No room for debate


Janie Barnes was running late to get out the door for the speech contest her students were participating in that April Saturday morning. Normally, the mild-mannered 5’6, 41-year-old speech and debate teacher at the local intermediate school avoided getting unraveled. However, on this morning, her nine-year-old son Alex was not cooperating in terms of waking up, eating breakfast and getting dressed before the babysitter arrived at 8 a.m. The fact that her husband George and fourteen-year-old son Shane were on an out-of-town weekend camping trip added to her rarely seen increased stress level that morning. The doorbell rang at 7:55 a.m. “Oh no. He’s early,” Janie said as she quickly went to answer the door. “Hello Matt.” “Well, hello Mrs. B,” said Matt, the eighteen-year-old son of the math teacher at the school Janie teaches. “Good to see you again. You’re looking good this morning.” Janie was looking good that morning. She had on a new tan flowery print dress that came down to just above the knees and beautifully accentuated her curves. Hearing those words from Matt shot a twinge of excitement through her well-proportioned body. Another shot of excitement quickly followed when Matt said, “Let me help you with this.” As Janie turned away after opening the door for her babysitter, Matt noticed Janie had not zipped up the back of her dress. The faux pas exposed the clasp portion of her beige satin bra and the thin, lacy waistband of the matching panties. Matt placed his left hand on her left shoulder, just enough to feel the bra strap through the dress material and hold her steady momentarily while zipping up the dress with his right hand. At the same time, the 6’1 high school senior gently nudged his hardening manhood on the ass of his former speech and debate teacher. “There you go. That’s better now,” Matt quietly told her. “Thank you,” replied a nervous Janie. Matt has known Janie for nearly ten years and quietly had a thing for her in recent years. He recalls getting excited in eighth grade when helping her load books in her classroom. Janie bent over and Matt caught a glimpse of her cleavage covered in sexy white lace bra. It stoked his desire for older women. A couple escort beylikdüzü years later, he saw her at a store and received a congratulatory hug from her when he said he just got his driver’s license. The hug wasn’t too long, but the embrace coupled with the scent of the perfume she had on that particular day stoked Matt’s desire for Janie even more. The desire had not waned. It remained when he showed up for babysitting duty on this day. The encounter just after Matt entered her house had Janie trembling with both excitement and fear. Janie had no knowledge of Matt’s desire for her. While maintaining she was happily married, she had not felt a touch like that from her husband in a very, very long time. Her curiosity was piqued that maybe there was something more to this encounter she just experienced with someone 23 years younger. Morally, though, that was territory she did not want to experience. “It is wrong,” she kept telling herself. “Thanks for helping out. I’ve got to get going,” Janie told Matt quickly as she fumbled about, trying to get her car keys out of her purse. “Alex’s soccer game is at 9:30, and then he has his friend Kevin’s birthday party at noon. I should be back by four this afternoon. Take care.” Janie hugged her son before departing and smiled at Matt as she walked out the door. Matt smiled back and waved to the woman he lustfully desired. It was 8 a.m. and a long day – and wait – had just begun. Janie’s beige panties were getting wet and the nipples on her size 36C breasts were getting hard as she thought about Matt on her half-hour drive to the speech contest. Throughout the whole speech contest, her thoughts were not on her students competing but on her former student back at her house. She excused herself during lunch to escape to the restroom to finger her soaking pussy. During this moment of self-pleasure, Janie’s mind was bouncing around with thoughts of making love to the younger man and all the excitement it could provide to spark a mundane sex life. Yet, those thoughts were conflicted with her moral stance of doing what was right. Matt’s mind was racing and plotting immoral deeds. Though he had a girlfriend escort akbatı of nearly two years and was a week away from going to prom with that girl, Matt was itching to experience something beyond his wildest dreams with Janie. He wanted to have sex with someone who didn’t just recently graduate from her virgin status. He wanted to find out what the difference was indeed like between sex with a high school student and sex with an experienced, mature woman. The soccer game went by quickly, and he learned the birthday he had to take Alex to was not starting at noon like Janie thought. Instead, it was at 2:30 p.m. and would last until 5 p.m. Kevin’s mother said Matt did not have to stay for it, which was perfectly alright with Matt. After dropping off Alex at the party, Matt drove back to Janie’s house to pick up and wait for her return. It was in these ideal moments he wondered how to expand on the initial encounter with Janie earlier that morning. He went into Janie’s bedroom and found the drawer where she stores her lingerie. What an ensemble he discovered. Corsets. Teddies. Matching bra and panty sets. Unmatching bra and panty sets. Satin and lace ones. Cotton ones. The motherload, he thought. He took different pieces and felt them in his hands and on his face. He took little whiffs of them to try to capture any hint of Janie’s scent. He grabbed one of Janie’s white satin lace bra and panty set, went into the bathroom to jerk off with them, and stashed them in his backpack. He was finishing washing his hands after pleasuring himself when he heard a car pull into the driveway. It was just after three o’clock. He looked out the back door and there was Janie getting out of her Volkswagen Cabrio. The moment of truth arrived. It was shut up – or shut out? – time. Janie, who fingered herself crazy on the drive home thinking of her son’s babysitter, walked in the backdoor and immediately saw Matt standing in the living room. “How is everything? Where is Alex?” she said nervously. “Things are great,” Matt replied confidently. “Alex is at the birthday party. It did not start until 2:30 and goes until 5.00” “It started at 2:30? That’s when I thought it ended. escort beylikdüzü I’m sorry for telling you wrong, Matt.” Janie said. “It’s okay, Janie … I mean, Mrs. B,” a blushing Matt said. There was a moment or two of awkward silence before Janie asked how the soccer game went. Matt said Alex’s team won and he played well. Matt followed with an inquiry about the speech contest. “We won,” Janie said excitedly. “That’s awesome!” replied Matt, who then boldly made his move. He walked towards Janie, leaned in, wrapped his arms around her to give her a congratulatory hug and press his body against the beautiful 41-year-old apple of his eye while giving her a soft, subtle kiss on her left cheek. Taken aback by this gesture and uncertain of what to do, Janie tentatively reciprocated by slowly putting her arms around the emboldened young man and gave him a quick squeeze. As they unlocked from the hug, each took a glance into the eyes of the other. The silence was strong as were the pounding of each other’s hearts. Before a word could get spoken, Matt’s mouth was on Janie’s, with their pent up frustration and passion pouring out in this fervent kiss. Matt’s tongue worked its way around her lips and mouth. His hands worked their way through her lovely frosted blond mane of hair, down her back and on her firm perfectly shaped ass after lifting up the back of the flowery print dress. “Oh my god! Don’t stop!” said a quivering Janie, whose tongue tasted her young lover’s and her arms locked around his back pressing their bodies against one another to concoct a moment that was part sensation and feeling and part forbidden given their age difference. The two pulled their mouths off each other after a minute. Before Janie could say, “We can’t do this,” Matt said, “I want you, Janie … I’ve always wanted you. I want you now!” Turned on already by the just completed moment of passion and the feelings she had experienced throughout the day thinking of Matt, Janie gave in to the feeling of forbidden pleasure. “Take me, Matt,” she said “Take me now!” Matt began to kiss Janie again slowly while unzipping her dress. As the zipper reached its end, Matt put his hands on Janie’s shoulders to slip off the loosened garment and watch it drop to her ankles, leaving her in just the matching beige satin bra and panty set that clung perfectly to her perfectly sized tits and ass, respectively. Matt took a moment to eye his handiwork of undressing this older woman he has desired.

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