Rob and Cate’s Play Date


Cate usually decided everything about our get-togethers: on what night they would occur, what food and drink we would partake of during those glorious few hours, whether or not I got to sleep over. Sure, I had input, but she usually had the final say, and I liked it that way. Her swift decisiveness took all the pressure off of me and my occasional lack of input seemed a small price to pay to get to regularly hang out with such a sexy, smart girl, who, if I played my cards right (it should be noted here that I’ve never actually learned to play cards), I would get to see naked and probably do some of the things that naked people tend to do.

So it was a bit of a surprise when Cate texted me the following message: “Rob – I have Thursday and Friday off this week. Let’s go away for a couple days. You pick the spot.” My brain was overwhelmed with the multitude of getaway possibilities, but I finally settled on a granola-ish resort that featured uber-healthy food, rustic cabins, and, most importantly, hot springs. My body, always achy from the warehouse work I’d been doing for over a decade, longed for some hyrdro-therapy. Time away from the hubbub of the city with Cate would be even better.

Thursday morning rolled around and I picked Cate up and we enjoyed a couple hour drive along a heavily forested two lane highway, appreciating the warmth of the nearly summer sun and its accompanying blue sky, unabashedly rocking out to a CD mix I had made especially for the drive, and getting lost in a tangential conversation which I think may have started out with a back-and-forth discussion on the myriad of things we would do if we could stop time. Just taking this trip felt like we were stopping time.

We arrived at the resort just in time for a soak in the hot springs before lunch. We checked in and hauled our duffel bags to our sparsely furnished cabin and prepared to head to the springs. Cate fished a bathing suit out of her bag and I laughed. “Oh, you won’t need that.”

“But Rob, I’m a no public nudity kind of gal, you know that,” Cate protested.

“Well, you could wear a suit, but you’d be the exception to the rule. That said, I did bring along a suit of my own just in case you felt that way.” Cate looked relieved and we strolled off to the hot springs, towels and suits in tow.

We got to the springs and found the tubs mostly deserted save for a handful of various-aged couples. And, just as I had anticipated, everyone was naked except for us. I wasn’t embarrassed though. It was kind of fun Escort Büyükçekmece to be prudish in this way and inspire internal questions in others like “What have they got to hide?” and “How unfair is it that they get to check us out and we don’t get to see anything?” when, in truth, these people were likely just relishing their relaxation and totally oblivious to the nudity-shunning duo easing into the almost uncomfortably hot water of a previously unpopulated tub.

Cate floated in front of me and I rubbed her shoulders and kissed her neck gently, as always sneaking a joyfully lecherous peek at her ample breasts. I had been seeing Cate for a couple months and I still felt like a teenager every time I got to visually appreciate her body. I wrapped my arms around her torso and pulled her closer to me, the beginnings of a hard-on filling my swimsuit. Cate giggled as she turned to kiss me, her tongue darting into my mouth, initiating light contact and then disappearing to another corner. Keeping up with Cate’s tongue was always a challenge I was more than happy to undertake.

I realized we might need to soon retire to our cabin and broke away from our kiss just as a well-muscled, red, curly-haired and crazy-bearded young man walked up to inform us that he needed to start cleaning up the tubs during lunch. Like every soaker other than us, the man was nude. However a cursory glance around (with sunglasses) at the other departing soakers confirmed one thing: this man was uncharacteristically well-hung. His cock, apparently almost entirely flaccid, hung a little less than halfway to his left knee and was almost as thick around as Cate’s wrist.

When we were out of earshot, Cate and I looked at each other simultaneously, our mouths collectively dropping in awe. “Dangodang, that was a big cock on that fellow,” Cate laughed. “I think I even got a little tingle in my girl parts, though I wouldn’t really know what to do with all that meat.” I’m not ashamed to admit that at this point I devoted my thoughts entirely to all the different things Cate might do with “all that meat,” which undoubtedly contributed to the eagerness I brought to our tongue exploration upon returning to the cabin.

We quickly stripped off our suits and pulled the sheets and blanket back on the bed. Cate lay back on the bed alluringly, her full breasts practically screaming for attention, and one leg off to the side just a little so I could sneak a peak at her aforementioned “girl parts,” which Çatalca escort I couldn’t help but notice were already glistening with excitement.

“That guy really got to you, huh?”

“That and the way you kiss me and are looking at me right now. C’mere and fill me up with that lovely cock of your own.” I looked down and noticed that Little Rob was getting not so little, rapidly filling with blood and arching out in front of me. I was suddenly glad I’d taken the extra time to groom my pubic hair and shave the bottom third of my burgeoning hard-on.

I then remembered that the trip destination was not the only thing I had planned in advance. “Not so fast, Cate.” I went to my duffel bag and produced a few items I’d thrown in a smaller cloth bag. First were three well-loved but no longer wearable concert tees in various stages of falling apart. These would be used to blindfold Cate and secure her wrists on the bedpost. I had remembered from a recent drinking game that Cate had never been blindfolded or tied up and I was honored by the privilege to be the first to perform this service for her. I could’ve spent a lot of money at a sex shop for these items but I wanted to adhere to the reduce-reuse-recycle ideals of the resort as well as explore other uses for possessions with which I was just not ready to part.

Cate did not look at all concerned as I bound her wrists and wrapped U2’s torn 1997 (used to be black but was now almost gray from repeated washings) tour t-shirt around her eyes. “Just relax and enjoy yourself,” I whispered to Cate, but I could tell by the way that her body was undulating in anticipation that enjoyment on her part was not going to be an issue.

I lowered my mouth to her breasts while cupping them in my hands and took time to make each of her nipples not so shy. As I had been repeatedly encouraged, I bit Cate’s neck with increased pressure. I never knew how long I should do this, but I figured whenever she stopped sighing and squirming would be a good time. This rarely happened. I kissed and licked Cate’s soft belly and worked my way down to her pubic hair, rubbing my lightly salt and pepper-bearded cheek and chin in her sparse bush. Cate moaned appreciatively and ran her recently manicured fingers through my short, bleached hair. When I finally placed my warm tongue on the neat folds of her even warmer pussy, Cate practically pulled my head into her. I was temporarily drowning in her copious juices and pleased that my ministrations had produced Esenler escort bayan such positive, obvious results.

Then I stopped abruptly. Cate, bound and blindfolded, seemed somewhat confused as I pulled away, her body language suggesting both surprise and disappointment. “Hey, you can’t just stop,” she complained only half-bitterly. I reached into the cloth bag by the bed and brought out one last item: a big organic cucumber I’d bought at the overpriced health food store near Cate’s apartment and spent several minutes vigorously scrubbing before gingerly wrapping its almost imposing girth and length in one of the t-shirts. But Cate couldn’t see this and I reveled in the knowledge that she would soon get to feel it.

I returned my mouth to Cate’s pussy and softly licked the entrance to make sure it was perfectly primed for the veggie phallus. “OK, you’re gonna feel something big and hard. Do not be alarmed,” I warned in my best airplane pilot’s voice. Cate smiled and aimed her soaking pussy in my general direction, at which point I placed the tip of the green giant in her well-lubed lushness.

“Damn Rob, you weren’t kidding. That’s big. Did you get away with that tub scrubber’s cock?” As I slowly and gently pushed the cuke into Cate one wondrous inch at a time, she raised her ass off the bed and began rotating her hips in lazy circles, easing the veggie in and out of her so rhythmically that I basically just had to hold it in place while she worked her own methodical magic.

“Fuck, it feels sooo good to be totally filled up like this,” Cate sighed as she continued making circular motions with her hips, gradually increasing the speed and force with which she pushed her sopping pussy into the overgrown veg. “I am going to cum really hard soon and it’s gonna be great.”

It seemed like the words were barely out of Cate’s mouth before her pussy began spasming and clenching the cuke like a climber gripping rock before an impending freefall. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” Cate yelled with little concern for anyone that might be within 100 feet of us outside the cabin. After a good 10 seconds of robust yelling and thrashing, Cate’s body relaxed into a satisfied heap on the bed.

But then Cate suddenly got her second wind and became assertive. “OK, Rob, so how ’bout you untie me, let me turn around and you can fuck me from behind.”

I stroked my chin mock-thoughtfully. “Maybe. I don’t know. I kind of like the visual of you all tied up like that with part of this afternoon’s salad sticking out of you.”

“Rob!” I knew that if Cate hadn’t been bound, that I would’ve received a swift (harder than most girls can punch) shot to the arm or chest. I quickly relented and began untying her, my still-hard cock eagerly waiting to take the cucumber’s place in Cate’s wet warmth.

To Be Continued

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