One time this bag-Lady fucked my brains out


One time this bag-Lady fucked my brains outOkay lemme tellya about this weird, sort-of taboo-ish, but totally kinky and filthy sex-act I played-out with this “bag-lady” in my neighborhood.Basically its like this:I moved down to LA to stay with my Aunt a couple of yrs ago,And when I started to go out jogging around the various blocks of the neighborhood, I discovered this sort-of side-alley, adjacent to the Local Park& Rec center—and I’d jog down the alley, a short-cut back home.I’d noticed the Bag-lady just sitting around at any and all times of the day when I’d pass by.She’d sit there, with her hair all dis-sheveled, with a radio constantly buzzing out some local AM broadcast, and she’d either be slumped in a chair sleeping, or feeding the 7-10 stray cats which hovered around her (it just occurred to me, I don’t know why I call her “bag-lady, I should probably refer to her as Cat-Lady)But anyways, I kept jogging by that spot, because she seemed pretty “fit” I decided after a few cursory inspections of her physique. (just as a side-note, it’s a somewhat curious thing, that, because she’s gotta be at least 40-50 yrs old, and yet she is constantly walking up and down the streets, miles to the grocery store and Back, a few times a week for groceries),and so when I say “Fit” I mean SHE HAD “ASS”, beautiful, big, curvaceous hips and these Nice, perfect size little B-cup titties with great form, and oddly enough, she dressed like a teenage girl with form-fitting clothing. Albeit, the soiled clothes she wore were worn 5-7 days a week and looked greasy and dirty and her face was always flushed from being out all day in the sun, I was able to look right past all the grime and the dirt and I saw a bodacious, sexy, independent woman who had, for some reason or another, an impossibly difficult time of fitting into society and so was on the streets just surviving day-to-day.And yes, I wanted to fuck her.Not sure why, but this dirty, greasy old homeless lady and her “Go –to-hell”/“Fuck-you-All” attitude got me so horny and got my dick so hard for her. It was like…I guess it was like having some bizarre fetish, something weird and Dirty, like Having to sneak out into the local dumpsters in the middle of the night and scrounge up old discarded trays of half-eaten food and gorge oneself on filth whilst all the while relishing in the utter debauchery of it all.I had to have this bag-Lady’s dirty, filthy pussy.Well, after a couple of failed attempts at approaching her and asking her to dinner, I wrote-off the idea because she politely told me “No” or “I’m too busy”, one time she just waved me off with a “yeah, yeah, I know your business”/ She obviously knew I was trying to get into her pants…[ Let me just interrupt the story for a second & show you a pic I drew of her while I’m recounting this tale. It’s merely a cursory sketch of her from my memory, just to give you an idea of what her basic features & persona looked like]. . ….So anyways, fast-forward a bit, and coincidentally the Lakers had just won the NBA championship title this night when I went jogging by her alley, and everyone was out in the bahçelievler escort streets getting drunk and shooting sparklers & revelling as people do –being proud of their Sports team for winning,And bag-lady must’ve been tipsy herself. When I came by her spot she was staggering around, her AM radio buzzing out the cheerful good news.She said “ YAAAAY! Didja hear? Didja hear? We’re champeens! Goooo COLBY bryints!!!”I smiled at her and pumped a fist and said “WOOHOO!”In her drunk state, bag-lady grabbed my arms and started hopping up-and-down and jibing my arms back and forth, so I played along and danced around with her a bit.Her small cat-family looked on anxiously as their “Mama” was frolicking in drunken exhuberation.She calmed down after a moment and in a slurred and conspiratorial voice leaned in and said “come on, I wanna show you a secret *hee hee*” and, taking my arm she led me back into the large overgrown bushes, back into her den where she commonly would post-up for the night.You’re probably, maybe thinking “dude! WTF are you thinking??? dont follow this crazy old homeless lady back into her dirty Bush spot!”But I was only thinking: “Whatever. She’s just a kooky, harmless old bag-lady. I’ll humor her.”And besides, her “dirty bush spot” is exactly where I wanted to be.So she drags me back into her bushes, which by the way, is like a mini-outdoors-Apartment with all her stuff: little second-hand shelves and trinkets, stacks of cat-food cans, weird voodoo snow-globes, and incense – all that kitschy, knick-knack stuff that you’d expect a homeless LA lady to have was strewn about. Haha (I actually did think this lady was kinda cute and sweet in a dirty, homeless person sort of way.)Next thing I know, she pulls out a dirty-pink, semi-opaque Double-ended Dildo with built-in battery compartment and Vibrator option. She starts waving it around while its buzzing and she’s hopping from foot-to-foot saying “it’s my happy Stick! Its my happy Stick!” (honest to god, I started laughing. Haha!)Anyway, cut to the chase, I asked her did she want me to celebrate with her?//Sex with bag-Lady//Let me start off by saying, I used my lucky condom which I always keep tucked down into the sock of my right foot, just in case, and I wore it when I penetrated her anally and vaginally – who knows if she’s diseased or not.So we started off kissing. I could taste the cheap wine on her breath.She took my hands and placed them up her shirt onto her bananna-tits. I pinched her nipples and rolled them around in my thumb and index fingers, applying pressure, and little gasps & whines escaped her lips as I felt her nipples grow and harden under my plying and squeezing fingers.She kept kissing me with deep-tongue, licking my tongue fervently & shivering and moaning with lust as only old ladies genuinely do go into a sex-trance when they get laid by a young man.I kept massaging her tits and pinching & rolling her hard nipples & I could feel her hands searching up my shirt and gently, softly caressing my torso, up and down, up and down. For five minutes we stayed making-out, ayrancı escort feeling each other up, getting heated now and impassioned. I heard little cries and whimpers coming from her and I realized she probably started getting wet and moist down there. I slipped my left-hand down into her low-slung hip jeans, while still massaging and pinching her teat and her swollen right breast.Slowly, slowly, ever-so-slowly, I slid my fingers down, down, down her tummy, below her waistline into her furry, soft, bush hair & into her pink, throbbing slit. Moister than I expected. My two long fingers got wet with leaking fluid.As I tickled her clitoris & squeezed her other breast, bag-Lady let out a pleasure moan and tensed, and as she squeezed the flesh of my torso in her hands, her legs went weak & limp and, in a sudden flush of wetness out of her pussy, she had a mini-orgasm!She was shivering now. She collapsed back onto her dirty mattresses, still quivering In the ecstasy of her first orgasm. I leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips. She managed to get out “mmmmm…I want more.”So I kneeled down next to her face on her mattress to see what she wanted to do –she slowly pulled down my shorts and her eyes got wide as she looked at the hardened, erect cock, bulging out of my tightey-whiteys. She rubbed my cock and balls through the underwear and said “Ooooohh, that’s a nice one. Nice, big, gorgeous cock.”So we went for it. I slipped down my undies and she went right to town.Slowly at first. Savoring the taste and sweet smell of my musk & the pre-eminent Cum surging its way through my cock, she licked the Penis tip. She also did a trick there with her tongue– she rolled it into a thin pointy tip & stuck it halfway down into my dick-hole! She performed urethral sounding down into my penis with her freakishly thin tongue. I was in heaven! It tickled and felt so good.She just kept sucking and sucking, and it brought her back to life. She sat up on the bed and feasted on my pulsating schlong. Then, 8 minutes into the felatio, she told me“ I actually love the taste of cum. I would love to get your cum in my mouth so I can swallow it…please?”I nodded my ascent. “FUCK YEAH!”. I thought.This was too good.As she sucked & licked my balls, I felt her finger slowly poking into my butt-hole – she looked up at me and smiled a devilish grin & licked her upper lip…I nodded & gave her a thumbs-up. Then I felt her tongue rimming around my ass-hole. OOOOOHHHHHH. My god! As she stroked up and down on my sweaty cock, my balls were dangling down onto her forehead and she tongue-fucked in-and-out of my ass-hole, her nose was tickling my taint & some pre-cum started oozing up out of my penis-tip and streaming down my cock and streaming down onto her hand. She felt it running down in a stream and immediately slurped it all up off her hand.Before I popped, I wanted to take this lady in the ass & the pussy, so I pulled away from her and went down to lick her pussy. She submitted and laid back and ran her fingers through my hair as I nibbled and slurped her tender pussy lips. 5 minutes balgat escort later she started to cum again.As she was writhing and wriggling in the ecstatic throes of her leaking pussy and her 2nd orgasm, I quickly tore open my “conny” package and pulled it down on my cock.As she was winding down from her spasms I got her to roll over, so her huge gorgeous Ass was popping up into the air.I went right to work licking her anus while her pussy juice was still streaming out of her pussy , down her thighs.Personally I think she actually fainted there for about 45 seconds from such intense pleasure as her body was quaking so much from her orgasm and on top of that I started tongue-fucking her into her butt-hole. I definitely heard her gasp and struggle to breath as she cried out in pleasure and the hot-flush rushed to her brain from this release, she went limp & quiet as I was licking her ass and 45 seconds later with a large gasp for breath and a sudden LURCH, she came back to consciousness, to find me still face-deep into her buttcheeks, pleasuring her butt-hole & her pussy simultaneously.After I worked with saliva & my fingers, gradually opening her butt-hole up to where I could ease her pink dildo about 6 inches deep into there,I got up and prepared to give her an anal Drill-pump, the kind only a high performance pneumatic-air Jackhammer can deliver –(basically, my dick.) So I penetrated into her.I looked over and checked her face to see how she felt – her eyes were closed, she was licking her lips & sucking her two big fingers and her other hand up under her chest was squeezing her left breast – she gasped out “yeah baby –fuck that ass-hole so fucking deep. I wanna cum again baby, just keep fucking me deep and hard.”She was demanding the deep, ass penetration. I obliged her.The next 24 minutes were particularly memorable. As I said, this bag-lady had a gorgeous, plump, big, round caboose. And it was beautiful seeing those big, sweaty ass-cheeks go bouncing and flouncing up and down as I drilled and pumped my dick into her tight bung-hole, my swollen, saggy, sweaty sachel-of-a-nutsack was swaying in the motion and swinging like a fast, wrinkly, pendulum as it slapped into her pussy meat with a loud “SMACK!”, then it would swing back back under and smack into my ass-cheeks’ underside…SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!, went my balls into her pussyOH! OH! OH!, went bag-lady in pleasureSCHLURP! SCHLURP! SCHLURP!, went my cock, in and out of her anusDRIP! DRIP! DRIP!, went the saliva drooling out of my mouthTOOT! TOOT! TOOT!, went the farts out of my butt.MEW! MEW! MEW!, went the kitties, watching from inside the bushes.…anyway, I fucked her ass pretty deep for 20 minutes but she didn’t orgasm this time.Instead, I pulled out, ripped off the “conny” and cummed all into her mouth and face as she vied for every last drop of creamy goo by sucking out my schlong like slurping a straw to the last.“Wow! That was really nice” I told her.“well the Lakers won, I think its only right we should fuck each others’ brains out.”“Anyways, see ya later.”Now anytime I see her since then, she’s not drunk and she just scowls at me.. . . Well, that’s my story, maybe a little bit embellished for comic effect here and there, but for the most part that’s how it went downSo next time you think its just some crazy bag-lady or eccentric Cat-lady, you might be looking at a horny nymphomaniac in disguise.That’s all for now.bymarkfayer

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