ProfNigma Stories #1 iCarly: One Night Part 2


ProfNigma Stories #1 iCarly: One Night Part 2iCarly: One Night Part 2 – Next DayBy ProfNigma – Carly woke up hours later, in a complete haze, and looked over at her bedside clock. 6:00AM… she was due to wake up for school in 45 minutes. To be honest, she was still unsure if last night had actually happened, and that that if she turned over to look, it might actually be real, or worse, a dream.It wasn’t courage or even curiosity that made Carly turn over, but a freak out over a sound she was hearing. She slowly turned to see her best friend, Sam, jerking off Freddie, and licking it up and down. Guess that answers one thing, Carly thought, but now what? Last night was exhausting, and as uncomfortable as she felt from Freddy being in her ass, saying what she said to him, made her feel incredibly dirty. The whole night was also the best feeling she had ever had. Clearly, she was torn.”Ooooh… come to Momma…. I need some more of this cock.” Sam growled as she began to go down and fully take his member into her mouth.Freddy remained motionless, despite Sam’s strong language and even stronger actions, and it suddenly occurred to Carly that Freddy was still asl*ep. As wrong as this seemed… like he was being taken advantage of… she couldn’t help but feel a little turned on. She wasn’t sure if it was the naughtiness of his being asl*ep, watching her best friend just devour a penis that was just inside her, or the penis itself and all the thoughts and feelings it brought with it.”Screw it…” Carly said, shrugging and moved her own head to Freddie’s cock. She took her hand and put on Sam’s face, bringing her close so the two girls could kiss for a moment. Sam may not have had a dick, but making out with her was still really arousing.Sam pulled away from the kiss, just grinning. “Nice, Carls, didn’t know you were actually into this sort of thing.””Well, maybe I had a change of heart,” Carly grinned. “Or maybe it was a change of other areas.” With that, the dark haired teen dove down on Freddy’s cock and began bobbing her head up and down. Every once in a while, she would stop and go as far down as she could, getting his dick so far down her throat she felt like she could pass out. She felt a hand on the back of her head, and pulled her back up by her hair.”That was mine first, Carly” Sam took her place, bobbing up and down on the cock, until she, herself was pulled back up.”We can… share… if you want.” Sam laughed, but didn’t hate this idea and began making out with Carly, slowly lowering their faces onto Freddy’s cock, each licking and sucking on their side.”Man, Freddie sure is a deep sl*eper…””Oh, he’s not sl*eping, Carls. I made a bet with him, that if he pretended to be out, I could get you to do this.””WHAT!?””It’s true.” Freddie said from above the girls. This response was quickly met with a slap, as Carly rose up, feeling used.”Oh come on, Carly, don’t be upset. It was my idea, and you have to admit you were really into it.””Well, I don’t like being lied to.””Ummm… no one lied to you. You just assumed he was asl*ep. That was on you.”Carly lay there, looking her two best friends over, and trying to stay mad, but she couldn’t.”Fine… I can’t really argue with that.””Good deal,” said Freddie, “it would be a shame to let all that work go to waste.””You don’t ever have to worry about any of that going to waste… I definitely would have taken her portion.” Sam chimed in.”You did tell Sam where your penis was last night, right?” Carly said, hoping to get a little revenge.”We didn’t really talk about it… I figured you two just screwed, and passed out like I did. Why the fuck should I care that your pussy was on it. I was down there too, you know.””Sam…” Freddie tried to speak.”That is pretty much what happened, Sam, but… like I said, “where” is the big thing…”Sam went pale for a second, realizing the facts, and punched Freddy.”Ow… again… not my fault. Carly wanted it.””Just be quiet and be thankful that I really don’t know if I can go a day without having your cock.” Sam began pumping his dick with her hand, squeezing a bit tight whenever he spoke up.Seeing how wild Sam was getting with Freddie made her really jealous. She wanted Freddie just as bad but she was too shy for the way Sam was. She watched her blonde friend get on top of Freddy, allowing his cock to enter her and Sam’s body just went electric with the feeling of pleasure.”We can’t do this, Sam… I’m really close.””Ugh… you soooo owe me for this,” Sam said, climbing off, “but you better cum in my mouth.” She got up and moved to the side of the bed, getting on her knees, awaiting Freddie’s reward as he prepared. Carly wanted in on this and raced over to sit in front of Freddy’s cock and get some for herself.Sam glared at her. “What? I worked hard for this.” Carly said, smirking.Freddie began to jerk it hard and fast for the waiting faces and mouths, as Carly and Sam began to rub their pussies, until finally the moment hit and he just exploded, sending cum all over both girls’ faces, getting quite a bit in Sam’s mouth and plenty on Carly’s face. It didn’t have time to sit there, as Sam tackled Carly and licked most off of her face, leaving only a bit for Carly to get.”That wasn’t fair, Sam.” Carly said, thrusting her tongue into Sam’s mouth getting what she could out of her best friend’s mouth. After a while, it wasn’t even about the cum anymore. It was just two girls making out on the floor and rubbing all over each other, desperate to get off like Freddie had.Carly lowered her head to Sam’s chest and began caressing and sucking on her best friend’s breasts. There was no question that Sam had an amazing rack that made Carly just as jealous as turned on. Guys would be all over her for her D’s if they weren’t afraid of her. Carly continued nibbling on her nipples for a few moments, as her hands began to rub Sam’s inner thighs, barely touching her most sensitive of areas.”Fuckin’ A, Carly… quit teasing me… you’re as bad as Freddie was.” Sam grunted.Taking direction well, Carly went lower on Sam until she was face to bush with Sam’s pussy. She’d never gone down on a girl before, but in that moment, she couldn’t think of much else she’d rather do than to eat Sam out. Licking as deep inside Sam as she could, she tried to hit all the areas, she herself loved to feel.”Aaaahhhhhh… Carly… I… this is sooo ama… amazz… fuck it… just don’t stop.” Sam almost screamed, her hands on Carly’s head, pushing her deeper into her crotch.Carly continued to eat Sam out and began to grope her tits as she licked deep inside, sliding her tongue over what had to be Sam’s clit. She knew she was right when Sam nearly pulled her hair out trying to push Carly’s face further in, aching for release.Sam didn’t have to wait long, before she had a mind-blowing orgasm that, if it wasn’t for a nearby pillow to cover her mouth, she would have woke everyone a block radius up.The girls switched places, and Sam grabbed a firm hold of Carly’s ass before she went muff diving. Sam was like a wild an*mal in Carly’s pussy, and Carly had to hold on to the side of her bed to keep from falling over. She’d never felt anything quite like this, and she was enjoying it.All the moans from both girls got Freddie going again, and as soon as Carly saw that his penis was working again, she motioned him to come to her. Without missing a beat, Carly took his cock into her mouth, moaning almost nonstop as she blew Freddie. With his cock in her mouth, her hands, like Sam’s had been, in the hair of the person performing oral sex on her, Carly felt that this was indeed a perfect moment.The moment only got better when Sam, lifted Carly’s ass a bit and began to tongue her asshole, and given the moan, almost scream of Carly, Sam began a process of switching between the two holes for her oral assault.With all that reaction, she couldn’t keep Freddie’s cock in her mouth enough. Freddie pulled himself out and moved over towards Sam, hoping that he could get a good angle to fuck her again, when Carly’s alarm went off.* * *Spencer’s alarm went off at the same time, meaning it was time to get up and make some breakfast and get Carly off to school. Spencer just sat up in bed and thought about how great of a night’s sl*ep he had gotten. He was out cold all night. Above, he heard Carly moaning and groaning.”Its fine, k*ddo!” Spencer shouted towards the ceiling, “It’s just school… like you go to every Thursday.” Spencer chuckled to himself as he heard her curse several times, and started stretching. “Is there anything you want for breakfast, Carly?” he called out again.”Ummm… no, don’t worry about anything. I’m fine” he heard Carly call back hurriedly.”Spencer, I wouldn’t mind some ham!” Sam interjected. A short second and an “ow” later, Sam yelled back, türbanlı çanakkale escort “Never mind.” I’m good too.””Ok, fine girls. I’m just gonna go ahead and grab a shower then. See you down in 15.” Spencer said, heading into his shower. He must have been still a little groggy because he could swear he heard a guy’s voice.* * *Once they heard the shower turn on, the teens were panicked. How could they clean up and get to school on time without anyone noticing? Freddie, finally snapping out of the sexual stupor he spent the majority of the night in, came up with a plan.”I will take the elevator down and go to my apartment, and I’ll be set. I just have to get by my mom. There may only be one working shower, but you could probably clean up the bathroom sink here.” Freddie may have been a nerd at times, but he was pretty good at planning. He quickly got dressed and before walking out the door, he stopped. ‘And before the question is asked, what happened here is a big deal, but we don’t need to talk about it until later. But let me say this… I love you both.” And with that, Freddie was gone.Sam and Carly, exchanged looks and then moved into Carly’s bathroom to clean up as much as they could, remaining silent the entire time. Amazingly, they managed to pull it off and not look totally awful. Sam had stayed over enough times that it was nothing new for her to have spare clothes in Carly’s closet.The two girls came downstairs, meeting Spencer as he was coming out as well. Everything seemed like it was fine and no one was going to get into trouble. Then the screaming from across the hall started. Spencer and the girls used this time to leave the apartment.* * * The teens met up in the halls at school almost an hour later, and while they tried to pretend that everything was normal, it was clear that it wasn’t. Both girls looked like they had seen better days, and while Freddie looked fairly nice, both of his ears were a bright red, thanks to his mother pulling on them for never coming home the night before.”Nice ears.” Of course Sam was the first one to speak up and of course it was an insult.”Yeah. Mom was pissed I never came home.” Freddie said, in a monotone, looking straight forward.The three stood at the lockers avoiding eye contact and trying to focus on anything else.Carly broke the silence, “I hear we have a quiz in Mrs. Jacob’s class. I guess we should get some studying-“”I think we should fuck again. Soon. Like hours from now. At most.” Sam interjected, to her two horrified friends. They just stared at her. “What? I said “we.” Not me and Freddie or me and Carl-“”We heard what you said.” Carly said in a hurried whisper. “We just can’t believe you said that. Here. At school. Where we do school things.” She almost looked as if she was going to cry.”Carly’s got a point, Sam…. I mean, last night was seriously… something. But maybe we shouldn’t talk about this stuff for a while and let everyone just cool off. Just for a few days.”Sam was getting frustrated. “A few days? Last night was arguably the best night ever and I seriously don’t think I want to go a day without being with either one of you.” Sam began to back down, afraid she may have exposed a bit too much of her feelings. “I’m just as freaked out as you two, but I could not be happier to have done it all. I mean, are you guys ashamed?””Well,” Freddie began, but the bell rang.The three shared a glance before Sam pushed Freddie against the lockers, looking almost devastated. “Whatever. I will just talk to you guys later.” And with that, she went towards class.Carly and Freddie followed soon behind, and took their seats in history, leaving the locker hallways completely vacant. Well, almost vacant.Gibby had been stuffed in a nearby locker and managed to overhear the whole thing. His mind began to race with what could have happened and what that kind of knowledge could mean. But then, he thought about how Jell-O worked, and forgot all about the locker talk.* * * Mrs. Jacobs had split the teens up at the beginning of the year so it wasn’t until third period that the three k*ds had any interaction with one another. Not surprisingly, all of them seemed rather distracted in all their classes. All three, even Sam, spent the previous class writing notes to one another, though they were not immediately delivered. Sam wrote to Freddie, who wrote to Carly, who wrote to Sam. They never planned it like that, but it worked. Sam was never one for words, so her note was short, but it got to the point:Freddie,I’ve hated every moment I’ve spent with you since we broke up until last night, and now I’m pretty sure I’m in love with you. Or maybe I’m in love with sex. I just don’t know, but I do know what I want. Truth is, I want you right now. So what’s it gonna be?SamFreddie was a bit more poetic, though a lot more wordy:Dearest Carly.Last night was something fantastic, and I know you were upset at first, but you came around. Sam and I got really out of hand and I don’t know how to apologize for disrespecting your room, but hopefully we made up for everything. I don’t really understand what exactly happened that made us all do what we did but strangely, I don’t regret any of it and I kinda agree with Sam that it’s something that should happen again. My problem is going to be my mom, so I think I’m going to move out again. I think it would be cool if you and Sam spent your nights with me. I know it’s kinda crazy but I think we could really make this work. I can’t stop thinking about what you said before we fell asl*ep and I’ve kinda been driving myself crazy thinking about it. I mean, it’s a serious decision to make and it’s something to do with someone you love, and I know that I love you but I don’t think the feeling is shared. I want nothing more than to be your first, but I don’t think that should be what happens. I don’t know what I want or need but I just needed to tell you this stuff. Plus, I figured writing to you would help me figure out what to say to Sam. No luck.Love, FreddieCarly’s note was a few ounces heavier from almost a full bottle of whiteout. Try as she might, she could not write what she wanted to Sam. Her end result resembled something like this: Sam, Last night was all kinds of wrong. But I also kinda liked it. Everything with Freddie was great, but you and I seemed like a thing that went really great. I don’t know what that means, and I’m not saying we should do it again, but you might be right that it was not a bad thing. I think we should all three talk after school.Carly.* * * The notes were exchanged as soon as they got into the classroom, all three sharing a look as each of them got a note. They sat reading the notes for a while, rereading all the words over again, each unsure of what to say or write back with.Sam, as usual, broke the silence. “Now. Not later.”Carly knew what she meant, but given what Freddie had just read, he thought that Sam was talking about the two of them getting together.”Ok.” Carly and Freddie said in unison. There was time to slip out before the bell rang and class started, they just had to be cool about it.Carly and Sam walked out easily as if it were a regular bathroom break, but on the way out Freddie got cornered by Principal Franklin about joining the upcoming Academic Bowl, and he watched in distress as the two loves of his life went into the girls’ bathroom together.* * * As soon as the door closed behind them, Sam was already pouncing all over Carly, the two completely intertwined with one another, kissing incessantly on the girls’ room couch.”Shit, Carls… I cannot tell you how happy I am we are doing this right now. I have spent the entire school day about as wet as possible. It’s not the easiest thing to control.””Yeah, I can’t disagree that this was worth doing.” Carly said, lifting her shirt off, which Sam matched within moments.Carly began feeling up Sam’s chest through her bra, kissing her neck. Although she was way shyer than Sam, there was something that seemed uniquely right about this whole situation.Sam reached around, putting her hands inside the waistband of Carly’s pants and underwear. Sam knew she wasn’t gay, but she could not imagine a better ass than her best friend’s. Sam’s whole body felt like it was on fire. Within moments she had completely stripped down to just her underwear, never missing a beat as she manhandled Carly’s ass and assaulted her mouth with her own.Using this open access to Sam’s gorgeous chest, Carly began sucking on the blonde’s warm tits, paying close attention to her nickel-sized areolas and nipples.Sam leaned her head back in ecstasy as her best friend worshipped her breasts with her mouth. Sam began to undo Carly’s bra releasing the budding B cup breasts free, and moving türbanlı çanakkale escort bayan onto her pants and undoing those as well. Once the button and zipper were down low enough, Sam was able to get her hand in, letting her fingers to some magic.It was instantly effective according to Carly’s body language, her body shaking violently at the blonde’s touch, as she moaned into the Ds that Sam had. Carly didn’t know if sex made your breasts grow, but Sam’s certainly seemed bigger in 12 hours. Carly would have spent more time thinking about it, but her brain was in complete shock. Carly had never really had the lesbian urges she’s experienced in the last 24 hours, but the more action she was getting, both physically, and in her mind, the clearer that picture was becoming. She thought about Freddie’s note and how nice it was that he was taking her feelings into consideration, but she really did want him inside her, if for nothing else than to stimulate her when Sam wasn’t around. She snapped out of it when Sam inserted another finger inside the nubile teen.”Oooooohhh…” Carly moaned into Sam’s flesh pillows, prompting Carly to get in on the fingering. “This feels so goooooooddd…” she whimpered.Sam’s moans were a bit louder. Carly had managed to hit the sweet spot on her first try and the girls began to moan into each other’s mouths as their fingers pumped in and out of each other’s wet holes.”Fuck fuck fuck fuck…” was all Sam could muster as the pleasure was getting more intense. “Hold up, Carls.” Sam said, stopping abruptly.It was like waking from a dream for Carly. “What is it?””Freddie should be here too… I feel kinda bad that this is an “all of us” thing. Maybe we should stop until he gets a chance to get with us.””Or….,” Carly said, semi seductively, “we play a game, and whoever wins, gets Freddie first.”Sam’s interest was peaked. “Go on…””First one to cum, loses and the one who makes her cum gets Freddie’s cock.”Sam was kinda taken aback. She’d never heard or imagined Carly using this kinda language, and even though it made her awfully hot, Sam felt a bit unsure about letting someone else be with Freddie. Let alone, Carly, who Freddie had been in love with forever. But, she thought to herself, Carly is pretty easy to get. So I’ll make two people come… more for me.”Deal.” Sam said putting her hand out to shake, which quickly moved to Sam crouching in between Carly’s legs, ripping her panties off, and eating the dark haired girl out.”Hey… no… fuuuuhhhh-air” Carly sighed, trying to move to a 69 position that would work for both of them. Within moments, they had it, and each moaned extremely loudly into the other’s wet pussy. Each put their tongues to serious work, hitting all the right spots. The two were in ecstasy, and after a while, neither really cared who got the first crack at Freddie.That all changed was Carly, once again, found Sam’s G-spot and had the blonde writhing around in pleasure, nearly screaming if it weren’t for her devouring the amazing pussy in front of her. Once Carly found the spot, there was no contest, and Sam, with an orgasm that might have just made the school shake, came hard onto the face of her best friend.”Looks like I won,” Carly said, sing-songingly.”You certainly did…” came a voice from behind Carly.* * *Freddie stared in awe at the two girls, sweating and naked, not saying much beyond smiling through some “Wow”‘s.”It’s about time you got here. What the hell happened that held you up?” Sam had clearly gotten through the afterglow stage.”Funny story. Franklin was talking to me about academic bowl so I couldn’t leave before class began, so I had to fake bowel distress-“”That’s about enough of that, Freddie.” Carly said quietly. She gave him a seductive look and began walking towards him talking in a hungry tone. She grabbed a nearby chair and put it under the handle so that door couldn’t be opened. “So, Sam and I had to start without you, but it gave us a chance to… talk.” The last word echoed in his mind as she whispered it into his ear. She began to unbutton Freddie’s shirt, going on, “We actually came up with a game.””A game? Like a sex game?””Yeah… whoever got the other off first got your… big… hard… hot… cock.” Each word was punctuated by Carly kissing down Freddie’s chest until she got to his pants. Within moments the dark haired teen had torn his pants off. “And as you can…” she trailed off as she removed his boxers, revealing her prize. ”See… I guess I really did win.”In one movement, Carly swallowed Freddie’s member whole, adjusting herself onto her knees for easy access and her head bobbed up and down on Freddie’s slowly hardening member and he had to hold onto the sink for support. Freddie put his hands on the back of Carly’s head, grabbing her hair whenever she deep throated, which only encouraged her to do it more.Sam sat still on the couch, being annoyed and jealous, but the more she watched her love be pleasured by her best friend, the hotter it made her. She began to finger herself slowly.”Oh shit, Carly,” Freddie muttered as she managed to get his fully erect dick all the way down her throat, and after his hands holding her head there she finally managed to pull back and take a breath. Freddie thought he would blow right there, but he held out.Carly could see that Freddy couldn’t take much more, and stood up and spun around, backing herself into Freddie’s body so that his cock sat nestled between her legs, rubbing its entire length along her entrance. A sight that made Sam even hotter.Freddie rubbed his hands and arms over Carly’s midsection, ending with a focus on her breasts. The dark haired teen reached her arms above her head to wrap around Freddie’s neck, giving him easy access to kiss her neck, with each kiss making his cock jump, a feeling that got Carly even wetter. She knew exactly what she wanted in this moment.Carly pushed Freddie back a bit and bent over slightly, revealing her pussy to Freddie, and used her fingers to run down its side. “It’s all yours,” was all she said, and it was all he would have heard anyway.Freddie wasted no time entering her, but stopped when he hit some resistance.”Carly, I know what I said, but this is a big deal. I don’t want you to regret this.””I just got Sam off for the sole purpose of having you to myself. I think it’s clear what I really want. Now just get it over quick, so we can actually fuck.”This was all the answer he needed as he gripped her sides and pushed through his best friend’s hymen, which elicited a pained shriek from Carly, but it quickly subsided into bliss. Carly had masturbated a number of times and even had this same cock in her ass, but she never imagined that she could feel this full, and Freddie’s cock stretched her out in ways she couldn’t describe.Freddie may have deflowered another girl in the last 24 hours, but Carly’s pussy had to be three times tighter than Sam’s and he could barely push himself completely inside. After a few thrusts back and forth, he managed to fit inside her completely.Carly grasped the sink basin as best she could, eyes nearly in the back of her head as Freddie entered and exited her and a pretty slow pace. How could Sam and he have been going so fast? I’m about to split in half, she thought.As she watched her best friends make love before her eyes, Sam became increasingly angry, and by proxy, increasingly horny. A bet’s a bet though, she thought, inserting her fingers deeper and quicker inside herself as she watched.Freddie must have read Carly’s mind, as he increased his pace, pounding the poor teen’s pussy faster and harder with each passing moment. He saw that her knuckles were white from gripping the porcelain sinks so tightly. He grabbed her arms and pulled them off and took her hands into his, keeping her in place. He saw this move in an adult movie once and just wanted to try it. Using her arms as a way to pull her into him, he put Carly, nearly senseless from the overload of pain and pleasure all at once, completely at his mercy.The two continued the activity, until he felt Carly’s body shake, and within moments she came hard all over Freddy’s cock which was reaching critical mass itself.”Carly… I’m kinda at Defcon 5 here.” Freddie said, letting Carly’s arms go.”Yeahhhh… uuuuuhhh… kay,” was all the dark haired girl could muster. He would have come insider her if Sam hadn’t have pulled her off, pushing her to the couch.Sam kneeled before Freddie. “You are going to pay me back for having to watch this show, but first, I really need you to fuck my face. Momma needs more man juice.”Freddie was going to comment on the “momma” thing, but he was focused on other things. Sam dove into the cock, sucking on it like it was the last türbanlı escort çanakkale one on earth, rubbing herself all the while. Doing this made her hot, and having him exert f*rce on her head, forcing his cock deeper in her throat, just made her so wet she began to moan into his memberIt didn’t take much of the blonde’s bobbing, moaning and sucking to finish the teenage boy off, and he shot, what felt like, 13 jets of his cum into the hungry blonde’s mouth. She didn’t let one single drip fall from her lips as she swallowed every bit, continuing to lick and suck even after he was done, because she wasn’t close to done.”Carly is practically comatose because you fucked her silly, and your dick is out of order for the time… what about me?” Freddie looked at Sam as she stood up, taking in the blonde’s gorgeous body for the first time since the night before. He, in that moment, was so torn… he felt like he was in love with both girls. Sam snapped him out of his funk when she said his trigger word. “Momma needs-“Freddy shut her up by pressing his mouth to hers. He could taste some remnants of himself, but he didn’t really care. After she recovered from the initial shock of his aggressive behaviour, she eagerly submitted to him. Freddie began to push forward pressing Sam into the wall, leaving her no room to run away, as if she would ever try.Normally such a tomboy, Sam always acted super aggressive, but when Freddie acted that way it made her hot. Now that he was being f*rceful, while naked, while she was naked and super horny, her body practically screamed for Freddie to dominate her. Even soft, his junk being in contact with her parts made her ache for sex with him.As they made out against the wall, his hands were all over her body, putting an extra focus on her ass and her tits which, to him, seemed like they were a bit bigger than the last time he saw them. They were absolutely perfect and he pulled his mouth from hers to give her breasts and nipples the attention they deserve. The blonde missed his mouth but this was a good feeling too. She tried to pull him by his hair to kiss her again, to which he responded by using one hand to pin her arms above her head, once again sexual dominating Sam, which was endlessly sexy to both of them.She began to moan grit her teeth at the same time, taking in the amazing feeling. She tried to speak, “Freddie-” was all she got out before she felt his teeth on her nipple. Not hard, but the hard sc**** made her recoil, with both pain and pleasure. Sam could not believe how much she was at the mercy of the nerd she spent years picking on, and even weirder, how much she loved it.”Keep your hands up there. Trust me.” Freddie said, sinking to his knees, so that he could lick her aching slit. As he licked, he got his tongue deeper inside her, sending waves of pleasure over her body. Freddie’s hands reached up and massaged her breasts and nipples. Sam was in absolute heaven, and her body was getting wave after wave of pleasure. She didn’t think this could get any better.Freddie proved her wrong a moment later lowering his arms to lift her legs up so that they were over his shoulders allowing perfect access to her love hole.Sam was afraid of falling over for only a second, as she quickly adjusted to the boy feasting on her body. She felt even better when his tongue went over her asshole, which was a completely new experience. She grabbed her own breasts in ecstasy.Feeling Sam’s quick reaction to his tongue, Freddie knew he had found a special place, and he was already hard again thinking about what he was doing to her. He made more of a point to lick her there and when he attempted to adjust her body, he slipped his finger in her ass. Sam began to quake a bit and she spoke the words before she even realized she said them.”I need your cock in my ass.” Even Sam was shocked by what she had just said, but Freddie didn’t miss a beat, as he lifted her up, allowing her legs to wrap around his midsection, as she slowly dropped, allowing his hardened cock to slowly impale her, covering it in her dripping pussy juices. After a moment of that he lifted her up again, lowering her again, but this time with another destination in mind. His head was at the entrance to Sam’s ass and the two shared a look, as if to ask if this was the thing to do.Sam looked kinda like a sad puppy. “Can you kiss me as it goes in? I don’t know why, but I love you and I know that it’s gonna be painful. But not as painful as the thought of us not making love.”Even Freddie, the hopeless romantic was moved by that, as he kissed her deeply, in a way they hadn’t kissed since the asylum when she told him she loved him. Her juices lubricated it pretty well, and while she winced as they kissed, she relaxed quickly, just enjoying the feeling of his mouth on hers. Before she even realized it, he had entered her fully, and she was tight. Not as tight as Carly’s ass or pussy by any means, but it was a really tight fit and Sam’s eyes began to cross as he began to lift her up and lower her again onto himself, over and over until the pain wasn’t an issue anymore. Sam began to rub herself as she was impaled, screaming in ecstasy, and it didn’t take long before Sam couldn’t handle herself any longer and she exploded, squirting a bit on Freddie’s chest. Freddie began to put her down, but she stopped him.”I don’t want you to stop fucking me in the ass. Please cum inside me… I want to feel it inside me.”Freddie shrugged off this perfect luck and began to pump faster and harder as the blonde moaned. Freddy covered her moans with his mouth as the two heavily kissed until Freddie began to shake and moments later, Sam felt a burst of liquid inside her. It was a really weird feeling but it made her happy that, even after he pulled out of her hole, a part of him was still in there. Freddie collapsed afterwards, with Sam on top of him, as all three of their naked bodies covered the couch completely. As if waking up from some spell, Freddie sat up, looking at the bathroom clock.”Shit guys!” We have classes to get to. We’ve only got five minutes to get cleaned up and out to our next class.”The two girls just lied there, breathing, eventually sharing a look that screamed disappointment and anger as if they were being ejected from Heaven. Well, for them, this moment was heaven. Well, except for the being in a bathroom part.It was a tough decision, but both girls got off the couch and gathered up their stuff, slowly dressing, and in that moment, their eyes refused to meet. The whole situation after the fact seemed like a bunch of horny k*ds couldn’t keep their hormones in check. As she dressed, Carly couldn’t help but think how quickly she had gone from virgin to this… she felt cheap. Freddie felt like the friendship had reached a point of no return. But Sam was different.Sam had been in some gross situations- smuggling hams into a prison, a giant cup of coffee, and even spent 36 hours in a sewer- but there was something about standing up, feeling the leftovers from her time with Freddie slowly drip down her leg, in a public bathroom that made her feel… dirty. She didn’t even bother to put her sweatshirt back on before running out.* * *Carly and Freddie exchanged looks in the bathroom, confused as to what was going on with Sam, but given what they were experiencing, it wasn’t that surprising. When the bell rang, Carly moved towards the door, but Freddie grabbed her hand, and pulled her close to him. He was going to talk to her about what was going on, but Carly wasn’t in the mood to talk to him. Or anyone for that matter. She pulled away and walked out into the crowded hallways, followed seconds later by Freddie. While Carly’s departure from the girls’ bathroom seemed normal, Freddie’s exit garnered some attention.There were some murmurs and laughs at Freddie for where he was. One good thing about getting a wrap for being a nerd and a loser is that no one suspects that you have secret sex and three ways in a bathroom. The rest of the day, Carly and Freddie never looked or spoke to one another. They didn’t hear from Sam for a while either.* * *Sam was planning to stay at school, but at the moment, she was just overwhelmed with her emotions- a new feeling for her. She skipped out on school, and headed towards home. What Sam needed more than anything was a shower and to get some rest. She thought as she ran; one, she should have grabbed her sweatshirt. But two, she needed to talk to someone who she could trust. Normally, that meant Carly or Freddie, but they were obviously out. Gibby might be friend, but there was no way she could talk to him; mostly because he’s an idiot. She couldn’t very well go to Spencer since she would expose Carly and while Sam was a lot of things, but a rat wasn’t one of them. Her mom wasn’t in town, and more importantly, she was crazy. Adults were a bad idea. Sam never trusted adults in the first place, and really, there wasn’t one she could trust or talk to. Sam got home and took two steps before she figured out who she needed to talk to. It wouldn’t be fun and she’d feel worse, but they were the only option. Sam needed her s*ster, Melanie.To Be Continued.

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