My Picture Perfect Day Ch. 01


This is intended for adults 18 and over only. If you are offended by graphic descriptions of a sexual nature, please, don’t read this or download it. If this is illegal wherever you are reading this, please read on, remember to have fun and in the end, cum! (MF, oral, anal, series)

Thanks to LadyCibelle for editing!


I glanced at my watch, and noted the time: it had just turned 12:48. I had dropped some photos into the processing shop about three-quarters of an hour ago (actually 48 minutes, but hey, who’s counting?). I had done a short course in amateur photography a number of years ago; and we had covered a whole lot of subjects – landscapes, nudes, portraits, even some action shots, you know, where all you see is the blur – and I had recently rediscovered my old Pentax in the garage. I had been snapping away happily for the last six months, taking photos of the kids, my wife, and the house. I had a lot of fun composing the pictures and the lighting, perfecting the colours. It started becoming a great hobby for me. My sunsets were particularly good, I thought.

I would have processed them at home, only the chemicals I needed for the stop bath were going to take another week to arrive by airmail. My wife wanted them done as quickly as possible – we had some . . . let’s just say “candid” snaps of ourselves. To be totally honest, I was looking forward to them too, I’m pretty sure I got some great black and white shots of her going down on me, and at least one of her on all fours with my hard cock right up her asshole, a la gonzo porn.

I walked into the store, greeting the sales assistant. I handed over my slip of paper, “I don’t suppose my photos are finished? I know I’m a little early, but . . .”

“Let me just check,” she cut in, walking into the processing area. I grabbed a couple of rolls of film – 400 speed – and deposited them on the counter as I waited. “Here we are”, she chirped, breezing back in, “Just finished them then.” She smiled widely, a perfectly straight set of big; white teeth sparkled, nestling beneath purple pouted lips.

“Thanks,” I replied, “I’ll take these as well,” nodding to the films. She looked over the purchases, mumbling sums under her breath as she quickly totaled them up.

“That’s twenty-two dollars ninety-five, thank you.” I opened my wallet and brought out twenty-five dollars. She opened the till and quickly calculated my change, placing it in my hand. She glanced at the package in my hand, “Look, I don’t know how to put this, um . . . eloquently …. but about the nude ones . . .”

“Let me guess, I can’t bring them in?” I said, jumping ahead of myself. “That’s fine; I would normally do them at home you see but . . .”

“Uh . . . not exactly,” she cut in. She looked exasperated, but with a little embarrassment or maybe it could have been shyness mixed in. She closed her eyes for a second, and then opened them. She seemed to have made a decision. “This is so crazy, and I really do apologize if I am freaking you out, but I’m just gonna say it.” She waited a moment for a reaction. I didn’t move. “Do you wanna fuck some time?” You could have knocked me down with a feather. I think my jaw dropped, but I couldn’t be sure, I wasn’t exactly thinking straight at the time.

She explained further, “It’s just you have a bloody huge cock, and” – she licked her lips here – “I want it. Please? In me,” she dipped her head, looking through her eyelashes for my answer. It was true; I did have a fairly large cock. It was exactly 10-and-three-quarter inches from gaziantep escort bayan tip to my balls, but hey, who’s counting? However, never, ever in four years of marriage had cheating ever once crossed my mind. Well, that wasn’t strictly true, but I always suppressed it. Well, more sort of ignored it. It was gnawing at me again now. Tempting me.

“Is that a come-on?” I asked, shocked.

“You can come where you want with that thing,” she grinned, sensing my guard was down. I had to think very quickly.

“When? Where? I gotta go back to work in a minute. And I’m bloody married.” I complained, almost paralytic with worry. My mouth felt suddenly dry.

She looked pained, “Well I don’t mind about the married bit. And you’ll be back in time. And if you don’t, you’ll think of an excuse. Come on, please?” She was pleading now. She leant forward, awaiting my verdict. “Well is it a yes?”

I hesitated, looking her over and weighing up the many pros and cons. She was pretty bloody good-looking, gorgeous, in fact. Blonde, and blue-eyed, fairly evenly tanned, but not overly dark. She looked about 23 or 24. She wasn’t skinny, but appeared so because of her well defined neck, her embossed collarbones meeting under a glamorous bronze throat. She was considerably shorter than me and had small, perky tits. 34C-23-34. She was Caucasian, but not local. She sounded Hungarian.

The dark mauve photo-processing company uniform was cut very deeply in the breast, pushing her limited cleavage upward and onward. I’m sure if I could see her skirt under the counter; it would finish about mid-thigh and hug the contour of her ass very closely. Thick sparkly lipstick and heavy silver eye shadow gave her the aura of a movie star. Her nametag identified her as Niki.

“Is it a yes?” She repeated.

“I guess.” I replied, and her eyes ignited with a lustful expression that quickly spread, forest fire like, to the rest of her body. Her smile reminded me of a win at the pokies – when all the lights flicker and dance – and she practically ran out the front of the shop and flipped the sign to read “Closed,” then dragged me through to the back room, telling me how much I’m going to love it, how much fun I would have. I figured I wouldn’t have to do much, just go with the flow.

She pulled me into a drab room in which dark grey paint had been hastily – and badly, I might add – daubed across the walls, and a single naked bulb lit the room brightly. Photos and processing chemicals lay on any horizontal surface. Stopping and spinning around, she dropped suddenly in front of me, kneeling on the hard concrete, obviously desperate for my cock. She tugged my belt open and jerked my pants to the ground, brutally ripping the bloody button off in the process. As she pulled my boxers down over the firm, muscular shanks of my thighs, I lifted my shirt tails, exposing my huge cock.

She hesitated, her eyes widening slightly, I could have sworn I saw her wince. But she quickly got over the shock, reaching up to grasp my heavy drooping shaft, gently squeezing and pulling on my foreskin. “Oh My God. It’s fucking gorgeous,” she moaned. She leaned forward and starting to lick my burgeoning cock up and down. Up and down. Tasting it.

She spat a large wad of sputum onto the head of my cock, rubbing it solidly around the head, as my cock quickly and steadily rose under her expert hands. The moisture worked perfectly, and the friction over the knob of my cock: exquisite. Cupping my heavy balls in one hand, she placed the other hand at the base – fingers facing upward – gently jerking me off, watching my cock get bigger and bigger, licking it occasionally. Sucking it gently into her mouth. She didn’t attempt to deep throat me, but I wasn’t complaining. “Fuckin’ gorgeous,” she breathed quietly, obviously idolizing my cock. It was a scary thought to me. And then placed her mouth over my massive cock.

I was slowly getting into it at this stage, my apprehension was slowly dissipating, and I tipped my head back as her mouth gently bathed the head of my cock, feeling her exquisite tongue running rampant over my cockhead. “Uhhh . . . Yeah, suck my cock. . . take it. . .” I moaned, enjoying her blowjob immensely, and so was she, her other hand down the tiny black thong she was barely wearing.

I thrust gently into her mouth, running my fingers through her hair, listening to her lips softly smacking and slurping along the length of my cock, now comfortably erect at the full ten point seven-five inches. I looked down, sweeping her hair to one side so I could watch her long purple fingernails raking the underside of my ball sack, her lips slipping and sliding all over my shaft. Her nose touched my wiry pubes once, then she slowly – oh, so slowly – drew it out of her mouth one last time, leaving it stiff and covered in saliva and pre-cum. Quickly jerking my saliva coated dick a couple of times to make sure it was hard as it was going to get, she slowly stood up.

We kissed briefly, lustfully, as she reached under her skirt, sliding her damp thong down her smooth legs, stepping out of them. Hoisting her skirt to her waist, she showed me her deliciously saturated pussy. “You wanna fuck this?” She moaned, massaging her bald cunt, “You wanna fuck my tight . . . hot . . . cunt . . .?” She pulled her labia wide open, showing me her perfect pussy. Jesus, I thought, she’s a freaking slut, my cock almost spearing her in the stomach from across the room. Well, two can play at that game: if she wants to act like one, I’ll treat her like one. Her voice was barely a whisper, moaning as her fingers ran circles around her clit. I put out my hand to stroke her clit, but she grinned and slunk over to her workbench, waving and index finger from side to side in a “Naughty, naughty! No you don’t” motion.

She swept a wide backhand across the surface, scattering photographs all over the floor. She bent over the desk and, hands on either side of her tiny mauve skirt, slowly, agonizingly slowly, lifted that tiny piece of cloth that now separated us. She pulled it right up to her waist, displaying two perfectly spherical cheeks, with her dripping lips nestled below. Good things always come in twos, I mused. Or was that cum in twos? I waddled over to her – my trousers still around my ankles. Her eyes barely left my cock as it got closer and closer, her eyes flitting upward to mine, then back down to my massive erection. She looked so edible. Delicious. “Fuck me,” she moaned. Slut, I thought.

Grabbing one of her hips in one hand, and clutching my dick at the base with the other, I lined my cock up with her steamy cunt. I angrily kicked one of her legs to the side, spreading her open more. God, this slut is gonna get it so bad! Grunting, I slammed my hips forward, driving my cock – balls-deep – into her pussy on the first fucking thrust. I grinned as she flew forward across the desk, her eyes popping wide open, screaming and gasping at the pain and the pleasure. She thumped a fist on the table in pain. Suddenly apprehensive, I pulled out a little. “Don’t you fuckin dare….” she threatened, “….Just leave it there a second.” I paused, feeling her ass grinding against my abdomen, letting her adjust to my massive cock in her fucking womb. Finally, she raised her head and begged, “Ok. Fuck me.” It was barely a whisper, but every pore in my body heard it.

With agonizing slowness, I pulled my cock almost completely out. Glancing down, I saw my cock glazed with her cum. I paused, then slowly slid it back in, again till my pubic hair was again tickling the rim of her asshole. I continued at that pace, languidly pumping in and out of her cunt, which tightened, squeezing my cock rhythmically. Gritting her teeth, she loved it, though obviously a little uncomfortable with my size. “Are you alright? How do you feel?” I asked.

“Full,” she giggled.

Rotating her hips, she ground her ass over my pubes as she began to enjoy the feeling. I picked up the pace, alternating my thrusts and listening to her guttural moans every time my abdomen hit her asscheeks. I started pulling out slowly, then slamming back into her as hard as I could. I watched, well rather felt, her first orgasm approaching. The rhythmic contractions on my cock got faster and faster, and I could hear she was getting short of breath. Her face was bright red, her orgasm about to hit her like a freight train. She lifted her right knee up onto the desk, wanting me deeper, her stiletto digging deliciously into my taut thigh. I sped up as well, feeling my own orgasm approaching.

Grinning to myself, I licked my finger and pressed it against her asshole, sliding it in to the knuckle. She went absolutely nuts, spasmodically jerking all over the desk, punching the table top with her tiny balled fists, adoring my anal stimulation. Slamming into her again and again, I felt my balls tighten as I felt my orgasm arrive. “Oh Shit!’ She panted, “Don’t cum in me! I’m not on the pill!”

I pulled out, my orgasm almost there, and pumped my entire erection straight into her unsuspecting, and unlubricated asshole. Grimacing and gnashing her teeth, she thrust back as hard as she could, her mouth in a silent O as she trembled and shook. Grabbing both hips, I held her right back, my nuts feeling suddenly wet as I basically inserted them into her cunt. Then, almost scared my cock would come out her mouth; I finally shot a huge load of cum right into her welcoming bowels. Clutching her hips, I felt her sphincter milk the last of my cum, and finally pulled out, totally satiated. I collapsed on her back, stunned, and we lay still for a moment.

“I should get back to work” I mumbled, not wanting to move, but finally tugging my trousers up.

“Christ, can I get your number?” She giggled, “I have a few friends I want you to meet.” Laughing, I grabbed a pen from my pocket and wrote it on her hand. Suddenly, the bell at the front of the shop went off, indicating a customer had come in, and I heard a croaking voice in the main shop, “Are you open? Hello?”

“Shit, I forgot to actually lock the door!” She burst into another fit of giggles.

Laughing, I followed her out of the back room, said my good-byes, picked up my photos and left, smiling to myself at the disapproving look of the little old lady on the way out.

To Be Continued…


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