Pregnant Louise VI.


Pregnant Louise VI.Louise: Heavily pregnant former neighbour.Larry: Me!Lisa: Louise’s ‘friend’!Italics: My thoughts/memories.Ginger hoisted her skirt and shuffled forward slightly. My cock stood upright; precum dribbled lazily down my shaft as Ginger, reaching down, parted her wet pussy lips and lowered herself onto my glistening helmet.Blondie gasped and said to Brunette doubtfully, “That’ll never fuckin’ fit! It’s far too big”! Brunette nodded in agreement, “Yeah, our dildos are nowhere near that thick…it’s gonna hurt her, that’s for sure”! Ginger grunted and lowered herself more firmly onto my pole but still my knob wouldn’t go up her. “There’s…no fuckin’ way that I ain’t havin’ this up me…”! She blew her ginger fringe out of her eyes, beads of sweat popped out on her face as she puffed and panted! “We’ve had…enough dildos up…our cunts in our eighteen years…now it’s time…for the real thing…nnng…” she grunted as Blondie held the base of my shaft and Brunette gasped as Ginger’s hole stretched and my glistening helmet finally forced its way into her cunt. “…oh…oh…fuck! Fuck…hurts…ooh…!” She breathed and lowered herself and I watched as my plum disappeared into her twat, past the purple circle, engulfing the fat shaft beneath it. “Oh yes”! said Blondie standing to her feet. Brunette did the same and now both girls stood either side of Ginger who hyperventilated as she lowered herself further. Blondie, completely naked now, pressed one of her tits into Ginger’s mouth, “There’s a good girl! Good girl! That’s it”! Brunette stroked Ginger’s hair, “Well done, Ging’! There’s a good girl…that’s it…more…further down…” she reached underneath Ginger and began to stroke her clit. Ginger now had an arm d****d around Blondie and Brunette’s shoulders as both girl’s offered soothing words of encouragement as their friend gasped in pleasure as she slid down my shaft until my knob was deep inside her as far as it would go! She paused, breathing heavily, sweat now running down her face and a sheen of perspiration formed on her naked upper body! “Nnng…yes…yes…this fuckin’ monster… is in all the way…now…won’t go any further up…”! There was still a space of about two inches between her hole and my balls and Brunette bent over and began to lick the salty goo from my sack as Blondie, reaching over, slid a couple of fingers into Brunette’s hole. Brunette gasped and continued to lick the slime from my balls as Ginger, gasping, began to push herself back up my shaft and with a little cry, she began to lower herself back down onto my pole once more…I continued pounding at Louise as semen began to pump deep into her. My second load is always bigger but ever so slightly thinner than my first! I grunted I felt the first spurt of cum jet deep inside her and she cried out, “Ooh…fuck…yeah…give it me…give it me…”! It was then that Louise let go of her bladder again and hot piss splashed onto my balls and ran down both our legs as my spunk continued to pump deep into her. The dirty bitch had had plenty of loads bayburt escort shot up her a few months before, so I reasoned that she was no stranger to cum and that one more wouldn’t hurt? She cried out as she orgasmed as I continued to shoot my load deep inside her hole. “Oh…oh…fuck, Larry…Jesus…”! She bucked and heaved as impaled on my cock, a massive orgasm ripped through her – I really thought she was going to rip my cock off – so tightly her pussy was clenching and then unclenching as she came multiple times and I continued to pump my seed into her hole! Eventually, the last of my sperm was deposited deep inside her twat as my shaft twitched a couple of times and I began to slowly withdraw it from her stretched minge. “Wait”! she said harshly and reached down underneath her twat with a cupped hand and caught the dribbles of the spunky mess that was down trickling out of her cunt! She looked down and seeing that cupped hand was full of warm goo and said gently, “Hold it there, Larry – don’t pull it all the way out just yet…” Lou’ then bought her hand back to her mouth and let the slime slowly pour and drip from the palm of her hand into her mouth! “Mmm”! she uttered as the slimy mess poured from her hand into her mouth and she swallowed it all like it was a particularly tasty oyster! She then placed her hand back underneath her twat, “Okay, Larry – nice and slow…” she repeated the procedure a couple more times and my cock slid out. She turned and kissed me, “Now, let’s jump in that shower of yours eh…and have a proper shower”! We spent the next hour or so just soaping each other; although Lou’ wanked me off and I frigged her to orgasm again! As we were towelling off, she said, “I really enjoyed that, Larry – phew! I’m knackered now! Still, bloody Lisa is popping round to mine in a bit – just hope she doesn’t stay too long? I mean, it’s really kind of her and all that but you know how sometimes, you just can’t be bothered”? I nodded even though I didn’t really know – being something of a charmer, I never tired of female company, if you know what I mean? Lou’ continued, “She’s great and everything but she’s one of these ‘do gooders’ and I know that she only sees it as her ‘Christian duty’ – plus, she’s a right nosey cow”! I laughed as I shook my head and as I began to walk out of the bathroom and onto the landing, Louise suddenly caught me by the wrist and looked into my face; it was clear that she had had a ‘lightbulb moment’? “Wait…I’ve had a thought…”!Four days later and it was the longest in living memory that I had gone without shooting my load – normally in a bored housewife/single mother/girl in a nightclub/skint student girl? Still, Lou’ had promised me that it might be worth it?As agreed, I would be in Lou’s living room when Lisa called round for a visit. Sure enough, after I had been sitting next to Lou’, kissing her neck and fingering her on her settee and pleading with her to “…just let me put the tip of my cock in you…” and Lou’ telling me to behave, there was a knock bayburt escort bayan at the front door. Lou’ jumped up to answer and as I stuffed my cock back into my jeans, I could hear Lou’ greeting Lisa. The living room door opened and in walked Lou’ followed by Lisa. Plain was an understatement! About 5′, 6″, Lisa seemed to be the epitome of boring! Her short, mousey hair was pulled to one side and gripped firmly with a gold coloured hair clip, but it was the thick rimmed glasses she wore that really made me want to laugh as I was reminded of a cartoon character from my c***dhood! Even though it was a warm day, she wore a bloody cardigan over her yellow Summer dress – the hem of which was exactly knee length! Lisa beamed and held out her hand for me to shake, “Lisa Meridan – Worly – or just plain old ‘Lees’ if you prefer? Anyway, pleased to make your aquaintance…and you are”? I smiled back as I shook her hand, “Larry…Larry Hugh-Jorgan…”, Lou’ sniggered into her hand and disguised it as a cough. Lisa looked at me with a puzzled expression, “Ah…now…I think I’ve met a couple of Hugh-Jorgans…let me think…” Lou’ doubling up with laughter behind Lisa’s back, excused herself and ran into the kitchen to make a drink; “Coffee”? she shouted through with her voice now under control. Lisa pulled the door slightly ajar and called, “Oh yes, please Louise…” and looking at me, obviously pleased with the rhyme, she giggled and said, “Oh, I imagine that that makes me something of a poet, does it not”? Without waiting for me to reply, she called back through, “Decaffinated though please – you know what I’m like”! Lisa rolled her eyes at me and smiled again. Louise called back, “Okay Lisa, you’ll soon have something warm inside you”! Now it was my turn to suppress a laugh! Lisa smoothed her skirt over her thighs and perched on the edge of the settee as she pushed her spectacles back up onto the bridge of her nose. “Well, Louise tells me that you’ve been very kind to her? How wonderful”! Lisa tilted her head and smiled at me as Lou’ came back into the living room with three mugs on a tray. Continuing, Lou’ said, “That’s true Lisa. Before Larry moved in just a few doors up, I hadn’t had any meat for ages”! I bit my lip! “Oh, how wonderfully kind of you Larry, really, that’s a sure fire way of getting into heaven”! Yeah, I’ve sent your friend to heaven quite a few times over the past couple of weeks! I smiled humbly and said, “Well, not so much as expensive cuts…more, well, just sausage really, Lisa”? Louise chewed her lip and looked at the floor. Again, Lisa gave me a gentle look, pushed her glasses further up her nose and said, “Oh Larry, it’s very kind of you to take care of her like that, really it is”! Oh, I’ve been taking care of her alright! Lou’ tells me that you’re quite involved with the local church, Lisa”? Lisa blushed slightly, “Well, I do try and do my bit…” again, she rolled her eyes, “…just a bit of cleaning and the like…” I feigned interest, “Oh really? Well, I imagine that it’s escort bayburt quite hard work, down on your hands and knees everyday”? Lisa dismissed me with a wave of her hand, “Oh, not really – one sort of gets used to it – I rather enjoy it in fact? Father Smith is getting on a bit now and he appreciates me giving him a hand…oh, it’s just not me you know, there are quite a few of the other women involved too”? Lou’ choked on her coffee and dashed out! “Oh dear me”! gasped a surprised Lisa. She craned her neck and called after Lou’, “Wrong hole, dear? My, my”! Again, Lisa rolled her eyes and pursed her lips. A strangled whimper came from the kitchen! Lou came back into the living room and sat back down next to Lisa on the settee; it was obvious that she had been crying! “Now, where was I? Ah yes, like I was saying…” I interrupted her, “I suppose that it feels good to give an old man a hand, eh Lisa”! Lisa nodded furiously, “Yes indeed, it feels really good…” It was proving nearly impossible to keep the innuendo going and Lisa was bound to notice Louise pushed back into the settee next to her, tears streaming down her face as she laughed heartily! “He’s about 82, you know”? Lisa nodded in awe as she stressed his age. We couldn’t hold back any longer and Lou’ and I burst out laughing and Lisa looked puzzled! Then with dawning horror, she realised as the penny dropped and her face became a mask of anger, “You…filthy…hell-bound, bottom dwelling…imbeciles…”! The fact that Lisa didn’t find it in the least bit funny, made it even funnier to us! “You dirty minded…cretinous…idiotic…fools…you make me sick”! Lisa, red faced with rage put her empty cup on the floor next to the settee and stood up quickly, “I…haven’t come here to be insulted…” I too stood up, “Oh no? Where do you normally go then”? Lisa gasped and stared at me and with a shaking hand wagged a finger at me, “You’ll see where you’ll end up, young man…”! Lou’ stood between Lisa and the hallway door and placed a hand on her shoulder, “Sorry Lisa! Forgiveness and all that, eh”? Lisa, furious and breathing heavily now glanced at me angrily! “Hey, Lisa…’turn the other cheek and all that, right”? Lisa, still red with anger nodded furiously and exhaled. “S…sorry…I got angry and…” I shook my head, it’s okay, really…you say he’s 82″? Lisa nodded angrily and stared at the floor. I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of the cargo shorts I was wearing and gently pushed them down, “Well, this is about 82 millimetres long, give or take…” Lisa’s hand flew to her mouth as she took a step back in shock! “You disgusting monster…”! she stared at the phallus slowly growing in front of her, “…get back with that…that…thing…”! I smiled and reaching down, I pulled the foreskin back and a thin drool of precum dripped to the floor. “It’s…it’s…gruesome”! said a shocked Lisa and covered her eyes. “Have another look, Lisa, cos it’s grew some more now…”! Lisa opened her fingers and peeped out and gasped. “Listen Lisa, Lou tells me that you’re getting married next year? How about some practise for your wedding night, eh”? Lisa peeped and as Lou’ gently rubbed her back and then took her hand away from her eyes, Lisa once more pushed her specs back up the bridge of her nose and staring at my now fully erect cock, swallowed hard and licked her lips…TO BE CONTINUED…

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