Not Quite “Straight”


The part of this story that turns me on to this day is one that can only be fully embraced by knowing that before 2016, I was straight. I was straight, and tits, ass, and pussy were what filled my search feed on adult sites, at that time.I’ll keep this part short, so I’ll just quickly mention that I met a beautiful girl, Sofia, through work who I decided to ask out for a drink. She accepted and we were dating for three weeks with only hugs and kisses as the extent of our physical contact when we decided to take it further. I then learned that she was afraid to reveal that she was transgender. The rest of this story is for another post, but I’ll say that I really liked her as a person, and I was willing to try anything.Julia was a male to female trans friend of Sofia’s that we often played with. That’s how I learned that Julia loved being bottom… when a “straight” guy wasn’t involved. When that happened, the naive boy was the perfect bottom to top.On a Sunday afternoon, after some time knowing each other, she asked me to come over to her place for güvenilir bahis a surprise. Sofia had been away with friends on a trip, and we were more friends with benefits. As I was with Julia. Call it a love triangle. A love for cock, triangle. That love for cock just wouldn’t register with me. Almost as if I had decided that I wouldn’t face myself with the truth about how captivated I had become by what hung between my own legs, too.Getting to her apartment that day was a treat in itself for me. I was giddy. Perhaps more than what would be considered “normal”. I was incapable of containing my excitement because I couldn’t be honest with myself about how happy something so forbidden made me.When I came in, Julia stood bedside wearing only her heels. Paul, at this point a stranger to me, had her dick balls deep in his mouth. He didn’t let my arrival interrupt him, though.She waved me over.I drifted towards her, our lips meeting with a gentle touch. As I kissed her from lips to neck, she whispered to me her wishes: a threesome with Paul. I accepted güvenilir bahis siteleri under the condition that he and I only focus on her. He respected that to the very end. He even gave us a couple minutes alone while he cleaned himself after finishing.Julia kneeled over me on the bed and gently stroked my cock, kissing me softly on the chest, thanking me for being open-minded, and reminding me that she wanted me, as much as I wanted her.I freeze this moment in my mind at times. A moment of great satisfaction, unaware of the coming evolution of my curiosity.It was only a matter of time before Paul and I would have to be alone together. Looking back at this moment now I realize that Julia jumped into the shower hoping for something to happen next.Well, she got what she wanted.Feeling disgusted about being in bed with another man, wearing nothing but cum I couldn’t tell was mine, I got up to clean myself and to get away from him. That’s when he made his move. I turned to see that he was stroking his dick with one hand, tugging at my iddaa siteleri arm with the other.“Look at your cock,” he said.“It’s just as hard as mine, and when you took Julia’s, I could see that you loved cock more than you realize.”I struggled to understand why my fist wasn’t making its way through his face like I wanted it to, so bad. But, he was right. I was so damn hard, and even though Julia gave me what I loved about women, it was her cock that kept me from settling for only women with a pussies. And, right now, his dick looked as good as any.Pale. Veiny, with a pink head that I found myself wanting to taste.My mind was racing. Too busy to notice that his hand was already wrapped around my cock.I didn’t want it to stop.He reached over and gently closed his hand on my cock and said, “What makes mine different?”In that moment, I was lost to what was coming over me. I let him touch me and without thinking, I touched him back. It felt just like any other one I had ever held, throbbing against my palm as I stroked gently.He moved a bit closer and leaned down, pulling my hand away from him, and wrapping his lips around the head of my cock. Surely he could taste the truth in his mouth. There was no hiding it now, I wanted him. Why else would his mouth now be filled with my leaking cum?

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