Never Strangers in the Night

Self Shot


The gentle rise and fall of the boat soothed her frayed nerves, the rhythmic, gentle slap of the water against the hull as it rocked at its moorings a sound that offered her a distinct comfort. She needed that after the morning she had just gone through; getting her husband Frank picked up by an ambulance, his pacemaker playing up and leaving her in some doubt about his survival.

Reassured by the ambulance crew and calls to their medical insurance company, that Frank’s former employers still paid something towards his care, Femke had turned her attention to more practical matters; what to do about getting the boat back to its home moorings, up near Amsterdam, and how she could keep track of Frank’s progress.

Their three kids were scattered over the country and too far away to be of any immediate help, and she wasn’t about to pay for the boat’s long-term mooring until it could be brought back to its ‘home port.’

So, considering all of her options she had called her step-nephew, Thom den Broeke, hoping that he might have an answer to her problem. To hear his voice and infectious laugh had settled her nerves.

‘Of course I’ll help you bring the boat back,’ he had told her. ‘You know that I always make time to be with you…when you ask me.’

‘I’m doing that now…’ she had restored, bluntly, her nerves getting the better of her usual ways of speaking to him.

‘And I’ll be with you in three hours, maybe two or so….’

‘Don’t take any risks getting here…’

‘I won’t, though it would be worth it, Femke…’ Too much had happened between them, over the years, to have her feel the slightest concern over his ways. Familiarity had become a trademark of their relationship and especially when alone together.

‘I’ll feel better when you’re here with me…’

‘And I’ll help you with that. We’ve got two or three days to be on the boat and out in the sun. I’ve racked up some days off…I now have a reason to take them.’

‘I’ll be here. I’ve given you the marina’s GPS code haven’t I…and the berth number?’

‘Yes, you have Femke….so don’t worry about anything. Now let me get going!’

She imagined his smile and the look of his eyes upon her. Neither ever left her in any doubt on what he was thinking when they were together. Things had gotten out of hand after one family reunion some five years ago, and there had been times since when affection had given way to passionate and uninhibited trysts that put pleasure above everything else. She and her sister’s stepson had broken all the rules.

She had been provoked into calling him, relief from her present troubles sure to be offered by her beguiling and passionate, uninhibited, relation. It had been too long since she had last seen him and fallen under his spell, the young man with his unruly mop of short sandy-brown hair, the stare of his eyes from under straight, thin, eyebrows and his preference for long-sleeved T-shirts worn loose over jeans and under a leather biker’s jacket. A reflective, unreadable, young man lived within his tended frame, Thom just a shade taller than she at just under two metres. He lived frugally, as an infrastructure engineer; she well-off and the wife of a retired airline pilot.

Distinctions between them abounded; their interest in each other, and where it could lead, shared as kindred spirits.


Femke lay on the small deck of the lavishly fitted out motor cruiser, the timber deck warm to her touch. It was felt through the towels and thin foam mattress, that she had spread out upon it. Her sunbathing spot was screened by the high gunwale of the foredeck. Her straw-blonde hair, with darker tinted tips, was drawn back and fastened in a lazy weave and splayed over one shoulder, a loose and unkempt tangle, the heat of the sun extremely warm on her studiously maintained, oiled, golden skin, her tan lines of bikini bra and thong all but indistinguishable.

She thought of Thom, what he brought to her sometimes and his passionate ways such a contrast with his studious nature and his work. She rested on her stomach, her bikini top untied and her breasts squashed beneath her. The thin fabric of her thong was like a second skin, her mound shaved almost clean of any hair save over her slit. She pushed a hand down to touch herself and moved two of her fingers for an instant as she thought of Thom. The young guy was clever, well hung, and unafraid to let her know what she did for him just by being by his side.

‘You take me out of settled ways,’ he’d often tell her, and just to feel a moment’s touch was to set her off; would make the hunger for sharing in something so very different from the, now, more restrained ways of it with Frank.

Her fingers stroked her wet folds and she pressed down on them, her need to see him only too urgent.

‘No one’s going to know or intrude on us…on anything,’ she now murmured, the heat of the sun on her thighs and back, the touches of her fingers making her shiver in longing fethiye escort and anticipation.

She was a big woman, voluptuous Thom would say appreciatively, and not the slender waif that so many younger women pursued as a look and way to squeeze into clothes. She had curves, large but not pendulous breasts, soft creases in her tummy and fleshy thighs. She was taller than many in her circle of friends, ‘my Amazon’ Thom had even called out to her one time when they had rutted until exhaustion had overwhelmed them, their bodies slicked with sweat and her juices, and what he had ejaculated into her, slicking their skins. Her curves and hollows, hands and legs, her energetic tugs on him had revealed the passionate woman, not a raging beauty, but a woman Thom lusted after only too clearly, when they had the opportunity to give full expression to what they felt, destructive of ordered ways as it all was.

‘Let it be you, Thom…my wonderful helper.’

She heard her iPhone trill and rose, enough to reach for it on the low table set close to where she lay.


‘I’m well on the way to you! Travelling light…the weather’s right for it…for us both to do that! Who’s to see how we are together?’

‘True, so go carefully!’ She felt her spirits lift on hearing his voice, clear and chatty. Her lover was expectant, and so was she. Her fingers would do the rest until Thom was with her.

Thom stowed his iPhone into his leather jacket pocket and zipped it shut. His pee break had done him some good, in breaking the hold that thoughts of Femke had on him whenever they spoke. He’d worked his length a few times, wanting to ease the ache of longing for the woman he no longer thought of as an aunt.

They had gone way beyond the boundaries of such a relationship. Pubescent fantasies of a woman with big tits had become a raging reality after his nineteenth birthday and a family reunion, the details of which had been overtaken by love fests that followed and that were asked for spontaneously by one or the other. He hoped that the next two days would be no different.

Her man, Frank, was ill but he’d been that way since his medical discharge from KLM with heart problems a year or so back. At least he was out of immediate danger, so Femke had told him when she’d called and asked him to be with her. She could be in regular contact with the private hospital he’d been taken to, and they could make the most of a couple of days of being together, few questions asked. It was a destructive mindset, if you thought on it for too long, but Femke laid no exclusive claims on him. She knew just how he was wired.

‘You bring more than any of the others I go with or have gone with…’ he had told her recently, and it remained true, her voluptuous fleshiness distinct from the younger women he claimed to be regulars and living out life to the full.

Femke’s tits were rounded and firm, the valley between them wide and her breastbone marked by two small moles. They were undoubtedly large, full tits, the nipples arching towards you and inviting a kiss or a tug with your lips clenched on them. She loved him doing that, also how he’d push those breasts up and he’d kiss the warm skin underneath, breathe in that particular warmth.

And, if she didn’t want his attention to them, then she’d draw his head, hands and kisses to her hips, her belly, to the smooth curve of her mound, brush his fingers through her neatly trimmed bush and press his fingers to her. She’d squirm and gasp as his fingers and hands gripped her rounded ass, pushed her thighs up and before he buried his face to her slit, licked her out in ways that he loved to spend time on; to find her button and quickly prick or flicker his tongue over it, her hips soon bucking up to meet these ways of taking her.

Under that skin, in that fleshy, curvy body beat a passionate heart and she wasn’t afraid to show how it went for her when they fucked, her glorious tits swaying when she rode him, or squashed against his chest as he took her, the caress and grip of her fleshy thighs on his body a sure sign that he’d coaxed her to abandon any further restraint.

He held the thoughts and images of the woman, who was also his infrequent lover, as his bike was ridden over the slow bends and straight stretches of the highway that joined the islands of the Delta plan, stretches of inland water to his left, the sea to his right, the sun a searing brightness, the extremes of which his reflective visor kept out.

He pushed a gloved hand onto the swell in his jeans. Just thinking of her wound his clock. Her pussy, Femke’s clit, was so sensitive that he had to take her in ways that prolonged their times in bed, or wherever their need or overwhelmed them. Foreplay, then the pushing of his prick into her, would set Femke off. She’d come instantly, and their times demanded different ways of satisfying them both. He’d lost count of the times that simply the first fethiye escort bayan friction of his swollen cockhead entering her body would arouse the wrenching spasms of her first orgasm. If it wasn’t that, then it was how he licked and sucked that drove Femke out of her mind with pleasure, her body shaking and her thighs clenching on his head to keep him to her until the last of her climaxes faded away.

Such moments were particular to them. He didn’t have that effect on the younger women, or first year students, that he had seduced when at university, and that Femke was never told of.

He slowed to a stop in a pull-in. His iPhone had trembled against his chest, and he jerked it out of his jacket. ‘Hi…I’ve been thinking of you as I rode…’

‘And I’ve been doing the same as I lie here in the sun. I’ve had enough for now…hope it won’t be long before you’re here, Thom. I need to see you…and we need to get the boat to its first stop. Don’t be long…our time’s precious to me.’

‘As it is to me. It won’t be long now and then thoughts become real…’

‘Yes, make it soon. I want to be worn out by doing something…not thinking about it.’

Thom laughed at her directness, but it was all of a piece where it concerned them and how they could talk to each other. Being unlikely lovers, their differences in age no restraint, brought its own privileges and ways of it. She needed selfish distraction from what played out in her life, now, with Frank and he was only too willing to give it. He’d taken to wondering how they’d keep their hands off each other when out on the water, stripped naked and basking in the sun and enjoying the sight, and touch, of each other.

‘An hour, no more…’

‘I’ll give you time to rest, Thom…we can lie out in the sun and decide what to do.’

‘You know that I rarely need it, rest I mean, when I’m with you.’

Femke was heard to laugh at his suggestive answer to what she had said. ‘That’s so true.., and what I always remember of you…of us when we’ve been together. Get moving!’


She fastened her thin wrap a little tighter as she heard other boat owners and their friends pass close to where she sat, the towels now spread on a bench seat that faced towards the bows.

‘Are you okay now?’ she smiled and taking a glass of iced tea from his hand. Her movement to take it opened the front of her wrap and she heard Thom gaps softly in wonder at what he saw. ‘I had to cover them…the marks that you left on them aren’t like you.’

‘I’ve missed being with you like this…it’s been what, three months?’

‘About that…yes.’ She had called in at his apartment and offered quite a birthday present,

She brushed her fingers over his strong, muscled thigh as he sat close, his skin against hers, the fingers of one hand brushing the fleshy softness of her legs, first one, then the other, in slow lingering sweeps.

‘I need you…needed to get that out of my blood,’ he told her, lifting his face to the sun and knowing her eyes were on him. No one saw her fingers brush the swell in his swimming shorts or heard his sharp intakes of breath as she clamped and eased on his prick. ‘We’ll need to set off soon… or we’ll miss the flood tide…and we won’t get to tonight’s berth.’

‘Are you sure?’ she smiled over the narrow space between them and saw how his eyes drifted over her. ‘I’ve missed you doing that…and everything else.’

‘And I’m sorry it’s been a while….’

‘But we’ll make up for it, just as we did when you arrived.’ Femke heard him gasp once more as she loosened her dress fastening and opened it to reveal her thong and the tumble of her naked breasts. Her fingers touched her slit. ‘I’m still leaking from what you gave me…’

He was looking at her. ‘I’m not sure it will be any less the next time…’

‘You may be right…you being here makes me think of nothing else, but this.’ Femke brushed over the rounded swell in his shorts, wiggled her hips into a more comfortable position, drew the hem of her dress up so that her leg brushed his thigh. ‘I’m beginning to ache again for you…’

‘Here?’ He had heard the sultriness in her voice and half-turned on the seat before he took to brushing his fingers over Femke’s thong; he loved how it shaped her. ‘Is it throbbing and swelling, as you told me when I arrived?’

Thom felt her move to meet his touches, his fingers drawing aside her thong and his fingers soon in her. Femke made rapid swallowing sounds and gasped, held his hand to her crotch as she found herself becoming excited, her muscles contracting on his fingers.

‘A few moments more…then we must go!’ she gasped, ‘or people will wonder what kept me!’

She was lifting her bum off the seat cushion to meet his fingering of her. She reached for his cock and squeezed on its hard swell. How it again shaped his shorts was not kept from her.

‘In the cabin….make it a quick one, Thom….’ escort fethiye Femke gasped, covering her body quickly with the wrap before she scurried away. She met Thom in the hatchway where they kissed hungrily, his hands soon on her and she tugging on his shorts until his penis sprang free against her belly.

‘I can’t keep this from you!’ he kissed, stilling the progress of her hands for only a moment. He settled on the middle rung of the step into the cabin and knew what would follow.

‘Do you think of anything else?’ Femke knelt down and took him in her mouth, slicked his length with the tip of her tongue before she enclosed the glistening tip with her open mouth, slicked its length with her tongue, oblivious to his fierce hold on her head. She played with his balls as he worked her head back and forth on him, set the pace and worked him in a frenzy. She soon gripped that hard pole of flesh that had plumbed her so deeply only half an hour ago.

He erupted into her hands.

‘Ahhh, you darling man!’ Femke gasped, on seeing the thick cum juice spurt from him and into her hands, some still spurting onto her breasts and then her stomach, Thom’s body twitching and his groans erupting from deep within his throat. Time and again his cock gushed, coming more than Femke had expected.

‘Has it been a while for you?’ she asked, her eyes looking wonderingly at him, as the shaking of his legs lessened, and that thick pole of flesh slowly slackened. These wayward ways between them were like nothing else she lived through and did not seek of anyone else. Thom and his ways, what he brought to her, made good the empty times she often lived through with Frank.

‘Like this, yes quite a while…and to answer your question…no, I don’t think of anything else when I’m with you.’

She took the hand that he held out to her and met a moment’s deepening kiss. ‘We have to set off…start a different journey, my young lover.’


His bulk filled the narrow companionway as Thom stepped down into the softly lit cabin. She loved the strength in his arms and body, was disappointed that he had pulled on a T-shirt against the chill night air, but he had insisted on them motoring quickly to get to a night harbour before dark and beyond her intended first stop. Her plans had been turned over by the young man she now saw looking at her once more.

‘You look beautiful…there’s no one else in my life quite like you,’ he kissed, his arms wrapped about her and she taking his hands to each of her breasts, his embrace interrupting preparations for a light evening meal.

‘And I have a young man who has the right soft words to make me believe hm.’ She broke free of his hold on her. ‘Get the wine out of the fridge. Seduce me, if you can, over supper…’

He met her smile on him. ‘I’m going to try…again.’

‘Won’t I just know it…again. It’s a miracle we got here.’

Thom lay on Femke’s double bunk bed, flat on his back, the dim light on the bulkhead casting ragged shadows over the cabin as she moved to straddle him.

‘I’m loving you…taking you, my darling…starting with this,’ she kissed, her nipples brushing over his chest in lazy sweeps before she moved, enough, for them to be taken into his mouth, his hands squeezing until she gasped in pain and pleasure. ‘Do everything but bruise me! No one must know you’ve been with me…like this, anyway. Now, I want to see you…’

He had long ago lost any sense of embarrassment on hearing a woman’s words of admiration, and dismay, with what he brought to them. He was again very hard, his trembling length jerking as she brushed her lips over his belly before kissing it slowly, lingeringly. He reached out for the heavy, creamy swell of her breasts, felt her work his penis as he tugged on them.

She moved up the hard double bunk, bent low and kissed him before she awkwardly sat on his face and soon had him lick her out, his flickering tongue like a serpent’s, slow then quickening in response to her reactions. She reached between them and gripped his penis, looked down to make sure she rubbed it over her pussy’s lips, stroked the shaft and pressed her fingers gently to the tip.

‘Is there room…to do it this way?’ he gasped, as her mouth sank onto him, and he felt her breasts brush his thighs. He bucked his hips as she worked him, Femke gazing at this pole of gorged flesh and feeling the hardness in his sac. It again looked very full, her lover only too well-hung and hot. She moved her hands over them, over his prick and balls, heard him groan and then breathe harshly in raging excitement once more.

‘Let me see you now….lie back! That way may be best.’

He pushed her from him, Femke lying back, his kisses encouraging the spread of her legs, his slow g caresses, and kisses, to the shaven curve and line of hair covering her pussy lips opening the way for him still further. He feasted on this woman’s body, her fleshiness something that inflamed his senses and aroused his hunger for her. Femke brought so much, and she knew how to use it with him.

‘Like this?’ she gasped as she drew her legs up to her waist, keeping them as wide as possible before her young lover knelt between them. It was again a gross submission to his ways, yet she loved to do it for him.

‘Jeez, yes!’

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