Passion for soiled undies…part 4.


Passion for soiled undies…part 4.Phew,hahaha,getting a bit steamed up with all these reminisces.So I’d broken me duck with the spunking & me & me maate,Stevie had had our 1st full on dirty session with his heavily spunked up undies & me own boner was leaking in me dad’s undies which I was wearing.Stevie was laying back on the cushions in our little den,legs spread wide & his hot boy-cock flaccid,resting on his hairless nads.His long knobskin had closed over his slimy dark red bell-end but a dribble of his slime was oozing out.”Whew,matey,what a fuckin’ good’un…much better than just wanking meself off”He looked at me,all smirks & gave a wink…god,I fuckin’ loved him right at that moment! I was knelt at his feet,dirtyish white footy socks & my knob flexed as he wriggled his toes.I could smell ’em & it smelt as hot as his,& dad’s undies.Licking me lips I stooped down & put me nose against his,rather large,feet & took a deep whiff,mmmmmm,lovely.Stevie laughed & said,”Ya nasty fucker…ya got a thing for me smelly feet an’ all,have ya? Jesus,yer as big a freak as me”.I looked up at him,laying there with his sly,cocky smile & gave him a wink back.Then I started nibbling & slurping at his hot,smelly feet…licking the soles which made him squirm & chuckle.By now me own cock was almost bursting through me trackies & I could smell the stench of me dad’s undies wafting up to me nostrils.I was feeling well dirty.I lfted me arse off me heels türbanlı osmaniye escort & rose to me knees &,licking me lips,I started slowly sliding me trackied down past me hips.”Ooooh,putting a show on for me,filthy bugger.Yeah go on pull ’em down,let’s have a look at yer undies”.Hahaha,well was he ever in for a surprise,lol.Knowing what he was gonna get an eye-full of I swear me piss-hole oppened & a bit of spunk pumped out.Don’t forget,I’d only just started spunking properly so it was still a novelty for me…but I loved it.As I pulled me trackies down further I noticed Stevie’s cock start to twitch & then,WHOOSH,it had sprang upright & was waggling about,all in a matter of seconds…like your average boy-cock tends to do…no messing about.My mouth was watering at the sight & me knob gave another twitch.Then suddenly Stevie propped himself up on his elbows & asked,”‘Ere,you been spunking in those kecks…there’s a real stink coming off ya”. But judging by the look on his face & the fact his knob was seriously drooling I don’t think he was complaining! So I gave him a smirk & told him to wait,’all will be revealed’. Not wanting to prolong his agony,lol,I sped up the process & yanked me trackies down to me knees.Stevie’s eyes were like on stalks & he frowned,”Mate,they AINT your undies,they’s too fuckin’ big.Fuck me,you’s wearing MEN’S undies…& dirty ones at that”.Feeling türbanlı osmaniye escort bayan well filthy now,& braver,I just poked me tongue out & licked me lips just like the slags in the mags we’d looked at & then shoved me hips out at him,”Yeah,too fuckin’ right…they’s me dad’s spunky kecks.Wanna get up here & sniff ’em,it’s only fair”.Hell I don’t think I’ve seen Stevie move so quick,haha…he scurried up to me & buried his face in me crotch.He was mumbling & sniffing & when he stuck his tongue out & gave me a long lick from balls to the tip of me encased boner,well that sent me over the edge & me knob began pumping me load in me dad’s undies.SHIT, I’d sooooo wanted him to pull me knob out & suck on it but being barely a teen….well you know how it is,we got little self control,haha.But it didn’t seem to matter to Stevie.He just closed his mouth over my fabric covered bell-end & suckled away like a baby as me knob spewed.Hell,me arse cheeks were doing the usual clenching & I was pushing me hips against his mouth.It probably all only lasted about a minute or so but,christ,I’d never felt so good.With a final shudder I groaned & fell back in a sweaty steaming jelly-like heap.Stevie sighed & ‘Mmmmm-ed’ & got up & stood over me,face all flushed & shiny with sweat…AND my spunk sticking to his lips & chin.Whoah,did I really produce all THAT?” Brill’! He had his hands türbanlı escort osmaniye on his sticking out hips & he swirled his tongue around his lips,sucking MY spunk into his mouth.God he looked sexy.Then without any warning he leaned down to me & planted his mouth on mine,stuck his tongue inside & emptied my slime,mingled with his spit,into me mouth! OH MY FUCKIN’ GOOD LORD! I’d never even frenched a GIRL,let alone me best-soddin’-mate! He lowered himself so that he was laying right on top of me & started bucking against me groin! I wrapped me arms around him & met his thrusts & then he gave a low growl & muttered,”FUCK,spunking…I’m fuckin’ SPUNKIIIIING”.Jeez,the heat that was coming off us both was really intense & the sweat rolled off us,& between us,as we mashed our groins together.My hands slid down to his,surprisingly firm,arse cheeks & held him to me as he juddered & shook in a final spasm.Panting Stevie pulled himself up & smirked down at me,beads of his sweat splashing onto me face.”Fuckin’ christ almighty….you DIRTY,FILTHY fucker…THAT was LUSH,no mistake”.All I could do was lay there,smirking up at him,panting like a bitch in heat…which I guess I kinda was,lol.Eventually I got me breath back & went all serious,”So,does this make us wooftahs,then…what we just done an’ all…waddya reckon?”Stevie looked like he might just give me a slap…but then he threw back his head,roared with laughter…then looked down at me & replied,”Yeah,mate…I reckon it probably does…but who gives a shit? It aint no-one else’s beeswax what you an’ me get up to,does it?”That was ok,then….MORE than ok I reckoned…’cause you know what? I was well made up that we were ‘wooftahs’ & if it meant we’d be doing some more filthy stuff then fuckin’ ACE.And we DID…do more filthy stuff…and we LOVED it. 😉

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