Nun Takes a Lover


I had just finished my junior year at college. During the months in between school I normally work at a convalescence home run by nuns. I work in the maintenance department. Luckily our department is in a separate building. That way you aren’t being pestered by nuns all day long.

Twice a year the nuns have a holiday at the mother house for a long weekend. Everyone goes except for the one with the least time being a nun. That would be Sister Mary Anne. As for me, Saturdays are left to the person with the least amount of service. I was sitting around reading my book. I got a page from Mary Anne. Could I please come to her room in the nun’s wing.

The nun’s wing is for nun’s only. You didn’t go there unless you were invited. I got her room number and walked over to the hospital. When I got to her room there sat Mary Anne with a wine bottle in her lap.

“I messed up the cork. Can you get it out Scott?”

Thankfully I had my pocket knife with all the tools. I managed to remove the remaining cork.

“I normally have some wine when they leave me alone for the weekend.”

The sister got two glasses and poured the wine. We clinked glasses.

“Who should we toast?” She asked. “To Jesus,” I said.

Mary Anne got a big smile on her face. We drank our wine.

I should describe Sister Mary Anne. She looked to be in her early thirties. She had an attractive face. The rest of her body and head were covered by her uniform. Mary Anne started to ask me questions. Was I going to school, did I have a girlfriend. I told her I had one year at college left. I said I didn’t have a girlfriend at this time. The sister said she had missed out on dating. That was one of her regrets she said.

I was surprised that Mary Anne would open up to me on her personal thoughts. I thought she might be lonely. artemisbet yeni giriş There we were sitting in her bed drinking wine. I don’t know what I was thinking. I leaned over and kissed Mary Anne on the mouth. I pulled away in shock of what I had done.

“I am so sorry,” I said.

“It’s okay,” she said. “I liked that you kissed me.”

I not sure how it all happened. We were soon kissing each other passionately on the mouth. Mary Anne broke away and removed her habit. She had light brown that fell to her shoulders. I got bold and placed a hand on her chest. Mary Anne let out this low moan. I couldn’t just stop there. I stood up and shed my clothing. There I stood with my dick hanging out.

I got a surprise. Mary Anne removed her uniform and underwear. She was certainly sexy. Her breasts were the size of grapefruits. We sat back down and I sampled her tits. Sister’s nipples were large and already hard. I sucked and chewed on each one. That really got Mary Anne excited.

“Oh my God!” She kept repeating.

My cock was getting erect just from tasting my nun’s nipples. I took a big chance. I moved Mary Anne onto her back. She had to know what I was doing but she didn’t stop me. I got onto my knees and I parted her thighs. I rubbed my mushroom across her gash. I tried to push in but got resistance. Mary Anne was still a virgin. It took me some time but I broke through.

Mary Anne had a pained look on her face but she didn’t tell me to stop. I took my time and fed her all of my bone. Mary Anne brought her legs up and around my back. I pushed in until our pubic mounds touched. I held my dick place and watched Mary Anne’s face. She looked like she was in ecstasy.

“Please Scott, make love to me,” she pleaded.

I began to fill Mary Anne’s pussy with my thick cock. Mary artemisbet giriş Anne was thrashing around underneath me. I lost all control of myself. I just wanted to fuck Mary Anne as hard and deep as I could. It was a good thing no one was around to hear us. There was lots of moaning and grunting as we had hot sex together. We maybe went a half hour or so. I felt I was getting close.

“Sister I am close to cumming,” I told her.

She had her eyes closed and was lost in our lovemaking. I repeated myself but got no response. Mary Anne had her legs wound tightly around my body. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I shot a hot stream of my seed deep into Mary Anne’s body. She finally opened her eyes. She squeezed my rod with her pussy muscles. It was like she was trying to get every drop of my love cum from me.

We finally got calmed down. I pulled out and Mary Anne ran quickly to the toilet. I could hear her trying to push out my cum. She finally returned to the bed.

“That was really stupid of me,” she said.

I just kept quiet. The damage was done. We faced each other on the bed and kissed.

“Thank you for that Scott. I always wanted to experience sex with a man. It was beyond words.”

We kept touching one another. I hate to say it but I wanted her again. I rolled over onto my back. I told Mary Anne to mount me. She got on top of me and rubbed her pussy lips across my dick. It didn’t take much to get hard once more. Mary Anne lowered herself onto my shaft and we started up again. We got into a motion. I pushed my hips up as Mary Anne slid down my cock.

I reached up and fondled the sister’s large tits. I placed the palms of my hands on top of her hard nipples. That really got Mary Anne stirred up.

“Oh God Scott, keep doing that!”

I rubbed her nipples as artemisbet güvenilirmi we fucked each other. I didn’t have any cum left after our first time. This time was all for Mary Anne. She later told me she had multiple orgasms. Eventually Mary Anne collapsed in my chest. She was all fucked out. We slowly recovered and got cleaned up and dressed again. Just about that time Mary Anne got a page. She was needed in the hospital. We kissed one last time and I walked back to the maintenance department.

I normally work until 4pm. Around 3:15pm I decided to cut out and go home. My Mom asked me what I was doing home so early. I said I had a headache and left early. I was supposed to go out with some friends that evening. I called and said I was staying home due to my “headache.”

I couldn’t get Mary Anne off my mind. It was crazy stupid what we had done. The problem was I wanted her again in bed. Monday came rolling around. I didn’t see Mary Anne for a few days. We ended passing each other in a hallway.

“Thank you Scott, that was beautiful,” was all she said as she walked on.

My time to go back to school was here. I was never able to talk to Mary Anne again. Maybe she wanted it that way. That last year at school went so quickly, I finally had my diploma in the field I chose to study. I had a position already lined up. I was spending my last few days at my parents’ home. I happened to meet someone who worked at the convalescence home. He said a strange thing happened.

One day Sister Mary Anne was there and then over the weekend she just vanish. He said every one of the nuns were light lipped about her disappearance. I became concerned. You can imagine what I was thinking. What if I impregnated Mary Anne and the nuns made her quit and leave. The other thought I had was after our lovemaking Mary Anne wanted to live a normal life, possibly getting married.

I moved to a new town to start my new job. I never heard anything from Mary Anne. Did she have a baby from our one encounter that Saturday. I still think of her and wonder what exactly happened to Sister Mary Anne.

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