Power Chapter Four: The Sleeping Attire Party


I dressed in jeans and a blue polo shirt to walk over to the party in the upperclassmen’s dorm. I had no idea what a sleeping attire party was, but figured it would involve some girls in their pajamas. When I got to the lounge room the party was already in progress. Sure enough, about half a dozen girls were in baby-doll nightgowns or very revealing short pajamas. The guy who let me in was wearing sweats; the guy next to him was in gym shorts and a T-Shirt. I grabbed a beer, and then looked around. I only saw ten or so freshmen there. One guy was wearing pajamas, the rest of us were in pants and shirts. Helen was at the party, dressed in a short pink dress and sandals. She invited Steve to join her at the front of the room. She then asked us to gather around the video screen. There was a shot of Helen interviewing a freshman in his dorm room. Everything looked completely innocent. She asked him who is roommate was. “Steve is my roommate. He’s a great guy and we’re hitting it off.” So far so good. Maybe this was going to be just a plain boy-girl party. Helen then asked the roommate what Steve alsancak escort wore to sleep in. “Just his boxers,” answered the roommate. Helen turned to Steve. “You were told this was a sleeping attire party. Hand them over.” Steve looked embarrassed as he removed his shirt and pants. Sure enough, he was wearing blue boxers with teddy bears. Helen dismissed him. I was starting to get a bit nervous. She called up Dave, the guy in his pajamas. Another video segment started. After the social niceties she asked Dave’s roommate what he slept in. “Damnedest thing I’ve ever seen, “replied the roommate. “He wears pajamas to bed. I haven’t seen that since junior high school.” Helen congratulated Dave on adhering to the dress code. Then it was my turn. Yet another video segment started. Helen was interviewing Jay in our room. He was dressed in his black speedo. Helen told him he’d look better without it, so he took it off. He completed the interview in the nude. A few of the girls cheered. After hearing what a good roommate I was, Helen asked Jay what I wore to alsancak escort bayan bed. “He wears tighty-whiteys,” said Jay. I knew what was coming, so before she asked I handed her my shirt. Then I gave her my pants. Although I was embarrassed, this time I didn’t freak out. Instead, I grabbed another beer. The next guy slept in sweats but hadn’t worn them to the party. He wound up in his briefs. The next three guys turned out to sleep in the nude. The girls howled and cheered as they forked over all their clothes. The last three guys included one in boxers, one in boxer-briefs, and another naked guy. The naked guys got all the attention from the girls. I was jealous. One was making out with a girl who had taken off her baby-doll pajamas and was wearing just a thong. These were the first live titties I had ever seen. I started getting hard. Helen was giving another guy a hand job. When he came she licked her fingers, and then stuck the guy’s hand in her pants. He withdrew the hand and licked his own fingers. I had another beer. A guy in boxer-briefs Escort alsancak was stretched out on the floor. A girl in baby-doll pajamas sat on his face. That’s when I saw that she wasn’t wearing any panties. My God, she’s naked. I had never seen a naked girl. When she took off the top I almost creamed my jockeys. I wondered what the guy was doing with her sitting naked on his face. I moved in for a closer look and got the surprise of my life. He was licking her pussy! His tongue was licking the length of her labia, then moving inside to probe her vagina. I had never even heard of such a thing, let alone watched it. Another couple of beers and I was losing focus. I saw Helen standing next to a table. An upperclassman was naked. Helen was rubbing her tits against his erect penis .More titties. More naked people. I stopped trying to hide my erection. The other people at the party had to tell me later what happened. I honestly did not remember. A girl came over to me and reached her hand inside my tighty whiteys. She asked if I needed some help with that. I am reported to have said, “Yes, ma’am,” and tore my underwear off. She gave me my first blow job, and I didn’t remember it. How terrible is that? Afterwards I was told that I ran around the party yelling “I’m naked, I’m naked, I’m naked,” before I passed out. Finally a couple of upperclassmen picked me up and walked/carried me to my dorm.

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