Padlocked…And More – Part 1

Female Ejaculation

It was Cindy’s idea to go out that night. We’d only been dating about a month and she already knew too much about me. She told me my bi-sexual fantasies, and even my interests in chastity play, turned her on!  “So,” she said.  “I can lock you up and throw away the key? Make you my own little boy-toy?” “It’s kinda early for all that,” I told her. I did, however, agree to going out with her to this isvecbahis gay bar I knew about but had never been to. I was actually almost afraid to go to a gay bar alone. I had no idea what to expect and her going with me was a real relief. Cindy was the kind of person who could talk to anyone and become instant friends, like she’d known them all her life. I used to live alone and, after several isveçbahis giriş months, I knew practically none of my neighbors. I was just a quiet, private sort of a guy. Cindy almost insisted that I move in with her and I agreed. It was Cindy’s outgoing nature that really attracted me to her. After we talked about some of my fantasies, and it became known that I liked being submissive, that isveçbahis yeni giriş twinkle in her eyes really excited me. I felt like I found someone special but had no idea just how special! The bar was really a very nice place. It was well lit and I got pretty comfortable almost instantly. I suppose it was the mix of both men and women that surprised me the most. We were there a couple of hours and I had no idea that Cindy was slowly getting me pretty drunk. The more I drank, the more at ease and friendlier I became. Eventually, I got a few flirts from guys and even other women. I actually found it sort of flattering.

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