiny dick began to slightly grow.

“Haha, you must be a little extra excited tonight…” Kim said under her breath as Wills cock head thickened in her hand. The shaft slowly began to stretch out of his body, thickening as veins began pumping all around it.

“Oh wow, what’s this?” Kim said as Will’s cock filled in her hand.

“That feels so good, Kim, keep touching it…”

Kim rubbed her hand all over his dick, now nearly 4 inches, a first for Kim to ever see in their entire relationship.

“Will, baby, your cock feels a bit bigger.” Kim said, now waking up as Will’s eyes rolled back in his head. Her hand grips the thick cock as it pumped in her hands, now at nearly 7inches long. The head towered over Wills tiny frame as Kim pumped her hand up and down the large dick.

“God damn, Will, this thing is a monster! What’s going on?!” Kim ripped the blanket from Wills tiny frame, revealing his enormous donkey dick, now nearly a footlong.

“William, oh my god!” She shriek.

“Oh, it feels so good, keep rubbing it!” Will yelled as his huge monster cock stretched in Kim’s small hands as she griped it, slowly jacking It off.

“I can’t believe how big you are right now! This is crazy, how are you so hard baby?!”

“You’re turning me on so bad, Kim!” Will gasped as çankaya escort massive globs of precum began to release from his hugecock head, now the size of an apple.

“God honey, your cock is making me really wet. I’ve never seen one this big before!” Kim said as her tongue slid all the way up the fourteen inches of thick dick in front of her face.

“Ohhh, god damn, I can’t believe how big you’re making me…” he said.

His massive balls began shaking, his thick member now rubbing against Kim’s wet pussy.

“I don’t know if I can fit this thing.” She said, spreading her legs as she stood over Wills massive dick.

“God damn!” She moaned as it Lightly brushed against her clit.

“Damn baby, be careful, it might be too big for you.” He warned to Kim. Her bare feet stepped onto a large glob of precum as she rested her full weight on them. She slipped, falling full force onto Wills massive monster cock.

“Ooohhh,, oh my god Will!” Kim screamed.

“Baby, are you okay?!” Will asked.

“Oh god, your entire cock is in me!” She said as he thick thighs slowly slid up his cock, then slowly back down onto his tiny frame.

“Fuck, it’s so big Will!”

“God baby, it feels so good, bounce your round ass on my big dick!”

Wills balls bounced against the wood floor, his girlfriend bouncing up and down on his huge dick, filling her up entirely.

“Fuck, here it comes!” Will screamed, his balls now turning red.

“Oh god, fill me up baby!” Kim yelled taking his entire massive cock as deep as it could fit.

Wills cock erupted into Kim, pouring all over the wood floor as she moaned with satisfaction. Will’s eyes rolled in the back of his head, his cum finally spraying all into Kim.

“Fuck, it’s so much baby!” Kim said, pulling the long dick out of her as cum poured out of her pussy onto the floor. “Oh god, you’re still cumming!”

Will’s massive cock sprayed a heavy stream of white cum all over the wood floor.

“Oh no! I can’t stop, fuck it’s getting everywhere Kim!”

A thick stream sprayed across the wall as Will stood to his feet, his big balls dangling as cum dripped off of them.

“Let me see it, honey!”

Kim grabbed his big cock and began bathing in the heavy cum stream, its sticky white texture dripping all over her face. “God, your cumming everywhere Will! You’re making such a huge mess!”

“Fuck baby, it feels so good!”

His cock spit out huge globs of white cum, then slowly stopped as Kim loosened her grip.

“Wow, you got cum everywhere baby.” Kim said through a thick coat of white glossy cum, dipping all over her naked body.

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