{Non-Fiction, Quite True: . . . Hospital Erotic M


{Non-Fiction, Quite True: . . . Hospital Erotic MHospital Erotic Menstrual Encounter(MF, rom, romantic, erotic menstrual play, hospital setting){the following is a memoir of a completely true eroticencounter that happened to me several years ago, astold in an email to a close female friend who shares mymenstrual sex interests}~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hi Suzy,I really enjoyed chatting with you last night, hopeyou enjoyed chatting with me as well. It’s so nice tohave a “biological female” friend (i.e., a nice lady who isone in RL and isn’t a guy pretending to be a girlonline) who shares my interest in periods and such.I’m looking forward to hearing the whole story about”your Linda” that you mentioned briefly last night butwas too tired to relate.Oh, that was/is okay, telling me you were/are tiredand don’t feel like chatting, I work long hours too,sometimes 12-14-16 hours a day at times, and know howyou feel when you’re just too tired to feel eroticand/or plain ol’ türbanlı sinop escort horny.I am looking forward to hearing the whole story aboutLinda maybe next time we connect and you have moretime and energy.She was just 4’11” and 100 lbs. Now, my first wife was5’10” and 150 lbs and I am tall dark and handsome, so youcan imagine what we three must have looked like inpublic, arm-in-arm, all three of us obviously in lovewith each other and making no bones about it. It wasfunny.Suzy’s, yes my first wife was also named Suzy, SuzyMae to be exact, Suzy’s old lover before she and Igot together who almost “married” us several timesover a 15 year period, Barbara, I think I might havementioned her, had broken up with us that previousJanuary, and coincidentally, maybe not, Linda was avirtual carbon copy of Barbara.I mentioned one thing last night about Suzy pullingLinda’s tampon out with her teeth before going down türbanlı sinop escort bayan onher. I saw that several times in the June-September”romance” we three had. They weren’t “synched”, whichmeant there was a 50% chance at any given moment thatone of them would be menstruating that day during ourplay, which was nice.I didn’t tell you about something that happened withLinda and I. I’ll tell you the short version now, it’salmost 8AM and I have to get to work, but I’ll tellyou the longer version in chat another time.Linda had 2-3 serious medical conditions, one of themterminal. As part of the treatment of one of them, shehad to have an operation in the July of our summerromance. I can’t remember what the operation was for,but it -was- major. She was in the hospital for aweek afterwards.Now, my Suzy hated hospitals with apassion, and I didn’t particularly care for themeither. But I was in love with Linda türbanlı escort sinop as well as Suzy,so each day while she was there I’d go see her, atleast once per day.Linda had started her period just before the operationand was for some reason embarrassed about it. I toldher not to worry, like her doctors and all hadn’t seenwomen patients having periods all the time. Keep inmind this was a 31-year-old woman with two daughtersages 9 and 11 then.Anyway, as she was wheeled into the recovery room, Iwas there. I simply had told them my name, and wasallowed to go in. I hadn’t told them the nature of ourrelationship, it was none of their business.After 3-4 hours of semi-grogginess, Linda startedcoming around to where she recognized me. About thattime, a recovery room nurse came in with a freshhospital-style belted Kotex, the kind they use on youafter c***dbirth etc.The nurse looked at me and shoved the Kotex towardsme. I gave her a look like “what the hell do you wantme to do with it?”. She slightly scowled at me, shovedthe pad into my hand, and barked “well, you’re herhusband aren’t you? I thought you’d want to change heryourself.”Aaaahhhhh. What can I say. Linda smiled. No, eventhough still very groggy, she started laughing so hardthe nurse told her to stop for fear her guffawingwould pop her stitches.

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