preparing for date fuck


preparing for date fuckWhen ever I had a date with a guy,who would end up fucking me.First I would take along hot bath,shaving my legs,arms,chest,and face.squirt some babyoil into the water,making my skin real soft.then I would use my fem wash pinbahis güvenilirmi bottle,and clean myself out realy good.I would then pull out my dildo’s,and would fuck myself until my ass was ready for a real cock.then pinbahis yeni giriş i’d get out,and dry off,put on my makeup,then go into the bedroom,I would pick out what to wear,which ment to wear a mini skirt,short of course.I pinbahis giriş love wearing short revieling skirts,low cut shorts.I would also put on a matching bra,and panties,garterbelt,and lace stockings.and depending on the mood,either high heels,or boots.then I would finsh up with jewerly,earings,and my nails,then choose between being a blonde,or a dark hair.take some pics after all that.its a turn on watching yourself go from being a male to becomming a female,its hot.wonder if anyone else has ever felt that way.

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