Mardi Gras Meeting

Big Dicks

It’s amazing how much control a person that you have never even seen can have over your life. Penney started her online relationship with the Cowboy from a nearby town a few months ago. Since then she has sweated and cum for him many…many times. The fantasies are amazing. Her mind reels whenever she starts thinking about him. They’ve talked on the phone some, chatted endlessly, and had some limited web cam experience. As frustrating as it makes her, it also excites her, that he will not allow her to know his face. He knows all the intimate details of her life, but yet he is nothing more than a shadow to her. A ghostly image that appears a few times a week to make her melt.

But today will be different.

Today is the Mardi Gras and Motorcycle parade in a town that is about equal driving distance between the two pseudo lovers. They have made plans to meet, or rather, identify one another. Since both will be accompanied by their spouses, it is hard to imagine anything more than a quick glance and an instant wetness that she has become accustomed to anytime she lets her mind drift to the Cowboys cock.

It isn’t New Orleans, but as small town Mardi Gras celebrations go, Jefferson has one of the best. The motorcycles begin showing up a week in advance. The bars are always crowded, and the parties often overflow into the streets at night. During the days there are motorcycle parades, float parades, carnivals, your choice of loud music to dance too, and of coarse plenty of beer and food.

Today is the kickoff of the parades and as planned, Penney and family are standing in the most crowded area right on the main strip. There are hundreds of people crowding together pushing for better position. Her eyes scan the crowd, oblivious to the deafening noise the motorcycles are making. Everyone is vying for attention to have beads thrown their way. The motorcyclists, ever aware of what the crowds want, are constantly revving engines and spinning tires. The ladies on the back of the bikes are fighting with the beads trying to separate them for throwing (most have given up and are tossing handfuls of knotted beads).

Trying to get yet another set of beads for the kids she leaps into the air. She comes down hard, and almost takes a spill. As her feet touch down she knows that she has landed square on the feet of the person behind her. In an attempt to quickly step off the strangers feet she looses her balance and falls backward. She feels his strong arms quickly wrap around her waist and hold her steady. Feeling his body pressed against hers she becomes aware of the hardness that is pressed into her back. Hearing the stranger deeply inhale she turns her head toward him. In that instant it is as if they are all alone on the street. His eyes are closed as he breathes ataşehir escort in her fragrance. A soft moan escapes his lips, as his eyes flicker open and stare into hers.

Regaining some composure he helps her back into a fully upright position. His right hand briefly brushes against her erect nipples and they both shudder. He is apologizing for being in the way, she is apologizing for her clumsiness. Both of their hands are making, only slightly masked, explorations of the others body. She pretends to wipe away some fictitious thing that she inexplicably got on his crotch, as he is trying to steady her by briefly grabbing and pinching her ass. As the excitement of the fall fades, she tears herself away from his gaze to try and concentrate on the parade. There is a wetness and heat within her that can’t be ignored as easily. Her eyes are closed and she is picturing his face, his eyes, remembering his touch. She is engraving every detail of his face and body into her mind as she once again feels his breath against her neck. There is only the briefest of contacts, only one sentence, one command, and it is obvious that it is meant to be obeyed.

“Follow me…now.”

And just as quickly, he pats her on the ass, turns, and begins walking away. Frantically she pushes the kids in the direction of her husband who is as completely oblivious to the encounter, as he has been to the entire affair. “I’ll be back,” is all the explanation she gives as she searches the crowd for the black felt cowboy hat that she is drawn to. She spots the Cowboy walking away from the crowd into an alley just behind where the band is cranking out a decent performance of Lynrd Skynyrd’s “Free Bird.”

As she enters the alley a hand reaches toward her and pulls her to the back. Just behind a dumpster he pushes her towards the wall. With her back against the moist bricks of the building she can smell the dumpster reeking of carnival food, beer, and garbage. But this isn’t near enough to turn her away from her lust. His hands are instantly entwined in her hair. She looks up into his eyes and sees the same fire that she feels reflecting back from his face. He leans in and their lips touch. A tingling feeling begins spreading from her lips, down her neck, out to each of her hardened nipples, down her belly waking the butterflies that are there, past her crotch which has begun to drip with wetness, all the way to her toes that are freshly done and are a stark contrast to the nasty alley in which she is currently standing. Her mouth opens and their tongues race to one another.

His hands move down her sexy body, never breaking contact, sliding down the front of her dress, pausing only a moment to feel the weight of her amazing tits. avcılar escort Quickly pulling and pinching her hardened nipples as they move down her body. A quick rub between her legs lets him know that she isn’t wearing any panties. She hears the distinctive sound of a zipper and her hands are magically wrapped around his throbbing cock. The veins are standing out and she can feel his pulse racing to the head. As her fingers lace around his shaft, her thumbs trace the ridge of his helmet. A moan escapes from him as they break the kiss.

He stares into her eyes and takes a step back. She knows instinctively what is required. Instantly she is on her knees staring up at his huge erection. As her hands stroke him, her lips softly caress his balls. Her tongue licking greedily at him, making its way from the base of his scrotum to the very tip of his cock. As she licks at the pre-cum that is pooling at the end of his dick she looks up and sees what she has wanted for so long; his eyes looking down upon her approvingly as she sucks him into her mouth.

Her eyes close as she concentrates on taking him as deep into her mouth as she can. She knows what he likes, they have fantasized about it often enough. She feels his hands as they entwine themselves into her hair. She feels him rocking back and forth to the rhythm of her sucking. She can hear him moan as he fucks her mouth. Her hands reach behind him and squeeze his ass. She can feel the muscles flex inside them as he pushes his cock inside her mouth. As the intensity of the strokes increases she can tell that the pressure is building. As he pulls back from her she covers his manhood with soft wet kisses all around the shaft. It is dripping with pre-cum and her saliva as he pulls her to her feet.

As she stands, their lips meet once again. Licking and sucking her tongue he can taste his own wetness on her lips. Neither one can stand it much longer, they need release. Breaking away from her, he turns her toward the wall. Almost defensively she places her hands against the wet bricks. She feels him turn up her skirt and guide his cock in between her legs. She widens her stance and feels the head of his cock tracing the outer lips of her pussy. Her pussy starts contracting immediately, trying to suck him up into her body. Guiding his throbbing cock to her swollen clit he starts smacking her clit with the head of his dick. She wants to scream but only allows herself a barely audible moan as she feels her pussy let go with the first spasms of her cum. He feels her wetness spread over his cock and with one last grind of his cock into her clit he rams it into her.

Her pussy closes around his cock and tries to pull it free from his body. Only with extreme avrupa yakası escort effort is he able to pull it free and force it back inside. As her spasm begin to lessen he finds it easier to control his rhythm. As she pushes back into him he pulls her by the hips, forcing his cock into her fully with every stroke. His balls are slapping against her clit as he pounds her again and again. The pressure begins to build and they both know that he is about to explode. Just the thought of what is to come excites her to the point of orgasm once more. The first waves of orgasm explode from them at almost the exact same time. Her pussy is spraying cum back against his cock. Only with effort is he able to stand and keep inside her. Forcing his shaft fully into her she is lifted off the ground. His legs ache as the muscles cramp…his ass flexes and shoves her against the wall. Each wave of cum from him ignites a spasm of excitement in her. Her palms flat against the wall as her face is pressed into the bricks.

As the spasms get smaller and smaller she can feel his cock already begin dwindling inside her body. All the cum that had been trapped inside her pussy by his throbbing cock begins running down his shaft. Penney turns and faces him, barely able to stand. The fall together once more. Completely spent she looks into his eyes and almost collapses at his feet. His cock is dripping and she wants every drop. As the cum drips down from his balls she puts her tongue under them catching it. Running her tongue up the line of cum to his balls her mouth surrounds first one then the other. Sucking his sack into her mouth and cleaning it of all the cum and pussy juice. Licking all the sweetness from him, she moves up to his cock, still shrinking to it’s post fucking size. Taking him fully into his mouth she runs her tongue around and around his shaft. Pulling back from him, she stretches his cock out and extracts every last drop of cum from him.

He cradles her chin in his hand as he looks down at her. There is an amazed look on his face as he takes in the scene. This beautiful sexy woman, on her knees amongst the garbage and empty beer bottles. She looks so satisfied as she looks into his eyes. So happy to have made him feel so good. He leans down and kisses her on the forehead and says softly “You are amazing, but I must go.” And with that he is gone.

Waiting an appropriate time she makes herself presentable to the public and emerges from the shadows of the alley. The parade is still going strong and the band is playing another southern rock hit. As she pushes through the crowd back to her husband and kids her cell phone rings. She knows it’s him because of the “No Caller ID available” that shows on her phone. (he’s so paranoid) A grin spreads across her face as she answers, “Hey sexy.” The grin slowly fades as she hears the oh so familiar voice on the other line. He’s so apologetic, “…couldn’t make it today…so sorry…maybe another time…I’ll make it up to you…”

Her eyes scan the crowd looking for a glimpse of the man that she thought she knew. Wondering to herself why she didn’t notice the difference in his voice.

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