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punishment for Olivia.  “I’ll like to start off with a little wine tasting. I’m new to the environment, but I heard that your list is fabulous. Any wines that you can recommend for me?” I questioned, folding the earthy green menu back into one fold. Our waitress smirked, French tipped finger pointing towards the bar in front of the bistro. In awe, I admired every shimmering bottle of liquor for display, the way the bartender skillfully whipped up a customer’s drink, garnishing the liquid with lemon and lime spices, the festive laughter of a loving couple clinking their drinks before engaging in a soulful kiss. As she asked me for my folded menu, she opened to the sets of wines, fingers tracing the area. “Well, it seems that you’ve come to the right place. The most popular wine here has to be the Chateau Latour De Marchesseau. It has a very nice balance, very rich and attractive in color, tastes heavenly with our Cheese Plate as a starter. For a more grand meal, this with our Saumon grillé is very delicious.” As I traced the picture of the wine, I had to give it to you, the crème color and agricultural design on the bottle did deliver an alluring sense. Agreeing to the wine and Cheese Plate, Chris ordered him a Lamb Shake with Sparkling Champagne, honey irises never leaving me as he ordered. I flushed, handing our waitress the menu, sinking lower into the fuchsia cushion of our seat, hoping that he hadn’t seen my flaring cheeks. “What?” I questioned after a moment. All he did was smile, chestnut freckles twinkling like emeralds against his honey skin. “This is a great environment for punishing, Olivia.” He whispered, the seductive husk in his voice sending shivers down my spine. Escort Küçükköy I tensed, speechless from his words, stomach tightening at the image of me sprawled across his lengthy legs, ass flushed in crimson red from his heavy palm. The vibe of the restaurant was mellow, for families were dispersed in the bistro, roaring in joyful laughter. “But Chris,” I protested, “I haven’t done anything to deserve punishment, unless-“ “You serious?” Chris softly barked, thanking our waitress with a head nod as she gave us our drinks and Cheese Plate to start off. I immediately grabbed my drink, throat a little parched from the direction this conversation was leading to. The roaring husk in his voice became clearer, sexier, and lethal; it was all a start to Chris’ vicious side. “You’ve done plenty of things these past few days. Being an idiotic dominant, I let those things pass with only a couple of spanks. But now that I think back, you didn’t deserve those light punishments.” I set my drink down, disappointed in myself for letting things transpire badly. Days ago, Chris flew out for business, leaving the house to myself. I’m only reserved to enter such rooms in our vast penthouse. There was a room that only Chris had access to down the hall of our bedroom, and ever since I took a quick peek of it, Chris would warn me of punishment if I ever tried to slip in again. But he was gone and I had access to answering my curiosity of the room, so half the day, I bobby pinned the door entrance till the door clicked. With one step in, ferocious heat, the lovely smell of his spicy cologne and crimson lighting drew you in. Every instrument that he used on me for punishment colored the room, even Mecidiyeköy escort the more extreme toys that he warmed me up for the future were there. As if I didn’t experience the rough wrath of these toys, I went around, softly caressing each one, the image of the punishment heaving back in memory and sending thrilling chills down my spine. Just as I scraped my finger against the leather whip, a husky voice coughed, knuckles grazing against the wooden material of the door. There was Chris, body nicely tucked in a relaxing V neck and grey sweats, face fiery in fury. “I should’ve used one of the toys present, but I let you off.” Devouring a piece of cheese, I groaned, the taste of the cheese fantastic with the fruity lingering of the wine. “Let me off? You punished me with no sex for two weeks, Chris. That might not be punishment for you, but for me, it was a living hell.” Chris sipped his Champagne, etched lips pursed in an amused smirk.  “Believe me baby that was punishment for me to. An amusing punishment at that. Every night, you thought I let you off the leash and I tempted you to your last breath.” He released a throaty chuckle at the thought, continuing. “Remember I brought home those crates of wine? Ha, you thought that I was easing the punishment, ‘cause I know wine helps you relax. You thought that I was about to fuck you senseless on the dining table and I egged the thought on. Then right there, you were vulnerable and I was powerful. You fought me for the dick and I put you right back in your place.” Setting my wine down, I crossed my arms over my chest, eyeing him with unruly hatred. That was his plan all along. “Then I must’ve had you questioning your Merter escort bayan stance in this relationship. Why would a dominant like you need to prove to me that you’re in control? Hm, do I scare you baby?” “Ma, you’re testing the waters in the wrong place. Don’t fuck with me.” I was amused. I indeed did frighten my own dominant. I sucked the powerful gene from him during my “waiting punishment” and he felt it. Standing from the table, I eyed him carefully, hands firmly pressed on my waist in authority. “You wouldn’t dare,” I whispered, inching closer to his ear, “you don’t have the balls to.” Walking away from the table, I followed the sign to the lady’s restroom and walked into the stall, pulling my underwear down. As I used the restroom, I wiped my fore head, easing the hammering headache Chris was leading me to with the entire conversation. The thrashing opening of the restroom door startled me and I quickly finished up, seeing what the ruckus was about. Smoothing my dress down and flushing, I slowly opened the door, frightened of what I might see. God was I right. As I exited the bathroom stall, there was Chris, leaning frame mimicking his stance when he found me in his secretive room in the pent house. His face contained no amusement but enraging fury. “You know me better than to question me in public,” he hotly muttered, inching towards me. As I tried huddling back in the stall, Chris’ burly fingers caught my arm, flinging me against the bathroom wall. Groaning from the cold stone, Chris wrapped his fingers around my throat, knocking the sweet oxygen from entering my lungs. The intoxicating fury pampering his manly features opened the infuriating throne to Chris’ anger, his cheeks flushed red and hold against my throat dangerously tight. Quickly turning me over, he kept his grip tight around my throat, pressing my front against the cool tile. “Who’s scared now?” He taunted, stout lips scraping against my skin.

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