Plans Changed…..In my SUV or, I have a better Id


Plans Changed…..In my SUV or, I have a better IdIt was a humid June 26th 2013 in St,paul Mn. So bad that the windows at the house were naturally steamy with condensation. I’d just woken up, single guy, care free, day off work, dick throbbing, and with access to the internet. Why not post an ad for an equally as horny lady to fuck, and cum on my dick?Decided to take some new pics of my throbbing dick, I’m not the best “photog” admittedly but, I hate being asked “is that really you,” “prove it take another,” so I did. Posted my pics, and titled the ad ” I promise to make your pussy nut all over my dick!”I waited, and then the responses started coming in. After sifting through the robot responses and ones that Seemed disingenuous; I started responding to the ones I thought were real.The one that most particularly caught my eye that I ended up responding to was titled, “I wan to cum all over your dick” to which I responded, “I’m down, do you have a pic miss?”She sent her pic and all I can say is, WOWSER! She’s a thick very pretty mixed voluptuous lady. No joke! Nice smile, pretty face, very pretty face, voluptuous lady lumps…..I woke up 12 hr’s later and she’d responded to my message. My dicks throbbing like usual and i’m horny like usual. She says she just got off of work and wants to see a face pic of me. I usually don’t share those but this girls frickin sexy so i do….and send her a couple of my face and dick pics. She responds with, “damn” to my dick and “looking good” to my face pics. …I’m starting to “feel myself” a lil at this point and decide to just go IN!I tell her I got the day off and and ask her if she wants to “hang, have sexy time and cum on my dick?” She says yes..Mind you this is at 11:30 in the AM, i’m throbbing and hard; shes wet and horny! I suggest to host later in the evening when my roomates arent up and about, canlı bahis but she wants it now…I ask if she has roommates, she says yes and I suggest she sneak me in or vice versa or tell them I’m just a friend coming over to watch a movie.She then reveals that shes got to be at work by 3:30. I tell her well, I can get us a room then. She says “ok cool, lets make this happen” by this point I’m beyond excited.I called the hotel to get the room at 12, they said nothing would be ready until 3. She had to be at work at 3:30, DAMN! So I decided to think out of the box. Considering my dick was soo hard, her pussy was wet, I wanted her pussy, and she was equally as horny and wanting the same as I did.I told her about how I drive an SUV and we could fuck in there. She was thrilled and said ok. Are you sure we won’t get caught? To that I wasnt sure but responded “we could always go to a movie and mess around in the theatre”. I’ll pay for the tickets”. She liked that idea too, and said whatever as long as we don’t get caught! too which I said, “We won’t”I gave her the address to the theatre and asked what time she was thinking.. She says “30 minutes”. Made me smile, and my dick even harder then it already was! I jumped in the shower, (cuz i’m always fresh) and headed to the theatre; running a tad late. She got there before me…On my way, when I get a text message saying,”I’m hear the parking lot is really full”. Instead of texting back I call and assure her that everythings all good, i’ll be there in like 5 minutes and we’ll figure it out as soon as I do. Shes says “cooL”.I get there and see how full the lot is and offer her 2 options. “either we can go in there and fuck around at a movie where theres not too many people or I saw a park on the way up that might be a good place”. She decides the park is a better idea and follows me bahis siteleri to it. As I’m pullin into the park, rain drops start to land on my windshield and I also notice theres really no secluded spots. Except for, in the distance on a path I do see some spots. Considering it’s starting to rain, options are limitied and outdoor sex probably isn’t one. I park my SUV next to her two door, we step out and greet each other. She looks good, my dicks still throbbing. I tell her I don’t think my SUV’s a good spot, considering theres random suburban people parked all around it, but that I have a good idea.As we walk up one of the paths/trails I see a bunch of public bathrooms. BINGO! ….As we’re getting closer, suburbnaites start to come out of the woodwork, lil k**s/adults and things. We play it cool and keep it moving ’til theyr’e out of site. I ask, “are you up for something thrilling”? She laughs. Then I suggest, “how about you go into that bathroom, I’ll scope the scene with my phone on my ear, then follow you in like 20 seconds after”? Shes enthused and says sure right away.She goes in, I scope the scene and the coast is clear so i go in after her. As soon as I get in there I grab her by the waist and start french kissing her. She likes it and I sit her on the sink while still kissing passionately as I’m making my way down to her neck, then her nipples, playing with her pussy, nibbling, licking, and sucking. I then lead her to the handicapp stall. The big 1, furthest from the entrance and more space to work with. Immediately, she turns around, pulls her skin tight black pants down and spreads for me doggy style. I rub my dick up against her clit and pussy as she moans. I do it again and again til I start to feel her warmth and wetness. Just then as I’m ready to slide in, she turns around and starts blowing me. Up and down, right canlı bahis siteleri hand stroking, as shes getting my dick harder and using her spit to get it wet. Knowing we don’t have unlimited time, considering we’re in public I turn her back around, bent over and thrust my dick into her wet pussy.WOW, how warm it was! I slid in and out a couple times, and laced her with some of my natural lube. Started to fuck her, slow, long strokes, her wet pussy creaming on me as i’m progressing to harder and harder and shes asking for more when…….All of a sudden we hear voices. Lil k** voices. Evidently some school was on a field trip and the whole class decided it was bathroom break time. I immediately had to pull out and put my pants on as pre cum dripped from my dick, to her pussy, down her leg. I was a lil shook. I was like, “stand on top of the toilet so they don’t see theres more then one person in here” she said, “why don’t you, this is a girls bathroom and obviously your legs look like a mans”. to which I was like…..DAMN, your’e right! and sat on the bar above the toilet, feet on the toilet. These little rascals were in there talking about all kinds of things for close to 20 minutes as we were in the other stall. Asking , “whos in there” ans stuff like that multiple times. the girl I was with was cool about it though and was just like ‘yeah i’m in here”. Eventually I was like you know what, you can leave I’ll figure this out, my fault” She didn;t want to leave me tho…but I insisted. She gave me a big hugg and said, “text me” and I said ok.5 minutes later, when I didn’t hear any voices i walked outta the bathroom straight line to my vehicle and phone in my ear. My homegirl was patiently waiting in her two door car. I told her my bad and that I would make it up to her licking, nibbling, sucking, fucking her deep, and making her pussy cum on my dick as much as she could handle. She says she up for it,” definately tommorow”. Maybe I can get her to agree to me filming it…..Honestly a true story that just happened today june 26th 2013. I’ll keep ya’ll updated

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