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Notice MeIt all began 15 years ago but I remember it as clearly as if it hadhappened yesterday. I was with my best friend at the time Diane, we were celebratingour 30th birthday together. Nothing big, nothing fancy, we’d both left ourk**s and husbands at home and gone off on a spa-weekend together. Dianeand I had been best friends since college, I’ve never had anything butfriendly warm feelings for her, perhaps too friendly but I’ve never desiredher in a more intimate, sexual way, to this day I still don’t believe thatI do. But somehow something were different that weekend, I felt morerelaxed than I’d done in a very long time. Not simply because of the spaor being away from my husband and k**s but because of something else toothat I couldn’t quite put my finger on, maybe finally leaving my dreaded20’s behind had something to do with it.Either way we’d been laughing and having fun all day and night long,going from treatment to treatment and sharing a wonderful 3 course dinnertogether. It truly was the perfect weekend. After dinner we headed backto our room to continue the party and raid our mini fridge. I guess that’swhen it all began to change for me, I suddenly got strange urges I hadnever had before, perhaps the alcohol was playing games with my mind butnow years later I truly believe the new side of me that was revealed thatnight was always bound to show it self no matter what had happened thatweekend.Diane was fetching some mini bottles of vodka from the minibar and Isuddenly felt the uncontrollable urge to masturbate, not cause I was turnedon by her appearance but because she was right there in the room and it wasjust so naughty doing it behind her back without her noticing. Withouteven thinking twice about it I instinctively stuck a hand inside my losefitting sweatpants and began rubbing my pussy through the surprisinglyalready very damp crotch of my panties. Almost immediately thoughI had to pull my hand out of my pants as Diane turned around to face meagain. It became almost like a game seeing how often I could sneak a handdown my pants and panties to masturbate without her noticing it. Everytime she looked away, even if just for a second or had to go to thebathroom I furiously rubbed my pussy but every time I began nearing anorgasm I had to cut short when Diane returned her gaze at me. It startedto become more frustrating than fun.Sure I could have sneaked off to the bathroom and brought myself off inprivacy but that sort of defeated the purpose, I wanted to cum but I wantedDiane in the room with me when I did. Feeling a little bolder though I decided toleave my hand resting inside my panties as she came back from the bathroom.She looked at me a little weird but said nothing of it. Slowly I beganrunning my fingers through my wet bush but making sure not to move my arm,just teasing my pussy. Eventually I stood up and grabbing my panties beganpulling them up above my sweats, they were white and no doubt the wetnesswould have probably been quite visible had I pulled hatay escort my pants a bit lowerbut I stopped myself short of doing that and instead pulled my undies up afew inches and let my fingers run against the soft material of the panties.Again Diane looked a bit confused but said nothing, her quiet acceptanceof what I was doing was exciting and I’d even go as far as to say it beganturning me on a bit. Every so often as we chatted about work, family, thefuture, this and that I stood up tugging at my panties, pulling them uphigher and higher till they were as high as they’d go. My undies were nowpulled up so high they were covering my belly and my crotch wasstraining against my pussy when I tried to pull my underwear up higher, itfelt wonderful and I accidentally let out a quiet but still quite audiblemoan of pleasure.Diane was shifting a little in her chair now, beginning to look a littleuncomfortable with the show I was giving her. It only served to heightenmy excitement, I needed to take things a bit further. I was wearing a semilong top, that wasn’t exactly tight or lose but somewhere in the middle, Ihad let it ride up to reveal my panties but now pulled it down. I wantedDiane to think I was beginning to realize what I was doing and “coming tomy senses”. In a way I suppose that was exactly what I was doing but notthe way she had hoped. Now instead I began to slowly ease my pants downlower and lower down my hips till my top was just barely covering mypanties as long as I didn’t move.It had all been so subtle that Diane hadn’t noticed, but I wanted her tonotice, I wanted her to react so I began sagging my pants down even furthertill the crotch of my white (now nearly see-through because of my juices)panties were revealed. I let out another quiet moan as I ran my fingersover my wet crotch.”Okay what’s going on?”Clearly Diane knew something was up, I had expected the question buteven so she caught me off guard, I simply blushed, mumbled somethingincoherent and tugged at my top. It was as if I was sobering up and thedaring had been knocked out of me.”I think maybe it’s time we go to bed, we’re both pretty drunk and we’vegot an early start tomorrow”.I agreed and excused myself to the bathroom, what was wrong with me Ithought to myself, I wasn’t really that drunk but it seemed like a goodexcuse to use, to lie to myself and explain away my sudden uncharacteristicbehavior. We didn’t speak much after that, instead simply got changedinto our nighties which was just really t-shirt and panties and climbedinto our twin bed to sleep.That night I had trouble sleeping, I kept thinking about the evening,about me, it had been an exciting night and in retrospect I definitely feltno embarrassment about what I’d done. The look Diane had displayed, ofconfusion, uncomfortableness and quiet acceptance kept playing in my mind.Suddenly I wanted more again, I opened my eyes and saw Diane curled up onthe other side of the bed and I couldn’t resist inching hatay escort bayan myself closer toher. She was fast asleep and I moved myself to within an inch of her andsmelled her hair, it smelled wonderful like rose pedals and I could feel mypanties beginning to dampen again. I couldn’t resist touching her, ever solightly brushing my hand over her shoulders and against her heaving perfectlittle breasts, Being careful not to wake her up though. Feelingemboldened by this act of courage I gently worked my hand down lower andever so carefully let it rest against her t-shirt covered crotch. God atthat time I would have done anything to have her shirt ride up so I couldhave run my eager fingers against her panties but no such luck.Once again I felt horny and frustrated, I wanted so badly to stick myhand down her panties to bring her off or better yet use her hand bring meto climax. Again not cause I had any romantic feelings towards Diane,certainly not but just because it was so naughty and wrong. I knew thatwasn’t possible though, I wasn’t brave enough yet so instead I turned backaround to my own side of the bed, horny and frustrated. Then I got anidea, an extremely exciting one at that.I sat up in bed and very carefully moved myself into position aboveDiane’s sleeping face. Then sticking my right hand down my panties Ifinally allowed myself to have my long awaited and earth shattering climax.Flicking my fingers against and teasing my clit at first as I began nearingorgasm I started pistoning my fingers in and out of my soaking cunt nearlyfisting myself as my panties were flooded with my sweet juices. I nearlybit my tongue off in order to stop myself from screaming out loud as waveafter wave of pleasure crashed through my body. But I couldn’t just donothing so lightning quick I sat down pressing my soaking panties againsther unsuspecting face and as quickly as I’d done that got off her face andpretended to be fast asleep. She definitely felt my panties on her faceand probably some of my wetness too but she was a bit drunk and simplymuttered something incoherent and went back to sleep. I felt proud ofmyself as if I had done something good and fell asleep too with a big smileon my face. I knew this was only the beginning of a new and wonderfullife.If I only knew then what I know now I might have tried to stop myselffrom going any further. If I had known about the path if would lead medown. But I didn’t at the time, I just thought it was a bit of innocentfun and my thoughts the next morning was only on how to take thingsfurther. I woke up early and decided to make breakfast for us, butteringthe scones, bad thoughts began entering my mind again, bad horny thoughts.Subconsciously I had begun masturbating and I wondered what would happen ifinstead of butter I smeared my cunt cream all over the scones. Would shenotice. I had to find out so I withdrew my hand from my pussy, I wascovered in my wetness and I very lightly coated the scones escort hatay with my juicesand then went to wake Diane up.By now I was as excited as a c***d on Christmas morning, sure I was abit worried how she’d react but I could always explain it away as a stupidpractical joke I figured. As worried as I was about her getting upset atme, I was almost more worried about her enjoying the taste of me on herbreakfast scones. I needn’t have worried though everything went perfect.She definitely knew something was up with the scones but having never gonedown on a woman before or tasted her own syrup she didn’t recognize thetaste I guess, she made a face but kept on eating, not wanting to be rude Iguess. I had to fight the smile on my face and hoped she didn’t noticethat one hand was now buried inside my undies. Secretly climaxing rightthere at the breakfast table with my best friend none the wiser as shemunched down on my specially prepped scones, at that moment I was in heavenand I seriously didn’t think it could get better than that.But just like before as soon I had come down again from my orgasm, Irealized I needed more I needed to push myself further. It was a powerthing, she was mine and I could do whatever I wanted to her and get awaywith it, I was in control. We talked about the day ahead, this and that,all the while I kept rubbing myself under the table not to bring myself offbut just cause she wasn’t aware of it and made me feel good. EventuallyDiane excused herself to go to the bathroom and suddenly I felt like Ineeded to show her what I was doing, I didn’t want to hide anymore. Imoved over to sit on our bed began openly masturbating. When Diane cameout of the bathroom, she immediately looked away in shock.”Oh my god, what are you doing?”She asked me as if she didn’t already know, my plan had been to playalong and pretend I didn’t want her to see me but what was she going to do.I felt like I was in control and instead didn’t take my eyes off of her,focusing instead on my impending climax. Diane was so confused and didn’tknow what to do, she simply stood there like an idiot trying not to look atme as I kept on masturbating.There was an awkward weird silence, neither me nor Diane knew what to say,eventually I began moaning loudly and Diane put on a robe and left theroom. I was so close to cumming but without her in the room watching me Icouldn’t cum. So far I had gone along with my new feelings withoutquestioning them much but things were definitely weird now, I couldn’tbegin to explain what had come over me even if I wanted to. Diane didn’twant to bring the event up and I certainly wouldn’t either. The rest ofthe day we kind of spent apart, Diane kept her distance to me I guess shewas too weirded out.I suppose I was too, everything was happening so quickly, I had alwaysbeen so repressed and now all of that was changing, it was like a completepersonality change was occurring, as if I was shedding the cocoon of my oldboring, repressed, conservative personality and blossoming into abeautiful, powerful, sexy, seductive butterfly. I was sure I wasn’t alesbian or even bi but all I could think of was having Diane’s preferablyunwilling face pressed against my pussy as I made her eat me out, it feltlike the logical next step for me and somehow I had to make it happen.

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