Online Friends Meet for Post Race Lust


Up way before daylight to go run another road race. This one is just a 5K so it should be fun. But the real reason that I am excited about this one is that I am going to meet Nathalie there. Nathalie is a woman that I “met” online on a website where people post erotic stories and chat. She has posted some really hot stories and we have been messaging each other back and forth for several months. She is a runner also and so we have decided to meet for real at this race. Neither of our spouses cares anything about getting up early and going to a race so this is perfect. It is about an hour drive from my home to the race site and almost that for her so we are meeting about halfway. I get there a little over an hour before the start of the race and go to the designated meeting spot that I described to her. About 10 minutes later I see her walking through the crowd. I recognize her from her photos and she had described what she would be wearing. etimesgut escort She sees me and jogs over. We hug each other like old lovers who hadn’t seen each other in months. We chit-chat as we stretch and get ready to run. We talk about the Lush website and stories we’ve read and people we’ve come in contact with. There is a lot of touching and laughter as we talk and the race seems so secondary now. She looks much hotter in person! In her little running shorts and sports bra it is easy to see her great body. Fantastic ass and great runners legs, and her smile is just radiant. I find myself having to adjust myself in my shorts after watching her. Race time is here and we line up in the crowd awaiting the starters gun. Just before we hear it, she pats my ass as she kisses me on the cheek and says “Good luck”. And we’re off. No way am I going to leave her. I run right along side of her and most of the time eryaman escort drift back so I can get a good look at the fine ass as she runs. After a mile or so we both are starting to work up a good sweat and it sure looks good glistening on her body. I can see it starting to get her shorts wet around her ass and I’m no longer thinking about anything but how I want to get a hold of it. Thinking how I’d love to grab her hips as she bends over while I sink deep in her. Damn, I got to quit thinking about that. It’s hard to run while having to reach down and adjust my hardening cock. Well, here comes the finish line and I follow her across. A fun race and we finished in just under 23 minutes. We walk around trying to cool down, get some water and fruit that they are handing out. We are both soaked with sweat, but DAMN she looks HOT and not temperature-wise. I grab her and give her a big hug. “That was fun you’re sincan escort a good runner,” I tell her. The hug lingers on and her body feels so good pressed against me. Neither one of us want to end it. I’m wondering if she feels my hard cock against her. God, I just want to strip down right there in front of everyone and fuck her. Something about all that physical activity just increases the sexual tension. As the embrace ends she looks me in the eyes and I can tell from the look and her smile that she was feeling it. “How about we go get some breakfast?” I suggest. “That sounds wonderful.” Nat replies. I tell her “Let’s just take my truck and I can bring you back afterwards, OK? I’m just parked over here in that parking deck.” “Sounds good to me”. We cross the road and go up a flight of stairs in the parking deck to where my Tahoe is parked. I unlock and open the passenger door for her and she climbs in. When I get in the drivers seat and close the door she reaches over for my face and plants a kiss on me. “Oh wow, sorry I don’t know what came over me”, she said. “Don’t be sorry I have been wanting to do that since I first saw you this morning.” I reply. My hands reach up and cradle Nathalie’s face and we continue to kiss.

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