Sammee Ch. 02


“Okay baby boy,” she said, using her finger to break the latch I had on her nipple, “enough for now.”

I actually whimpered.

“Don’t be silly honey,” she said, stroking my cheek, “you deserve your own pleasure.”

She squirmed around and released me from the thumbscrew on my cock, still hard.

“Now,” she said, rolling onto her back, I couldn’t help but notice how her hair wound up in the pile of shit on the pillow, “take care of mama good or you’ll get a spanking.”

God, she was so different from any woman I had ever been with. Her big belly made a roll that hid her pussy. The thighs were thick too, further hiding her sex.

I scooted down the bed and gently spread her legs with my hands on her ankles. She sort of purred as she allowed me to do that. And there it was, as her legs parted the pile of shit I had left when I passed out was smeared on the bottoms of her thighs.

She giggled and said, “don’t let me down at this point baby,” and she spread her legs farther, lifting her knees in obvious invitation.

I was so goddam hard I was hurting but I hesitated. “Are you really going to do this?” I asked myself. “You know you are, why are you fighting it?” I replied to myself. “Because I’d have to put my chin right in that SHIT to give her what she obviously wants,” I told myself. “So what?” I answered myself, “you’ve already sucked a shit-smeared nipple and kissed shit-smeared lips.”

So I moved forward, kissing my way up thick, soft thighs. Nipping at them. My tongue probing the folds inside of her knees and then farther up.

Her kilis escort pussy was inviting, even with the pile of shit. I took a deep breath and dug in, my chin in the brown pile, my tongue probing hungrily. And I liked it.

There was something so degrading, I knew I was lost. But there was something so exciting that I was rock hard and wanted nothing more than to just please her. As her hips started thrusting to meet my tongue the smear of brown from her own dump drew my tongue like honey draws a fly and I buried my tongue between her immense ass cheeks, inhaling her odor. Oddly, there was no particular taste.

I worked on her until I could feel her orgasm approaching and then crawled up, burying myself in her and settling, feeling her fat body engulf me. Fortunately, she was very close because she came almost instantly, her big arms crushing me deeper into her as I exploded.

My back arched with the power of my ejaculation. My normal quick pump was replaced with five very distinct waves of that sweet agony/ecstasy only a man can know. I was gasping and drooling and laughing and crying all at once as she held me to her.

“Oh what a good boy you are,” she was sort of crooning, stroking my hair as I buried my face between those great pillow boobs.

I don’t know how long I laid there, spent, exhausted, being engulfed, swallowed by her softness and her warmth. She was stroking my hair and humming softly, calling me her “good boy.” And I realized on a deep level, down in the lizard brain well below any conscious thought, that escort kilis I was hers.

“Will you be staying in the morning,” she asked softly, her fingers toying with my ear, “or do I disgust you?”

I lifted my head enough to meet her eyes.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

She giggled and reached up with her right hand, dipped two fingers in the pile of shit by her head, scooped up a healthy dollop of shit, and put her fingers in her mouth, sucking noisily as she pulled them free.

I squirmed up and used my left hand to mimic what she had done. I hesitated only a second, probably my last chance to stop what was to come, and put my fingers in my mouth. I was surprised, again, that there was so little taste, kind of like stinking oatmeal without any sugar or cinnamon, and swallowed noisily.

Her eyes held mine as I swallowed, smiled, and said, “I would like to stay.”

She surprised me by starting to cry. Her eyes got red and just overflowed, tears running down both sides of her face. I felt her body shivering a little and her nose started running. I kissed her tears away and then licked the snot from her upper lip. “I would like to stay,” I said again.

Her big soft strong arms wrapped around me and pulled me to her, and again I was just immersed in her big soft body.

And I was surprised when I got hard again.

“Ooooooooooooh,” she cooed, managing to push against me by flexing belly muscles and working the fat, “you want my belly button honey?”

“I’d rather have your mouth if I have a choice,” I said.

She kilis escort bayan giggled and opened her mouth.

I scooted up, she was so big my legs were spread as wide as I could. My ass was on her boobs. She was smiling as she said, “hold still baby.”

So I held still.

I watched, fascinated, as she reached up for the pile of shit beside her head and dug her fingers into it deeply. She used her hand to coat my erection liberally with it, damn near making me cum as she stroked, almost like she was rubbing it in like lotion.

“Now it’s ready honey,” she said and opened her mouth.

She took me, her lips closing, her tongue pressing, almost caressing, the bottom of my shaft. I liked watching my cock in her lips, the way the brown stain built up where she was clamped tightly on me. And I realized she was truly addicted to shit so I thought I saw a way to gain some power in our new relationship.

Her eyes were closed as she nursed at my cock. I reached into that diminishing pile of shit and smeared some onto her forehead and began working it into her hair, like hair conditioner. Her eyes opened and she smiled while not releasing my cock.

My fingers were entwined in her hair as the pressure started building deep in my belly. When I came she held me in her mouth, continuing to suck and nurse. He held me until I softened.

I pulled free of her mouth and crawled off of her. Then I laid on my side, next to her, and pulled her up onto her side, well, guided her. She was too big for me to “pull.” She rolled up onto her side, that movement putting her cheek on the edge of the pile of shit. I snuggled close, my cheek touching that same pile as my lips found hers. We lay like that our lips touching, each tiny movement becoming a kiss.

And that is how I went to sleep the first night of my new life.

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