Savannah And Kat’s Deal: First Half


POV: Savannah”Okay, we’ll see you tomorrow, ladies,” I said, before hugging Roseaylin. “I love you.””I love you too, Savannah,” she told me, before pecking my cheek.”I want my hug, Lena; you’re my step-daughter now,” Kat added before I saw them hug too.We both hugged our stepdaughters for a moment, and my panties certainly got wet as I felt Roselayin’s body. I wasn’t sure if anyone noticed, but her, but I hoped for the best.As Rosalyn backed away, she gave me a grin.”By the way, are you two still okay sharing a bedroom? You’re both nineteen on the brink of twenty, but neither of you has said a word,” Kat mentioned.They both peeked at each other and smiled.”We’ve… learned to live with each other in close quarters, Mom,” Rosalyn added, staying close to Lena.”We’ve grown on one another, I think, step-mom. We’re both somewhat hard to live with, but we’re making it work. We’ve chatted endlessly about stuff and just bonded. We did a lot before the wedding, but we’ve gotten a lot closer since then.””Okay, good, hun,” I replied, nodding.”Goodnight, step-mommy, goodnight, Mom.””Goodnight,” both of us added before they left.Then Kat came to me and kissed me. “Well, it seems they’re happy for us, and we’re certainly getting along. I had no idea they liked each other so much.””Well, stop spending so much time between my legs and be a mom every once in a while,” I suggested, before kissing her. “Thank you for proving yet again that Lena is a smart-ass because of you.””You’re welcome,” I added, before taking off her top. “I’m always happy to help in that department,” I told her, before feeling her up.”Wait,” she stopped me, grabbing my hands. “I just want to say that you and your late wife raised a great young woman. Lena is funny, respectful, and of course, pretty too. I know I didn’t meet her before we went out, but she would’ve clinched your chances of getting laid.””Okay, thank you. That’s weird to hear with my hands on your tits, but Rosealyin is a sweet woman too. You and your late husband raised her right too. I don’t think she’s funnier than Lena, but she’s humorous too. I definitely don’t need to ask whose vagina she came out of because she’s almost as stunning as you.””Not quite, though?””No, but still out there if you don’t mind me saying so. I guess I should take my hands off your boobs,” I added, yanking them.”Yes, but you’re cheesing, though,” she observed, before a gap. “Savannah, do you have a crush on Rosealyin?” she pondered, before another one. “You’re bitting down on your bottom lip, and you broke eye contact, so is that a ‘yes’ then?”I couldn’t help but picture having sex with Rosalyn. Even with my eyes open, it was easy, and I felt my juice coming out some more.”That’s a yes,” she giggled, clapping her hands. “You want to do it with your step-daughter, don’t you? Savannah, you already have the ring; I’m not taking it back. You can tell me, you know?”I took in a deep breath. “Okay, maybe I do, so what?””So, nothing, it’s not something to announce to the world, but at least to me, it’s okay,” she assured me, taking my hands in hers. “I still love you, and I’m still gonna get your clothes off too. If it makes you feel better, I think Lena is a stone-cold fox too.””What, you mean you want to have sex with Lena?””That doesn’t freak you out, does it?””No, but we both have things for each other’s daughters then?””I guess, and now it’s taboo because they’re our step-daughters now, but that just makes it hotter, right?””I think so, but let’s stop talking about this,” I suggested, sitting down. “I mean, it’s weird.””Yes, it is weird to have crushes on each other’s daughters, but it’s not like either of us ripping one another’s heads off, though. I just mean, we can both agree if either of them came to us and told us they desired to find out what it was like to be with a woman, the other would agree to let something happen, right?””Maybe, but even if either of them were interested in being with another woman, wouldn’t they go to the other? We’re both married and experienced, but they’re not, plus they’re also the same age. So, wouldn’t it make more sense even if they were to happen?””Yes, but we’re just talking hypothetically, though. So, no bullshit, Savannah, you truly want to get into her panties?” she asked, before almanbahis a pause where she sat next to me. “You’re biting your lip again; you do, you horny woman. I’ve noticed you two getting along, so it’s not like it’s just unheard of, and I’ve seen pictures of your late wife too. She was white, but now are you interested in tasting two different chocolate bars?””Kat,” I whined, pushing her a tad. “You make it sound wrong.””I’m sorry,” she apologized, before kissing me and rubbing my leg. “It’s okay to have crushes, even on your step-daughter. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, Savannah. I’m sure even if you told Rosalyn that you wanted to do it with her, she wouldn’t scream or any kind of crap like that. She loves you too.””So, what, are you saying I should tell her?””Maybe, is it fair to say you’d be okay if I got into Lena’s panties too?””Are you serious? You want us to really do it with each other’s daughters?””I would love it, yes, Savannah, and so would you, considering your voice just went high. We’ve already complimented each other’s daughters, and proved that we’re fond of them, so if we’re both okay with it, then why not?””And you’re sure that you could get Lena to agree to do it with you?””I got you, didn’t I?””Now, who is the smart-ass? So, what, we just attempt to make it happen with them, and if it happens, it happens?””And if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. I think we should agree that we should keep it a secret, though. I mean, they’ll surely not agree if not. So, I’m not going to push you and won’t do anything if you disagree, so what do you say? If we both are rather curious and lusting even, maybe it wouldn’t be the worst idea. We could even get them interested in being with a woman. You know, get two more lesbians under the same roof. I’m not sure they would go to each other if they did want to fuck another woman; after all, they are step-sisters now.””Okay, Kat.””Is that, ‘Okay, Kat, let’s do it,’ or, ‘Okay, Kat, that was a mouthful.?'””I don’t know, but I know how stunning your daughter is, and if you’re offering, then fuck it, let’s do it.”She giggled and kissed me. “Just don’t get her pregnant.””Again, who is the smart-ass now?””Maybe we’ll just get closer too, so we’ll be one loving family too,” she mentioned, taking off her bra. “Now feel my melons.”So, the next night, Kat and I knocked on their door.”Give us a minute, please,” we heard Lena say.”So, they are close if they’re underdressed so often,” Kat whispered.”Yes, you’re right.”Then Lena opened the door. “What’s up?””We just wanted to see if both have some one-on-one step-daughter time, that’s all,” Kat replied.”Oh, well, um, Rosalyn and I were kind of in the middle of something,” Lena confessed, shaking her head.”Oh, well, that’s okay, we can hang out later.””Wait, Lena,” Rosalyn interjected, getting up with us. “We can finish later, though. Your mom wants to spend some time with me, and mine wants the same with you. We both only have one step-mom, so let’s hold off until tonight; we can finish later,” she added, before hugging Lena. “I love you, step-sis.””I love you too, step-sis,” Lena replied.Kat and I nodded again, and then Lena came out. “I’ll see you later, Mom,” she mentioned, before pecking my cheek. “I love you.””I love you too, sweetie,” I responded before I saw her heading to Kat’s and my bedroom.Then I went into the bedroom with Rosalyn. I shut the door and sat down with her.”So, what’s going on, Savannah?””Oh, I thought you were calling me something else,” I said, raising an eyebrow.”Okay, step-mom, I’m sorry.””It’s okay,” I made clear, before pecking her forehead. “I still love you dearly.””So, you two just wanted some time alone with each of us then?””Yes, can watch a movie, or just chat. Whatever you want to do,” I spoke as my eyes went south.”Step-mom, you’re looking at my boobs now.””Well, they are out there, and you’re not wearing a bra, I’m just saying,” I made clear, before looking away from them.”Hey, I don’t know what you’re thinking, but we can’t do anything. You’re married now, step-mom, remember?””I know, but have you ever thought about it since we did it? What, six months ago now? I know it was before your mom even proposed to me, but it still was a magical night, and I like to think it was what made me want to accept her. almanbahis yeni giriş You’re a smoking hot woman, Rosalyn, and even though I love your mom with all my heart, I still would love to get with you at least one more time. I think again, we could just get closer,” I explained, leaning to her. “Don’t you think? I swear, this isn’t an interracial thing; this is just about you.””Even if agreed, what if my mom found out? She’d be heartbroken, and we already got away with this once, so we can’t push our luck,” she made clear, getting off the bed.”Well, your mom has even pointed out that we’re both getting along perfectly with each other’s daughters, so it wouldn’t be like the most unheard-of thing even if she found out, Roselyn,” I explained, coming up with her. “I mean, you’re my step-daughter, and it happened somewhat quickly. It’s out in the open that I’m into ladies, so really, what if you came to me because you wanted to know what it was like to be with a woman? We could just tell her and Lena that if it made you feel better. Have you ever thought about our time together, Rosalyn? Even just once when you were in that bed naked and trying to go to sleep?”I saw her shiver a bit and take a deep breath too.”It’s okay; you can tell me, step-daughter, it’s just you and me here. Speak your heart, sexy woman,” I implored her, closing the gap. “If I offered you to do it with me right now, would you do it? No guilt, or anything else, I promise. I know your mom; trust me, I don’t see her getting upset,” I told her, taking her hands in mine. “We can do whatever you want, I promise. Do you trust me, Rosalyn?””Yes, but it’s still wrong. I can’t help you cheat, and I…””What, pretty lady?””I just don’t think we should do anything even if it’s quite appealing.””How about you let me kiss you, and maybe I can sway you a bit better? Sound good?””I don’t know what got your panties in such a knot to do this all of the sudden, but fine,” she groaned.”I love you,” I reminded her, setting my hands on her shoulders and before I kissed her.It lasted for over a minute, and for the first thirty seconds, she kept her hands at her sides. Although, then she couldn’t help, but feel my lower back. She failed to move her palms much, but I was clearly winning her over.”You’re the devil, step-mommy.””How do you think I got your mom?” I pondered, before having us both get on the bed.I got on top of her and pasted my lips back onto hers again. That time, we both wrapped our arms around each other and indeed re-established the intimacy we once discovered with each other. I felt my heart racing again, and I loved the emotions that came with it again.”You’re shaking too, Rosealyin.””I love you, but don’t gloat.””Fair enough.”We made out like lovers again for over five minutes and surely got worked up too. I surely remembered fondly of our first time, even though it wasn’t planned. I just went with the deal I made with Kat and ran with it.I calmly parted my lips from hers. “There’s nothing to be ashamed of just because you find your step-mom attractive. If you ever want to get into my panties again, you may tell me. We can confess it to your mom; she’ll still love both of us.””Okay.”I pulled both of us up, and I took off her top. “I’ve noticed that you haven’t worn a bra a lot lately; why?””For the same reason, I’m not wearing panties either.””Oh, you were just in a hurry when we knocked, right?””Yes, I guess.”I kissed her and leaned down over her shorts.”Yes, I guess again.”I pulled them off her as well, and once she was naked, I didn’t feel her tits but brought her hands to my top. She indeed got my top off as well, so I swayed her undoubtedly, and that was a good thing. Before she let her hands onto my back, and I thought she’d go for my bra clasp, but let them down on my lower back.”I love you, step-mommy.””I love you too, step-daughter; you’re one in a million. Out of all the ladies I dated after my wife died, your mom is my favorite.””You wooed me into sex. Are you gonna get all sentimental on me?””You got a lot of your mother in you, Rosalyn, but get my bra off now.”She listened to me and tossed it. “You have great boobs, step-mommy,” she complimented me, feeling them.”Thank you, and I love yours too,” I added, feeling hers as well. almanbahis giriş “I’d surely love to have access to these 24/7, but I do love your mom, Rosalyn. I just think you’re pretty damn hot too,” I flattered her, before kissing her. “You don’t think I’m some sick freak, though, do you?””No, not at all,” she made clear, before leaning down to my jugs.”I guess that does answer the question because if I’m a sick bitch, then so are you,” I moaned, caressing her head. “I love you, Rosalyn. I can’t say it enough. Don’t ever stop being my stepdaughter.”She nodded and watched me watch her as she pleased me ever so slowly. Her hands remained on the bottoms of my melons, and her tongue might have left my nipples for mere seconds, but it just went to the other one.I certainly felt my juice leaking out of my panties, but she wasn’t focused on my shorts then. She was occupied with my melons, but we both knew we were slowly getting sexually reacquainted. So, in time, we’d be making each other moan again.”You see, your step-mommy loves you, Roselyn; there’s no need to hide your horny self from her. You can display your horny self to me whenever you want, I promise. I’ll love you no matter up, I swear. If you ever think differently, I’ll buy you a car. Okay, maybe not a car, but maybe a bus pass.””You’re funny,” she added, switching nipples.”I have my moments.”She calmly rose with me again and kissed me. “Well, it’s good my mom has taste in women and didn’t just get wooed by your body.””Who says she didn’t?” I pondered, before pushing down my shorts and panties.Without even looking at it, she helped herself to my pussy with one hand and kept the other on my tit. She went back to licking it again and certainly got me to jiggle again. I definitely saw so much of her mom in her, but I still separated them and enjoyed my time with my step-daughter.She moved her fingers on my snatch slowly and showed once again; she knew her way around a woman’s body. I indeed took in luxury once again, but I wasn’t about to take it for granted. I glued my eyes to hers and made kissing faces too.”I love you, I love you, and I love you some more, Roselyn, now stick those fingers up into my slit. I know you’ll love it.”She smiled and did just that for me. Once again, I jolted, but I wasn’t about to let my eyes away from her. I just watched her go from nipple over and over again for ten minutes straight and constantly gave her positive reinforcement too.She even massaged my boobs as she kept licking those sensitive nipples as well, so she proved to be the total package, just like her mom, so there was no way I couldn’t love her. I bit down on my bottom lip and attacked her with my breath, but she didn’t mind.I felt her digging into my twat deeply and making me twitch. With every passing minute, she grinned a bit more and proved that she was sure she was in it to win it, so to speak. She moved her head, so her tongue was all over my nipples and getting harder as time went on too.”Oh, yes, that’s the spot, you hot piece of chocolate. I don’t even know if you’ve been seeing anyone lately, but if you are, I hope it’s a lady. I’m sure only a woman could truly appreciate that tongue and those brown eyes too. Every single part of your body is to die for, I swear.”She nodded again and even sucked my nipple into her mouth.”Oh, fuck yes, you sexy hot woman,” I moaned, angling my head back. “Just like that, use that tongue in there too. Lick those nipples and suck on them at the same time, you fucking beautiful woman,” I endorsed her, peeking at her again. “You feel that? You’re making me shake like a fucking earthquake is going on, so keep going. We’re having great step-mother/daughter time now.””Well,” she added, bringing her hand up. “Taste your juice for me.”I sucked her fingers into my mouth and did just that for her. I got them as hard as possible for over a minute as we kept eye contact, and that definitely spawned more taboo, but hot feelings for us.”I know you’re my step-daughter, but shit, you’re just…”She nodded yes again, but didn’t stop or try to get me to finish that sentence. After a few more seconds, she yanked her fingers and shoved her fingers back into my pussy.”Do you like my bush now? I’ve been growing it out lately.””Damn, do you talk this much when you and my mom, you know?””It’s not my fault I’m a chatterbox when I get pleased.”She suddenly came up yet again but pushed me down. “I guess you’re about to let out a Scrabble board,” she warned me, before going down on me.

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