Rick Poses A Question


My junior year in college was notable mainly for a dry spell where women were concerned. I’d had a girlfriend in freshman year and another one as a sophomore, but while the relationships were intensely sexual for a time they petered out for a lack of interest, mostly on my part. Neither woman could hold up her end of a conversation, and hanging out with them got to be dull.What all this meant is that except for a few one or two-night stands, my sex life during junior year mostly involved jacking off in my dorm room. I missed the sex with women, of course, but I liked not having the emotional drama that often went with it. Not the most mature point of view, I admit; all I can say is that most of the women I met that year were less mature than I was.I was lucky in having a dorm room to myself because my roommate had withdrawn about halfway through the first semester and the college bureaucracy never got around to sending me another one. This meant I could lounge around naked a lot, which I grew to love, and could masturbate pretty much whenever the mood struck me. I watched a fair amount of porn, but it was mostly vanilla stuff; I rarely looked at anything more exotic than a video of two kids my age having straight-ahead sex.Because I was unattached, I met and befriended several new people that year, including a guy named Rick. We were not especially close, but I saw him and his girlfriend around a lot and often ate with them in the cafeteria. Audrey was a knockout, a blue-eyed brunette with curves in all the right places, but I couldn’t warm up to her. She tended to boss Rick around a lot and he often had a hen-pecked look when they were together. He was a much nicer person than she, and I sometimes thought he’d be better off without her. Rick himself was a good-looking guy, with an open and friendly face under a thatch of unruly reddish-blond hair. He was slightly taller than I – I’m 5’10” –  and in better shape. He’d been a swimmer in high school and still had that slim-hipped, broad-shouldered look, even though he’d stopped swimming competitively after he graduated.One Friday night in late winter, the dorm had mostly cleared out for a three-day weekend, and only a handful of people came to the cafeteria for dinner, Rick and Audrey among them. The three of us made plans to meet at a bar a little later, although Audrey said she would have to stop after one drink because she was driving home that night for the weekend. I was surprised she wasn’t dragging Rick along with her.When I got to the bar, Rick was there alone. Audrey would be about an hour late, he said she had just found out something went wrong with an experiment she was doing in the bio lab and she had to fix it before leaving town. He had a small joint with him, so we smoked it in the alley before going in.We got a pitcher of beer and sat down to talk. I enjoyed being with Rick. He was smart and funny in a way I hadn’t noticed before, probably because I seldom saw him without Audrey nearby. We emptied the first pitcher quickly and started on a second. Rick seemed to be a little drunker than I was; he evidently had a lower tolerance for alcohol than most people.We were halfway through the second pitcher, Audrey still hadn’t arrived, when isvecbahis he paused and gave me a slightly embarrassed look. “Can I ask you a personal question?”“Sure,” I said, feeling pretty uninhibited myself He hesitated a few seconds before saying, “Do you watch porn a lot?”“Oh, sure,” I said. “You?”“Yes, a lot,” he said. “When I get a chance to be alone.”“Audrey keep you pretty busy?”I didn’t mean sexually, but that’s how Rick took it.“She’s insatiable,” he blurted out. “She wants to have sex all the time.”“Most guys would be thrilled with that,” I said. “She’s gorgeous.”“I know, so everyone tells me,” he said, a trace of bitterness in his voice. “But she only wants one thing: straight-ahead sex, missionary position. She doesn’t need much foreplay, always wants to get right to it, and has no interest in oral sex, giving it or getting it. I don’t think we’ve ever taken more than ten minutes to have sex, start to finish.”“Huh,” I said, thinking of my sophomore girlfriend, who gave me blow jobs all the time, and my freshman girlfriend, who loved to have long slow fucks while we took turns on top. This talk about sex made my dick start to stiffen. I squirmed, hoping Rick wouldn’t see me adjusting myself. But I noticed his hand moving under the table and figured he was doing the same. For some reason, my dick stiffened a little more.“What sort of porn do you like?” I asked, trying to get him off the subject of Audrey. “Oh, different things,” he said, blushing so hard it was noticeable even in the dim light of the bar.A long pause followed. I was trying to decide whether to ask him what sorts of things when he blurted out a question, “If you could suck yourself, would you?”I didn’t have to think about that one. “In a heartbeat,” I said. “What guy wouldn’t?”I was about to make a further joke about it, but the strained look on his face made me pause.“Well,” he said slowly, not quite looking at me, “since you can’t – “Before he could finish Audrey burst upon us.“Jesus Christ that took a long time,” she said, flopping into the booth beside Rick. “Pour me a beer, will you?”The look on Rick’s face was not one of delight at seeing his beautiful girlfriend, but more like resignation that once again he was under her thumb. ‘That is not a happy couple,’ I thought. Audrey, oblivious to Rick’s mood, chattered away about the idiots who ran the bio lab, about whether she had enough gas to get home, about whether her high school friends would be available to hang out over the long weekend.Rick listened without speaking, mostly looking into his beer but smiling vaguely at her from time to time.And me? I sat wondering what he had been about to say when she barged in.I had a pretty good idea, though. He had been going to say, “Since you can’t suck your own dick, maybe I can do it for you.”I don’t know why I thought this. I had no suspicion before this moment that Rick might be gay or bi. But something in his manner… Maybe it was the evasive way he answered my question about his porn habits.Or maybe, as they say, the wish is father to the thought. Maybe I wanted him to come on to me.Because there’s something I have omitted to tell you so far; that I am not totally unacquainted with other guy’s bodies.Like many teenage isveçbahis giriş boys, I had done some experimenting, most of it when I was around sixteen, with a guy I’d known since kindergarten. We did some jacking off together, then some jacking off of each other. We were about to move on to blow jobs – which I was keenly interested in trying – when he freaked out and said he didn’t want to do it anymore.His reaction made me feel ashamed of my urges, and in the years since I’d never touched another guy. But those of you who have had such experiences know it’s hard to get that genie back in the bottle, and despite my shame, I had occasional fantasies of sex with other males.So when Rick appeared to hint at something along those lines, I naturally picked up on it, and couldn’t help pondering whether it was a possibility. The thought both thrilled and terrified me.As a result, I had a hard time focusing on what Audrey was saying, although she was being quite pleasant, considering she was doing most of the talking. Half my mind was listening to her, while the other half was trying to decode Rick’s signal – if that’s what it was. My dick was really getting stiff now, and I regretted having worn one of my tighter pairs of jeans. I stole a glance at Rick, and he seemed to be squirming a little, too.Finally, Audrey stood up and said she had to go: long drive home and all that. She gave Rick a peck on the lips, waved at me and flounced out. Rick visibly relaxed. “She fills a room, doesn’t she?” He asked.We laughed, and the tension seemed to dissipate.Not entirely, though. Rick’s half-asked question hung in the air, although we did not return to the subject of sex.When the second pitcher of beer was gone I said, “I’ve got some dope in my room. Want to go smoke a bowl?”Rick brightened immediately. “Sure,” he said. “I’ve got a couple of beers in my room. I’ll run by and pick them up.”Twenty minutes later he knocked on my door. I had had time to tidy the place up a bit and swap my jeans for basketball shorts. Rick was wearing cutoffs and a T-shirt.“Thought I’d get more comfortable,” he said, blushing a little. “Good idea,” I said. “My room is always too hot.”We opened two beers and I fired up the bowl. We smoked and sipped our beers, enjoying the high, and for a while neither of us said anything. I was just beginning to think the silence was uncomfortable when Rick spoke up.“I’m sorry I got weird with those questions earlier,” he said.“Hey, it’s okay,” I said. He looked down at his beer.“I guess I’ve just been in a rut, sexually,” he said. “Your mind starts working in strange ways.”“Don’t I know it,” I said. “But I stopped trying to suck my own dick a long time ago. I’m just not limber enough.”Rick laughed. “Same here. Last time I thought I’d break my spine.”“When was that?” I asked.“Ten minutes ago,” he said. I must have looked startled, because Rick guffawed and said, “Just kidding, man.”Still, the thought of self-sucking got my dick stirring again. Rick must have had the same feeling, because he gave a furtive tug on his shorts. We were quiet again for a few minutes. Finally, I took a big swig of my beer and screwed up my courage enough to say, “Do you want to watch some porn?”Now it was his turn isveçbahis yeni giriş to look startled, but he recovered quickly.“Sure,” he said. I opened my laptop, set it on my desk and cued up one of my favorite videos: a hot college-age couple swapping oral sex. I fetched the chair from my long-gone roommate’s unused desk and put it next to mine.I hadn’t consciously meant to, but I’d placed the second chair so that when Rick sat down, he couldn’t avoid bumping his leg against mine. At first, I felt him draw it back, but then he relaxed and let it rest against me. In this context – both of us drunk and stoned, amid a discussion of sexual topics – that touch seemed charged with potential. At least I felt that way.I pressed ‘play’ on the video. We watched, rapt, as the guy ate the girl’s pussy. She was moaning like crazy and twisting her own nipples, and the guy was slowly stroking his cock I was getting very hard. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Rick was, too; the bulge in his shorts was obvious. I wondered where, if anywhere, this might go.Then the guy in the video lay back on the bed, and the girl started licking his cock. “Oh, man,” Rick murmured. “That is SO hot.”“Long time since you had a blow job?”“Not since I started dating Audrey,” he said.There was a long silence. I glanced at him, but he was looking fixedly at the screen. The sexual tension in the room was getting thicker by the second. I could practically smell it.On the screen, the couple had changed positions and the girl was vigorously sucking the guy’s cock. He was clearly getting ready to blow his load.I desperately wanted something to happen with Rick, but I couldn’t make up my mind to make the first move.Finally, after several agonizing seconds, I decided to go for it. I was just about to put my hand on Rick’s leg when his phone rang.“Fuck,” he said, reaching into the pocket of his shorts, which had a wet spot the size of a quarter where his dick had been poking at them. “Fuck, it’s Audrey. I have to take it.”At that moment I hated Audrey with a passion. For the second time that night, she had interrupted us, although I couldn’t for sure say what exactly she had interrupted.I turned off the sound for the video.“Hi, babe,” Rick said, just as the guy was shot a thick wad of cum on the girl’s face. I glanced at him again; the look on his face was … what… hungry?I could hear Audrey babbling on her end of the call, though I couldn’t make out the words. “Ok, sure,” he said. Pause. “Ok, yes, I’ll remember.” Pause. “Sure, whatever you want.”Goddam her, I thought.Then the devil gave me an idea. I paused the video and switched to another one that I watched only when I was really stoned and horny. It started off with two athletic-looking guys lying on a beach in very skimpy swimsuits, so tight you could see the outline of their big dicks. As Rick watched, I skipped ahead to the part where one guy pulled the other guy’s suit off.Rick gave a little gasp.Audrey must have asked what was wrong, because he said, “No, I’m fine, something caught in my throat.”The two guys on the screen were both out of their suits now, rubbing their stiff cocks against each other. I looked at Rick, who looked back at me. Audrey was still chattering away, but most of his attention was on me.Finally, he said, “Ok, love you, too. Bye,” and hung up.We looked at each other.I backed my chair away from the desk, stood up and moved over to the bed. I pulled off my shirt and sat down.

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