Neuro submission transmitter 7


Neuro submission transmitter 7″Maybe you’ve got the right idea, Elaine.” I overhear mom’s friend, Mary say to her. “Men are way over rated. If you’re going to end up getting yourself off anyway, why not just stay home with your vibrator in the first place?” She laughs.”I guess last night didn’t go so well, huh?” Mom asks, as I peek through the screen door to watch Mom and Mary sunbathing on the back deck. With some of the money we got from dad, we added a swimming pool to our backyard. Mom and Mary are sunbathing on lounge chairs next to the pool, facing the back door. I stay out of sight, watching them for a few minutes. “The evening was progressing well.” Mary says, while rubbing suntan lotion on her legs. “So I figured it was time to take our relationship to the next level, if you know what I mean.” “I think I remember.” Mom says, smiling.Mary is younger than mom, I guess about thirty, with long, shapely legs and an incredible ass. As she leans forward to rub lotion on her feet, I get an eyeful of her generous tits, overflowing from the triangles of material barely covering them. My cock jumps at the sight and I wonder why I never noticed her body before. I’ve certainly never seen this much of it.”May I have some of that?” Mom asks, standing up to get the suntan lotion from Mary. Bending over, mom begins applying lotion to her own legs. I never get tired of looking at my mom’s body. She’s wearing a string bikini, with a thong bottom, that displays her firm, round ass cheeks to the world, or at least to Mary and I. Unbelievable! Two grown c***dren and mom can still wear a thong… and make your dick hard when she does!”Yeah, well when we got to his apartment, it was wham bam, wham bam. I ended up with his cum dripping from my pussy, the taste of it in my mouth and nothing to show for it. I still had to get myself off with my vibrator when I got home.” She laughs disgustedly, while watching Mom rub suntan lotion on her bare ass cheeks. “He didn’t eat your pussy?” Mom asks, incredulously, while trying to reach her back. “I thought that was rather routine, these days.””Here let me do your back, Elaine.” Mary says, sitting up and motioning mom to stand in front of her. “Sure, he tongue fucked me a little and then sucked my clit, but it was too soon and a little too rough.” She laughs, as she massages suntan lotion on mom’s shoulders and back. I notice that her eyes stay pretty much focused on mom’s bare ass cheeks. “Where are the men who understand foreplay and gradual arousal?””They don’t get it, because they don’t need it.” Mom answers, clearly enjoying the back rub. “A man gets aroused, he fucks or gets sucked and he cums: end of story. He’s happy.” Mom turns around and takes the lotion from Mary. “You want some on your back?” She asks.”Thanks.” Mary says, lying down on her stomach on the lounge chair. “You’re right, but you would think with all the sexual information out there, men would have learned something.” Mom is rubbing lotion on Mary’s shoulders and back. “But most of them don’t have a clue about how to satisfy a woman.””Men don’t read about that stuff; women do.” Mom says, untying Mary’s top and pulling the strings to the side. Squirting more lotion on her hands, mom begins kneading Mary’s back like an experienced masseuse. I watch her hands brush the sides of Mary’s tits, as they squish out from under her chest. “A man will only learn how to satisfy a women, if a woman takes the time to teach him.” Mom says, matter-of-factly.”Mmmmm.” Mary sighs, as mom continues kneading the flesh of her back and rubbing her palm in a circle at the small of her back. “That feels great.” Mary sighs.”You have a lovely body, Mary.” Mom says, rubbing lotion on the back of Mary’s legs. Mary spreads her legs, slightly, allowing mom’s hands to move freely up and down her thighs. I see a gleam in mom’s eye, as her hands apply a light touch to Mary’s inner thighs. “Most men I’ve been with are insulted if you try to give them direction during sex.” Mary says. “How do you get them to be receptive?” She asks, as mom runs her hands along the bottom of Mary’s bikini. Mary isn’t wearing a thong, but mom pulls the bottoms of her bikini up near the crack of her ass, revealing her creamy, white ass cheeks. “You don’t make them receptive.” Mom answers, as she massages Mary’s ass with her lotion-covered hands. “You find receptive men and tell them what you like.” Mom says, as she lets her fingers run down between Mary’s legs. I’m stroking my hard cock through my swimsuit, as I watch the action through the door. I was originally going for a swim, but the look of lust on mom’s face, makes me want to wait and see what happens. Ever since I gave mom the suggestion about enjoying the taste of pussy, she’s practically been addicted to it. It started with my sister, Susan, but I’ve also caught her with my girlfriend’s mom, Maggie. I know the transmitter gave her the courage to act on it, but I’m pretty sure my mom had bisexual tendencies before I gave her any suggestions.”Yeah, well, it’s pretty hard to know if a man is going to be receptive to a woman telling him how to make love to her.” Mary says, squirming a little under mom’s expert hands.”I know.” Mom says, leaning her head down next to Mary’s while her fingers play around between her legs. “Actually, the best head I’ve ever had wasn’t from any man.” Mom whispers, conspiratorially, as Mary turns her face towards mom, questioningly. Mom nods her head, confirming Mary’s understanding.”I haven’t done that since college.” Mary says, her eyes wide with anticipation.”Women are the best pussy eaters, Mary. Trust me.” Mom smiles. “I’m not a lesbian.” Mary says.”Neither am I.” Mom says, brushing her hand over Mary’s bare skin. “But I know what a woman likes and I enjoy pleasuring one, occasionally.” Mom says, stroking her fingers up and down between Mary’s legs. Mary stares into mom’s eyes, apparently weighing what she’s just heard. “Show me.” She barely whispers, as she rolls over on her back, ignoring the fact that her bikini top isn’t tied. Stroking my rock hard cock, I stare at Mary’s naked tits, rolling across her body as she turns over. Her hard nipples are surrounded by wide, dark areolas and her heavy tits hang slightly to the sides of her chest, as she settles onto her back. Mom leans her head down and licks around the areola of the closest one, while her hand roams over Mary’s flat stomach.”Nick is home this weekend, he’s sleeping in his room.” Mom says, glancing towards the house, without seeing me. “We may not be able to finish this today, if he wakes up.” Mom cautions, as she continues to lick all around Mary’s nipple, while slipping her fingers inside the front of her bikini bottoms.”sleeping in the middle of the day?” Mary asks. “Is he sick?””College students would sleep all day, everyday, if we let them. Then they stay up all night.” Mom laughs, while continuing to lick all around Mary’s dark red areola. She doesn’t say that I was up all night because we were fucking our brains out, making up for lost time while I’ve been away at school.”Mmmmm. This is exactly what I’m talking about.” Mary says, running her fingers through mom’s hair. “Most guys jumps right for the nipple, sucking and biting. But, you take it slow, teasing all around the nipple. It’s very erotic.” I’ve been too busy stroking my cock and trying to see what mom’s doing with her hand, to realize that I might learn something here. “Mmmmmm.” Mary moans again, as mom shifts her attention to her other tit, still just licking all around the nipple and massaging her pussy mound. “You were married for quite a while, Elaine. Was Daryl receptive to direction as a lover?””Daryl was an exception to the rule.” Mom says, lifting her face from Mary’s chest. “Maybe one in a hundred guys who gets it. He was an amazing lover, he knew instinctively what to do and responded to every reaction.” Mom is pulling Mary’s bikini bottoms off, revealing a patch of brown hair, neatly trimmed into a narrow triangle. “I had no complaints in that department, Mary. Actually, that’s part of my problem, I doubt if I’ll find anyone like him.” Mom says, somewhat drearily. “If he wasn’t such an asshole and a womanizer, I might miss him!” She laughs.Mom returns to licking Mary’s breasts, finally sucking one nipple into her mouth, while she lightly runs her fingers up and down Mary’s inner thighs. Mary has her legs spread and her thick pussy lips are glistening with moisture.”God, you are sooo good at this!” Mary moans, as she pushes her ass off the lounge chair, trying to make contact with mom’s hand. Mom teasingly, keeps avoiding contact with Mary’s pussy, while she nibbles on her tits. Bringing her hands back to Mary’s tits, mom squishes them together and sucks both of her nipples into her mouth at the same time.My cock is aching for release, as I push my swimsuit down and begin stroking my shaft vigorously. I can’t believe that mom has Mary completely naked in the backyard, in broad daylight. I wonder if she knows I’m here. Could this be a show for my benefit… or even my education? Whatever, I’m enjoying the hell out of it. “Kiss me, Mary.” Mom says, releasing her tits and gliding her hand down across Mary’s stomach. Mary leans her head up to meet mom’s lips. Starting gently, or maybe hesitantly, their passion slowly builds, while mom strokes her fingers through Mary’s pubic hair. She extends one finger down and lightly strokes Mary’s wet slit, as I start to cum.I grab a napkin from the table to catch my cum, clumsily, bumping into a chair, as I shoot my load. It makes enough noise to stop the action on the deck.”That must be Nick.” My mother says, standing up and tossing Mary her bikini. “Anybody home?” I yell, stepping away from the door while I pull up my swimsuit.”We’re out here!” Mom yells, after checking that Mary has her bikini back on. “Wow! Nobody told me that Sports Illustrated was here doing their supermodel swimsuit shoot.” I say, smiling as I step through the sliding glass door and give mom a hug. While hugging my mom I realize that my cock hasn’t fully deflated after my orgasm and the bulge in my swimsuit presses against mom’s thong covered pussy. Out of Mary’s view, I squeeze mom’s bare ass cheek.”Well, aren’t you the charmer. “Mary says, her face flush, either from her arousal or embarrassment, but her eyes appear to be glued to my crotch. Her swimsuit top is askew, displaying half her areola and barely covering her hard nipples, while a moist spot is spreading across the crotch of her bikini.”How’s my man of the house?” Mom asks, smiling as she returns my hug. “Did you sleep well?” She asks, winking at me.”Yeah, thanks.” I answer. “I’m fine.””You certainly are.” Mary says, surprising me. “He’s a full grown man, isn’t he?” Mary says, finally pulling her eyes from my bulge to smile at me. “Don’t I get a hug too?” She asks, standing up and holding her arms out to me. Mary has never offered to hug me before. I wonder why today is different.”Sure.” I answer, stepping over to hug her. “Good to see you, Mary.” I say. She squeezes me tightly against her nearly naked body, not quite grinding her mound against my bulge, but pressing very firmly.”And strong too!” Mary says, squeezing my biceps, while keeping her pubic mound crushed against my rapidly recovering cock. “The college girls must be fighting over you.” She smiles, as she grazes her hand across my chest and lets it slide down to my stomach before stepping back.”Not really.” I say, walking over to the pool, conscious of the bulge in the front of my suit. “Either of you going to join me in the pool?” I ask, before diving into the deep end.As I come up for air, I see mom squeeze Mary’s ass cheek, while kissing her on the lips. “I’m going to walk Mary out and then I’ll swim with you, Nick.” Mom yells, as Mary slips a t-shirt over her swimsuit”Bye Nick.” Mary calls. “I hope to see more of you.” She smiles and I wonder about the double entendre.”Bye Mary.” I yell and then take a deep breath and dive underwater.A few minutes later, mom is standing on the first step of the pool, rolling her thong down her shapely legs. Tossing it on the deck, she sits on the first step and curls her finger at me, motioning me towards her. The first step is only a couple of inches below the water level and when mom leans back, her ass is in the water but her pussy isn’t. “I need the use of your wonderful tongue for a while.” Mom says, spreading her legs and displaying her smooth, hairless pussy to me. “That is, if you don’t mind.” She adds, teasingly.I swim up to her and rest my hands on her wide-open thighs. Taking a clue from her earlier conversation with Mary, I begin licking up her inner thighs, teasing her, before I just plunge into her pussy. “Mom.” I say, looking up at her from between her legs. “Do I do enough foreplay to sufficiently arouse you when we make love?” I ask, as I lick higher up her thighs.”You heard my conversation with Mary, didn’t you?” Mom asks, leaning up and looking at me. “Were you watching, too?””Yeah, pretty much.” I answer. “Well, do I?” I ask again.”Nick, you are an amazing lover, especially for your age.” She says. “I’m always fully aroused and I always orgasm, usually more than once.” She reassures me. “You had me completely exhausted and satiated last night, couldn’t you tell?” She asks, teasingly.”But that part about women being better pussy eaters… you really believe that, right?” I ask, my tongue getting closer to her wet pussy lips. My thoughts are on Maggie and my sister, who have both eaten my mom’s pussy.”Well, part of that was for Mary’s benefit.” Mom says, thinking for a minute. “But yes, generally, women are better at eating pussy, just like guys would probably be better cocksuckers, if they weren’t so homophobic.” Mom says, smiling. “Now, come on, I don’t need a lot of foreplay today; my pussy is already soaking wet. Just get your tongue up here and work your magic, okay?” She asks, leaning back against the deck and closing her eyes.I’m still determined to take my time, so I start licking around the outside of her pussy lips, flicking them sideways with my tongue. After circling around a few times, I flatten my tongue and slowly lick from her asshole to the top of her slit. “Mmmmmm.” Mom moans, spreading her legs a little wider. “That’s more like it.” Using my tongue to spread her pussy lips apart, I gradually insert it in her pussy, while covering her entire opening with my mouth. “Oh yeah!” Mom cries, as I start pistoning my tongue in and out of her sloppy, wet hole. I continue tongue fucking her, sliding my stiff tongue in and out of her delicious pussy, until she’s bucking her ass off the step. Shifting my tongue to the top of her slit, I use it to peel back the hood of her clit, while pushing two fingers into her soggy pussy. “Ohhhhh fuck!” Mom whimpers, as I suck her clit into my mouth and start flicking my tongue against the tip. I continue finger fucking her, twisting my two fingers around inside her hot, wet hole, while I suck and flick her engorged clit.”Don’t stop what you’re doing!” Mom yells. “Keep… doing… exactly… that!” She pants, while thrusting her pussy against my face and my hand. I have no intention of stopping, but I’m struggling to keep my mouth on her clit, as she thrashes around on the swimming pool step.”I’m cumming, Nick!” Mom breathes. “I’m cumming!” She clamps her legs around my head, trapping my fingers inside her pulsating pussy. Her thrusting has created waves in the pool and water is slapping against her thighs and over my head. I’m wondering if I might drown by the time she relaxes her legs, just as her shaking begins to subside and I can push her legs apart. Catching my breath, I start lapping up her steady flow of juices that are gushing from her bald pussy. Her taste and aroma are intoxicating and my cock is rock hard by the time I slurp up the last trickle. I slip out of my swimsuit, letting it drop to the bottom of the pool. Placing my knees on the second step and kneeling between her legs, I plunge my hard cock into mom’s still quivering pussy. “Ohhhhh yeah!” Mom cries, as I pump my hard shaft in and out of her enflamed hole. My balls slapping against the cool water, creates an amazing sensation, unlike anything I’ve ever felt. I start pumping faster and faster, slapping my balls harder against the water with each stroke.Mom’s ass is coming off the step to match my rhythm and she’s pulled her bikini top off so she can squeeze her own tits. She’s pinching her nipples and stretching them out from her tits. I lean my head down and suck one of them into my mouth, biting and nibbling as I continue to jackhammer my cock into her steamy hole. Mom reaches her hands around me, cupping my ass cheeks, as she frantically bucks her pussy against my cock.”Oh fuck!” Mom cries, digging her nails into my ass cheeks. “I’m cumming again, Nick!” She says, pulling me tightly against her and jerking convulsively against my body. Her nails digging into my ass, coupled with the cool water slapping my balls, puts me over the top and I erupt deep inside her quivering pussy. Collapsing on her chest, I press my lips against hers and suck her tongue into my mouth. We kiss passionately while we ride out the aftershocks of our intense orgasms. “You’re always the best, Nick.” Mom whispers, breaking the kiss. “I love you.” She says, running her fingers through my hair and holding me tightly against her naked body.”I love you, too, mom.” I respond, nuzzling my cheek against her rising and falling breasts. We stay in the pool for a while, swimming, touching and teasing, while enjoying the cool water against our naked bodies. My cock responds quickly and in a few minutes it’s my turn to sit on the top step, while mom applies her oral expertise to my fully recovered cock. She licks, sucks and nibbles my throbbing cock to an incredibly powerful release, swallowing every drop before releasing my spent cock and kissing her way up my body. “I could eat your cum all day.” She smiles, kissing me on the lips, while pressing her tits against my chest. “I feel the same way about you, mom.” I answer. “We could probably save a lot on grocery bills.” I joke.”Okay, smart ass.” She says, standing up to get out of the pool. As she spreads her legs to step over me, I get an unobstructed view of her hairless pussy. Beads of water are dripping from the edges of her parted pussy lips, which are puffy and swollen with arousal. My cock stirs.”God, mom.” I breathe. “You are the sexiest woman in the world.” “Right.” Mom laughs. “I’m going to get dressed.” She says. “I’ve got things to do.” She picks up her bikini and walks into the house. I watch the sexy sway of her naked ass until she disappears through the sliding glass door.Mom and I spend the evening behaving as a more typical mother and son. We go to a movie at the mall, grabbing a bite to eat at the food court. While we’re in the mall, mom buys me a couple of shirts and a blouse for herself. We go to bed, cuddling our naked bodies together, sleeping peacefully in each other’s arms. In the morning, I awaken to a delightfully, wet blowjob. Mom has her lips wrapped around my saliva-coated cock and I am rock solid before I fully gain consciousness. I start humping my ass off the bed to match the rhythm my mother has set with her tantalizing mouth.”Didn’t want you to miss you plane.” Mom says, lazily stroking her hand up and down my rigid cock, as she takes a breath. “Jesus Christ! Mom.” I moan, as she slides her lips back over my throbbing hard-on. “You can be my alarm clock anytime!” I groan, as she expertly flicks her tongue along the length of my shaft.”We really don’t have a lot of time.” Mom says, releasing my cock and planting kisses from my stomach to my neck. “And I really want you inside me.” She says, positioning her hot pussy lips around the head of my cock.”Oh yeah!” I scream, as mom eases her steamy pussy down onto my fully erect cock. Her outer lips are slick with her juices and she glides smoothly down my shaft. When her pussy lips touch the base of my cock, she leans forward, kissing me and pushing her hard nipples into my chest. Our tongues swirl together, as she starts rocking back and forth. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! She feels so incredible. What an amazing way to wake up.”Wow!” I breathe, as mom breaks the kiss and pushes herself up into a sitting position. Her hard nipples point invitingly towards me, as she sits astride my cock. I catch one tit with each hand, caressing and squeezing her gorgeous globes, as she starts to ride me. “Oh yeah! Pinch harder, Nick!” Mom moans, as I pinch and twist her nipples, pulling them out from her tits, as they swing around. She hits every sweet spot along my cock, as she works her pussy muscles in conjunction with her frantic bouncing. I’m getting close, trying hard to hold out until mom’s there. No matter how much I try, I can’t hold it back.”Fuck! I’m cumming!” I yell, bucking wildly. “I’m cumming, mom!” She slams her pussy down harder, grinding her clit against my pelvic bone, as I shoot my load deep inside her. She continues riding, clamping her pussy muscles around my nearly empty cock, as her orgasm arrives in the nick of time, cascading through her body. She collapses on my chest, her breath coming in short gasps. Too bad I can’t use the transmitter on myself to control my staying power.”Will you be home next weekend?” Mom asks, raising her head off my chest to look in my face.”No.” I tell her, kissing her lips. “I’m going to see Nicole.” I’ve been racking up frequent flyer miles ever since we got that money from dad. Next weekend I’ve arranged for Carolyn and Carl to meet me at Uncle Harry’s house. I hope to introduce Carl to Maggie, making her black cock fantasy come true.”And Maggie?” Mom asks with a mischievous grin on her face.”Probably.” I smile.”Tell her I said hi.” Mom says, laying her head back on my chest. “I’m jealous. I’ll miss you.” She says softly.”Maybe you and Mary can get together and find something to do.” I smile, lightly smacking her ass cheek with my hand.”Maybe we can.” Mom says, laughing. “Especially if you’re not around to interrupt us… or distract Mary.” She leans up dragging her tits down my body, as she slides to the foot of the bed. “We need to get ready to go.” She says, planting a kiss on the tip of my cock, and then sucking the head into her mouth, cleaning off her pussy juice.We shower quickly, get dressed and mom drops me at the airport for my flight back. Checking my messages, while waiting in the airport, I get a text message from Nicole. Everything with her and her mom is going great. They haven’t done anything else sexually, but her mom apparently hasn’t used the transmitter to make her forget what they did either. Her mom is working on Bobby and she tells me to call her for the details. I make a mental note to call her when I get home. I doze on the plane; dreaming about Nicole, Maggie, Susan, Sherrie and Carolyn. At one vivid point in my dream, Nicole and Susan are licking the sides of my cock and negotiating who gets to ride me first. I wake up with an aching hard-on, hoping Susan or Sherrie is home when I get there. The first thing I notice when I pull up to our apartment building is Susan’s car in the carport. Yes! My prayers have been answered! My sister is home! I hope she’s as horny as I am.My sister and her roommate moved out of their dorm room this semester and the three of us share an apartment. I spend most weeknights sandwiched between these two beautiful coeds, in a queen-sized bed in Susan’s room. Lately, it’s been just my sister and I. Sherrie has a serious relationship developing with a football player named Ken and she’s been staying at his place several nights a week. As I push open the door, carrying my overnight bag into the living room, I stop dead in my tracks. Holy shit! Dreams really do come true! Susan and Sherrie are both home, lying on their backs on the floor, catching their breath. They’ve spread an old comforter on the floor, presumably to keep from damaging the carpeting. A bottle of baby oil is lying on its side, next to an empty bottle of wine and two empty wine glasses. Susan and Sherrie are not only naked; they are covered in baby oil, from their necks to their toes. Their smooth thighs, hairless pussy mounds and rising and falling breasts, are all glistening with a slick, sheen of baby oil. My cock responds immediately.”Oh yes!” Sherrie says, as she opens her eyes and sees me standing here, with a bulge in my pants. “Never mind the dildos, Susan, we’ve got a live one.” She laughs, as she rolls over, pushing herself up on her hands and knees. Crawling towards me, she has a look of pure lust on her face. Her eyes are half closed and she’s licking her tongue back and forth across her lips. With each movement of her arms, her slick breasts sway from side to side, her hard nipples dangling like udders. She looks like a wildcat stalking it’s prey, her naked body shining from its luster of baby oil. “Take off your clothes and join us, Nicky.” Sherrie says teasingly, not quite slurring her words. She’s never called me Nicky before, in fact, no one has, but I strip out of my jeans as fast as I can. Shedding the rest of my clothing, I step over to the edge of the comforter, as Sherrie crawls towards me. My cock is sticking straight out, completely erect. Sherrie wraps one hand around it as she rises up on her knees. Locking her eyes on mine, she lifts my cock with her hand and slowly licks the underside of it from the base to the tip.”Oh fuck!” I moan. “That feels so fucking good, Sherrie!” I tell her, as she repeats the lick several more times. My legs feel like rubber, as she sucks the head of my cock into her warm, wet mouth, pumping it with her hand.”You want some of this?” Sherrie asks Susan, pointing my throbbing cock towards my sister.”Do you mind if I sit down?” I ask, not sure how long my legs will support me if Susan joins Sherrie in sucking my cock.”Why don’t you lie down?” Susan suggests, moving over to make room for me on the comforter. I manage to lie down with Sherrie still holding my cock and licking the head. As I lie back, with Sherrie kneeling between my legs, I admire my sister’s naked, glistening body. Her thick nipples shine, as they protrude about half an inch out from her large, shiny tits. Her hairless pussy mound has a brilliant luster from the baby oil, but it’s her glimmering pussy lips, thick with arousal and oozing juice that makes my cock quiver inside Sherrie’s mouth. Sherrie is hungrily devouring my cock; nibbling, licking, sucking and deep throating until I’m humping my ass off the comforter in response. Susan leans toward me and kisses my lips, parting them with her tongue. Wine mixed with the taste of Sherrie’s pussy is like an aphrodisiac, as our tongues dance around in each other’s mouth. Susan slides her oily tits around on my chest, her hard nipples brushing against mine, coating me with a thin sheen of baby oil. “Come on, Susan.” Sherrie calls, from between my legs. “Help me out down here.” She laughs.Susan breaks the kiss and slides her tits down my stomach. Turning her body, so her ass is next to my shoulder and her head is facing my cock, she joins Sherrie in licking my swollen shaft. As the two girls lick either side of my hard cock, I slide my hand over Susan’s slick ass cheeks and bury two fingers in her wet pussy.”Mmmmm” Susan moans, licking up the side of my cock. “Oh fuck!” I cry, as I feel their two tongues lick up and down the sides of my cock, taking turns sucking my cockhead into their mouths. “Oh my god!” I yell, as they trap my cockhead between their lips, licking and nibbling the sides of it, as if they were kissing each other. Sherrie is playing with my balls as Susan strokes up and down my shaft with her hand. Oh fuck! I’m not going to last much longer. I’m pumping my fingers in and out of Susan’s dripping, wet pussy, while thrusting my hips off the bed. My cock is so fucking hard from the sensation of these two women, trading my cock between their mouths. “Oh fuck yes!” I groan, as my cock erupts into Sherrie’s mouth. She must have felt my balls tighten, because she slipped her open mouth over the end just in time. She quickly slides her mouth to the side so Susan’s mouth can take her place, swallowing my second spurt of cum. They continue to alternate sliding their mouths over the end of my cock until I am completely spent and then they kiss deeply over the top of my cockhead, trading my cum between them. “We can get him hard again.” Sherrie declares with a smile. “We’re not done yet, are we Susan?” “We’re not even close.” Susan says, as she sucks my spent cock into her mouth, flicking her tongue across it. Sherrie pulls my leg up and lowers her mouth to my balls, licking all around them before gently sucking them into her mouth. This is another of those times when complete control over my erection would come in handy. I could just make my dick hard, by thinking about it.Even without transmitter-induced erection control, I’m hard again in no time. As much time as Susan and Sherrie spend pleasuring each other, they lack no expertise in the arousal of the male genitalia.Sherrie rides me first, slamming her well-lubricated pussy down around my hard cock, like a woman on fire. Susan helps her along by sucking and biting her tits, as she bounces up and down.”Oh fuck!” Sherrie cries, riding me harder and faster, almost bouncing off the tip of my cock. “Stand up, Susan!” Sherrie yells. “I want to taste you when I cum!” Susan complies. Standing with one foot on either side of my torso, she arches her back and positions her pussy over Sherrie’s mouth. With her head tilted back, Sherrie snakes her tongue into Susan’s wet pussy, lapping at her juices, as she grinds her own drenched pussy around my hard cock. Sherrie is grinding fervently on my cock and I feel like I’m about to explode. I reach up and squeeze my sister’s oily ass cheeks, while she rocks her cunt against Sherrie’s talented tongue. My fingers are covered with baby oil and slipping all over my sister’s ass. I spread her cheeks and slip an oily finger into her puckered asshole. With baby oil lubricating the opening, my finger glides right in. I pump it in and out, finger fucking Susan’s ass, while Sherrie eats her pussy.”Oh my god!” Susan moans, clenching her ass muscles around my finger and humping faster against Sherrie’s mouth. “Suck my clit!” She yells at Sherrie. “Suck my fucking clit!” She yells, grabbing Sherrie’s hair and pulling her head where she wants it.I’ m pumping my cock into Sherrie’s pussy and my finger into my sister’s ass, when I can’t hold back any longer. Fuck! I wish I could make this last a little longer. I want to hold on just a little more, but I’m about to burst! Fuck! My cock explodes with one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had (except for that time when Nicole had me under the spell of the transmitter and wouldn’t let me cum).Susan’s legs tense and she jerks, shakily through her orgasm, flooding Sherrie’s chin and neck with her juices, as I slip my finger out of her ass. Sherrie rides my cock throughout my release, clamping her pulsating pussy muscles together just as I finish my last spurt of cum. Trembling, she pulls her face from Susan’s cunt, gasping for breath. Susan manages to move her leg from the other side of me before collapsing on the comforter, while Sherrie falls forward onto my chest, almost knocking the air out of me. Sherrie’s oil-soaked tits are pressed against my chest, slipping to the sides, as she catches her breath.”How come our threesomes are always two girls and one guy?” Sherrie asks a few minutes later, her head cradled on my shoulder. “Why don’t we ever do two guys and one girl?””Yeah.” Susan says, sitting up and looking at me. “How come?””Because we are two girls and one guy.” I answer lamely. “Do you have someone in mind for the other guy?” I ask, thinking that there’s no reason we can’t make this happen.”What about Ken?” Susan asks Sherrie. “You could do Ken and Nick together.” She explains.”I don’t know.” Sherrie says, hesitantly. “I would love to suck one of you while the other one fucks me.” Sherrie says, dreamily. “But I’m not sure Ken will go for it. I mean, how do you even bring something like that up?” She laughs.”I bet he’d go for a threesome with you and me, though!” Susan retorts. “What’s good for the goose…” She says, lying back down with her hands behind her head. “Maybe we should do that first, to get him thinking about threesomes.””Let me talk to Ken.” I offer quickly, before my sister can pursue her idea. I’m surprisingly uncomfortable with the idea of someone else fucking my sister. I know that I can make the threesome happen with Ken if Sherrie wants it. “I’ll see how he feels about this type of thing, without any specifics.” “Would you?” Sherrie asks, raising her head off my shoulder and looking at my face. “That would be perfect.” She says, kissing me on the lips. “You are wonderful.” She says, before sliding her pussy-soaked tongue into my mouth. The taste of Susan’s juices on Sherrie’s tongue brings my cock back to life, aching for my sister’s pussy. Breaking the kiss, I ease out from under Sherrie and turn on my side, facing Susan. Lying on her back with her eyes closed, Susan is relaxing, with her thighs splayed open and pussy juice pooling between them. With her hands behind her head, her exquisite tits are pulled high on her chest; the oily coating giving her perfect curves a polished glow.Kneeling between her legs, I lean forward, placing my hands on the floor on either side of her. My cockhead is lingering next to her pussy lips, as I bend my elbows, barely grazing my chest against her hard nipples. I lower my body to hers. Susan opens her eyes, smiling dreamily, as I gradually glide my cock into her licentious pussy. With my cock fully buried inside her, and my chest resting against her slippery breasts, I push my tongue into my sister’s warm, welcoming mouth. As Susan wraps her legs around me, tightening our blood-stirring connection, I realize how impossible it is to describe our i****tuous couplings. Every time I enter my sister, I get an overwhelming sense of love, passion and belonging; like I’m coming home. It’s unlike sex with anyone else. Even fucking my mother, whom I love unequivocally, is just fucking compared to this. Slowly, I start rocking up and back, gliding my hard cock in and out of her velvety pussy. With our hungry tongues dueling for space in our mouths, and our slippery chests teasing each other to greater arousal, we increase the pace of our rhythm. Harder and faster, we respond to the mandates of our bodies, until we’re slamming together, demanding the gratification of release that is being held hostage by the sheer pleasure of our illicit sex.”Oh God!” Susan yells, tightening her legs around me. “Fuck me, Nick! Fuck me, like no one else can!” Susan screams, digging her nails into my ass cheeks, as she bucks frantically against my cock. I pound into her, smacking her ass down against the hardwood floor, as the comforter bunches up behind us. We’re in motion, our oily bodies sliding six to eight inches across the floor with each thrust. I’m hammering her, pushing her along, holding her shoulders, as she grips my ass cheeks, both of us oblivious to anything but our insistent needs. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Fuuuuuuuuuuucccccck!” Susan cries, gripping my cock with her pussy muscles, as she shivers and shakes through her tumultuous orgasm. Dragging her nails across my ass cheeks, she jerks violently several times, before relaxing her thighs and releasing her grip on my ass. I thrust into her three more times, pushing her head against the wall, before my cock bursts open, deep within her quivering pussy. I jerk against her, sliding my hand between her head and the wall to cushion the blows, as several more spurts of cum erupt from my throbbing cockhead. I finally slump forward, lying on my sister’s chest, catching my breath.”Fuck!” I whisper. “That was so fucking intense!” “No k**ding.” Susan laughs, still out of breath. “No one fucks me like you do, little brother.” Susan says, kissing the top of my head and running her hands up and down my sweat-soaked back. “That’s because no one loves you like I do.” I whisper, kissing her neck and running my cheek across her slippery nipples.”I know.” She whispers.”Jesus! You guys were off the charts!” Sherrie exclaims. “Not to mention, off the comforter.” She laughs. “What was that? Fucking across the living room floor? I’ve never seen anything like it!” She’s lying on the bunched up comforter, leaning her head on her hand. I’d forgotten we had an audience. For a while it seemed like my sister and I were the only people in the world.”You should try it!” I tease her. “What? Ken doesn’t ‘move’ you like that?” I joke.”We’re usually in his bed!” Sherrie retorts. “Not gliding around on the floor in baby oil.” She smiles. “And he doesn’t pound my head into the fucking wall!” She adds, laughing.”It didn’t hurt.” Susan says, sounding somewhat spacey. “And I’ll take more of it, anytime.” She says, squeezing her pussy muscles around my spent cock, as she pulls me more tightly against her. “Are you really going to talk to Ken?” Sherrie asks, standing up and stretching her shining body seductively, her swollen pussy lips glimmering below her hairless mound. “You know, about the two of you fucking me together?” She doesn’t have to remind me; I find the idea very enticing.”Yes.” I answer. “Write down his class schedule and I’ll arrange to run into him in the next couple of days.” I say, anxious to be done with conversation so I can get back to basking in the afterglow of making love to my sister. “I’m going to take a shower.” Sherrie says, rolling the comforter into a ball and putting it in the laundry basket. “I’m in no hurry to move.” Susan whispers. “Are you?” “Not at all.” I tell her, brushing hair from her face before pressing my lips to hers. I grind against her, swooshing my soft cock around in her saturated pussy. I want to fuck her again, but I’ve just cum three times, and my recovery isn’t going to be very fast. There must be a way to use the transmitter on myself to give me complete control over my dick. I think about this as I burrow my face in my sister’s hair and breathe in her scent. The next day, I conveniently run into Ken, as he crosses the campus after football practice. “Hey Ken.” I say, as I catch up with him. “How was practice?” “It sucked!” He barks at me. “Practice sucked, our games suck, and this year’s whole fucking team sucks!” He says, walking slowly, shaking his head. “Why is this year’s team is so bad, Ken?” I ask. I realize we haven’t won a game all season, I just never thought much about it.”The offense lacks motivation.” He answers, disgustedly. “A lot of our best players graduated and the new players aren’t motivated to win like we were last year. What we need is some kind of incentive to hold out to these guys.” Ken says, shaking his head again. “I just wish I knew what it was.””What do you mean, incentive?” I ask. “Like what? Money?” “No, money wouldn’t motivate these guys.” Ken says. “We can’t smoke or drink during the season, that only leaves sex as the vice of choice.” He laughs.”What? Like hookers?” I ask, incredulously.”No way!” Ken answers. “That wouldn’t work.” He pauses, thinking about it. “What we need is someone really hot, who’ll offer to take on the whole offensive team if we win a game.” He says, smiling. “Know anyone like that?” He asks, jokingly. My first thought is of Sherrie wanting to fuck two guys. I wonder what she would think about an entire football team. Then, a light bulb goes off in my head!”Yes!” I say, snapping my fingers. “I do know someone like that. She’s a supermodel, she’s been on the cover of several magazines, you’d probably recognize her and I’m pretty sure I can get her to do it.” I tell him. I know I can get her to do it. All I have to do is tell her to think about it.”Are you serious?” Ken has stopped walking and is looking right at me. “You’re k**ding right?””No.” türbanlı adıyaman escort I answer. “I know just the person. When is your next away game?” I ask, thinking about the logistics.”This Friday.” Ken says, smiling. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” He asks, punching my arm. “Do it on the team bus on the way home?””That’s exactly what I’m thinking.” I tell him, as we talk about the arrangements. He starts walking away when I remember why I was supposed to run into him. “Oh Ken.” I call after him, while putting the ear buds in my ears. Turning the thumb wheel, I find his frequency and press the button on the transmitter. “Yes.” He answers, in a low monotone voice. “How are things with you and Sherrie?” I ask.”Great.” He answers. “I absolutely adore her. She’s smart, funny, beautiful and a wildcat in bed.” “What’s her number one sexual fantasy?” I ask, pretty sure he won’t know the answer.”I don’t know.” He says, hesitantly. “She’s never said.””The next time you are in bed together, you will ask her about her sexual fantasy. She will tell you about wanting to fuck two guys at the same time. You will be very open to this idea and suggest me as the other guy. You will even offer to approach me about doing it. When I turn off the transmitter, you will only remember that we finalized the arrangements for Danae to meet the football team.” I pull the ear buds from my ears and push the button.”Well, okay then.” Ken says, smiling. “Let’s see if we can win some games.””I’ll see you Friday night.” I call after him, as he walks away. When I get home, I call Nicole. She tells me all about her mom teasing the hell out of Bobby, but still not able to make a move on him. They went to the beach over the weekend and Maggie wore the skimpiest bikini she could find. Nicole says that Bobby’s eyes were popping out of his head. Nicole left them alone while she went to the snack bar to get drinks and Maggie asked Bobby to put suntan lotion on her back and legs. “I can’t believe she hasn’t gotten him to fuck her yet.” I interrupt Nicole’s story, laughing.”He’s so shy and she’s afraid she’ll scare him.” Nicole says. “You should have seen him staring at her tits, though. I’d have been jealous, if I wasn’t in on the plan.” She laughs. Nicole continues her story, telling me how she arranged to meet Bobby at her house early yesterday morning. Her dad was already at work and her mom answered the door in her transparent silk robe. Nicole supposedly had overslept, so Maggie kept Bobby company while Nicole got ready. Maggie appeared to keep trying to cover herself, when in actuality she was continuously revealing her hard nipples and neatly trimmed pussy to him. Nicole says that by the time they left the house, Bobby was sporting the biggest hard-on she’d ever seen on him. “He is definitely interested.” Nicole says. “I hope you’re right about this because there’ll be no turning back.” She laughs. “Once he gets a taste of my mom, I’m not sure he’ll still be interested in me. “You worry too much, Nicole.” I tell her jokingly. “I’ll be there this weekend and we’ll see how it’s going.” We hang up after sharing how much we miss each other and professing our undying love.The rest of the week goes by without much excitement. On Thursday I get a text message from Nicole, confirming the arrangements for this weekend. Her and I are going to stay at Uncle Harry’s house for the weekend, with her mom coming over to meet Carl and Carolyn on Saturday afternoon. She’s going to pick me up from the airport Saturday morning and wants my flight number. I text her back with the information and then call my dad’s office.”Harrison & Associates, how may I direct your call?” Danae answers on the third ring.”Hi Danae, it’s Nick. How have you been?” I ask, not expecting a pleasant answer.”Your father’s not here and I don’t think he wants to talk to you anyway.” She says sharply.”Why is that, Danae?” I ask.”Ask him.” She says abruptly. “I’m not your secretary.””Think about it, Danae.” I give her the trigger. “How are things with Daryl?” I ask.”He hasn’t been the same since your visit. He says you ruined everything.” She says in the transmitter induced monotone voice. “I don’t think he’s even gotten laid, lately.””Think about it, Danae.” I’m not sure if I need to use the trigger again, but I’m not taking any chances. “You have been dying to fuck an entire college football team. It’s your number one sexual fantasy. When I suggest that you become their mascot and give yourself as an incentive to win a game, you’ll jump at the opportunity.” “Okay.””Hey, Danae.” I say.”What is it now?” She says caustically. That’s my Danae!”Our football team isn’t winning any games and I wondered if you would offer to fuck everyone on the team as an incentive to play harder.” I say, hoping my suggestion worked.”God, Nick!” Danae says, excitedly. “That’s my fantasy come true! When can I meet them?” She asks. I give her the details and arrange to meet her near the locker room tomorrow night.”Thanks, Danae.” I say. “See you then.” Take that you stuck up bitch! I laugh out loud, getting stares from several people nearby. I hurry home. All this talk about sex has me horny as hell.Sherrie isn’t home when I get there. I find Susan relaxing in the bathtub, reading a book and listening to her IPOD. I stand in the doorway a few minutes, admiring the view. Her hair is pulled up and clipped on top of her head. Her knees are bent and her shoulders are resting against the porcelain tub. Her nipples poke out of the water like little buoys in a still pond. The water is clear and her hairless pussy mound shimmers just under the surface. She looks up, as I step into the bathroom. Smiling, she sets her book on the floor and takes her IPOD out of her ears.”Hi.” She sighs, as I kneel beside the tub. With my left hand, I splash water over her hard nipples, before cupping her tits in the warm water. Leaning down, I kiss her on the lips, our tongues entwining inside her warm mouth. “Hi yourself.” I whisper, letting my hand glide down her smooth skin and moving the water around between her legs. She sighs, as I brush my fingers back and forth creating waves against her pussy lips.”Mmmmm.” She says, spreading her legs. “That feels nice.” I take her closest nipple between my teeth and flick my tongue across the tip of it, while my hand continues to churn the water between her legs. She runs her fingers through my hair, pulling my mouth more tightly against her tit, while sliding down, trying to make contact with my hand. I brush the palm of my hand lightly against her pussy lips, as I suck on her taut nipple. “Ohhh.” She moans, sliding farther down in the bath. “Don’t drown.” I tease, while lightly stroking her slit with my fingers. Letting one finger slip between her pussy lips, I switch my sucking and biting to her other nipple. Leaning her head back against the tub, she humps her pussy against my fingers, while she caresses the back of my head. Her thighs are as wide as she can get them and I slip two fingers into her aroused pussy, cupping her smooth mound with my hand. Rocking my palm against her clit, I rapidly move my fingers in and out of her anxious pussy.”Oh God!” Susan moans, as my fingers pump faster and my palm continues massaging her clit. With both of her hands wrapped around my head, she rocks in rhythm to my machinations between her legs. I release her nipple and start licking all over her tits, her areolas and between her luscious globes. Licking my way up her lovely neck and across her cheek, I push my tongue back into her mouth, as I continue to finger fuck her. The faster my hand moves, the harder she pushes against my palm and the more urgently she sucks on my tongue. It feels like she’s trying to suck it out of my mouth, just before her body stiffens and she clamps her legs around my hand. “Oh fuck!” She cries, breaking the kiss, as her orgasm trembles through her body. “You’ve got about thirty seconds to get your clothes off and replace your fingers with your cock.” She says, smiling at me between half closed eyelids.”Let’s move to the bed for that.” I suggest, as I slide my fingers from her pussy and strip my clothes off. I’m completely naked by the time she stands up. Pulling her against me, as she steps from the tub, I wrap her wet, naked body into a tight embrace. Squeezing my ass cheeks, she grinds her hairless mound against my hard cock, crushing it between us. Pulling the clip from her hair, she shakes her head, cascading her long hair down around her shoulders.My sister is supercharged from her bathtub orgasm and sucks and fucks me into the wee hours of the morning. Every time I think we’re done, she just smiles and sucks me hard again. My resilience is surprising, even to me, as we move from her riding my steel pole, to me pounding into her from behind and culminating with an intense kiss-filled missionary position grind, which finally exhausts us completely. We fall into a blissful sleep, with my spent cock lying lazily within her flooded pussy.We wake up too late on Friday morning for either of us to make our first class. We agree to blow off our classes for the rest of the day and just cuddle together under the covers. Sometime during our marathon last night, I remember Sherrie coming home. We must have ignored her, discouraged her, or she just wasn’t interested in joining us, because she slept in her own room and is gone by the time we get up.After a leisurely wake up fuck, we linger in the shower for what seems like hours. Lathering, touching, kissing and unwilling to disentangle our bodies for very long, we finally end up back in bed. I immediately bury my face in her freshly washed and very wet pussy, determined to pay her back for the phenomenal sucking she did on me last night. I eat my sister through three deliciously, gushing orgasms, before giving into her pleas to use my cock instead of my tongue. She wraps her legs around my ass, encouraging me to move faster, as I inch my hard cock into her gooey hole. Slipping my pussy-soaked tongue into her mouth, I abandon all thoughts of going slowly, as she starts rocking against me and thrusting her hips off the bed. Her pussy is on fire and my cock is the fire hose. I slam into her, driving us both into a frenzy that is half lovemaking and half full frontal assault. “Ohhhh yeah!” Susan cries, between clenched teeth, as she digs her nails into my back and bucks wildly against my pounding cock. Drenched in sweat and pushing for that ultimate climax, our bodies hammer against each other incessantly. I’m getting so fucking close! I want Susan to cum first, but I’m not sure I’ll make it.”Ohhhhhhhhhh! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuccck!” Susan yells, clenching her pussy muscles around my cock and shaking uncontrollably against my chest. “I’m… cumming… Nick… cum… with… me… let… me… have… it!” She cries, as I pound harder into her clenched pussy. My cock explodes in a wild spasm, spurting a surprisingly large load of cum deep inside my sister’s gushing pussy. Our chests heave against each other, as we gasp for air and I kiss my sister’s neck, chin and mouth, before snuggling against her chest, exhausted.”Nick?” Susan says, when her breathing has returned to normal.”Yeah?” I answer, sleepily.”Do you have to go?” She asks.”I promised Ken I’d go to this game tonight.” I tell her, conveniently leaving out the part about meeting Danae. “I’m still working on setting up the threesome Sherrie wants.” I lie.”No. I mean this weekend.” She says. “To see Nicole.” She says quietly.”Oh. Why?” I ask, raising my head up and looking in my sister’s eyes. Oh fuck! I think she’s jealous.”It’s just… I don’t know… Is it like this with Nicole?” She asks. “I mean… I’ve never spent 24 hours fucking anyone before, but I still don’t want to stop.””I’ve never done this either, Susan.” I answer, trying to figure out exactly what to say. “No, it’s never been like this with anyone else.” I answer honestly.”Then why do you… oh Christ! What am I saying? Never mind!” She says, hastily. “Don’t mind me. It’s just post-coital babbling. Go see your girl friend… fuck her brains out.” She says, scooting out from under me. “I have to take a shower.” She says, getting off the bed and heading to the bathroom. Fuck! This is all I need. But the truth is; she’s right. I’ve never felt like this with anyone else. Something to think about, but right now, I’ve got to think about getting ready if I’m going to meet Danae.Using the transmitter, I suggest to the coaches that the first string offense needs to be secluded on a separate bus from the rest of the team to create the kind of tight bond that wins games. When everyone else has left, I sneak Danae into the locker room. She handles herself magnificently.”Hi guys.” Danae says, coyly. “I’m Danae.” She’s wearing a sexy cheerleader outfit that makes the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders look dull. Her top is similar to theirs, tied together between her tits, covering her arms and leaving her entire torso bare. Instead of shorts, she’s wearing a micro mini skirt, with nothing under it. Whoops and hollers fill the locker room, as the guys take in her bouncing tits and her bare ass, as she twirls once around for them.”I’m sad that you haven’t won any games.” She says, with an exaggerated pout. “I’ve come here today to see if I can convince you how important it is to win.” She says, looking at each player in turn. “I’ve taken a vow of chastity until you win.” She says, letting her words sink in. “I hate chastity!” She yells, jumping like a cheerleader, giving the players a clear view of her bare pussy. More whoops and whistles. “Sometimes, it gets so bad.” She continues with a mock seriousness. “At night… when I’m alone in bed… I have to touch myself.” She’s says in a breathy whisper that has each player hanging on her every word. “I pinch my nipples.” She says, demonstrating by sliding her left hand into her top and pinching her right nipple. “Sometimes, I get so wet.” She says, moving her other hand under her skirt. “That I put my finger… in… my… inside… myself.” She breathes, spreading her legs and making a show of pushing her finger inside her pussy. “Who’s the quarterback?” Danae asks, as she takes her finger out of her pussy and removes her hand from her top. “Um… over… here.” Stutters a large white guy, sitting on a bench close to the front. “I’m… the… um… quarterback.” He says, licking his lips.”Well.” Danae says, sitting on his lap. “When you win.” She says, scooting her ass around and running her wet finger under his nose. “I’m going to do you first.” She says, pushing her juicy finger into his mouth. “And then, I’m going to do every one of you!” She yells, jumping off the quarterbacks lap and kicking her legs in the air. More hollers and whistles fill the locker room.”Can we win this game?” She yells, like a true cheerleader. “Yeah!” Eleven voices yell in unison. “I hope so!” She says, in her pouty, little girl voice. “Because I’m getting really horny!” With that, she turns, flips up her skirt and we leave the locker room. The noise coming from these seven black and four white college football players is deafening.”Wow!” I say, holding the door for her. “You were great!” I watch her long, tanned legs and get a glimpse of her pussy lips as she swings her legs into the car. I borrowed the car from one of the coaches, so Danae and I can ride back on the team bus, if they win.”Of course.” She says, as I close her door. “I’m an actress.” I hurry around to the other side and we take off for the game. “Do we have time for a quick fuck, before the game?” Danae asks, as we start our two-hour drive down the interstate. “All those football players really made me horny.” I look over at her and she isn’t even looking at me. She looks bored, like she just asked if we could stop for a bathroom break. I know I could change that, but I want her really primed for the football team.”I don’t think so, Danae.” I tell her. “Sorry.””It’s okay.” She says, patting my knee. “I can take care of myself.” As I try to keep my eyes on the road, Danae slides down in the seat, spreads her knees and starts running her finger up and down her wet pussy lips. “Mmmmm.” She sighs, as I watch her slip two fingers inside her pussy and start pumping them in and out. I’m having trouble keeping my eyes on the road, as my cock stiffens in my pants. “A hard cock feels better than fingers.” Danae says, eyeing the bulge in my pants. “Are you sure you don’t want a piece of this?” She asks, moving her other hand down to massage her clit, while still pumping her fingers in and out of her juicy pussy. Fuck! I take the next off ramp and pull over to the side of the road, near a clump of trees.”I didn’t think you’d hold out very long.” Danae smiles, as I lead her behind a couple of large trees. When I turn to face her, she already has her top untied and is cupping her tits with her hands, offering her hard nipples to me. Her tits are even more spectacular than I remembered. Tanned and sitting high on her chest, they are perfectly round, with dark red areolas and long, dark nipples. I bend down and suck one of her thick nipples into my mouth, flicking my tongue across the tip, as I tease it with my teeth. “You are beautiful, Danae.” I tell her, as I release her nipple and move to her other tit.”I know.” She says, stroking her hand up and down the bulge in my pants. “I’m a model.” She says, matter-of-factly. Miss personality she is not! I turn her around and lift up her skirt, as I fumble with my belt. Pulling my pants and underwear down, I bend her forward until her hands are leaning against the tree. Her thick pussy lips are dripping with her juices, as I rub the head of my cock up and down between them.”Fuck me, Nick!” Danae says, looking back over her shoulder. “Those guys might not win.” She says. “So fuck me like it has to last until their next game.” She shouts. I slam my hard cock into her slick pussy, burying it to my balls with the first thrust. She immediately grinds back against me, moving her hips in a circular motion that does amazing things to my cock, as I pump it in and out of her. I’ve never fucked anyone from behind who exerted as much control as she does. I grab her hips and start pounding into her. She rocks back and forth matching me stroke for stroke.”Oh fuck!” Danae cries. “That… is… so… fucking… good!” She pants as she continues to swirl her hips around, while ramming her ass back against my aggressive thrusts. In no time, I’m ready to cum. I don’t really care about Danae, but my male ego needs to satisfy her first. I increase the intensity of my thrusts, until I feel her clamp her pussy muscles around my cock. As I’m about to let loose with my final thrust, Danae pulls away, leaving my hard cock dangling in cool night air! What the fuck! Before I can react, Danae spins around, drops to her knees, and sucks my throbbing cock into her warm mouth. I cum instantly, shooting several quick bursts, as she sucks and swallows, pumping my cock with her hand, until I’m completely drained. “My vow of chastity, remember?” Danae says, licking her lips, as she stands up. “I couldn’t have your cum dripping out of me during the football game, could I?” She says, as she turns and leads the way back to the car. Pulling my pants up, I follow her. Fuck! That was unreal!The seats Ken got us are right on the 50-yard line, about three rows up from the field. Danae seems oblivious to all the guys who keep walking in front of us and looking up her skirt. She cheers the team on, like a real cheerleader; her tits bouncing enthusiastically each time the team scores. My cock stays hard through most of the game; as I watch this golden goddess, faux cheerleader, jump around next to me. The incentive works, and our team wins 21 to 14, with a long pass from the quarterback in the final minutes of the game. Danae throws her arms around my neck, dancing around, as she pushes her golden globes against my chest. “WE WON!” She yells, clapping her hands together. “You know what that means?” She says, unable to stop bouncing up and down.”I know, Danae.” I answer, smiling at her. “Think about it, Danae.” I say, using the trigger to make her submissive. She immediately stops bouncing and looks at me, starry eyed. “You will make all eleven offensive players cum inside you. You can use your mouth, your pussy or your ass, but you won’t be able cum until you have satisfied every one of them. Your arousal will increase, as each team member gets off. When the last one cums, you will have the most explosive orgasm you’ve ever had.” I stop, trying to think of any other suggestions I want to give her. I come up with one more. “If there’s time, you can get them all off again for another explosive orgasm. Okay?””Okay.” She says, then snaps out of it and grabs my arm. “Let’s go, Nick!” She almost yells, dragging me towards the stadium exit. It takes a while to negotiate through the crowd and when we get to the bus, some of the players are already there. This has got to be a record for the fastest showers after a college football game. Danae spots the quarterback sitting on the aisle, next to one of the black linemen. She runs down the aisle towards him, shedding her skirt and top on the way. Plopping down on his lap, she kisses his lips as she straddles his legs, rubbing her hairless pussy against the front of his pants. “You were magnificent!” Danae says, scooting back so she can undo his pants. “That long pass at the end, won the game!” She slides her bare ass over onto the lap of the lineman next to them, to let the quarterback remove his pants. The lineman grips her ass cheeks with his large black hands, squeezing and kneading her smooth flesh. “Since you’re first, do you want to cum in my mouth or my pussy?” Danae asks the quarterback, licking her lips, while she runs her hand over her smooth, tanned pussy mound. “Um… your pussy, I guess.” The quarterback answers, clearly stumped by the two incredible choices, his eyes dancing between her mouth, her tits and her pussy.”You’re next.” She whispers, kissing the lineman, before swinging her leg over the quarterback. “Get your pants off.” She tells the lineman, as she reaches between her legs and inserts the quarterback’s hard cock into her eager pussy. The lineman quickly pushes his pants down and pulls them off his legs. Kneeling on the seat, his thick black cock is pointing at Danae, as she bounces up and down on the quarterback.”Oh fuck!” The quarterback moans, as he sucks and fondles Danae’s golden tits. Danae’s almond shaped eyes spring open when she sees the lineman’s huge black cock next to her. Wrapping her hand around it, she strokes it a few times, then leans over and licks her tongue around the head.”Oh yeah, baby!” The lineman says, putting his hand behind her head, while he pushes his massive cock into her mouth. Danae eagerly sucks his cock, while her hand is like a corkscrew, swirling up and down his thick shaft, pumping it into her mouth. She stretches her lips around his wide girth and I think she’s probably lucky she’s taking this one orally.The bus is soon a jumble of naked bodies, as players vie for position next to the tanned blonde, who has promised to take them all on. Another black cock appears in the aisle to her left and Danae grabs onto it, stroking it with her left hand. Continuing to ride the quarterback, and twist her hand up and down the lineman’s saliva coated cock, Danae leans into the aisle and wraps her lips around this new one. Danae’s body is covered with large hands; some black and some white, fondling her tits, squeezing her ass and one white finger probing her asshole. She is alternating her mouth between the two black cocks in her hands, while slamming down hard on the quarterback’s pole. When she again turns her mouth to the lineman in the window seat, he grabs her head, twisting his fingers through her hair, and pumps his cock into her mouth until he cums. Danae sucks and swallows until he’s empty and then takes a deep breath, as he releases her head and drops back into his seat.”Oh fuck!” The quarterback cries, as he shoots his load inside Danae’s pussy. The black player in the aisle disengages his cock from her hand and picks her up off the quarterback’s lap. As he turns her towards him, she wraps her legs around his waist and he drops her onto his thick, black cock, impaling her up to his balls.”Ohhhhhhhh! Fuck!” Danae cries as she rocks against his cock, stretching her well-lubricated pussy with each thrust. The player’s large black hands squeeze into her ass cheeks, holding her tightly against him as he sits down on the floor of the bus. Danae pushes him onto his back in the aisle, as she brings her knees up and starts riding his huge black cock. The other eight players scramble for position around the gyrating couple on the floor. One black player, that I recognize as the wide receiver, positions his meaty pole near Danae’s face and pulls her head towards him. She leans forward and sucks his cock into her mouth, while continuing to rock feverishly against the huge black cock in her pussy. A white player, whose name I don’t know, is probing her asshole with his fingers, spitting on them to lubricate her opening. Another player hands him a bottle of hand lotion to use on her ass and he squirts it all over his fingers and into her puckered opening. “Yes!” Danae cries, continuing to pump the cock in front of her with her hand, while she slams down on the thick meat filling her pussy. “Fuck my ass!” She orders. “Stick your cock in my ass!” She yells, before resuming the blowjob on the receiver. The player behind her removes his fingers from her ass, squirts some lotion onto his hard cock and pushes it against her tight back door. Danae stops moving for a minute, relaxes her sphincter and the cock plunges into her.”God she’s so fucking tight!” The player cries, getting a cacophony of response from the rest of the team. Danae starts moving again and he picks up her rhythm, pulling back as the black cock pushes in. Danae’s body glistens with sweat, as the three cocks pound into her, increasing the intensity of her arousal. With a deep, guttural grunt, the player on the floor climaxes inside her, but she can’t get off his cock because she’s pinned against him by the cock slamming into her ass.”God damn!” The receiver shouts, pumping his fist in the air, as he shoots his load into Danae’s mouth. She swallows most of it, but some drips down her chin as she arches back against the cock in her ass. The player pumps harder, now that it’s just him and he moans loudly as he shoots his load into her tight asshole.Everyone gets a turn and Danae is moaning and cursing, as she sucks and fucks her way through the entire team. Her arousal is at a feverish peak and she is anxious to get to the last player. Ken is the tenth player that Danae gets off and he gives me thumbs up, as he shoots his load. He is the fourth or fifth player to cum in her ass and he is clearly enjoying himself. Naked football players lounge in the seats as Danae frantically looks around for more. One player is sitting in the back of the bus, fully dressed and reading a book. Danae runs towards him. “He’s not into this kind of stuff.” One of the players yells, as I try to make my way through the crowd that’s gathered around him. Standing on a seat cushion, I see a very aroused and agitated Danae, tugging at the guy’s pants, while he tries to hold them up.”No, thank you, I said!” The player shouts at her.”Help me!” Danae calls to the other players, who just stand there, confused. “I’ll do you all again if you help me!” She says and that gets them moving. Two players hold his hands, while another one pulls his pants off.”Leave me alone!” He pleads, trying to fight them off.”Hold his legs!” Danae orders, as she kneels between them. I can’t see if he’s hard or not, but Danae has both hands and her mouth working on him. He’s trashing around, with two of his teammates holding his arms and two holding his legs, while Danae sucks him off. “Where’s the guy with that huge black cock?” Danae asks, standing up, as she takes a breath from her blowjob. The lineman who got the first blowjob steps up. His cock must be three inches across and at least 10 inches long. “Fuck my pussy!” She says, bending at the waist and spreading her legs. “I want you to fuck me as hard as you can, while I do this!” She doesn’t have to ask him twice. The lineman slides about two thirds of his cock into her swampy pussy and starts pumping her from behind, as she leans down and resumes sucking on the restrained player in front of her. Pretty smart! She wants a huge cock in her pussy when she’s finally able to climax.From where I’m standing, it appears the reluctant player is doing less thrashing around and a lot more thrusting forward into Danae’s mouth. At a torturous level of arousal, Danae is ferociously sucking and pumping his cock, trying to make him cum. The lineman, holding Danae’s hips with his large hands, is pounding mercilessly into her soggy pussy, his entire length disappearing with each stroke.”Oh God!” The restrained player yells, between clenched teeth. “Fuck!” He grunts and shoots his load. Danae doesn’t even try to swallow it. Her orgasm hits her so hard, she grabs onto the reluctant player’s chest, as the lineman’s final thrusts push her forward. Her body convulses in thunderous tremors, as she shakes and shivers uncontrollably. Her throbbing pussy is too much for the lineman and he slams against her ass, holding her as he jerkily unloads his balls into her saturated pussy. Danae collapses on the reluctant player, shivering as his teammates release his arms and legs. He hesitantly wraps his arms around her and holds her to his chest, as she rides out her waves of pleasure. Danae does each player again before we get back to campus. Per my transmitter-induced suggestion, Danae’s arousal continues to increase, but she is no longer the sexual a****l she was the first time through. She is more like a limp doll that they pass around, filling her orifices with their spunk. No one is complaining; even an unenthusiastic goddess is still a goddess. Even the formerly reluctant player fucks her overused pussy, adding his cream to the gooey mess inside of her. Danae again experiences an explosive orgasm when she gets to the last player. This time no one holds her as she quivers and shakes through her orgasm, gushing more of her thick cream from her battered pussy. The players gather up their clothing and take their seats, leaving her limp body in a heap on the floor. Danae curls up on her side, catching her breath from her orgasm, oblivious to the mixture of sexual excrement pooling in the aisle beneath her.I help her retrieve her clothing, adjust her skirt around her sticky ass and tie her top between her bruised and swollen tits. She defines the – ridden hard and put away wet – remark so often heard on college campuses. Her makeup is smeared and her lips are swollen, with no remaining traces of her lip-gloss. Her hair is a tangle of sweat and dried cum, while her thighs are caked with a sticky coating of mixed juices that are dripping from her pussy and her ass. Neither of us speaks, as I walk Danae to her car. Seeing her in this condition, gives me second thoughts about what I’ve done to her tonight. The thrill of the idea overpowered my consideration of the consequences. Sure she’s a bitch, but did she deserve this? I try to think of something to say.”Thanks, Nick.” Danae whispers. “That was unbelievable!” She leans up and kisses me on the lips and I flinch, thinking about all that’s passed those lips tonight. “When’s the next game?” She asks, forcing a smile onto her swollen lips.”Are you okay to drive?” I ask, as she opens the door. “I can drive you home, if you’d like.””I’m fine.” Danae says. “Don’t worry about me, Nick.” She says, getting into her car. “Nobody worries about Danae.” She says, closing the door. As I watch her drive off, Ken jogs up next to me.”Goddamn, man!” Ken says, slapping me on the back. “You really fucking did it! She was so fucking incredible!” I look at Ken, wondering if he saw the condition Danae was in when she left. “Yeah!” I say. “You guys finally won!” I say, returning his back slap.”Yeah!” Ken says. “This game will go down in infamy for this school… for more reasons than one!” Ken says. “Hey, I’m seeing Sherrie tomorrow. Will you be there?” “No.” I answer, walking to my car. “I’m going to visit Nicole this weekend.” “Okay. Have fun!” Ken says. “Thanks again, man!” “Yeah.” I say. “You have fun, too.”When I get home, I crawl into bed between Susan and Sherrie, snuggling against the warmth of their naked bodies. I try to sleep, but the image of Danae’s battered body keeps popping into my brain. I try thinking about Nicole, Maggie and Carolyn, but it isn’t enough to erase the guilt from this evening. I finally doze off, waking when I hear Susan coming out of the shower. “Hey sleepy head.” She says, as she rummages through her dresser for some underwear. “What time did you get home last night?” She asks, picking out a light blue thong and matching bra. “It was pretty late.” I say. “We won our game, though.” I tell her.”I know.” She says, crawling up on the bed and dangling her tits in my face. “I heard about the last minute touchdown.” She says, as I suck one of her nipples into my mouth. “Sherrie went to get some bagels and you have a plane to catch.” She says, pulling her nipple from my mouth and leaning down to kiss me. “You’re going to see your girlfriend, remember?” She asks. The way she says it leaves little doubt that she still would rather I didn’t.”I love you.” I say, fondling her tits with my hands, as I push my tongue into her mouth. “I know.” She says quietly. “But I’m your sister, not your girlfriend.” She sighs. “So you need to get up… I mean out of bed.” She smiles, pulling the covers back and revealing my morning hard-on. “Well, maybe just a quick taste.” She says, sucking the head of my cock into her mouth and flicking her tongue across it.”Does Nicole suck your cock this good?” Susan asks, locking her eyes on mine, as she deep throats me and flicks her tongue along my shaft.”Mmmmmm.” I moan. “Not quite like that.” I answer honestly. “Does she fuck you and then suck you hard again, as many times as I do?” She asks, as she licks up and down the entire length of my throbbing cock, while caressing my balls with her fingertips.”No.” I pant. “No one gets me up as many times as you do.” I’m bucking my ass off the bed, as Susan squeezes my cock with her hand, and licks the sensitive area just under the head. I don’t know why, but my sister’s jealousy is adding to my arousal level. I feel my balls tighten just as Susan slides her lips over my cockhead and pumps me in and out of her warm, wet mouth. I shoot immediately, filling my sister’s mouth with several large loads of cum. She sucks me dry, swallowing every drop and then crawls up on top of me.”Does she take it up the ass, like I do?” Susan whispers, as she brushes her tits over my chest and cradles my spent cock between her legs.”No, she doesn’t.” I answer, as I catch my breath. But her mother does. I don’t say this to Susan, of course.”Then, I don’t know what you see in her.” She teases, as she gets off the bed and starts getting dressed. I lie there a minute, thinking about her questions, as I watch her get dressed. Her beautiful tits hang temptingly from her chest, as she slips the thong over her feet and pulls it up. She wiggles her ass around, as she situates the thong between her firm checks and I watch her hairless pussy disappears from view behind the thin material. As she adjusts her large tits inside each cup of her bra, I get out of bed and head into the shower.”Can I ask you a question?” Susan asks, while we’re driving to the airport. “You seem to have a lot of questions, lately.” I smile.”I just want to know what you see in her?” Susan asks. “I’m not jealous.” She says quickly. “I just wonder.” Her expression is more of interest than jealousy, but I can’t help questioning her motivation, as I think about the answer. I surprisingly have trouble answering it.”I’m not sure.” I answer honestly. “We have fun together. We like the same things. The sex is great.” What I don’t say is that, the main appeal is the complete control I have over her. With the transmitter and the trigger, I can get her to do whatever I want. It suddenly seems like a shallow basis for the relationship.”Doesn’t sound that serious to me.” Susan says, smiling at me. “Susan.” I say, hesitantly. “Where is all this coming from?” I ask, wondering if I should use the transmitter to get to the truth.”Well.” Susan says slowly, watching the road instead of me. “I know exactly what I see in you. I don’t have to think about it. You are loving, caring, exciting to be with and I can never get enough of you. I don’t know if I’ll ever find a boyfriend who can measure up to that. So I just wondered what you looked for in a girlfriend.” She hesitates. “Never mind me.” She says, for the second time in two days. “I’m just babbling.””No you’re not, Susan.” I tell her, placing my hand on her thigh. “I know what you mean. I can’t seem to get enough of you either. Sex with you is a hundred times more intense than it is with anyone else.” I tell her, as she stops the car at the terminal. Leaning over, I kiss her lips and she grabs the back of my head, grinding her lips against mine and pushing her tongue in my mouth. We kiss passionately until a policeman comes by and tells us this is a loading and unloading zone only.”Well, I’ll see you Sunday.” I say, getting out of the car. “Oh, tell Sherrie that Ken is going to ask her about her ultimate fantasy. If she gives him the right answer, he’ll set up the threesome. It’s up to her.” I say.”I’ll tell her.” Susan assures me. “Oh… and Nick?” Susan says, with a smile on her face. “Just remember who really loves you.””I will.” I smile back. “I love you, too s*s.” I say.”And…” She says, just as I close the door. “Remember whose ass you love to fuck!” She says, pulling away from the curb before I can answer. I laugh out loud as I carry my bag into the terminal and wait in line for security.I look for Nicole as I walk off the plane and I’m surprised to see Maggie. She gives me a wet kiss and a big hug, mashing her braless tits against my chest. “Hi Maggie.” I say, wrapping my arm around her waist as we walk through the terminal. “I was expecting Nicole.” I tell her.”Disappointed?” She asks, looking from my eyes to the bulge in my pants.”I think you know better than that.” I say, kissing her cheek. “I’m just surprised Nicole was okay with this.” “Of course she was!” Maggie says, grinning. “Once I asked her to think about it.” She says, laughing.”You are so bad!” I laugh. “In such a good way!” I add.”Actually, Nick.” Maggie says, as we reach her car. “I wanted to talk to you before we see Nicole.” I throw my bag in the backseat and get in the passenger side of the car.”What about?” I ask, as Maggie backs out of the parking space.”I’m a little nervous about this weekend.” Maggie says, seriously. “I haven’t done anything with Nicole other than that one time.” She says. “I’m still not ready.””Okay.” I tell her. “But you haven’t made her forget about it either, have you?” I ask.”No, I haven’t.” She admits. “I guess, I’m just keeping my options open. But I really want some time alone with you.” She says, rubbing her hand up and down my thigh. “Does that make me a bad mother?” She asks, sheepishly.”Of course not!” I answer quickly. “I’m sure we can work it out.” I tell her. “What about Carl and Carolyn?” I ask. “Are you okay with that?” “I’m excited about fucking Carl.” She says, hesitantly. “But it sounds like it’s going to be some kind of orgy. I’ve never done anything like that. It’s got me pretty nervous.””What do you want to do?” I ask.”I don’t know.” Maggie smiles. “Let’s just play it by ear, okay?” She asks. “I just wanted you to know my concerns ahead of time.” türbanlı adıyaman escort She says, moving her hand over the bulge in my pants and stroking up and down with her fingernails. Neither of us speaks for a while and I lean back, enjoying the feel of Maggie’s hand on my crotch.”We need gas.” Maggie says, pulling her hand back to the steering wheel and turning into the gas station. When she gets out to pump the gas, I put the ear buds in my ears and dial in her frequency. I push the button when she gets back in the car.”Maggie?” I say.”Yes.” She answers in a flat, monotone.”When I turn off the transmitter, you will dial in my frequency and read this statement to me.” I say, handing her a piece of paper. I wrote out a suggestion for myself during the flight down here, figuring that I’d get Maggie to read it sometime over the weekend. Now is as good a time as any. “When you are done reading the statement, you will turn off the transmitter and give it back to me. You will not remember it. You will start the car not realizing any time has passed.”She takes the paper where I’ve written, “You will have complete control over your erections. You will be able to make your cock hard or soft instantly, just by thinking about it, recovering immediately after a climax if you wish. You will be able to withhold your climax for as long as you want, attain any level of arousal you want, and have amazingly satisfying orgasms every time you climax.”I push the button and Maggie reaches for the transmitter. The next thing I know she’s starting the car. “I have to use the restroom.” I tell her. “I’ll be right back.” I get out of the car and go into the convenience store, looking for the bathroom. Going into one of the stalls, I drop my pants and look at my cock. I think about it getting hard and it is instantly erect! I think about it getting soft and it retracts immediately. Fuck! This is great. I make it hard again and wrap my hand around it, aiming it at the toilet. I think about a big orgasm. Fuck! I jerk frantically, shooting several huge loads in and around the toilet seat. I’m panting and catching my breath as I grab some toilet paper to clean myself up. Pulling up my pants, I sprint back to the car anxious to try out my new super powers at our little orgy with Carl and Carolyn.”So tell me about Bobby.” I say, as Maggie pulls out of the gas station. “I’m nervous about Bobby, too.” Maggie says. “That’s the other thing I wanted to talk to you about.””Nervous?” I ask. “In what way?” Maggie again has her hand in my lap, stroking my cock. I make myself very hard and lean back, enjoying the sensations of her fingertips through my pants.”He’ll fuck me anytime, now.” Maggie says. “He’s more than ready. I’m nervous that all of his friends will know about it before he gets his pants zipped up. He strikes me as the kind of k** who likes to brag about his conquests; as if he had anything to do with this.” She laughs. “Oh fuck!” I say, as much about Bobby as the way Maggie is handling my cock. She now has her hand almost wrapped around it through my pants and is rhythmically squeezing and pumping it up and down. “That would definitely not be good.” I answer.”I was thinking, Nick.” Maggie says, looking at me. “Do you want me to stop, before you mess your pants?” She asks.”No, I’m okay.” I answer honestly, knowing that I won’t shoot until I want to. “It feels great!””Okay.” She shrugs, scratching under the head of my cock with her fingernails. “What I was going to say, is that I was thinking we should use the transmitter on Bobby.” She says, surprised that I’m not creaming already in my pants. “Would you loan it to me for a week, Nick?” I think about this for a minute. I don’t use it much anymore. I never need it with Susan, Sherrie or mom.”Sure.” I answer, hesitantly. “I trust you, Maggie.” I tell her. It just feels weird to let someone else have it.””I know how you feel about it, Nick.” She says, taking her hand off my cock as we pull into her driveway. “But I think it’s the only way to make sure he doesn’t talk about what happens.” She gets out of the car and walks up her sidewalk. I mentally relax my cock and it deflates immediately. “Nicole is at Harry’s waiting for you.” She says, smiling. “I’ll be there in a few minutes. What time are we expecting your friends?” She asks, standing in her doorway.”In about twenty minutes.” I answer, looking at my watch. “Don’t worry, Maggie. This will be your fantasy come true!” I tell her as I walk over to Uncle Harry’s house.”I know!” She calls after me, but she doesn’t sound convinced.Nicole is waiting in the living room when I open the door. She’s wearing a white cotton blouse and a short black skirt. Her nipples are visible through the thin material of her blouse, confirming that she’s not wearing a bra. She stands up, as I hurry over to her and wrap her in my arms. Pulling her tightly against me, I make my cock hard and grind it against her. “Mmmmm.” She says. “I’ve missed you.” She pushes her tongue into my mouth and grinds against my hard cock. “Do we have time for me to suck that, before Carl and Carolyn get here?” She asks, unfastening my pants. “They’ll be here in about fifteen minutes.” I answer. “How fast do you think you can get me off?” I smile, backing up so she can pull my pants down.”I’ve never timed it.” She says, kneeling on the floor in front of me. “But I like a challenge.” She strokes my cock a few times, kissing the head. “It looks awfully full.” She says. “What were you and my mother doing on the way home?” She asks teasingly, as she sucks the head of my cock into her warm mouth. “Nothing.” I answer, and Nicole raises her eyebrows at me, while sliding her lips down my engorged cock. “Well, she did squeeze me a little through my pants, but that’s all.” I add, thrusting my hips forward. Nicole attacks my cock with a vengeance; sucking and licking, while she slides her hand up and down the saliva coated sides. I glance at my watch, as the tension starts to build in my balls. We still have a few minutes, so I hold back.Watching Nicole fervently suck my cock, I think about all the questions Susan asked me earlier this morning. Holding the back of Nicole’s head as I pump my cock in and out of her mouth, I realize that I don’t feel the intense passion for Nicole that I do for my sister. I decide not to think about that, as I grab Nicole’s hair with both hands and let loose a huge load of cum into her welcoming mouth. She sucks and swallows through several more big spurts, before letting my spent cock plop from her mouth. I cum so hard that I almost fall over. Catching my balance, I smile at Nicole, as she stands up.”Wow!” She says, wiping her lips with her fingers and licking the cum from them. “How long has that been building up?” Nicole says, smiling back at me. “I’ve missed you.” I tell her, noncommittally. I pull up my pants and we sit on the couch, kissing and holding each other. I’m sliding my hand inside her blouse and cupping her tit, when we hear the front door open. Maggie walks in, wearing a bright red halter-top and tight white shorts. She’s still not wearing a bra, but it is so much more apparent on her than on Nicole. “Hey, you two.” Maggie says, as Nicole starts to pull away from me. I hold her against me, leaving my hand in her blouse and start pinching her hard nipple. “Uh… I’m going to get something to drink. You want anything?” She asks, averting her gaze and walking into the kitchen. “I’ll have a diet coke.” I answer, giving Nicole’s tit a final squeeze and removing my hand from her blouse.”You like embarrassing my mother don’t you?” Nicole says, laughing. “I’ll have a diet coke, too, mom.” Nicole calls towards the kitchen.”Yeah.” I answer. “I guess I do.” The doorbell rings, just as Maggie is returning with the drinks. Carolyn greets me with a kiss and a hug, as soon as I open the door. She looks incredibly sexy in a pair of tight white shorts and a multi-colored blouse that, instead of buttoning, she has tied just under her tits. I get an eyeful of her ample cleavage, as she presses her body against mine. “Oh, Nick.” Carolyn breathes in my ear. “It’s been too long. I’m so glad you called.””Me too.” I answer, squeezing her round ass cheeks and then running my hands up her bare sides. “Come on in.” I say, stepping back so she and Carl can enter the living room. “Let me introduce you to Maggie.””Hey, Nick.” Carl says, extending his hand. We shake hands, but he’s spotted Nicole and is clearly more interested in her than me. “Wow! Nicole.” Carl says, crossing the room to greet her. “It’s good to see you.” Carl says, holding her at arms length, with his hands on her shoulders. Looking up and down her body, his eyes focus on her erect nipples, pushing against the material of her white blouse. “I couldn’t believe it when Carolyn told me that you and Nick were back together.” Carl says, pulling Nicole into a warm embrace.”Hi Carl.” Nicole says, pushing her hips forward, against the bulge in his pants. “It’s good to see you again, too.””Carl, Carolyn.” I say. “This is Maggie.” At her request, I intentionally don’t introduce her as Nicole’s mom. Carolyn shakes Maggie’s hand and Carl nods hello, without breaking the embrace or releasing his grip on Nicole’s ass. “I thought I’d put some music on.” I say, walking over to the stereo. I’ve already cued up a song on the IPOD. “To kind of break the ice, why don’t we dance a little, while we’re removing our clothes.” I push the button and “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye flows from the speakers.”Nice.” Carolyn says, swaying back and forth and smiling her approval at my choice of music. Carl releases Nicole and steps back, pulling his shirt over his head, as he moves his hips to the slow beat. Carl is even more muscular than I remembered and I watch as Maggie and Nicole smile appreciatively at his tight stomach, broad chest and his well-developed biceps. Carl is darker than Carolyn. The deep black on his chest becomes more of a dark brown around his shoulders and down his arms, while the palms of his hands are almost the same color as mine.”Let’s Get It On.” Carl sings along, while watching Nicole unbutton her blouse. “Nicole honey, I’ve been dreaming about your round, white titties and your tight little snatch.” He coos, as her blouse slips from her shoulders onto the floor. “Not a day went by, when I didn’t think about coming back here to see you.” Carl says, unzipping his pants and letting them drop to the floor, exposing his tented boxer shorts, barely containing his long erection. Maggie, getting into the spirit of things, has shed her halter-top, releasing her large tits to swing back and forth as she dances over between Carl and Carolyn. Carolyn has untied her blouse and is slipping it off her shoulders, leaving her and Maggie identically clad, in tight white shorts. I was right when I told Carl that Maggie was a white version of Carolyn. Looking at them side by side, they are almost mirror images of each other. Their breasts are the same size and shape, with wide areolas and long, thick nipples. They’re the same height and both have nice flat stomachs. Carolyn’s ass is a little rounder, but other than that, and their skin color, they could be twins.”Come on, Nick.” Carolyn says. “You aren’t planning on staying dressed are you?” She smiles, as she unfastens her shorts. I pull my shirt off as I watch Carolyn and Maggie wiggle their tight shorts off their hips. Maggie notices the symmetry between her and Carolyn, and dances next to her, matching her movements and bumping hips, as they slide their shorts down their thighs. They are both wearing thongs, Carolyn’s is white and Maggie’s is red. My cock stiffens as I watch these two women, who are now smiling at each other; bend over together to remove their shorts. Their large tits, hanging from their bodies as they bend forward, sway back and forth, as they continue to dance. I move closer, cupping one of each of their tits in my hand, lifting it and rubbing my palms across the taut nipples. Leaning my head down, as I lift their tits, I lightly kiss the nipple on each breast.Maggie turns to Carolyn, as they straighten up and she dances close enough to brush their tits together. Carolyn responds by placing her hands on Maggie’s hips and swaying back and forth, pushing her smooth, brown tits against Maggie’s creamy, white ones. Leaning her head closer to Carolyn’s, Maggie kisses her on the lips, just as their thongs touch. Carolyn pushes her tongue into Maggie’s mouth, as Maggie brings her hands up to squeeze Carolyn’s succulent tits. Fuck! This is an incredible show. I glance over at Carl and Nicole. She has her skirt off and Carl is already naked, kneeling on the floor in front of her. He’s inching her thong down her legs, his stiff cock sticking straight out in front of him. Carl’s cock is large, but not nearly as massive as the lineman I saw Danae take on last night. He actually looks somewhat normal, by comparison. Amazing what perspective will do for you.Turning back to Carolyn and Maggie, I see Maggie doing the same thing to Carolyn that Carl is doing to Nicole. She’s on her knees pulling Carolyn’s thong from between her ass cheeks. When it’s just below her pubic hair, Maggie stops.”You are so beautiful.” Maggie whispers, running her fingers through Carolyn’s thick black bush. She quickly pulls the thong the rest of the way off, while continuing to touch and stare at Carolyn’s pussy. “I’m sorry.” She says, looking into Carolyn’s eyes. “I’ve never seen anything quite so tantalizing.””Mmmmm.” Carolyn moans, spreading her legs, as Maggie slides her hand between Carolyn’s thighs, brushing her thick pussy lips. “Don’t be sorry.” She smiles. “I’m flattered that you’re so interested.” She laughs, resting her hands on Maggie’s shoulders. “They look like they’re going to be occupied for a while.” Maggie says, glancing over at Carl who is now sitting on the couch, with Nicole kneeling on the floor between his legs. “Would you mind if we went into one of the bedrooms?” Maggie asks, standing up and sucking one of Carolyn’s thick nipples into her mouth, while stroking her pussy lips with her hand.”Not if Nick doesn’t mind.” Carolyn pants, looking at me with raised eyebrows.”Not at all.” I answer. “You can use Uncle Harry’s bedroom, Maggie.” I say, as I remove the last of my clothing. “You don’t mind if I watch, do you?” I ask Maggie as she leads Carolyn into the adjacent bedroom.”Of course not, Nick.” Maggie smiles, removing her own thong, as Carolyn lies back on the bed. Standing near the doorway, I can see both couples; Maggie and Carolyn in the bedroom and Carl and Nicole in the living room. My cock is rock solid, as I watch Nicole wrap her lips around Carl’s thick cock and start pumping the first 4 or 5 inches of it into her mouth with her hand.When I turn back, Carolyn is sprawled across the king sized bed, with her legs facing away from me. Maggie crawls up beside her and starts kissing all around Carolyn’s dark areolas. “I came here today to fuck your husband.” Maggie says between kisses, as she runs her hand across Carolyn’s flat stomach. “I’ve always had this fantasy about begin fucked by a thick black cock.” She says, licking the sides of Carolyn’s tits and moving her hand lower on her abdomen. “I never imagined I would get distracted by a woman.” She says, flicking her tongue across Carolyn’s hard nipple, as her fingertips brush the top of her thick bush. “But you are so enticing… so stunning… so irresistible!” Maggie pants. “Mmmmmm.” Carolyn’s guttural moan is her only response.”Your smooth brown skin…” Maggie continues, while squeezing Carolyn’s large tit with her free hand. “And your hard, black nipples…” She says softly, while sucking the closest one into her mouth for emphasis. “Your thick, cushiony pubic hair…” She whispers, as she rakes her fingers up and down through Carolyn’s pubes. “You are the most exotic woman I have ever met.” Maggie breathes, leaning across Carolyn’s body to suck her other nipple into her mouth. Sliding her hand farther down, Maggie inches it towards Carolyn’s pussy, as Carolyn spreads her legs apart and reaches for Maggie’s firm, white tits. In the position she’s in; leaning across Carolyn’s body to suck her tit, Carolyn’s other tit is sandwiched between Maggie’s tits. The striking contrast between Maggie’s white tits and Carolyn’s mocha colored tits is spellbinding. Carolyn wraps her dark hand around Maggie’s large tit, just as Maggie’s hand disappears between Carolyn’s thighs.”Ohhhhhh.” Carolyn sighs, as Maggie strokes her pussy lips and continues to suck her taut nipple.”Before I met Nick, I never once fantasized about fucking a white guy.” Carolyn laughs, as Maggie kisses across her chest, while continuing to stroke her wet pussy. “But Nick makes me cum like no one else ever has. He’s just fucking amazing.” Carolyn adds, while humping her ass off the bed, pushing her pussy against Maggie’s talented hand.”Yes he is quite talented, isn’t he?” Maggie says, while trailing kisses across Carolyn’s chin and up her cheek. “If someone hand told me a year ago.” Carolyn says, returning Maggie’s kisses. “That I would be lying here naked, kissing a very sexy white woman, whose fingers are exciting my pussy…” She pauses momentarily, squeezing Maggie’s hand with her thighs. “And putting on a show for a very fuckable young white guy, who is waiting to take his turn with both of us… I would tell them to fuck off!” She says, pushing her tongue into Maggie’s mouth, while bucking her hips off the bed.My cock is throbbing, but I tear my eyes away long enough to see Carl holding Nicole’s head with his hands, as he clenches his ass muscles and jerks his cum into her mouth.”How about a little less talking.” Carolyn says, breaking the kiss. “And a little more doing.” She laughs. Maggie obliges, moving between Carolyn’s legs and lowering her mouth towards Carolyn’s thick bush. “I can’t believe how beautiful your pussy is.” Maggie says. “I thought smooth, hairless pussies were exotic until I saw your velvet-trimmed treasure.” Maggie says, snaking her tongue into Carolyn’s anxious pussy.”Be careful.” Carolyn says, teasingly. “You know what they say, ‘Once you’ve tried black, you’ll never go back… arrghhhh.” Carolyn laughs and moans at the same time, as Maggie licks the entire length of her pussy.”You might be right.” Maggie says, smiling at Carolyn. “I’m soaking wet already.” She says, returning her mouth to Carolyn’s equally wet opening. “I’ll consider that an invitation.” I say, walking across the room and kneeling on the bed behind Maggie. My throbbing cock is pointed right at her shiny pussy lips, as she spreads her knees wider on the bed. Looking into the living room, I see Carl and Nicole have changed places and Carl is now kneeling on the floor, with his head buried in Nicole’s young pussy. I catch Nicole’s eye and we smile at each other, as I glide my cock into her mother’s slick hole.”Oh fuck!” Maggie says, pushing back and grinding her ass against me, before resuming her slurping on Carolyn’s pussy.”Save some of that for me, Nick.” Carolyn says, pinching her own nipples with one hand and holding Maggie’s head against her pussy with the other. “You’re the reason I’m here!””Don’t worry.” I say confidently. “There’s plenty to go around.” And there is, now that I have complete control over my recovery. I make my cock get even harder, as I grab Maggie’s hips with my hands and start pounding into her steamy pussy. “Mmmmfffffff!” Muffled moans come from between Carolyn’s legs, as I slam my hard cock into Maggie’s hot pussy. Carolyn is bucking wildly against Maggie’s mouth, raising herself up on one elbow, twisting and turning as she continues to hold Maggie’s head against her pussy.”Oh fuck!” Carolyn moans. “Just like that! Yes! Oh Fuck! I’m so close!” Carolyn is thrashing around on the bed, twisting her head from side to side. “Ohhh… ohhh… ohhh… ohhh… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Fuuuuuuuuuuuck!” Carolyn screams, slamming her thighs closed around Maggie’s head and shaking violently through the throes of her orgasm. “Oh my god, Carl!” I hear Nicole yell from the living room. She’s got her legs over his shoulders, both of her hands wrapped around his head and she’s bucking her ass off the couch, like she’s a bronco rider in a rodeo. One of Carl’s large hands is mauling her teen sized tits; squeezing her creamy flesh and pinching her nipples.”Fuck!” She yells, clamping her legs around Carl’s head and jerking her shoulders uncontrollably. “I’m cumming! I’m fucking cummmmming!” She yells, as she rides Carl’s face through several waves of intense orgasmic pleasure.Carolyn has relaxed her legs and Maggie is up on all fours, slamming her ass back against my hard cock. I pump faster, as I watch one of her hands disappear between her legs. She’s stroking her clit, as I continue to hammer her pussy from behind. It’s amazing how different fucking is when you don’t have to worry about how long you’ll last. My full attention is focused on Maggie’s pleasure and I maneuver my cock from side to side with each thrust, as I squeeze her ass cheeks and run my thumb around her puckered asshole.”Oh yeah!” She moans. “I’m almost there, Nick!” She cries. “Hold on, Nick… I’m… almost… there!” She yells, pushing harder against me and clenching her pussy muscles around my hard cock. I keep up the intense rhythm, as her orgasm trembles through her body I keep fucking her right through her orgasm, before I allow myself to cum. My climax hits me like a thunderbolt and I jerk frantically against Maggie’s pussy, holding onto her hips for balance. Fuck! I’ve never cum so hard in my life. I love my new super powers!Maggie collapses on Carolyn’s chest, her sweat soaked body heaving up and down as she gasps for air. My cock slips free from Maggie’s pussy, as Carolyn’ wraps her arms around Maggie, stroking her back and her hair. “Your friend really knows her way around a pussy, Nick.” Carolyn says, having caught her breath from her orgasm. “No one has ever eaten me to an orgasm that intense before.” She breathes, cuddling Maggie more tightly against her body. Her remark reminds me of the comment my mom made last weekend about women being better pussy eaters.Shifting my gaze back to the living room, I watch Carl positioning himself to fuck Nicole, as she leans back on the couch. Nicole shakes her head and smiles at Carl, saying something that I can’t hear. He nods and situates himself on the couch next to her, his hard cock sticking straight up in the air. Nicole bends down and kisses it, before putting one foot on either side of him on the couch and squatting down over his hard cock. Ah, she wants to ride him this time. Reaching between her legs, she guides his cockhead between her pussy lips, bending her knees a little more, to let it slip inside of her. “Oooooo, girl!” Carl says, with a big smile on his face. “Your tight little pussy is on fire! You are so fucking hot, Nicole!” He says, as she wiggles her ass and twists her body around, inching her way down his thick pole. I watch, mesmerized, as Nicole raises herself up a little and then inches back down, up a little, then back down, taking in a little more of his cock, each time. Carl, responding to her rhythm, humps his ass off the couch, trying to push more of his thick, black cock into her snug, little pussy.”Not yet, Carl, please.” Nicole breathes, as she holds still for a minute. “I’m going to get it all inside me, I promise. But please, let me go at my own pace, okay?” Nicole says, reaching behind her and stroking Carl’s balls, as she talks.”Okay, baby.” Carl says. “I’m sorry, it just feels so fucking good.” He sighs, reaching up and cupping her small titties in his hands. “I’m afraid your slow motion up and down is going to make me cum, before you even get it all in.” He laughs, as he squeezes her tits and pinches her puffy, pink nipples.”Okay, I’ll try not to drag out the agony, for you.” Nicole teases, as she pushes down farther, taking more of his cock into her cunt with each up and down stroke. “You know, Carl is big, but he hasn’t always been the best lover.” Carolyn whispers, as she brushes damp hair off of Maggie’s forehead. “He never had much technique, other than wham bam, and fill you up with that big cock of his.” She laughs, cupping Maggie’s ass cheeks, as they roll on their sides facing each other. “My sister-in-law and I have been working on him, though, and he’s gotten a lot better.” She says, smiling at me.”Your sister-in-law?” Maggie says, her astonishment written all over her face.”Yeah.” Carolyn says. “Oh, Nick didn’t tell you?” She raises her eyebrow at me.”Hey, I figured that was your business.” I say, as I watch Carolyn and Maggie fondle each other’s breasts. “Tell me.” Maggie says, as she sucks one of Carolyn’s taut, black nipples into her mouth. “Well, for a long time, I was secretly fucking Carl’s brother, not knowing that Carl was secretly fucking his brother’s wife. Nick somehow figured it out and helped us bring it all out in the open. Now we pair off regularly with each other, whenever we want, without having to sneak around. Denise and I compare notes so we can help our husbands become better lovers.” Carolyn rolls onto her back and spreads her legs open towards me, inviting me to fuck her.”Wow!” Maggie says, before turning towards me. “You need any help recovering, Nick?” Maggie says, spinning her body around on the bed and reaching for my spent cock. Wrapping her hand around it, she feeds my cockhead into her mouth, sucking off her juices, while flicking her tongue against the sensitive underside. I shift my eyes from the juicy, pink center of Carolyn’s splayed open snatch to Nicole’s tight pussy, bottoming out on Carl’s thick cock. I almost don’t have to think about making myself stiff inside Maggie’s mouth. “What about you and Denise?” I ask Carolyn, while I watch Nicole gradually start to rock back and forth on Carl’s cock. “Do you and your sister-in-law ever get it on?” I ask, turning back to Carolyn.”Heavens no!” Carolyn laughs. “This is the only place I ever touch another woman, Nick. There is something about being here with you that heightens all my senses and destroys my inhibitions.” She says, contemplatively. “I can’t figure it out.” She says, quietly. “But who cares? Are you ready to fuck me, yet?” She smiles, wiggling her ass around on the bed. “He sure is.” Maggie says, pulling her lips from my hardened cock and sitting back on the bed. “He recovers quite fast.” She smiles, making herself comfortable next to Carolyn. I climb onto the bed, take a few licks of Carolyn’s deliciously thick pussy lips and then slide my body up over hers.”Fuck me, Nick.” Carolyn says, pulling her knees up, as she leans back and closes her eyes. I position my cockhead between her pussy lips and glide my cock into her well-lubricated pussy. “Oh god, yes!” Carolyn says, wrapping her long, brown legs around my ass and pushing her tongue into my mouth. It occurs to me, as I start a slow, sensuous, rhythm that I have never fucked Carolyn on a bed before. We’ve been in a car, an office and on the couch, but this is the first time I’ve had my body stretched out on top of hers, in the missionary position. Slowly stroking my cock in and out of her hot pussy, I revel in the unexpected feeling of intimacy that comes with having her large tits brush my chest and our tongues entwined in a passionate kiss, as we fuck.I make my cock harder and grind my pelvis in a circular motion against her clit, as I continue the slow motion rhythm. Carolyn responds by sucking more vigorously on my tongue, while pressing her feet against my ass and pulling me deeper inside of her, on each downward stroke. “God Nick!” Carolyn pants, as she pulls her tongue from my mouth. “You’ve never fucked me like this before!” She exclaims, squeezing my cock inside her pussy and sending a jolt of pleasure through my body. I forgot how Carolyn usually works her pussy muscles around my cock when we fuck. It’s more obvious when she’s on top, riding me, but it still feels incredible like this.”I’ve been working on my technique, too.” I tease, picking up the rhythm as her breathing becomes more rapid. “Oh Nick!” Carolyn moans. “You were good before…” She says, rocking faster and thrusting her hips off the bed to meet my faster strokes. “But, now… fuuuuuuuuuck!” She cries, as I grind into her, feeling her body tense with anticipation, then jerk violently when her orgasm hits. I keep pumping and grinding, as she moans and shakes, her body quivering through several tremors and aftershocks. I don’t stop fucking her. Even when I feel her pussy muscles relax and then spasm involuntarily, gushing juices all around my hard cock, I keep fucking her.With my hard cock moving in and out of her pussy, I slide my arms behind her knees and raise her legs up high, bending her almost in half, as I push my body down on hers. Her eyes are wide open and she looks surprised when I start pounding my cock into her saturated pussy. “Oh my god, Nick!” Carolyn cries, as her face changes from surprise to lust and she digs her nails into my back. “Oh fuck!” “Oh fuck!” Nicole yells, drawing my attention to the living room. Lost in the intensity of fucking Carolyn, I never saw Maggie leave the room. She’s on the couch watching Nicole ride Carl’s big cock. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Nicole yells, bouncing up and down the entire length of Carl’s black cock. Carl has his hands around Nicole’s narrow waist and is lifting her up to the tip of his cock and slamming her all the way back down to the base. I watch his long black cock disappear into her stretched out pussy, as he slams her down, harder and harder. Maggie has her hand between her legs, stroking her own wanton pussy, while I continue to pound my cock into Carolyn.”This is no time to get distracted, Nick.” Carolyn says breathlessly, her heart pounding, as another orgasm builds from deep within her. “Don’t worry.” I answer, pounding her harder, as I watch Nicole collapse against Carl’s chest, her ass cheeks jiggling up and down as her whole body shakes. Maggie kneels on the floor behind them, gently rubbing Nicole’s sweat-soaked back, as she stares at her creamy white ass cheeks resting against Carl’s black thighs. The base of his thick cock is the only part visible, engulfed between Nicole’s glistening pussy lips. Maggie reaches between Carl’s legs and lifts his balls in her hand, caressing them with her fingertips.”Nick! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Carolyn screams, as another orgasm explodes, shooting electrifying jolts of pleasure throughout her body. I keep fucking her throughout her lengthy, trembling release before letting lose with my own climax. With a thunderous eruption, I shoot load after load of cum, wondering if it’ll ever stop, as I jerk violently against Carolyn’s pussy.”Oh God! What are you doing, Mom?” Nicole asks, as Maggie licks from Carl’s balls, up the base of his cock and across her stretched pussy lips to her puckered asshole. “Mom!” Carl and Carolyn say in unison. “Oops.” Nicole says, as she lifts herself off of Carl’s spent cock. “Jesus Christ.” Carl exclaims, as Maggie continues licking his balls and his cock. “You’re mother and daughter.” He says, smiling and shaking his head. Maggie just nods, as she continues cleaning Nicole’s juices off of Carl’s thick cock.”I swear to God, Nick. I don’t know how you do it.” Carolyn says, and I smile at her. “Okay, maybe I do.” She admits, squeezing her pussy muscles around my spent cock. “But fucking your girlfriend’s mother?” She says. If she only knew the half of it, I think.I start to pull out of Carolyn’s drenched pussy, but she grips my ass cheeks with her hands, stopping me. “Not yet, Nick.” She says, dreamily. “Please keep it there a little while longer, okay?” “Sure.” I answer, settling back down on Carolyn’s body. Resting my cheek against her smooth brown tits, I watch Maggie, working her magic on Carl’s massive tool. I try to push my cock back inside Carolyn’s pussy, but it’s not hard enough. I stiffen it slightly and slide it back up inside of her. The rise and fall of Carolyn’s chest feels nice against my cheek and I suckle on her thick, black nipple, while I watch the action in the living room.”Do you want some help getting him hard, mom?” Nicole asks, leaning her head down towards Carl’s lap, where Maggie has just sucked the head of his cock into her mouth.”I bet Carl would really like that.” Maggie says, teasingly. “Would you like both of us to lick your cock, Carl?” Maggie asks, as she pulls her lips off his cockhead and holds his semi-erect pole straight up in the air. Carl just stares, wide-eyed, as Maggie’s tongue starts running the length of his cock on one side and Nicole licks up and down the other side of his cock.”Oh fuck!” Carl moans, as he watches Maggie and Nicole nibble and lick his fast recovering cock. “Nick, you fucking bastard!” Carl yells. “Where do you find women like this?” He asks, as Maggie and Nicole trade off sucking the end of his cock into their mouths. “You just have to know where to look, Carl.” I answer, as I let Carolyn’s nipple slip from my mouth. “You should have Carolyn and Denise do that to you sometime.” I call back to the living room.”Don’t give him any ideas.” Carolyn admonishes, playfully. “He gets enough of his own.” Carolyn is lying back on the bed, exhausted from her three back-to-back orgasms. I feel my cock start to stir, from watching Maggie’s and Nicole’s naked ass cheeks and glistening pussy lips sway back and forth, as they trade Carl’s thick cock between them. I make my cock hard again and start rocking it in and out of Carolyn’s swampy pussy.”You’re fucking k**ding me!” Carolyn says. “You’re ready again?” “I can’t help it, Carolyn.” I say. “You just have that affect on me.” I tell her, smiling as I kiss her lips.”Well you may have to do everything yourself.” She says, smiling. “I don’t think I can move.””Don’t worry, you’ll get into it.” I assure her, as I take long, slow strokes inside her saturated pussy.”You are unbelievable, Nick.” Carolyn says, as she sucks my tongue into her mouth and starts moving her hips in rhythm to my cock sliding in and out of her highly stimulated pussy. Glancing into the living room, I see Nicole and Maggie trading Carl’s hard cock between them, taking turns sucking his cockhead into their mouth and licking his balls.”Fucking amazing!” Carl exclaims as he fondles Nicole’s tits, pinching her pink nipples between his thumb and his index finger. Maggie straddles Carl’s legs, positioning the head of his large. black cock between her thick pussy lips. Rocking her hips, back and forth, she works Carl’s thick cock into her recently fucked pussy. In no time at all, she has worked his entire length inside of her and she’s rolling her hips forward, as she rocks up and down on his enormous cock. “Fuck, woman!” Carl says. “You know how to use that thing!” He cries, leaning his head forward to suck one of her thick nipples into his mouth. Nicole has settled back on the couch to watch her mom ride Carl’s big cock.Carolyn and I are keeping up a steady rhythm, as both of us watch Maggie and Carl fuck. My cock is gliding in and out of Carolyn’s dripping wet pussy, while I continue to suckle her thick nipple. Maggie is rolling her hips forward and back, as she moves up and down, giving the entire length of Carl’s cock a thorough pussy massage. Carl continues to fondle and suck on her large tits, as they bounce up and down against her chest. “Fuckin’ A!” Carl cries. “That feels so fucking good!” He says, leaning his head against the back of the couch and thrusting his long cock up into Maggie’s pussy.”Your cock fills me up completely, Carl.” Maggie says, leaning her head down and kissing his lips. “But I’m done playing nice with it.” She adds, lifting herself off of his big cock and leaving it pointing at the ceiling. “What the fuck?” Carl exclaims, but Maggie cuts him off.”I want you to ram it in to me hard, Carl.” Maggie says, getting on her knees and facing the back of the couch. “Can you do that for me, Carl?” Maggie asks, wiggling her bare ass in the air. “Can you pound my juicy pussy with your big, black cock?” “Fuck yes!” Carl says, jumping up from the couch and standing behind Maggie. Dark veins are bulging from his thick, black cock as he uses his hand to guide it towards Maggie’s wide-open pussy. Easing the head between her pussy lips, he grabs Maggie’s hips with his hands and in one powerful thrust, buries his long shaft completely inside of her.”Oh Fuck!” Maggie yells. “That’s it, Carl! It goes even deeper this way, doesn’t it?” Maggie asks, but doesn’t wait for an answer. “Fuck me, Carl. Fuck me real hard!” She says, pushing her ass back against Carl’s hard cock. Carl takes her at her word and starts pummeling her pussy with his monster cock. Maggie is leaning her hands on the back of the couch and emitting soft, whimpering sounds every time Carl bottoms out inside her pussy.”This is it, Carl.” Maggie whispers between her moans. “This is my fantasy!” She whispers and Carl continues to jackhammer his cock into her insatiable pussy. “Thank… you… Carl!” Maggie pants out each word on the downward thrust of Carl’s cock. “Damn woman!” Carl says, between breaths. “I’m the one who should be thanking you! Your pussy feels so fucking good!” Carl is pounding her hard, shaking her whole body, as he repeatedly slams into her up to his balls. Maggie’s large tits are slapping against her chest, each time Carl’s violent thrust pushes her forward. Nicole reaches over and cups her mom’s tits to keep them from getting bruised. “God Damn, Nick!” Carolyn says, bucking her ass off the bed and digging her fingers into my ass cheeks, trying to increase the speed of my strokes. “You’ve got me cumming again!” She cries. I tear my eyes away from the living room, just as Nicole positions her head under her mother’s tits and starts sucking on her hard nipples. “Making up for lost time, Carolyn.” I say, kissing her lips. “I’ve missed you!” I tell her, as I increase the urgency of my thrusts, while making my cock even harder.”I’ve… missed… you… too… Nick!” Carolyn cries between thrusts, as her fourth orgasm builds to a harrowing peak. “Oh! God! Nick!” Carolyn screams, scratching her nails into my ass and thrashing around on the bed. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” She wails, as her body tenses in anticipation. Teetering on the brink of release, her eyes are clenched tightly closed, while her mouth is wide open in a painful grimace; her whole body is hanging onto that torturous peak that she must scale to achieve her reward. “Oh… so close… so… so close.” Carolyn whimpers, thrusting her pussy against my hard cock and clawing at my ass cheeks. “Help me… Nick.” She whines. “I’m… so… fucking… close. Please… help… me!” Carolyn babbles, as I start pounding into her as hard as I can.”Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! Nick!” Carolyn screeches, clawing my back, as her body convulses in a turbulent dance. Thrashing around on the bed, as I continue to pump my hard cock into her pussy, she rides her seizure-inducing orgasm through wave after wave of ecstasy-filled tremors. As the tremors begin to lose their intensity, I finally release my load, filling her quivering pussy with several large spurts of cum, before I collapse on top of her. Carolyn’s soft, brown tits cushion my fall and she wraps her arms around me, kissing and hugging me, like a long lost relative.”Oh Carl!” Maggie cries, drawing both of our eyes to the living room to see Maggie climax around Carl’s huge cock. Nicole is still sucking on her tits, as she shakes and shivers, squeezing her thighs together, trapping Carl’s cock in her gushing pussy. “Me too, baby!” Carl says, jerking anxiously against her ass, while his balls unload their contents deep inside Maggie’s pulsating pussy. Carl’s feet go rubbery and he falls on his side on the couch, taking Maggie with him. She ends up on his lap with half of his long cock still buried inside her pussy. “Oh my God, Carl!” Maggie türbanlı escort adıyaman sighs, leaning back against his muscular chest. “It was everything I thought it would be!” Carl reaches around and cups Maggie’s tits in his hands, playing with her nipples as she continues to sit on his spent cock. Carl’s large black hands look surprisingly erotic against Maggie’s creamy white tits.”I want you to put it in my ass, Carl.” Maggie whispers, loud enough for us to hear her in the bedroom. “I want your hard, black cock stuffed inside my tight white asshole.” She says, wiggling her ass around on his crotch for emphasis. “Will you do it? Will you put your cock in my ass, Carl?” Maggie asks. “You better take her up on it, Carl. Because you ain’t ever gonna get that thing in my ass!” Carolyn calls from the bedroom. “He’s been wanting to fuck my ass for the longest time.” Carolyn explains. “But I’m just not into that!” “Nick.” Maggie calls from the living room. “Will you stretch me out and help me get ready?” She asks. “Will you fuck my ass while Carl’s recovering?” She asks. “Sure Maggie.” I answer, kissing Carolyn’s lips, as I pull my limp cock from her dripping pussy.”You really think you can get up again right away?” Carolyn asks, running her fingers along my soft cock. “I can with some help from you or Nicole.” I answer, knowing that I won’t have any problems. “Jesus Christ, Nick.” Carl says, as Maggie disengages herself from his cock and lets it plop against his stomach. “You’ve got a girlfriend with the tightest snatch in the world!” He says, smiling at Nicole and squeezing her thigh with his hand. “With a mother who loves to get fucked in the ass.” He shakes his head in disbelief.”And you get to share it all, Carl!” I say, walking into the living room and sitting down on the couch between he and Nicole. “You must really live right!” I say, smiling at him. Carolyn walks in after me, holding onto the door jam until she’s sure her wobbly legs are going to hold her. Her four orgasms took their toll and she looks a little disheveled. Her hair is in tangles, with some of it matted against her forehead, and her make up is almost non-existent, but, my god, she is still very beautiful. She smiles when I tell her so.”You’re really going to take Carl in your ass, mom?” Nicole asks nervously, as she kneels on the floor between my legs and starts licking Carolyn’s pussy juice off my cock. I motion to Carolyn and pat the couch next to me. She comes over and sits down, watching Nicole minister to my limp cock. “You want to help?” Nicole asks her. “We can get him ready twice as fast if we both do it.” She laughs. “Well, it worked for Carl, when my mom and I did it.” She says. “Mmmm” Carolyn says, leaning her head into my lap and licking the side of my cock. I stiffen my cock slightly, so it’ll stay up while Carolyn and Nicole lick up and down the sides.”You suck his cock and I’ll work on his balls.” Nicole says, running her tongue down the length of my shaft, and continuing across my balls. One at a time, she gently sucks them into her mouth, working her tongue all over it, as her fingernails stroke the exposed portions of my scrotum. Carolyn slides her lips halfway down my cock and then uses her tongue on the underside of it, licking the most sensitive parts. Even without my ability to control my erection, these two women could make me hard in no time. I gradually stiffen my cock.As my cock gets harder, Nicole returns her attention to it. Her and Carolyn lick and nibble on opposite sides of it, alternating sucking my cockhead into their mouths. Not only does it feel incredible, but they’re amazing to watch, too. Carolyn’s thick black lips take up so much more room on my cock than Nicole’s thinner white lips, but both are tantalizingly talented cocksuckers.”I think he’s ready, mom.” Nicole says, kissing the tip of my cock and holding it up for Maggie to see. “I’ve got the lubricant from the bedroom.” Maggie says. “Grease me up good, Nick.” She smiles. “I’m going to need it!””Here, I’ll do it, mom.” Nicole says, grabbing for the jar of lubricant from her mother. Maggie hesitates and then releases the jar into Nicole’s hands and turns around. Kneeling on the couch next to Carl, Maggie spreads her legs as wide as she can and then reaches back and pulls her ass cheeks apart with her fingers. Nicole dips a finger into the jar of lubricant and starts smearing it around Maggie’s puckered asshole. Getting more lubricant, she slides her finger inside her mother’s ass and twists it around. Carl, Carolyn and I just watch in astonishment, when Nicole, while continuing to finger fuck her mother’s ass, pushes two fingers from her other hand into her mother’s soggy pussy. “What the… ohhhhhhh!” Maggie cries, pushing her ass back against Nicole’s machinations of her ass and pussy. “I think she’s ready for you, Nick.” Nicole says, smiling, as she removes her fingers and bends down, planting a kiss on each cheek of her mother’s firm ass. I stand up and walk over behind Maggie, looking at her shiny, lubricated asshole and her puffy, wet pussy lips. “You better put a little of that on my cock, too.” I tell Nicole, and she dips her fingers back into the lubricant jar. Nicole kisses me as she spreads the lubricant up and down my cock with her hand. Pushing my tongue in her mouth, as her hand glides smoothly up and down my cock, I can’t resist pinching her puffy nipples and running my fingers along her pussy lips. Nicole is soaking wet and I wonder how much of a turn on it was for her to have her fingers in her mother’s ass and pussy. I wonder what she’d think about taking it up the ass. I can’t imagine how tight that would be!”Come on, Nick!” Maggie smiles, looking over her shoulder at Nicole and I kissing and groping each other. “I think you’re lubricated enough.” She says, wiggling her alluring ass back and forth. “You’re next.” I whisper in Nicole’s ear, as I pull my hands away and step over behind Maggie. As I align my hard cock with Maggie’s asshole, I notice Nicole watching intently. Her face is a mixture of lust and fear, as she watches me push my cockhead into her mother’s tight ass. I slim down my cock, making it stiff, but not swollen, and it glides right into her ass. “That’s it, Nick.” Maggie says. “Now fuck my ass!” She commands. I grab her hips and start pumping in and out of her ass, my balls slapping against her pussy lips. She responds with pleasurable moans, and thrusts her ass back to meet every stroke of my cock. Once we’ve set a solid rhythm, I make my cock swell up to it’s largest size, to help stretch Maggie’s ass, in preparation for Carl’s thicker pole. “Gotta get you ready, Carl.” Nicole says, kneeling on the floor between his knees, and taking his semi-erect cock in her hand. “Shall we?” She asks Carolyn and the two women start working on Carl’s cock like they did mine. Carl’s cock is still coated with Maggie’s pussy juice, when Carolyn sucks it into her warm mouth. “Jesus, Carolyn.” Carl says. “That’s incredible!” He’s humping his ass off the couch, as Carolyn sucks his cock and Nicole nibbles on his balls. Carolyn smiles at her husband and the two women change tactics, wrapping their lips around opposite sides of his cock and licking up and down together. “Cum in my ass, Nick!” Maggie says. “It’ll add more lubricant for Carl.” My cock is throbbing as I pump in and out of Maggie’s tight asshole. The lubricant is working, but there is still a good deal of friction against the sides of my cock. Maggie’s not rubbing her clit or doing anything to make herself cum; she’s just using me to stretch and lubricate her asshole for the main event. There’s no point in me holding back, so I slam forward and let loose a string of cum inside her tight ass. “Next.” I say, surprised at my own annoyance for being treated as an opening act. I pull my cock out of Maggie’s ass and motion to Carl that it’s all his. Carolyn and Nicole sit back proudly, displaying Carl’s rock solid, fully recovered cock, the dark veins still visible up the sides. Nicole grabs the jar of lubricant and applies it liberally to his massive cock, stroking up and down his swollen member and rubbing across the sensitive head.”Wow!” Carl says, moving behind Maggie and running his hands over her creamy white cheeks. “I’ve never done this before.” He tells her. “I don’t want to hurt you.” He says.”Just take it slowly, Carl.” Maggie smiles at him. “I’m pretty well stretched and lubricated. I’ll let you know if it starts to hurt.” Maggie says, using her hands to spread her ass cheeks again. “Push the head in first and let me get used to it.” She instructs him. Carl pushes his shiny cockhead against her recently fucked opening and with a slight popping sound it slips inside.”Okay.” Maggie pants. “Give me a second, Carl.” Maggie says, taking a deep breath and relaxing her sphincter. “Go ahead, Carl… slowly.” Maggie says and Carl pushes forward, stretching her ass around his large cock as he inches it inside. “Damn.” Carl says. “That’s the tightest place I’ve ever been!” He says. “You okay, Maggie?” Carl asks.”I’m fine, Carl.” Maggie says. “It feels better if you pull back slightly, before you push each time, okay?” Maggie says, pulling her cheeks farther apart with her fingers.”Sure.” Carl says. Following Maggie’s direction, he pulls back and pushes forward. Inch by inch we watch his massive, black cock disappear into Maggie’s tight asshole. All eyes are on this sexy white housewife, anxiously directing a handsome, muscular black man on how to fuck her ass. I jump as something warm touches my cock. Nicole smiles, as she rubs a wet washcloth over my cock. I was so engrossed in Maggie and Carl’s action that I didn’t even see her leave the room. She pulls my limp cock up by the end and washes under and around the cockhead.”You said, ‘I’m next.” Nicole whispers. “But you’re not going directly from my mother’s ass to me without being cleaned up.” She says, smiling. She didn’t say to her ass, which was what I meant. I wonder if she’s thinking the same thing. “That is so fucking hot.” Nicole whispers, nodding at Carl and Maggie. His cock is almost completely inside her ass, only a couple of inches to go, if she can take the whole thing. “How much more, Carl?” Maggie asks, sweat running down her lust-filled face.”Not too much.” Carl says. “You sure you want me to keep going?” He asks. “I can fuck you like this, not going all the way in each time.” He says, pumping his cock in and out to demonstrate. “You are so fucking tight, Maggie!” He says, not stopping his pumping, as he holds her hips for balance. “Fuck! Carl!” Maggie cries, moving her hand between her legs to rub her clit. “Keep fucking me and pushing it in farther, if it’ll go!” Maggie says. “Fuck!” She yells, as Carl’s excitement starts to build and he fucks her faster. His balls are swinging loose as he thrusts into her, but it doesn’t look like any more of his cock is going to fit. “Let me help.” Carolyn says, as she lies down on the couch, positioning herself under Maggie’s tits. Reaching between Maggie’s legs, she replaces Maggie’s hand with her own. With both hands on the back of the couch, Maggie can push back harder against Carl’s relentless pounding. After several more powerful thrusts, his balls slap against Maggie’s pussy. “Fuck!” Maggie cries out. “We did it Carl! We did it! Now fuck my tight ass! Fuck it hard!” Maggie cries. Carolyn has one hand between Maggie’s legs and is squeezing Maggie’s suspended tits with the other hand. Carolyn lifts her head up and starts sucking on Maggie’s thick nipples.”Oh yeah!” Maggie moans. “Thank you Carolyn! Keep doing that! Oh fuck! Yes!” Maggie is meeting Carl’s powerful strokes, slamming her ass back around his massive cock. Carl is sweating and holding onto Maggie’s hips, appearing to be ready to shoot his load inside Maggie’s tight asshole.”You want to try that?” I ask Nicole, who has finished cleaning my cock and is sitting next to me on the couch, staring intently at her mom’s ass. She looks in my eyes and slowly nods her head. “But not with everybody here.” She whispers in my ear. “Can we try it after everybody leaves?””Sure.” I say, kissing her lips. Goddamn! I was thinking about using the trigger to get her to let me fuck her ass. Looks like her mother’s exhibition did it for me. Thanks Maggie! “You seem to like the idea.” Nicole says, nodding at my stiffening cock. She wraps her hand around it and I make it harden within her grip. “Wow! I can’t believe you’re ready again so fast.” Nicole says.”Come on.” I say, shifting my body down on the couch cushion. “Sit on it, Nicole.” She’s already got the same idea and is swinging her leg over my thigh. Facing me, as she straddles my thighs, she scoots forward and slips my hard cock into her hot, wet pussy. She sits down hard, taking my entire cock in one quick motion and then wiggles around to get comfortable.”Mmmm.” I moan. “You feel great!” I tell her, squeezing her tits, while I kiss her lips. “You sure you can even feel me, after having Carl’s monster in there?” I tease.”Yeah, well, how long did you stay inside Carolyn?” She responds. “Are you sure you even want white pussy anymore?” She asks, returning my kiss and pushing her tongue in my mouth before I can answer. It feels heavenly to be inside Nicole’s tight, velvety pussy. She’s just sitting on my cock, neither of us making any attempt to move. Her pussy walls close around me like a custom made glove and even without any movement, I can feel her pussy pulsating around my cock, as our tongues entwine. I let go of her tits and wrap my arms around her, pulling her tightly against me. Sliding my hands down her back, I cup her ass cheeks and start a slow rocking motion.”Oh fuck! I’m cumming, Carl!” Maggie’s scream gets our attention; Nicole and I both turn our heads. “Keep rubbing my clit, Carolyn! I’m so close! I’m cumming now!” Maggie is pushing back against Carl’s cock as it pumps in and out of her stretched out asshole. “Cum with me, Carl!” Maggie shouts. “Cum in my tight, white ass!” “I am, baby!” Carl grunts, his face contorted in anguish, as his climax becomes imminent. “Here… it… cums… Maggie!” Carl shouts, jerking frantically against her ass, his balls slapping against her pussy lips, as he empties his load deep inside of her.”Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuccccck!” Maggie yells, her whole body shaking, as her orgasm erupts, gushing pussy juice all over Carolyn’s hand and down her arm. Carolyn scoots out from under Maggie, giving her room to fall forward and drop her head down on the couch cushion. She’s still on her knees, with her ass in the air, Carl’s spent cock buried inside of it. Maggie is shivering through the after quakes of her orgasm, jerking spastically and clenching her ass muscles around Carl’s cock. “Mmmmmmmm.” Maggie sighs. “Fuck, Carl.” Maggie whispers. “That was off the charts.” She says. “But you can take it out now, please.” “Ooooooooo.” Maggie groans, as Carl disengages his cock from her quivering asshole. “I bet I’m going to be sore tomorrow.” She laughs, as Carl’s monster cock, plops free and Maggie sits down on the couch. “That is one hell of a tool, Carl.” Maggie says, smiling at his limp cock, which is still pretty sizeable. “It felt like you were shooting inside my stomach.” She teases.”I can’t believe you took the whole thing, Maggie.” Carl says, collapsing in a chair opposite her. “Neither can I!” Carolyn exclaims, cuddling up to Maggie and wrapping her arms around her as her orgasm slowly subsides. “Just don’t get any ideas that I want that thing in my ass!” Carolyn tells Carl.”You don’t know what you’re missing.” Maggie sighs, returning Carolyn’s hug and resting her head against Carolyn’s soft, dark breasts.”It doesn’t matter!” Carolyn says, matter-of-factly. “Because I’m going to keep on missing it!” She laughs, while stroking Maggie’s hair and running her hand up and down Maggie’s sweat-soaked back. Carolyn’s jaw drops when she finally notices Nicole and I fucking on the couch next to her.”Jesus, Nick!” Carolyn says. “You’re hard again?” She asks, rhetorically. “You are the most resilient young man I have ever met.””You weren’t complaining earlier.” I answer, while Nicole slowly rocks back and forth on my hard cock. “And I’m not complaining now.” Carolyn laughs. “I didn’t mean it as a criticism, Nick.” Carolyn says, turning to Maggie. “Have you ever seen anyone recover as quickly as he does?” She asks.”Never.” Maggie answers dreamily, without lifting her head from Carolyn’s breasts. “He’s truly unique.””I’m glad to hear you say that!” Carolyn says. “I didn’t want to find out that all white guys were like that!” She laughs. “How many times can you get it up in a row, Carl?” Carolyn teases him. “Twice, maybe three times?” She asks.”Hey, leave Carl alone.” Nicole says playfully, while rocking a little faster on my cock. “How many times has he already cum this afternoon?” Nicole asks. “There was one time in my mouth, once in my pussy and twice inside my mom. Four times! And you’re not done, are you Carl?” Nicole smiles and then turns back to me, kissing my lips and bouncing up and down on my cock. “That’s right!” Carl says. “Thank you, Nicole!” He adds, watching her swivel her hips from side to side, as she continues riding my hard cock. “Damn! You ride that nice, girl!” Carl says. “Shit, you guys could make a fortune with a video camera.” He says, watching attentively, while stroking his recovering cock.”Don’t even think about putting that anywhere, after where it’s just been!” Carolyn tells Carl. “That’s got nasty all over it!” She laughs. Maggie lifts her head and sees Carl’s recovering cock.”Who needs a shower?” Maggie asks, releasing her hold on Carolyn and getting up off the couch. “We have a pretty big shower.” She says, looking from Carolyn to Carl.”Let’s go!” Carolyn says, standing up next to Maggie and putting her arm around her waist. “Carl?” Carolyn says. “Can you tear yourself away?” She asks, as Carl continues watching Nicole’s riding frenzy on my cock. Carl seems mesmerized, as Nicole gets close to her orgasm, with her head thrown back; she’s slamming her pussy down hard. “Ohmygod!” Nicole yells, clamping her pussy around my cock and throwing herself against my chest. I hold her as she shakes and shivers through her orgasm, and then I let lose my load inside her hot, pulsating pussy. “Damn!” Carl says, standing up next to Carolyn, his thick, black cock sticking straight out in front of him. “That would make one hell of a movie!” He says, shaking his head as he follows Carolyn and Maggie down the hall to the bathroom.”Shall we join them?” I ask Nicole, as her breathing gradually slows.”What?” She asks. “Join who, where?” She says. It’s apparent that she missed most of the conversation while she was in the final throes of ecstasy. “Everyone’s in the shower.” I tell her, as she looks around, noticing for the first time that we’re alone in the living room. “Shall we join them?” I ask again, smiling at her.”Why not?” She says, sliding back on my lap until my spent cock slips from her soggy pussy. “I think I could really use a shower right now.” She says, standing up, as the mixture of cum and pussy juice starts running down the inside of her thighs. “Definitely a shower.” She laughs.Uncle Harry’s master bedroom has a large bathroom with a clear glass-enclosed shower, which easily holds the three people who are currently in there. Tile seats are built into each side with a high showerhead directly opposite the door.As Nicole and I enter the bathroom, Carl is standing next to one wall, with Carolyn lovingly lathering his cock and balls. Using both hands, she swirls the soap up and down his long, thick shaft, occasionally trailing one hand past the base of his cock to massage his balls. Carl has his eyes closed and is humping his hard cock between her soapy hands. Maggie is standing on the other side of Carolyn, lathering soap over Carolyn’s body. With one hand on Carolyn’s ass and the other one on her tits, Maggie is also rubbing her own soapy tits up and down against Carolyn’s side. Carl opens his eyes and smiles when he sees Nicole and I step into the shower. Standing under the spray, we grab the body wash and start lathering soap all over each other. Nicole starts with my shoulders and soaps down my chest, while I start with her tits, soaping all around and under her creamy white mounds. “Do you think it’s clean enough yet?” Carl asks Carolyn, while he continues to watch me soap Nicole’s hard nipples. Nicole is lathering soap all over my cock and balls. I get hard without thinking about it.”Clean enough for what?” Carolyn teases, rubbing her soapy hands over his muscular chest. “Clean enough to put it somewhere.” Carl answers, as I turn Nicole around and rub my hard cock up and down the crack of her ass. Reaching around, I continue to squeeze her sexy little tits. She moans softly, as I pinch her nipples, twisting and pulling them away from her chest. “And where were you thinking you’d like to put it?” Carolyn asks, looking around the shower at the various possibilities. Carl slides his hand between his wife’s legs and strokes her thick, black pussy lips. “Right here, baby.” Carl answers, locking eyes with Carolyn as he pushes one finger inside of her and extends his other hand towards her tits. “I haven’t fucked you all day.” He says quietly, kneading the soft flesh of her left tit and running his palm over her thick, black nipple.”Mmmmmm.” Carolyn says, her knees momentarily buckling, from the unexpected penetration of her pussy. “Good answer.” She says, as she regains her balance and pushes back against Carl’s finger. Rinsing the soap off of Carl’s long, thick member, Carolyn pulls his hand away from her pussy and turns around. Bending over and leaning her hands on the tile seat, Carolyn wiggles her ass, waving her thick, wet pussy lips invitingly at Carl. He kneels behind her, grabs her ass cheeks and licks up and down her slimy pussy lips. Watching Carl and Carolyn, distracts Nicole and I from our own soapy encounter and we just stand there enjoying this erotic shower scene. Nicole is leaning her back against my chest with my hard cock cradled between her ass cheeks and my hands still cupping her tits. She reaches under Carolyn’s body and runs her hands over Carolyn’s large, brown tits, gently squeezing and kneading them. Carolyn smiles appreciatively at Nicole, as Carl tongue fucks her pussy.”Mmmmmmm.” Carolyn moans. “Put it in me, hon.” She says, pleadingly. “Put that big boy in my pussy.” As Carl stands up behind her and starts pushing his long, thick cock into his wife’s pussy, I watch Carolyn move one of her hands between her legs. “Let me do that.” I say to Carolyn, sitting down on the tile floor and replacing her hand with mine. I run my fingers through her thick bush, and locate her engorged clit. Using a circular motion and a light touch, I stimulate her sensitive pleasure button, as Carl fucks her. The combination of Carl’s cock, my fingers and Nicole’s hands, elicits whimpering moans from Carolyn as she rocks her body back and forth.Carl is pumping his hard cock in and out of his wife’s pussy and I have a unique view of her thick pussy lips rolling into his cock on the down stroke and stretching out in full view when he pulls back. Everything is wet from the shower, but Carolyn’s pussy is dripping more than water, as I synchronize the rubbing of her clit with the rhythm of their fucking. I rub faster and faster as she pushes back harder against his powerful thrusts, her juices coating and lubricating his thick cock.Maggie has moved behind Carl and is lathering soap all over his ass. I know what’s coming and wonder how Carl will respond. Nicole in on the floor, under Carolyn’s chest, sucking on her thick black nipples and massaging her tits. “What are you doing back there?” Carl whispers, while bucking frantically into his wife’s pussy. “Don’t put nothin’ in my ass!” He hisses. “Nothin’ belongs in there!” “Trust me, Carl.” Maggie whispers. “Doesn’t it feel good?” Maggie asks. “I’m not going to hurt you.” She adds, continuing to lather soap between his ass cheeks and probing his puckered ass with her finger.”Oh fuck!” Carl yells, slamming his cock harder into Carolyn’s pussy. Maggie must have inserted part of her finger into his ass. “Goddamn!” He says, bucking like a wild man and holding onto his wife’s hips. Carolyn is moving so fast that I’m having trouble keeping my fingers on her clit.”Oh… Oh…. Oh… Oh… Fuuuuuck!” Carolyn cries. “Keep rubbing my clit, Nick.” She pleads. “Ohhhhhhhh! I’m fucking cumming!” She yells, jerking back against Carl’s cock and then grabbing my hand to keep it still against her throbbing clit. “Motherfuck!” Carl yells, erupting into Carolyn’s ass with a ferocity that I doubt he’d ever experienced before. “Fuck!” He yells. “Get that out of there!” He says, angrily. “What?” Carolyn asks, while gasping for breath. Nicole has released her tits and is sitting back against the tile seat.”Nothing!” Carl snaps at her. “Never mind.” He says more calmly. “It was nothing.” Maggie moves around from behind Carl and kisses him on the lips.”Came pretty hard, didn’t you, Carl?” Maggie whispers, running her hand down his chest. “I came like a motherfucker.” He admits. “That was some weird shit, though. You shouldn’t have done that.” He says, more calmly. “Sorry.” Maggie says, shrugging her shoulders, clearly not sorry at all. Carl pulls his cock from Carolyn’s pussy and sits down on the tile seat. Carolyn sits on the floor next to Nicole.”That was amazing.” She says. “I’ve never had hands and mouths all over me while I got fucked before.” She says, squeezing Nicole’s tits and kissing her lightly on he mouth. “You guys are incredible. I really liked the way you bit and sucked on my nipples.” She says to Nicole, as she leans her head down and sucks one of Nicole’s puffy pink nipples into her mouth. “I wish I had tits like yours.” Nicole tells Carolyn, as she strokes her hand through Carolyn’s hair, while Carolyn continues sucking her tits. “They’re so big and soft… and your nipples! My god, they get so long and hard.” She says. “You have fabulous tits.” Carolyn tells Nicole, taking a breath from sucking on her nipples, but keeping her hands busy squeezing and caressing them. “Mine are heavy and always in the way.” She laughs. “They always have been. I don’t think my tits were ever as perfectly shaped as yours.””They were never that small. That’s for sure!” Carl says. “You had bigger tits than that when you were twelve.” Carl laughs. “No offense, Nicole.” He adds, quickly. “You know I love your tits!” “It’s okay, Carl.” Nicole smiles. Carolyn continues sucking and biting her small tits. “Really? You had big tits when you were twelve?””He exaggerates.” Carolyn says. “But I did develop pretty early.” She says. “It’s our fate, how many flat-chested black girls do you see?””Good point.” Nicole laughs. “That feels nice. I’m glad you and Carl came over today. This was wonderful.” Nicole says. “Very nice.” Maggie says. She’s is sitting next to Carl, crushing her tits against his arm, as she runs her hands across his chest, his abdomen and down his thighs. She leans her head down and starts licking his chest, flicking her tongue across his nipple as her hand playfully moves his soft cock around.”Do you forgive me, Carl?” Maggie asks, in her pouty, schoolgirl voice. She slides off the seat, trailing her tongue down his stomach, as she kneels between his legs. With one hand combing through his thick pubic hair, and the other holding his cock, she slurps his thick cockhead into her mouth. “Let me clean you up, Carl.” She says, sliding her mouth up and down the length of his cock, licking and nibbling, while she teases his balls with her hand.”Forgive her for what?” Carolyn whispers to Nicole, who has her eyes closed and is leaning her head back, while Carolyn sucks and teases her nipples. Carolyn has one hand between Nicole’s thighs, stroking her wet pussy lips with her fingers.”She fingered his ass when he was fucking you.” Nicole says, spreading her legs wide-open for Carolyn’s fingers. “He didn’t like it, I guess.” Nicole says.”He’s very homophobic.” Carolyn says, grinning. “But he sure came hard!” She adds. “Have you ever had that done, Nick?” She asks. “Yeah.” I say scooting closer to them. “Maggie did the same thing to me when she was sucking me off, one day. It really got me off!” I tell her.”That really feels nice.” Nicole says. “But I think I’m about orgasmed out.” She laughs. “How about a rain check?” She asks. “So do you and your mom…?” Carolyn asks, not finishing the sentence.”Only once and it kind of freaked her out.” Nicole answers. “But who knows, after today, she might be more comfortable with me.” Nicole says, standing up and turning around under the spray.”Unbelievable, Nick.” Carolyn says, kissing me passionately and pushing her tongue in my mouth. “You took me places today, that I’ve never been before.” She says, when she pulls her mouth away from mine. “Let’s not wait so long to get back together. Maybe you could come to our place, next time.” She says.”And meet Denise and your brother in law?” I ask.”We’ll see.” She says, grinning. “I’m not sure they’re ready for you guys… and I’m not sure I want to share.” She says, wrapping her arms around me and grinding her sexy body against mine.”Who else is hungry?” Nicole asks, stepping from the shower. “I’m starved!””Why don’t you make some sandwiches, honey?” Maggie says, pulling her lips from around Carl’s fully recovered cock while she continues to stroke it with her hand. “Carl and I will be along in a while.” She smiles, sucking his cockhead back into her mouth. “That’ll be six times.” Nicole says, giving Carl a thumbs up, as Carolyn and I follow her out of the shower. As we dry each other off, I watch Maggie turn around and mount Carl’s hard cock from behind. Sitting on his lap, with his cock in her pussy, she start riding him and he wraps his arms around her, easily palming her large tits in his oversized hands.We finish drying and head for the kitchen, all of us still naked, to prepare some food. Carolyn and Nicole whip up some sandwiches and salads, while I sit at the table admiring the view of these two gorgeous women hustling around the kitchen, seemingly oblivious to their own nudity. Nicole sits on my lap as we eat, popping bits of her sandwich in my mouth periodically. Carolyn sits across from us, on the other side of the table and we talk and laugh together throughout the meal. I can’t keep my eyes off Carolyn’s smooth, brown tits, as I eat my sandwich. I’ve never just sat and admired them, without the distraction of touching and sucking them and getting caught up in my own arousal. They are absolutely breathtaking. They are identical twin globes of soft flesh, curving symmetrically away from each other in an erotically tantalizing way. Elsewhere on her body, her skin tone becomes darker and lighter with the shape of her body, whereas her breasts are consistently a beautiful milk chocolate brown, over and under each stunning curve. Her thick black nipples have retracted to hard little nubs in the center of her dark areolas and my cock stirs as I think about sucking them out to their fully extended length. With Nicole’s bare ass checks sliding around on my thighs and Carolyn’s luscious tits staring at me across the table, my cock really starts to stiffen. Since neither woman seems interested right now, I soften my cock and continue to enjoy the view.Eventually Carl and Maggie join us and we all sit naked around the table, eating sandwiches and enjoying each other’s company. Carl seems to be memorizing Nicole’s tits, like I’ve just been doing with Carolyn’s. I’ve since shifted my attention to Maggie’s, comparing the smooth curve of her sizable globes with Carolyn’s and again concluding that they could almost be twins. After dinner, Carl and Carolyn say goodbye, leaving Nicole, Maggie and I to decide how to spend the rest of the evening. We haven’t bothered getting dressed and I’m anxious to follow through on Nicole’s invitation to fuck her in the ass. I’m not sure she’ll go through with it if Maggie sticks around, but it would be rude to ask her to leave. I pull Nicole down on my lap on the couch and start kissing her and fondling her tits. Maggie, sitting in a chair opposite us, gets up and starts getting dressed. “It’s time I left you two k**s alone.” She says, sorting through her clothes, which are heaped in a pile under the window. “Please stay a little longer, mom.” Nicole says, surprising us both. “I promised Nick that he could do me in the ass.” She explains. “I’ve never done it before and I was hoping you could help me do it so it doesn’t hurt.” She says pleadingly.”Of course, honey.” Maggie says, excitedly. “Are you sure you want to do this?” She asks Nicole, raising her eyebrows at me questioningly. I shrug and shake my head, indicating that the transmitter had nothing to do with this.”Yeah!” She says. “I’m sure. Watching you take both Nick and Carl was so fucking hot!” She says, excitedly. “You really seemed to get off on it. Does it really feel that good? I always thought it was something girls did that for their boyfriend’s pleasure, not their own.” She says.”Oh, you are in for a treat, honey.” Maggie says, smiling. “It is not like getting fucked in your pussy and I don’t do it very often. But it can be an amazing extra stimulant to your lovemaking.””I’m ready to try it.” Nicole says. “You ready, Nick?” She asks me. I harden my cock and nod my head.”Ready when you are, Nicole.” I tell her, as she moves off my lap.”Let’s go into the bedroom.” Maggie says, grabbing the jar of lubricant. “I think it’ll be easier on the bed.” Maggie leads the way, and Nicole wraps her hand around my cock, playfully leading me into the bedroom, like it’s a leash. I can’t believe it! Not only am I going to finally fuck Nicole’s ass, but her mother is actually going to help! Un-fucking-real!I make my cock hard, while Maggie applies ointment to Nicole’s asshole. Nicole is on all fours, with her ass right at the edge of the bed. I watch in amazement as Maggie’s finger disappears inside Nicole’s tight puckered hole. I’m surprised at how comfortable Maggie seems with this. Maybe today is some kind of turning point for them.”The trick is to relax your sphincter.” Maggie tells Nicole as she works her lubricated finger in and out of Nicole’s ass. With her other hand, Maggie is reaching under Nicole’s stomach and starts stroking her wet pussy. “The other trick is to be very aroused when you do this. I think all the fucking you’ve done today will help this go pretty smoothly.” Maggie says.”Okay, now relax, sweetie.” Maggie says. “I’m going to put two fingers inside you.” With the fingers of her left hand rocking in and out of Nicole’s pussy and her thumb rubbing across her clit, she starts working two fingers of her right hand into Nicole’s tight ass.”Relax now, Nicole.” Maggie instructs, as she twists her fingers, screwing them into her ass. “Put more lubricant on my fingers, Nick.” Maggie says and I get the jar and smear a gob onto her fingertips. She pushes the lubricant in first, and then corkscrews her fingers in behind it. With her other her fingers buried in Nicole’s pussy and her thumb still massaging her clit, she starts gently finger fucking her ass.”How does it feel, honey?” Maggie asks.”Weird, but okay.” She says. “Your thumb on my clit feels great, but my ass just feels full.””Okay, we’ll take it slow.” Maggie says. “Get ready Nick.” Maggie says to me. “I think she can take it now.” I step up behind Nicole and make my dick as thin as possible while still keeping it very rigid. Maggie rubs lubricant all over my cock, twisting her hand up and down my shaft. She’s taking her time, while continuing to stimulate Nicole’s pussy.”Be gentle with my little girl, Nick.” Maggie whispers, kissing me on the mouth, as she continues to smear lubricant all over my cock. “I will.” I promise, positioning my cockhead against Nicole’s furrowed opening. Maggie has moved up on the bed beside Nicole and is continuing to stroke her pussy. “Concentrate, Nicole.” Maggie says. “You have to relax your asshole.” “I’m trying!” Nicole snaps, leaning away from me, as I try to push my cockhead into her tight opening. “Don’t pull away, sweetie.” Maggie says. “Hold still so Nick can push himself inside you.””I’m scared.” Nicole answers. “Maybe this isn’t such a good idea.” She says, as I hold her hips with my hands and push my cockhead into her asshole.”Oh fuck! It hurts!” Nicole yells. “Take it out, Nick! Take it out!” I start to pull back and Maggie shakes her head.”Think about it, Nicole.” Maggie surprises me by using the trigger. “Ignore the pain and relax your sphincter.” Nicole is instantly quiet and her asshole relaxes around my cock, allowing me to push farther into her snug opening.”Keep going Nick.” Maggie says, rubbing frantically at Nicole’s clit. I can’t believe Maggie is so adamant that I get my cock in her daughter’s ass. I inch my cock deeper into Nicole’s ass, little by little, while Maggie plays with Nicole’s tits and keeps her clit stimulated. After several more push and pulls, I finally get it all the way in. I hold still, letting Nicole catch her breath and get use it being there. “How does it feel, Nicole?” I ask her, as I hold her hips and start gently rocking back and forth. “Feels good now, Nick!” Nicole says. “I was scared for a second and it hurt a little at first, but now it feels great!” She says, rocking back against my cock as I start pumping a little more vigorously. Jesus Christ! Her ass is so fucking tight. I’m glad Maggie put a lot of lubricant in there because her ass is hugging my cock so firmly, I wouldn’t be able to move without it. “Fuck her harder, Nick!” Maggie says, working frantically at Nicole’s pussy with her hand. I start pounding my hard cock into Nicole’s stretched out asshole. With my hands on her hips, I pull her sweet, round cheeks back against me, as I thrust forward. Nicole is really into it now, pushing back against my cock on every downward stroke, sucking my cock deeper into her narrow channel.”Oh fuck! I’m cumming!” Nicole shouts, pushing back harder against my cock and rocking against her mother’s hands. “I’m fucking cumming!” Nicole shouts, as her body convulses in quick little shakes. Her asshole quivers around my cock, as her orgasm ripples through her, flooding her pussy.”Cum with her, Nick!” Maggie says. “Fill her ass with your thick, hot cum!” She says, while reaching between Nicole’s legs and cupping my balls. I jump at the unexpected stimulation, as she squeezes and caresses my balls, and I start spurting cum inside Nicole’s stretched out asshole. Bucking against her firm ass cheeks, I unload my balls, into her, as she continues to revel in the after shocks of her orgasm. I pull my spent cock from her ass and collapse on the bed beside her. Maggie is holding her daughter, rocking her against her chest.”You did good, sweetie.” Maggie is telling Nicole, as she holds her in a tight embrace and rocks back and forth. “That was great for your first time.””How was it, Nick?” Nicole asks, turning towards me with a questioning look on her face.”Unbelievable!” I say, because I still can’t believe what Maggie just did to her daughter. I’m no prude, but I don’t think I would have used the trigger like that. I have really mixed feelings about what we just did to Nicole.”I’m really going to leave you two alone, now.” Maggie says, kissing us both and getting off the bed. “Don’t get up.” She laughs. “I’ll see you both tomorrow.” I hold Nicole tightly, as I listen for the front door to close.”I think I need another shower.” Nicole says, softly. “There’s stuff running out of my butt.” I laugh, and agree that a shower is a good idea. We go into the bathroom and I adjust the water temperature, while Nicole uses the toilet. “I keep feeling like I have to shit, but I think it’s just from having your cum inside me.” She shrugs, smiling at me. We take a hot shower, lovingly lathering each other’s bodies, but I feel so fucking guilty about using the trigger to fuck Nicole’s ass, that I don’t really enjoy it. Nicole doesn’t seem to notice my preoccupation and we dry each other off before snuggling under the covers. Our exhaustive day of sex finally catches up with us and we fall asleep instantly, with me spooned against Nicole’s back.

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