No Words Needed


I sit at the bar and sip my drink slowly. I scan the room while half-listening to my friend, talking about some new guy in her life. I’m not really interested in her latest lay, as I am looking for mine right now. This is usually such a good place to come and meet someone. I’m about to give up and just go home alone, when I spot you from across the room. You are sitting in the back of the bar all alone. It seems as though you are looking for someone and when our eyes meet it becomes clear, you are looking for me. You stand up and start walking towards me with purpose. I drink you in from head to toe. Tall, very tall, black jeans and a white t-shirt with a black leather jacket. You have piercing, dark blue eyes çankaya escort and sexy, tousled hair. I am in awe of you before you even get to me. I hear my friend trail off and start gaping at you. I see her shift in he seat and fix her hair. She thinks you’re coming for her. I haven’t broken eye contact with you and can see you smirk slightly as you see her preparing for you. You reach the bar and slide in between our seats. You smile politely at her and she opens her mouth to say something but you turn and face me while leaning on the bar, completely blocking her out. You look at me with desire in your eyes. You lean forward, moving my hair away from my neck and lightly kiss rus escort the side of my neck, right below my left ear. The gentleness of your kiss sends shivers down my spine. You lean back and reach for my hand. I offer it eagerly as you pull me up from my seat. The attraction is obvious between us and it’s futile to resist. I give a small shrug and smile to my friend as you lead me out of the bar. As soon as we exit the bar, you pull me in front of you and bring me flush against your body. You look down into my eyes and we both know that no words are needed between us. I move up on my toes and kiss you gently. You return my kiss and invade my mouth with your tongue. You run your eryaman escort hands down my shoulders and bring one hand around to squeeze my breast. I run my fingers through your hair and pull you into a deeper kiss. We stand, knotted together outside the bar, when a car passing honks its horn at us, reminding us where we are. We pull away, smirking at each other. You take my hand again and lead me around the side of the building. It’s much quieter here and we won’t be interrupted. You back me up against the wall and attack my mouth with absolute ferocity. You run your hand down to my ass and give it a squeeze. I push against you and I can feel your cock straining in your pants. This is going to be quick, I can already tell. You release my mouth and spin me around. You bring my hands up above my head on the wall. You hold both my wrists in one of your hands as the other hand skims the bottom of my skirt. You hitch my skirt up above my waist and caress my ass gently with your hand.

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