Problem with Mark Ch. 02

Two years have passed since that sensual weekend during which Mark and his beloved mother Marry made love.

Steven’s and Marry’s plan to overcome Mark’s obsession with his mother’s body by Marry having sexual intercourse with her son, worked great.

Mark stopped stalking Marry, stopped jerking off in her panties, and peeking through the locks while his bulky mother undressed. Marry’s big butt, wide hips and thick legs stopped being regular guests in Mark’s dreams. An erotic weekend full of sex and love with Marry helped Mark overcome the advanced case of the Oedipus complex Mark had for years.

Mark began to socialize more with young people in school, and he became especially interested in young girls his age.

Everything was good in the Stevens family. The relationship between Steven and Marry did not change, although Steven voluntarily allowed his wife to make love to their young son. He had thought about it several times in the last two years, imagining what he could have looked like that weekend in their home.

On several occasions, he asked Marry about the events that weekend, but Marry did not want to tell him the details. Steven understood that she must have been embarrassed to tell her husband about the details of having sex with another man. Especially since that man was their son.

Steven managed to get some information from Marry. She told him they weren’t doing any weird things. That they did it mostly in the missionary position.

“Did he ask you for anything kinky?” Steven asked on a couple of occasions.

“No, he wanted it classically. To be on me. During the day we tried some other positions. But we spent most of the time missionary, or me being on top,” Marry said quietly, “He wanted to try both anal and oral. I didn’t want anal, it’s dirty. And it would hurt me.”

“And oral sex?” Steven asked.

Marry was embarrassed. “I did that … ” She didn’t finish the sentence.

Steven looked at her, a little puzzled.

“I thought you didn’t like the taste of cum.” he said.

“And I don’t like it,” she replied. “I asked him to tell me before he came. He didn’t cum in my mouth. I mean … He came everywhere except in my mouth.” she said, remembering the eruption of sperm from Mark’s organ after she sucked him.

Steven laughed.

“Our son has juice in his balls, huh?” he said jokingly.

“Don’t ask. Every time a river of sperm came out of him. I guess that’s the way it is with men his age.” she replied.

“Is he big?” he asked.

“Pretty much,” she replied vaguely.

That was, more or less, all the information he managed to get from Marry.

Several times he tried to imagine what it looked like. He tried to imagine his wife lying on their double bed, legs spread wide. He tried to imagine their son between those legs, his ass rising and falling as he rammed his young hard cock into his mother’s pussy.

He got an erection several times, imagining Marry and Mark. But those fantasies of his were short-lived. Steven was bothered by all this much less than he expected. He expected to be at least a little jealous, but that was not the case. He didn’t find it wrong, although almost everyone else would characterize this act of incest between mother and son as extremely sick behavior.

Everything was mostly forgotten, and life went on.

Mark went to college and he did well. He met a lot of new people with similar interests as his. He also met a couple of beautiful girls whom he dated.

The Stevens became a normal family again, like everyone else in their neighborhood. Marry and Steven often hung out with colleagues from work. They enjoyed socializing with both older and younger married couples.

One of the younger married couples with whom they were in close contact was Mike and Laura. They were both younger than Steven and Marry – Mike was 30 years old, and Laura was 26. Mike worked with Steven in the same office. Steven liked him very much. They also started hanging out with their wives, so Mike and Laura were frequent guests in the Stevens flat.

At one point, they started talking about children. Mike and Laura have been married for 3 years, but they had no children. Laura had trouble getting pregnant, due to some disease she had during her childhood. They tried a couple of times with artificial insemination, but so far they had no luck.

Marry told them how her birth went – when she gave birth to Mark, she barely survived.

“I’ve read all the books that exist about pregnancy, Marry,” Laura said, “The difficult birth you had is a very rare complication. You can’t have another childbirth complication like that. I think your fear of second pregnancy was exaggerated.”

This conversation intrigued Marry. She started reading about the pregnancy problems she had while carrying Mark.

The Internet was full of information, she discovered that the complications she experienced during childbirth were a rare consequence of the special circumstances under which her pregnancy took place. zonguldak escort The more she read, the more she felt sorry for not having another child after all.

As time went on, the desire to have another child started to grow.

She was thinking about it. She was 45 years old and has long since passed the ideal years for giving birth. And Steven was 52 years old, quite old to be a father. Also, a child had to be brought to this insecure world. It goes much easier when the parents are young.

All the arguments were against having a new child, but that idea never came out of Marry’s head. As time went on, the desire in her grew. At one point, reading about raising a small child and remembering Mark’s growing up, Marry said to herself, ‘No matter what, I want another child!’. She decided to talk to Steven about everything.

Steven welcomed her wish with a surprisingly high level of understanding. Marry thought that Steven would not even want to hear about the idea of expanding the family. She was surprised that he listened to her thoughts at all. When she explained the circumstances of her first pregnancy, and her desire to have another child, Steven gave his opinion.

“I’ve always wanted to have another child. Honestly, it was my biggest wish. But I didn’t have the heart to talk about it with you after what happened the first time. I didn’t dare to suggest something like that to you.” he said honestly.

“To be honest, if you had suggested it earlier I certainly wouldn’t have agreed. But as far as I could see, the chances of problems happening again are virtually non-existent. Only risks now are due to my age.” said Marry. “What do you think of all this, Steven?”

Steven felt his wife change her mind. She wanted another child very much, but she was scared. He thought briefly, he wanted another child. Even now, after all these years. He felt that they were not too old to be parents again.

“Listen, if you want it, I support you. I would like another child too. Even now, at my age. If you want it, I suggest you see a gynecologist. Let’s hear the doctor’s opinion on this issue,” he said.

Marry thought for a moment.

“You’re right, a gynecologist examination is a good idea. I’ll do it,” she said.

After a few days, Marry scheduled an appointment with a gynecologist. The gynecologist was an old doctor who’s been Mary’s gynecologist for years.

When she told him of her intentions, he said, “Hmm. You’re a little old to be a parent, Marry. But that doesn’t have to be a problem. You’re a healthy woman and there’s no problem with having another child. We’ll do some more tests and see.”

That day, a gynecologist performed tests. The results were done the next day.

“Honestly, the condition is much better than I expected. You are a very healthy women, Marry. The risks for pregnancy are minimal. If you decide to do that, I think everything will go without complications.” said the old doctor.

Marry was overjoyed and hurried home tell everything to Steven.

Steven was happy, but also a little taken by surprise. ‘We’ll make a baby!’ he thought. ‘Diapers and crying and everything.’ he laughed to himself.

Marry stopped taking birth control pills the same day. After years on the pill, she could get pregnant again. The feeling was strange. ‘I’m going to carry a baby in my belly again. We will create a new life.’ She was overjoyed.

Steven and Marry started planning the conception.

They closely monitored Marry’s ovulation periods and made sure they had sex during those periods. They chose the poses that allowed the highest probability of conception, and after Steven’s sperm was in Marry’s womb, she would put a pillow under her lower body to increase the chances of fertilizing her egg. The fact that they were trying to conceive a new life gave a new impetus to their sex life. At the time they made love they were both very horny, much more than usual.

Months passed and attempts lined up. After 6 months of trying, Marry still failed to get pregnant. Considering that earlier examinations showed that Marry shouldn’t have a problem getting pregnant, Steven decided to go for an examination.

In a conversation with the doctor, as the examination results were made, they’ve found out that conception could be problematic. The doctor told them that the number of sperm in Steven’s has always been very small. That the first pregnancy was practically a miracle, and that the possibility of his sperm fertilizing Marry’s egg at this age was non-existent.

Marry’s world collapsed that day. In recent months, her desire for another child had become so great that she could no longer get it out of her head. Marry fell into depression, and Steven felt very bad. He desperately wanted to have another child, and he wanted, even more, to make his beloved wife happy. However, that was now impossible.

Lying in bed that evening, Marry stared at the ceiling.

“I’m sorry, Marry,” Steven told her sadly, hugging zonguldak escort bayan her. “I’m sorry. You know I would do anything to make you happy.”

“It’s not your fault, Steven,” she said.

“You think we should try artificial insemination?” he asked.

“No, Steven. I want the child to be ours. To both give part of ourselves into that child. To be made up of our genes.” Marry answered quietly.

“Unfortunately, my genes can no longer be part of a baby,” Steven said with a lot of sadness.

Marry was even sadder. Her husband’s grief added to her own. Thinking about Steven’s last sentence, she recalled the problems with Mark’s Oedipus complex. And then it occurred to her: ‘Steven’s genes can still make a child! Steven’s genes are in Mark!’

Steven saw a change on Marry’s face.

“What’s the matter? What came to your mind?” he asked.

“I think your genes can be part of a baby after all,” she said softly.

“What do you mean?” Steven was confused.

“Your genes are in Mark,” she said softly.

Steven thought, ‘Well yes! She is right.’.

“What’s your idea?” he asked.

“We could take Mark’s sperm for artificial insemination. I believe Mark will agree to give us sperm. I’m just worried if they’ll ask questions at the hospital, given that they know the status of your samples.” said Marry with new hope.

“I like the idea.” said Steven “But there could be a problem in the hospital.” He thought for a few moments. “Do you think we should try by classical methods?” he asked.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“Well, I thought … maybe we could arrange for the two of you again …” Steven couldn’t finish the sentence.

“Steven! To sleep with Mark again?! And to try to get pregnant with him!? How could something like that get into your head?! And wouldn’t something like that bother you?” she asked in surprise.

She did not expect such an idea from Steven, although he was a man of open views. This was a little too much though.

“Look at it this way: you’ve already had sex, so there aren’t any mysteries there. I don’t think it will be a problem convincing Mark to help us, I’m sure he’ll agree. And as far as I’m concerned, we can do it this way. Of course, the decision is yours to make. What do you think?” he asked calmly.

Marry thought for a moment, “Well, maybe that will work. Will you talk to him?”

“I will. He will agree, I’m sure,” said Steven.

That night Marry rolled over in bed thinking about everything. She will sleep with Mark again! Not only sleeping together but making a baby together! She recalled their weekend together two years ago. It felt really good, so she didn’t worry about the sexual act itself. She moralized about the correctness of such away and soon fell asleep.

The next day, Steven went to his son for a talk. The conversation began with classic questions: ‘How is college? Do you have friends? How was with the girls? ‘ After they had done that formal part of the conversation, Steven got to the point.

“Son, I have something to ask you. Mom and I need your help,” he said seriously.

“Everything for your mom and dad!” replied Mark cheerfully, “Just tell me how I can help you.”

He was glad there was something he could do for his parents, after years of them looking after him.

“It’s a little awkward …” Steven said. Mark looked at him seriously. “Your mom and I decided we had another child.”

Mark looked at him, feeling a little awkward.

“But we have a problem. I’m too old, so we have a problem conceiving a child,” said Steven.

Mark stared wordlessly at his father. ‘Why is he telling all this to me?’ he wondered.

“Do you remember your obsession with your mom two years ago?” Steven asked.

“Of course I remember,” Mark replied.

“Then we helped you get through that crisis. Now we need your help,” said Steven.

“What should I do?” Mark asked.

“Well, practically the same thing you did two years ago. But to make your Mom pregnant,” said Steven surprisingly calmly.

Mark paused for a few seconds, it took him a while to process the information received. ‘He … He wants me to sleep with my mom again?!’.

“You mean, I should sleep with mom again?” said Mark, confused.

“Yes,” Steven replied.

“And … And … Make a baby with her?” Mark asked.

“Yes,” Steven answer calmly. “We can similarly organize everything like last time. I would be out of the flat while you do it.”

Mark paused. Of course, he could not refuse his parents’ request. But all this was very strange. And again, it was very strange two years ago.

“OK, Dad. I’ll do what you ask,” said Mark calmly. “I suppose Mom agrees?”

“Of course,” replied Steven. “I’ll let you know the days when it should be done. You make sure you are available during that period.”

“OK, Dad,” said Mark and went to his room.

Mark couldn’t believe what his father said. He will have sex with his mom again! After the last escort zonguldak time, he no longer thought about her in the context of sexuality. But after the talk with his dad, he felt a huge erection in his pants. He will have sex with his mother again, and he will fertilize her! He will make a child in her! He will be a father and a brother at the same time!

He took his hard dick out of his pants and started jerking off. He didn’t last long, soon his semen was scattered all over the room. He removed the traces of it with a wet handkerchief and began to imagine re-coupling with his mother. It wasn’t long before the erection came back, harder than the last one.

“He agreed,” said Steven. “Do you want us to set it up like last time? Me to be out of the flat while you do it?”

“Yes. I think that’s OK.” She replied.

“When is your ovulation?” he asked.

“It starts on Monday. And it lasts for about five days, until Friday. That’s the best time.” she said, still quiet.

“So, what do you think I go out every night from Monday to Friday. Let’s say at 6 PM. To give you a few hours, maybe until 10 PM? I’d be back in the apartment at 10 PM. Is that okay, is 4 hours enough time?” he asked.

“Yes, I think that’s enough,” she replied.

“Okay, I’ll arrange it with Mark,” said Steven.

An arrangement between father and son was made, and soon Monday came. Steven returned from work, had lunch, and at 6 PM he left the apartment.

Mark and Marry were left alone. Like last time, Marry went to Mark’s room.

She knocked and said from the door, “Come to the bedroom in 10 minutes.”

After 10 minutes, the scene from two years ago was repeated. Mark entered the room in a white T-shirt and shorts. Marry was waiting for him in her nightgown.

Marry took off her nightgown first. This time there was nothing under it, just the naked body of a middle-aged woman. She hasn’t changed much from last time. She lost a few pounds but was still fat – with wide hips, thick legs, and a huge butt. Her pussy was as hairy as last time. She lay down on the bed and covered herself with a sheet. She invited him to lie down next to her.

He quickly took off his T-shirt and shorts and his hard, swollen cock appeared in front of Marry.

He crawled under the sheet, to his mother’s right. For a few seconds, they lay like that, facing each other, and looking at each other.

Mark was the first to speak, “Can I kiss you, mom?”.

She smiled at him “Of course love. Come.”

Mark approached her and they soon found themselves in a passionate embrace. Their lips were joined and their tongues intertwined.

After a few seconds of exchanging saliva, Marry broke the kiss.

“We don’t have that much time. Your father will be back at 10. Since we’ve already done this, the old rules are still on. OK?” she asked.

“OK, Mom. How do you want us to do it?” he said softly.

“Come on me.” she turned so that she was now lying on her back. She spread her thick legs and bent her knees.

Mark wasted no time. In a moment, he found himself between his mother’s legs. His swollen cock was aimed at her pussy. He stroked the entrance to the pussy with the head of his cock, to further lubricate the head before penetrating her pussy. She was already wet, so it wasn’t long before she was ready to take him in.

Mark slowly pushed his dick into his mother. It was wet, so there was little resistance. He pushed half of the swollen organ into her pussy and stopped.

“Are you OK?” he asked.

“Yes. You can continue pushing. Just take it easy.” she replied.

He was soon in Marry all the way. When their stomachs joined, Mark paused. Marry let out a long sigh, “Aaaahhhhh!”

He pulled his dick out halfway, then rammed it into her again, this time a little harder.

“Ahh! Ahh!” moaned Marry.

After a couple of pushes, he gained his rhythm, pulling his dick almost to the end and driving it into his mother.

“Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! Oh, God! Ahh! Ahh!” the room resounded with Marry’s rhythmic sighs.

Mark slowly increased the rhythm, to which Marry responded with louder and more frequent sighs. They made love with a clear goal – to create a new life in Marry’s belly.

Knowing that the goal of merging with his mother was fertilization, Mark plunged his hard organ vigorously into Marry. Mark fucked his mother. He fucked her. He tried to fertilize her with his sperm.

After 15 minutes of hard thrusting into his mother, Mark felt an orgasm approaching. Marry was also close.

“Here I come, Mom! I’m going to cum now!” he shouted. “Here’s my seed for you!”

“Give it to me, love! Fill me up! Give me a baby! Make me pregnant!” dirty speech brought her to the brink of orgasm.

Mark pushed his dick into Marry all the way and started twitching. He came filling Marry’s pussy with his hot semen. Young Mark’s potent sperm filled his mother’s womb, trying to reach her egg and start a new life. Marry reached her climax at the same time.

After half a minute their orgasms calmed down and they both relaxed and clung to each other. Mark was still between Marry’s legs. His dick was driven into her vagina. His semen leaked from her cunt and dripped onto the sheets of the bed. They were trying to catch their breath.

“Uff…It was good!” said Mark.

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