Plums Get Some Sugar Ch. 02

Angela White

If there was one time Ben had understood at a young age, it had been the value of a good night’s sleep. He kept himself strictly to that schedule since he was ten, and now at nineteen, he had always been in bed at ten. After an hour, reading, playing games, watching a show, or whatever else he would find himself in dreamland at eleven p.m. promptly.

His parents would call him an old soul. His sister would call him a loser. Whatever others thought though, Ben kept at it. He loved sleeping at the right time.

So, when he had been rudely awoken up at three a.m., suffice to say, Ben was out of it.

Ben blinked, trying to get his eyes to focus on the figure that was by the side of his bed. Eventually, as the red hair came into view, he knew it was his sister, Gwen. She was dressed in shorts and ratty t-shirt, obviously ready to go to bed. Yet, by how animated she was and how fast the words coming out of her mouth were, it was like Ben was operating eight hours behind her.

“…and then he had the audacity to call me a…” Gwen was going on.

Ben could barely play attention, his focus going in and out, in and out. Speaking of, he had just been having an amazing dream about April Jacobson. She had been one year his senior in high school and college had given her another level of pretty. He had just gotten her undressed when he had been interrupted and brought back into the real world and he was eager to try and get back to it, hoping not to lose the thread he still had of what they were doing before he got interrupted.

“So, can I stay for the night?” Gwen finally asked. Her face a mask of distress.

Ben nodded his head, though it was less nodding, then fighting off collapsing right then and there. His sister appeared to cheer and left to go grab something, relieved that was over he let gravity take control as he smacked against the mattress. His eyes already closed. He was vaguely aware of some alien warmth envelope him before he drifted back to his dream.

He came back right in time. April had just undone her bra, giving off a generous display. Her body was beautiful, bountiful breasts, flawless skin, she was heavenly. They moved through the air towards one another, he felt like it was jello. It must have been one of those lucid dreams.

As he met her, he was delighted to find her so smooth and soft. He traced his hand across her body, touching as much of dream-April as he dared. Unable to hold back anymore, he started kissing her. They were a bit unresponsive, but he blamed that on the dream, besides what matter the most was coming up next.

They were already naked, so no clothes needed discarded. Dream-April had already opened herself wide and Ben thrusted into her. They fit like a glove. He was amazed at how much sensation he could feel from a dream.

As he continued thrusting, he felt a weird tap on his forehead. He shrugged his dream shoulders and kept going. This time it wasn’t a tap but a quick blow to the forehead.

“Ouch,” said his dream self.

Dream-April looked at him confused as though she didn’t understand. Thinking that it must be a weird Girne Escort dream thing, he moved to get close to her again but felt himself restricted.

As he struggled against the invisible restricts, he saw Dream-April start to speak.

“Ben. Ben. Beeeen.” It wasn’t April’s voice though. Ben wasn’t entirely sure where to place it until he noticed that the dream sky he had created was starting to quake.

Suddenly, flocks of people came out of nowhere all shouting for their freedom and to get to safety. Ben had time to take in it all before they descended over him, knocking him over. The people became a sea and soon he was swept away. As he fought against the awesome power of nature, he found himself moving slower and weaker.

The he saw one more massive wave come up. It was engulfing everything. It came down. Ben watched as the torrent fell down upon him.

When Ben became aware he found that he was sitting at roughly a ninety-degree angle. He looked over, there was no waves, no water, no April Jacobson. What did greet him was a rather cross Gwen as she looked at him in what appeared to have been a disturbed sleep.

“Why did you ruin my dream?” Ben asked, already mourning the loss of dream-April Jacobson.

“Ruin your sleep? Ruin your sleep?” Gwen hissed, repeating for emphasis. “You’re not the one that woke up to getting humped like sleeping next to some dreamfucking rabbit.”

It took Ben a second to determine what his sister was telling him but soon it became unpleasantly clear. At some point when he had been enjoying the body of his Dream-April, his body must have been doing the same moves, meaning he had been humping his sister throughout the night.

He went entirely red. As much as his pride was telling him to spin it, his shame was winning out as he attempted to shutter out an apology.

Gwen wasn’t having it, however.

“You were fucking my thighs like some demented rabbit. Bad enough James breaks up with me because he wants to go after some internet thot after he goes like three weeks without fucking me. Now, my brother is getting hot and heavy with my thighs. I just wanted to cuddle with my brother because I’m feeling down but no, he has to be a little freak.”

Ben was sure that he deserved some of the anger but a lot of it seemed to be misdirected.

While Ben had his introspection on his sister’s actions, Gwen had not stopped her tirade.

“All these men, all perverts. Just humping and fucking around. What are they good for? Absolutely nothing! Nothing more than a libido in a flesh bag!”

Ben could tell she was stewing though but admitted that being so close to someone so mad was off-putting, especially in his own bed.

“Well, if they’re all perverts then there’s nothing to do but wrangle them by their dicks.”

Ben tried to shush her as her voice started raising. From what he could tell, it was only five so they’re parent were still sleeping and wouldn’t take kindly to Gwen’s “men are perverts” rant.

“Oh, you’re trying to silence me, huh?! I’ll show you!”

Ben’s attempt at Magosa Escort shushing his sister was soon met with her wrestling him. Using surprise, she overpowered him. Ben found himself stripped naked. Gwen had snaked her legs in-between his, snaring him. He watched as they laid side-by-side, powerless as she started to stroke him.

“Still as hard as a rock, huh?” Gwen said, scornfully. Her slender fingers danced up and down his shaft.

“Hey, quit it!” Ben hissed out, trying to compose himself.

Gwen got up and close to Ben, her face inches from his. “I’ll quit when I’m good and ready. You don’t get to use my thighs and then just quit when it’s my turn. My boyfriend, ex, lleft me backed up, so be a good brother and get used.”

“Here,” she said, taking off her shirt. “Why don’t you suck on these like a good little boy.”

Ben hated that her body was amazing. Her breasts were deceptively huge, spilling over her frame while still having an alluring shape to them. Her toned stomach accentuated the bust and her naval piercing gave her a bad girl vibe to complete the look. His dick gave a pulse in appreciation.

That’s a good boy,” Gwen said as Ben relented and started to inch forwarded towards the breast.

He got his mouth and teeth around the mounds. A groan growing in his mouth as he played with his sister’s boobs. They fit nicely in his mouth and the accompanying moans from his sister was not the worst bonus.

“You’re doing a real good job.” Gwen purred. “Now, it’s time for me.”

The stroking hadn’t stopped the entire time. Yet, there was something about the way she switched all her attention to it that made it so much hotter for Ben.

“This is such a fun cock. The large ones aren’t fun to play with, nor the small ones. The average ones are so much fun. I like the way it pulses and gets nice and hot. The head is so smooth. Has it been some time since you masturbated last or last time you got any? It’s just so hard and heavy.”

Gwen made a deep moan. “So deliciously heavy. Look at you, taking it like the bottom bitch you are.”

There was something about that that made Ben try something. He had a free hand and this time he snaked it over to her, down her chest, down her stomach, down her hips, until he got to where he wanted.

“Oh? Is my little brother going to touch me?”

Ben touched the damp fabric that his sister still had on. Working together, they casted the underwear outside of the bed. Ben started playing with his sister’s pussy, a river pooling from the warm silt.

“Are you thrusting now?” Gwen teased. “That’s right, thrust. Thrust. Fuck my hand. Do you like when I play with your balls? Do you want me to get a little further back? Oh, I felt the way your cock reacted, maybe later, huh?”

Ben tired his hardest to keep up, his fingers moving over his sister’s pussy. His thumb traced the organ, keeping a religious pace over the hard clit. His sister was keeping her moans pressed against his ears.

“I’m feeling the way your balls are moving, you’re close, aren’t you?”

Ben could only nod, Lefkoşa Escort doing his best to keep his own orgasm at bay by focusing on causing his sister one. It was a losing struggle.

Taking her hand off his shaft for a moment, she lavishly licked her hand coating it in saliva. She brought it back to his dick and started stroking again, assisted by the saliva.

At one point Ben was sure that he had seen the back of his head once. He knew he had to redouble his efforts. Instead of just rubbing on the outside he started thrusting a finger in and out while thumbing her clit. His sucking and bit of her tits got rougher, Gwen’s appreciated moans telling him that was the correct move.

His own hand was coated in her wetness, a strained look on her face as she started moaning heavier into his ear.

“Oh, my god. I’m close. Keep doing that!”

Ben kept his hands and mouth doing exactly what they were doing and soon got to experience his sister’s orgasm.

She started like a coiling spring, body growing tenser and tenser. The muscles in her legs contracting, her knees starting to pull back up to her head. Until it grew too much, and she exploded. It was like watching an ice cube melt the way the tension appeared to vanish from her body, an ease seemingly taking over.

“Oh, my god.” Gwen said. “I haven’t cum like that in quite a while.”

Ben enjoyed the way she legs slipped out of his, freeing him. Her breasts heaved up and down as she seemed to bask in the post-orgasm.

He was a bit disappointed about the lack of coming on his end but at least her man-hating had ended for the night. He snuggled back into the covers, ready for sleep to take him.

Ben felt the wind get knocked out of him as the full weight of Gwen started straddling him. Any emotion about that was overtaken as he felt the warm and soaking wet pussy of his sister start to slide up and down his cock, beads of pre-cum squeezing from the head.

She looked amazing straddling him. The full, jaw dropping tits, the toned stomach, the dangling silver navel piercing adding to the allure. She moved back and forth, her hips moving seductively. She leaned back and instantly Ben felt the way that she had begun to play with his balls, massaging them one and then another.

Ben was moaning openly, submitting to the powerful woman that was straddling him.

It was so warm, wet, Ben couldn’t handle the stimulation anymore.

“I’m cum-” He didn’t have time to finish before he busted.

Gwen had moved before he had even opened his mouth. She had slid down further down and used her hand to keep his cock steady as it launched his cum. All into her mouth. She kept her mouth so close to the head that she was almost touching but never did.

Ben watched the white liquid vanished into his sister’s mouth. A few beads of cum dripped out of his deflating dick. She took her finger, caught them and put it in her mouth. Making an exaggerated moan as she sucked on it before dragging it out of her mouth.

“You’re actually pretty tasty, not going to lie.” Gwen told him. “I can’t wait until I suck your dick.”

“Uh huh.” Ben moaned, already melting back into the bed.

Gwen went ahead and grabbed all the clothes they had discarded and threw Ben’s at him, while for herself she put them on.

Ben had felt the dull thud of the clothes landing on the bed, but he had already drifted off to sleep.

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